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Last week, Chris had a day off from work and since the kids were at school, we decided to head down to a trendy, artsy little neighborhood down in Providence, RI called Wickenden Street.  I actually haven’t been to that section of the city in ages, but what you need to know is that Wickenden Street has numerous independent shops, art galleries, a farmer’s market, coffee shops and restaurants that are popular among local artists and students. Wickenden Street is nestled in between Brown University, RISD and the Moses Brown School, so it’s pretty happening there.

Our first stop of the day was Willy’s, which is part coffee shop part organic market.  It was a little strange to be honest, but we hungry, so we went in.


The thing was, all their bagels, pastries and muffins were sitting out in the open, probably getting stale and breathed on by the girl working behind the counter, so Chris & I decided to get hot chocolates.  Sadly, they both ended up being luke warm chocolates & we decided to blow that Popsicle stand for a better place.  A much better place.


Lucky for us, we walked right into the Duck & Bunny.  I have no clue what a “snuggery” is, but I saw a cupcake on the sign, so going in was a no brainer.


We were seated right away and I ended up having an amazing brunch with Princess Chris (see below).


I had the most ah-mazing caramel latte that I’ve ever had in my entire life there.


And then Chris and I had these:


And these:


And this:


The fries were the recommendation of the waitress and I thanked her numerous times for suggesting them.  If you are in the area – go there to eat.

After we were sufficiently stuffed, we were off to explore some of the shops and see what else we could find along the street.  There are some really cool  murals on the buildings down there:



Oh and have a look at this place.  It’s a pet store called  Aqua-Life.  The whole bottom of the building is one big mural.  It was totally cool.




After we spent some time window shopping, we decided we should have a snack before we headed home.  Black and white cookies are my favorite, so we each had one at a small cafe named Zog’s.


On our way back to the car, Chris spotted Magnum PI? painted on a fence.  It was totally random, but cool none the less.


Seriously, is that Magnum?

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  1. That is totally Magnum PI

  2. That is totally Tom Selleck!

    That looks like a fun way to spend a day and it sure looks like you both ate very well while you were down there. That cupcake looks to die for.

  3. That looks like a cute little cafe! and i love the pet store’s mural!

  4. Looks like you had a fun time but now i am really hungry the food looks tasty,i also love the building with the mural on it :-).

  5. What a fun day – I love shops like the ones you visited. Great food and unique art work. makes me wanta head to my favorite shops in Milwaukee. What is so neat is that they are all small businesses pouring their passion out to their customers, Fun Day!

  6. I want that latte please!

  7. Totally Magnum and those fries looked amazing. Haven’t had breakfast yet and starving now!! :)

  8. Princess Chris is missing a crown! I am not sure what was in that first food photo but it looks amazing – all of them do but that one has made me hungry.

  9. What a fun field trip! Your lunch at that “snuggery” looks fabulous and that is most definitely Magnum, P.I. ! LOL

  10. Looks like a ton of fun!

  11. You had me at caramel latte – my absolute favorite! Boy, that food – that cupcake looked awesome!! Grant and I will have to go there sometime….we don’t get out enough!

  12. magnum on the fence? Totally awesome! I’m in love with The Duck & Bunny already. The latte does look to.die.for. as do the fries. Maybe I’ll make it up to visit one day.

  13. Um, that food looks DELICIOUS!! My mom lives in Providence so the next time I’m visiting her I’ll definitely have to visit some of these places. It looks right up our alley!

  14. o yea thats magnum lol but that food looks good, and that latte would be great right about now

  15. It totally looks like Magnum to me. Glad you had a day out together, the snuggery does look yummy!

  16. Oh my! I’m hungry now! Who would leave bagels and such out??

  17. the snuggery!? how cute!! and i spy black and white cookies. y ummy

  18. Let me first say that I a t a coffee drinker, but that latte looked AMAZING! I love little trendy areas that have so much culture. Love the pet shop too! I would totally go in there to check it out!

  19. You made me so hungry just looking at all that good food… holy cow, that caramel latte does look delish!

  20. I’d happily sit in that princess chair and chow down on all those delicious treats. What an interesting day you had.

  21. What a great way to spend a day with your hubby. I don’t know what a snuggery is either, but if they serve fries and cupcakes I am there.

