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Ladies & Gentlemen, The Mayflower…….



Don’t mind the ice – it’s winter here in Massachusetts.

Actually, this isn’t the Mayflower – it’s a  full-scale reproduction, called the Mayflower II.  The original has long since been destroyed.  The Mayflower II, was built in Devon, England and crossed the Atlantic in 1957. The details of the ship, from the solid oak timbers and tarred hemp rigging to the wood and horn lanterns and hand-colored maps, have been carefully re-created to give you a sense of what the original 17th-century vessel was like

In the spring/summer you can buy tickets to tour the ship.  Tickets cost $10 for adults and $7 for kids.  I’ve been on board a few times with the last one being November of 2012 when I chaperoned my oldest son’s field trip there.   The ship is actually incredibly small and it’s mind blowing to think that 102 passengers ( including three pregnant mothers) survived the trip that lasted more than ten weeks in those cramped quarters.

Once you’re on board, you will also meet role players in period costume who will share accounts of shipboard life, as they play the part of sailors or Mayflower passengers.

I was on board last year as part of my son’s third grade field trip there and it was definitely cramped on there, but totally worth seeing.

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  1. Always interesting to see a piece of unique history

  2. This is awesome! I think that this recreation just transports you back in time and the ice and winter conditions only add to what it might have looked like when it actually arrived back in the day.

  3. I did the tour on a field trip many years ago and never had the desire to board the ship again lol. Once was enough for me :)

  4. I would love to see this and see all the characters in action. I am such a big fan of history and getting to see it – even if reproduced is always enjoyable. I am jealous there seems to be a lot of historical things to visit where you live.

  5. Last year (I think it was last year), I saw it cruising through the canal! What an amazing sight that was. I’m looking forward to taking my son to see it when he’s older.

  6. Awesome pictures and believe it or not never seen the Mayflower up and close and personal. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. That must be an amazing feeling being on a (repkica) of the ship that brought the first immigrants to US Soil. I know people were supposedly a lot shorter in those days and hopefully a lot thinner so they wouldn’t have felt totally cramped!

  8. NIce to see something that was built over here lol,would be amazing to see this up close but would be even better if it was the first one :-)

  9. I love that they dress the part once you’re on board. These are always fascinating to me.

    The big ships come to Chicago in the summer and tour, but no one ever wants to go with me. Phfffffffffft!

  10. I imagine the tight quarters would be the most shocking of all. I can’t even imagine that kind of journey.

  11. That’s so sweet! Even if it isn’t the real Mayflower, it’s still so close to the real thing. I love the wood.

    They should make a 3rd and 4th version that you could pay extra to take a small journey on them.

  12. Ok, I may have said this on IG, but that ship is so narrow. How did it stay in the water? Thanks for the nice compliment! I think you are very pretty and should a ton more pics of you on your blog. I do. ♥

  13. My boys have been to see Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II. I most likely went back in grade school, but, it’s kind of a blur. lol. Great history here…..and a must do trip for the kids!

  14. I’m really just amazed at how much you guys get around and do things. I haven’t been to the Mayflower in a few years, but I am hoping to get the kiddos up there when it’s a bit warmer out. This frigid weather is for the birds!

  15. Oh that would be neat to visit. Definitely a must-have see so the kids can learn a bit.

  16. My first thought was, people sailed across the Atlantic in this boat??????? But I love this kind of stuff! If I ever make it to the area, this is a place I would visit. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  17. AWESOME. I went here as a kid! This brings back lots of good memories.

  18. So incredibly cool! And what a pretty picture with all of the ice!

  19. I would have never made it as a pilgrim. I cannot do boats and I sure wouldn’t have done one for 10 weeks with a bunch of others who didn’t bath or anything.. yeah umm nooo. But I do think looking back on all we did survive back then makes me realize how much in trouble we would be would something major happen for months that cut all ties of communication with others like this.. I don’t even wanna think about it

  20. Cannot even tell it is not the original Mayflower. Striking resemblance. there. Great pictures, as always :)

  21. That would be cool to see, even if it is just a replica!

  22. Totally a trip worth making, I would have fun there i’m sure! and not expensive either!

  23. How fun … I would probably have gone stir crazy considering the long trip and cramped quarters. Love the history though!!


  24. This would be so neat to visit since it is such a prominent part of our history. I am so close by too!

  25. Wow, it’s awesome! The photos turned out really great with all the ice. Makes for even prettier photos!

  26. I would love to visit there some day. I love that they offer role playing! What a way to draw you back into that time period!

  27. I think I’ve only been on it once and I totally don’t know how they did it. People claim that people were smaller back then, thus the smaller beds, but I don’t buy it. And it’s not like they were up on the deck, basking by the pool or anything! It’s truly amazing that they survived.

  28. I like visiting historic sites like this! I would love to be able to visit the Mayflower (II) someday and see what it was like for the pilgrims!

