Jan 172014

Yesterday I told you all about our day at the Rhode Island Comic Con.  We saw and did tons of stuff, but when we walked into this, I was GIDDY.  I love Ghostbusters.


Yup, that’s Ecto 1. The one from the movie.

But then this happened:


Yes, that is Winston Zeddemore aka Ernie Hudson. I kid you not when I tell you that this is one of the highlights of my life.  I seriously love, LOVE Ghostbusters and meeting a “real” Ghostbuster was totally awesome.

When we were done taking the picture, I gave him a huge hug and told him that we had just gotten back from Disney World and meeting him totally topped that.  I’m sure he thought I was completely nuts.

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  1. Who you gonna call?

  2. I wonder if this is the same group that was at the Food Truck Ralley near me several months ago. We loved seeing them out there.

  3. That was seriously awesome and I am so jealous!!!

  4. That is so awesome! I’m totally jealous. I love that movie.

  5. WOW he looks exactly the same as he did in the movie! Someone aged well… wonder if all that slime had anything to do with it?! Ghostbusters will always be one of those movies I will never get tired of.

  6. So fun. Ghostbusters are awesome:)

  7. my son went as a ghost buster for Halloween last year it was so cool to see how many people remember this movie. oh and i’m so jealous you met a real one

  8. How awesome is this?! I love Ghostbusters, they rock! Who you gonna call .. Ghostbusters!

  9. As soon as you said Ghostbuster, I had that song stuck in my head! I remember loving the game too!

  10. Who you gonna call…? GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!!! I loved those movies. It might be time to introduce my kids.

  11. That was awesome!!
    Wish i had these kind of things at my place…

  12. I’m sure he was flattered!! How cool!!

  13. wow that is cool! I never really met a celebrity before.

    I heard the may make part 3 sometime :)

  14. Awesome! I met the cast of the Young Riders once. Great times!

  15. Oh wow! My husband would be so jealous! Such a fan boy ;)

  16. That’s awesome! What a great photo of you all. Sounds like a day to remember for you :)

  17. That’s pretty awesome!

  18. Great photos! That would be amazing!! I love Ghostbusters!

  19. Squee!! I would have totally fangirled too!!
    Actually when I met one of my favorite English voice actors (he dubs anime and various other things) I was soooo nutso over it! Then again I was only 17! He used one of his characters voices at me, and my heart still races thinking about it! :D

  20. Great photos! Who ya gonna call???

  21. OMG!!!!! Ok I am mad with jealousy right now!! So glad you got to do this though!

  22. SO Awesome!! I know I had a blast this past summer at the Toronto Fan Expo — and meeting some of the cast from The Walking Dead, and other shows/celebs. It’s quite a strange experience isn’t it? You swear before you won’t be star struck, and the next thing you know Daryl Dixon himself is holding your hand and giving you a hug and your brain just goes…”um…duh….smell good.” Bravo fangirl. LOL

    And LOVE Ghostbusters too!! I kinda have a unfair advantage on that one, since Dan Aykroyd lives in my hometown. But it is strange to see him out about the town and resist the urge to yell “who ya gonna call?!” :)

  23. I love Ghostbusters also. And I don’t think he thought you were nuts, Robin. He’s an actor so he needs to hear something like that, lol

  24. Sounds like you had an amazing day! Your photos definitely show that. Thanks for sharing your great experience

  25. That is so cool! I remember watching Ghost Busters when I was a kid. Have a terrific weekend!

  26. That is awesome! I used to be obsessed with Ghost Busters! I wish I could have met him!

  27. That must have been so much fun. We love Ghost Busters.

  28. Who you gunna call…ghostbusters!!!! OMG, how totally exciting that you were fortunate enough to meet a REAL Ghostbusters!!!

  29. Oh, he is so lucky to received a big hug from you! I love ghostbuster too.

  30. I love Ghostbusters! It was one of the first ‘scary’ movies I watched as a kid, and now I just laugh as I relive those moments!

  31. ha! that is pretty cool. we met R2D2 very unexpectedly in Boston. it was awesome

  32. I recently watched this movie again for the umpteenth time. It’s a timeless classic.

  33. This is sooooooo cool.. I lremember watching that movie Ghostbusters!!! it was good one
    Have a great weekend

  34. I love Ghostbusters and I would have loved to meet a real Ghostbuster! That is so cool.

  35. Ahh that would have been such fun – I would have been so tempted to nose in the car and poke Marshmallow Man!

  36. that is totally cool! Did you get his autograph?

  37. Wow! Lucky you to meet a real ghostbuster! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  38. How fun! I have always thought my kids would enjoy a comic con. Very cool you got to meet one of the original stars!