  22. Looks like a great place to spend some quality time with someone you love. I would really enjoy it!@

  23. Holy CRAP that place looks like HEAVEN!!! A must visit!

  24. That sounds like an amazing place to be. And the food pictures, now I’m starving! That cupcake looks especially delicious. Nom nom.

  25. what a lovely place to visit and looks like you had a really nice time

  26. All that food looks so good! And that caramel latte looks unbelievable. This sounds like an area I’d really enjoy.

  27. My God, all that yummy food should be illegal to put into one post! Good thing you were able to walk around and burn some of it off that day ;)

  28. Can I come touring with you? You find some of the coolest places! I would love to visit Wickenden street! So many fun things to see and eat!

  29. I have no idea what a snuggery is either, but I would have went in simply for that word alone! Looks like an amazing day was had, filled with great treats and all… we are well overdue for a day of discovery such as this ;)

  30. Sounds like such a cool place to visit! That food looked wonderful and I love the Magnum pic too LOL

  31. What a fun date!

  32. I’m thinking that could also be Burt Reynolds?? Anyhow, you sure find the best eats!

  33. Well now my mouth is watering! Those sweet potato fries look awesome or maybe I just love sweet potato fries! It looks like y’all had a fun time!

  34. You have completely sold me on this place. I will most definitely make it a point to check it out the next time I’m up there!

  35. What a fun day to spend with your husband! I look forward to the days that my boys are in school and we can do those kind of things. :)

  36. What a fun day! Even though the first place didn’t turn out so well it’s nice to know you stumbled upon the other place. That latte looks so good right about now!

  37. Your latte looks yummy! It looks like a fun place to visit, I love the murals on the pet store.

  38. That Duck and Bunny place sounds like a fun tea room or something, especially with the chairs like that. I love that it’s called a Snuggery which makes me think it’s a nice place to have a meal or a snack when it’s nasty out. Which is around here once again. Freezing my fingers and toes off again and all this white stuff….. So. DONE. with this!

  39. The Duck and Bunny looks great.,

  40. Sounds like the two of you had a great day. Sorry the first place was not so great. Glad things picked up from there.

  41. That latte looks very good. Nothing like a warm cup of joe!

  42. I always love the fact that you and your hubby are close. It looks like a great day! You made me hungry with the food!

  43. I like the way you shared your day with us because it was interesting. The food photos made me hungry!

  44. hahaha I will definitely make it my business to not go to Willy’s if I’m ever there. I hope they can read this review. Maybe they’ll make things better. As for the others they were a sure winner!

  45. The latte look so good , I’d love to have one right now. Looks like a fun day

  46. I think that’s Magnum, but when I look away and look back real fast….okay, no – it is him. I love those kind of exploration days. I do that when I can with my kids in small townships near us or neighboring counties. We find the most awesome things to share with each other or collect from our trips.

  47. Love the cafe and the food, such a cool place!

  48. You just made me want allllll the foods! :D Love this post!

  49. Yes please – I want the fries and the cupcake #delish

  50. you are killing me with all that food porn. ugh.
    love the mural — when I was in NYC years ago, I found a whole bunch of buildings that were painted with big murals and I started taking pictures of them all. Still have them.

    I thought that was Burt Reynolds. The Bandit — because I don’t think Magnum smoked.
    did he? and he usually wore that Detroit baseball cap?? Still…how very random.

  51. Sweet potato fries are my favorite! Sprinkle me some cinnamon and sugar and I am good to go!

  52. That sounded like a fun little jaunt! I want all that food, yum!

  53. What a gorgeous little cafe <3 I could totally pop in for some of that gorgeous food. Yum

  54. I never really tried on a caramel latte – but seeing the photo here – it made me want to give it a try since I am a caramel lover after all. love those foods, too.