  29. What a great reproduction. At first I really thought it was the real thing!

  30. Those are some awesome photos. History is always so fun!

  31. That is so neat! I would love to go on board and check it out.

  32. it’s beautiful! I’d love to see that. I have been on The Bluenose II and that was pretty cool.

  33. For a replication it looks pretty nice. I am sure it is even better in person.

  34. That is so cool! I love history and I bet touring that ship is a lot of fun. Have a great week!

  35. Always fun and interesting to see a piece of history

  36. I got so excited at first thinking it was the original Mayflower. But yes, it was made of wood and it’s been quite a lot of time since. It would be very interesting to visit this replica though.

  37. what a coold outing, not under those cold conditions, but great to discover. great photo too

  38. That is pretty cool. Would like to go on it.

  39. pretty pictures, and wow does that look like a pretty boat!

  40. I wanna go on the Mayflower…2, haha! Sounds fun :D

  41. That sounds like a fun tour. I never even knew that there was a reproduction

  42. Looks interesting! I’d like to take a tour like that so feel the experience of what they went through.

  43. How awesome to get to relive history by touring this replica of the Mayflower. I wish I lived closer… would be very cool to see it!

  44. Perfect for a homeschooling field trip! I think my son would be fascinated.

  45. I would love to tour this! From what i understand people used to be a lot smaller than we are today. I was in an historic home a couple of years ago and the baby furniture from the 1800s was SO SMALL. The high chairs would barely fit a newborn from today.

  46. That is so cool! I’m short, so I could probably handle the cramped space, lol. We toured an old boat in Baltimore years ago. My ex had to bend over because he’s so tall. I still had head room!

  47. Wow this looks so realistic! I would love to take my husband to see this as he is a big history buff!

  48. That is amazing. I want to go see it in person now because it would just be awesome to see how it was when they first crossed over, even if that is just a replica.

  49. yep. we need to go. we have family that came over on the mayflower!

  50. Ships scare me for some reason-maybe because I drowned in a past life-just kidding. This looks very cool!

  51. I does look smaller then you would think.

  52. I totally want to this with my family! We just started homeschooling this year and this would be an awesome lesson/trip in one!

  53. Oh I love historical places and I will have to add MayflowerII on my list.

  54. I would love to take my children to see this. Such a fun way to learn out the past and our country’s history.

  55. How freaking cool!!! I so want to see this too!

  56. I love how they rebuilt it. I had no idea what it really looked like – aside from being a ship, of course. Very cool. :)

  57. It seems so very small!! I think its super cool that they rebuilt it so we could see this piece of history!

  58. This is really amazing and I would love to see this in person!

  59. I love experiencing history up close and personal. I am adding this visit to my bucket list.

  60. NO WAY!?! This would be such an awesome place to take the kids, even me and hubby would love to see it.

  61. I didn’t know about this, I am so checking this out for my kids! Thank you!! xo San

  62. I would love to tour the Mayflower..I think it would be so neat. Sounds like a very interesting place to take a vacation. So much history!

  63. That is so cool! I love pieces of history like that. It amazing to think they could’ve survived the harsh conditions for such a long period of time.

  64. This Is Awesome Would Love To Go See Great Pictures!

  65. You are a regular New England travel agent. I have enjoyed the tour of your portion of the country. I would love to bring my kids for a visit soon.

  66. It is probably an interesting experience to board this ship and imagine what it waslike to ride overon it so many years ago.

  67. That looks so awesome. I want ot go and see it!

  68. That is an absolutely stunning sight to see. I need to get myself over there to see it in person. For realz!

  69. I have always wanting to go see the Mayflower- even if it’s a replica. How cool!

  70. I’ve read somewhere that people were much smaller back in 1620. Apparently, folk from the 15th century and earlier could fit in those small ships and low ceiling homes… Gorgeous painting and very close to the photos you showed us earlier of the harbor.

  71. Interesting. I’d love to get on an old boat someday. Seems like a delight!

  72. this sounds awesome, I so want to take my kids there!

  73. This looks like so much fun. We live in NY so not too far from you guys and this great historic piece.

  74. this would be an awesome trip. my son would love this he really enjoys history

  75. You lied to me it. It should be Ladies and Gentlemen, the Mayflower II. lol this would be great to take the kids too. They can learn a bit from this.

  76. What an awesome piece of history right there (even if its the second!). Love that they even dress up in period costumes! Great trips for children and adults alike!

  77. Wow, this looks amazing. I want to check it out and wear a costume too!

  78. I was looking forward to part 2. Enjoyed your first post. Let me know when you tour Rocky Mountain National I can be your travel guide.

  79. Is it bad that I didn’t know this place existed? I think it looks very educational.

  80. Oh I love this reproduction of the real Mayflower. I’ve also toured a few such ships here in Europe, they’re amazing and bring you back in time.

  81. What a grand adventure! I love visiting old ships! I can’t believe 3 pregnant women traveled from England on that ship!!! I would have never made it!

  82. I love checking out historical stuff like that.

  83. Isabelle and I went in November right before Thanksgiving and checked it out. She thought it was awesome. I thought it was freezing!

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