  39. I just watched that movie with my kids, they would love that.

  40. How cool! Who you gonna call – Ghostbusters!. My husband would have loved to meet him. He’s a big Ghostbusters fan!

  41. It would be awesome to meet him.
    I have met Dan Akroyd. I lived in Kingston, near where he is from. In that town, his wife and him drive their old car about. Had a nice chance meeting him on one of those drives. Also met him at a charity golf event when I worked for Mac’s Milk/Mike’s Mart stores.

  42. So jealous!! I grew up watching Ghostbusters and would have loved to meet them!!! My kids hear me sing the song and have no clue what i’m talking about

  43. Oh, how cool for you!! I used to watch this show when I was younger. I don’t remember anything about the show anymore, though.

  44. Ah–it is great that you got to meet one of the Ghostbusters! And I rather doubt he thought you were nuts–he probably ate up the compliments I’m sure you showered on him!

  45. Oh how awesome is that! You must be so thrilled seeing Ghostbusters in person.

  46. Whaaaaat?! This is just too cool! I would have loved to meet him!

  47. We are big Ghostbusters fans in my house too :) Great photo!

  48. I love these shows. It’s just so different from the everyday life.

  49. I’ve so got the “Who You Gonna Call?” song running through my head now! I think that is too cool you got to meet a Real Ghost Buster!

  50. How awesomely cool is that? I love the Stay Puff inflatable. It gives it a nice touch. Now you just needed a slimer! I’m sure he hears a lot of accolades but it’s probably not often that someone tells him that he topped Disneyland!

  51. That’s so sweet! I’d love to be there.

  52. That is pretty cool. I had completely forgotten about that movie but it was a big hit. I will have to try and watch it again sometime soon.

  53. It seems as if you had a great day. You probably will earn cool points with a lot of people when they see the cool photos!

  54. I think it’s awesome that you were so excited about it. He’s from my hometown area. :)

  55. I am sooo happy for you! That is way to cool for words…

  56. Wow! Nostalgia it is! I love GHOSTBUSTER too!! Lucky you!

  57. A real ghost buster Giddy. Must be fun for your family you are creating curiosity and I have to discuss with family for a fun trip there.

  58. Now I have a certain song in my head – which one could it be? WHO YA GONNA CALL?

  59. this brings me back to my childhood… god i feel old but i am totally jealous

  60. How stinkin cool is this!? I love this movie, and the fact that you got to meet this dude is super sweet!

  61. Wow this is sooooo fantastic!!! My husband would be so jealous!!

  62. How AWESOME! Love the Ghostbusters!!! I bet this was so much fun!

  63. This is so cool, I love Ghostbusters. I have such great memories about these movies from when I was a kid. I can’t believe you got to take a pic with Ecto1!

  64. Haha that’s awesome! The car is totally badass!

  65. LOL… Chris Beat me saying Who You Gonna Call… That would have been the highlight of my life too getting to meet Winston. My Daughter met John Denver on a cruise that I took her on for graduation many years ago. She had no idea who John Denver even was.

  66. My boys love the Ghostbusters! One of my boys even dressed up as one for Halloween!

  67. That’s pretty neat. I watched this movie for a few times

  68. That was a great movie.

  69. Oh my goodness, I just time warped to the 80″s. You are so lucky. That was one of my most favorite movies.

  70. That is way awesome!

  71. That is so cool! We are such a huge fans of Ghostbusters in our house. Great pictures :)

  72. Reminds me of my childhood…staying up ‘late’ and watching Ghostbusters and asking everyone ‘Who you gonna call?’ Haha This is absolutely awesome!

  73. How awesome is that! I loved watching ghostbusters growing up!

  74. How fun! I LOVED Ghostbusters as a kid.

  75. OMG too funny! I was just telling hubby that we need to watch Ghostbusters again – such a classic!

  76. SHUT. UP!! OMG, I loved Ghostbusters growing up This is AWESOME!

  77. I had to take a second look to see that it was Ernie not a cutout… What a riot! My kids love Comic Con and we’ve been to a few too. :-)

  78. Ok so I may have never seen Ghostbusters. But, I do recognize that actor and WOW he still looks great!

  79. That’s awesome! My 5 year old is a HUGE Ghostbusters fan. He would have died if he saw the car and a real, live ghostbuster!

  80. So … what you’re saying is … you’re a fan?!

  81. How cool is that? I’ve never been to a Comic Con before, but I think it’s fun that it’s possible to meet actors and favorite characters there.

  82. OH My lord so jealous!!!!

  83. Oh My gosh!!! That is awesome, he’s the best Ghostbuster ever and I am totally jealous :D

  84. I totally got excited when I saw the ghostbuster car at pop expo here.

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