  55. Mmm. Black and white cookies are only done right in yankee territory. I always get them when I go to NYC.

  56. All of that looks fantastic. I made fresh fries this week myself and it makes such a difference!

  57. Magnum PI looks like a dark haired Stan Lee to me LOL That sandwich looking thing you had looks amazing

  58. I absolutely love finding little gems like this snuggery! Maybe I will open up one myself.. One day!

  59. We’re in Providence often and I’ve never heard of the Duck & Bunny. Just seeing that beautiful chair makes me want to take an afternoon to try some of their treats. (I have never heard of snuggery either…Google here I come lol)

  60. Looks like a great place to spend a day date.

  61. That looks like a neat little place to visit. That caramel latte looks delicious!

  62. Wow this places looks great! I usually only visit Providence to go to Hasbro, but this is totally cool!

  63. Oh my goodness it all looks so tasty! I so want to do there!

  64. Now I want that latte!!!!

  65. What a fun place to go to! I wish we had a place to spend the day like that.

  66. I am know craving a latte and basically everything you ate.

  67. Hah a snuggery? I wouldn’t have known how to describe that one either! So cool that you were spontaneous to go inside! Looks like you had a great day

  68. Wow, you find some amazing places to check out!

  69. Oh heck yeah Magnum!! YUMMY

    What a fun place that latte looks so yummy and I’m not sure I would share the cupcake … lol

  70. Sounds like you and your husband had a great outing. I’ve never been to RHode Island. I’m sure if I am ever in your area I will be checking out this part of town.

  71. Looks like a fabulous way to spend the day. I love rediscovering parts of my own city. That latte (and food) look delicious.

  72. Wow! I really enjoyed going through all these pics. Sounds like you had a great time. Beautiful latte!

  73. What a quaint little town… I love the pictures of the coffee shop and other places around… The cupcake looks so yummy!

  74. You have some great places around there I swear. That latte looks auh-mazing!

  75. Oh my goodness I’m so hungry, and that food looks so good!

  76. Well I’m glad the second place turned out to be a hit! I love that huge princess chair and that cupcake looks ah-mazing!

  77. The foodies looks delish!That mural on their building is so cool!

  78. Those foods makes me hungry.. and UH, that latte looks amazing. Glad you had a great time with your hubby!

  79. This place totally looks like my kind of town! Independent shops? Check. Well-made espresso? Check. Artsy raffiti? Check. Delicious food? Check. I think I need to make a trip to RI, for sure.

  80. Looks like you both had a great time. I would check out this place for the fries alone. As for Magnum PI, I personally think it that picture looks more like Burt Reynolds.

  81. Ahh damn MM, now I have to go downstairs and get something to eat… looks so good.

  82. Everything looks so delicious! I wish my husband wasn’t so dang camera shy, you’re totally inspiring me to blog about my dates with my Chris! :)

  83. That place look awesome! Everything about it… and the food YUMMMMY!!!

  84. Love the art work there – and, of course, the food looks yummy too! oh and a good cofffee – speaking of which, mine is cold again :)

  85. That mural was amazing! and the food looks to die for!

  86. What a nice place to eat. Good the drinks were hot and the food yummy. You made a good choice to leave the other place

  87. Looks like a really neat place.. those food pictures?! OMG!! Can I come stay with you guys? Ya’ll visit some really neat places. Love reading your posts.

  88. The black and white cookies look so good. What a fun day. I love artsy little areas of town!

  89. I love discovering placed like this! The cupcake looks delish!

  90. Those black and white cookies, as they call them in NY, look delish. Yes, as promised, I will tweet this post now.

  91. Your second breakfast looks amazing! I have no idea what a snuggery is, but it looks like great food!

  92. That place looks absolutely delightful! I would love to visit.

  93. I love the duck and bunny store sign. Too cute.

  94. Oh my gosh, black and white cookie!!!! Love them! I want one right now! That’s ca bummer the first stop was a bust…. sounds like the day redeemed itself though!

  95. Mmmmm your snacks look yummy! And the artwork on the building is pretty awesome.

  96. What a fun day and I’m drooling over the food!

  97. We’re dying to visit this whole area! Wickenden Street looks like our kind of place too!

  98. Definitely Magnum PI LOL. I know I say this all the time but there is such CHARACTER where you live. It’s harder to find around here.

  99. I used to spend a lot of time on both Thayer & Wickenden when I was in my late teens/early twenties. It hasn’t changed much either (surrounding area is great for yard & estate sales too)

  100. Their food looks really good!

  101. My Nana was a total Tom Sellect fan. I think she still has a poster in her room from when I was a kid. I watched all the Magnum PI episodes.

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