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Over the February vacation, we had a chance to meet up with some friends.  Since the kids love to bowl, we decided on Ryan Family Amusements in Buzzards Bay.  We usually visit the Raynham, MA location, which is a little bigger than this one, but our friends are out of town and Buzzards Bay was about half way between us.


They way they did it at Ryan, was the kids played until they were done & then you pay at the end. That works better for us because sometimes my boys like to play a couple of games & sometimes they get bored quickly and only end up playing one.


My two had a blast.



Shoe rentals were $3 per person and the prices of games vary depending on when you go. There are all sorts of promotions, but I think we paid $5 or $6 for one game the day we were there.

Did I mention that there is also a pretty decent arcade there?



The tokens .25 cents apiece, which I think is average for most arcades around here that we’ve gone to.


And of course, all the games spit out tickets, so the kids end up with a few little prizes before they leave.


Ryan Family Amusements is located at 200 Main St in Buzzards Bay, MA.  FYI – this is chain and there are other locations, which you can find here.

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  1. Seems, like ther had a great time. Can I come along with my men to your home?

  2. Always have fun there

  3. My oldest just went to her first bowling party two weekend ago and loved it. We got a free ticket to go back and probably going to take both girls one next weekend or so here! :)

  4. Looks like fun! My youngest wants her birthday party at a place like this.

  5. That looks like such a fun place for the kiddos!!! I have been to other Ryan’s, but not this one.

  6. Bowling is so much fun! My kids used to really enjoy it when they were younger!

  7. What a cool venue. My boys love to go bowling and I like it myself. As a matter of fact, I took a bowling class in high school in lieu of gym.

  8. I think my kids would drive me ape crazy with boredom if they had to wait while we were playing. I rather play as a family and keep them entertained. We usually rotate kid, adult, kid adult. Then the older kids go last. You kids are closer to age then ours are so I’m sure it was easier. It’s almost like a Chucky cheese but with bowling and with out the mouse and pizza. oh you didn’t mention food what did you guys eat while you were there? The bowling place we go to sells french fries hotdogs that kind of junk lol

  9. Man! I want to move in with you and your family! You guys are super fun!

  10. I love to bowl. I suck at it, but I still love it. It looks like a great family friendly place to visit. Our local bowling alley has a bar and it’s not a very family friendly place unless you go during the day time. :D

  11. That sounds like a great place. I am hoping there is a bowling alley in our new town as our last one did not have one that was family friendly. My youngest would love the arcade and what is it with the prizes that the kids love. It is always something small unless you have a ton of tickets but they always get so excited to get them!

  12. I forgot you guys have that tiny bowling thing happening up there! I’ll have to make sure we take the kids next time we’re up to visit.

  13. We like to bowl too. Even my little one’s starting to get into it. :)

  14. I don’t think we have Ryan’s here, but it sure does look like fun!

  15. My kids would really enjoy this. They had a blast when we went bowling on our last family vacation.

  16. My boys love bowling and live for those arcade games. Sounds like a fun place to meet up. Glad your boys had a good time! :)

  17. Bowling is one of my kids’ favorite activities, and we do it a lot in the summertime when there are summer bowling deals for kids. This place looks like fun, and a way better arcade than the ones in our local bowling alleys!

  18. This looks like so much fun. My kids would love to visit a place like this, it has something for everyone. I think they would spend most of their time in the arcade, they love ticket games.

  19. What a fun place! I love that they have such a big bowling alley and still have games too!

  20. This looks like an awesome place! Love the bowling alley!

  21. Ah, that looks like so much fun! I love bowling. It’s been too long…

  22. This looks like such a fun place! Bowling is always a great family activity, and whoever came up with the idea of bumpers was a genius!

  23. Looks like you guys had a great time! I miss going bowling.

  24. We love to go bowling as a familY! So much fun! A local alley has a Sunday Special for Family Bowling that we take advantage of. Looks like you had a great time!

  25. I think there is one near Narrangesett that we have been to last year? I believe it is the same place? If so, the kids had an absolute blast and there was so much to do to keep them occupied!

  26. Looks like you all had a great time! We love going to Dave and Buster’s for a night because the adults can have a good time while our toddler does too!

  27. This brings me back memories from the past – we used to play bowling a lot of times with my family.

  28. I love bowling! It’s so much fun, and I miss doing it. Maybe I’ll take the kids out and have a family bowling night

  29. The arcade would definitely be a huge hit with my son. Aside from Chuck E Cheese an hour away, we don’t have any inexpensive arcades nearby.

  30. I love watching other bowl. I’m bad at it but admire those who can play well.

  31. Looks like a lot of fun. The hubby loves places like this but the ones in Montreal are pretty far and expensive! I think tokens are like 1$ per!

  32. Fun. My kids love bowling, they could do it all day! I have great memories of heading to places like this with my family when I was younger.

  33. We like bowling also. It’s a nice change of pace sometimes.

  34. The kids love to win prizes for playing games! Deciding what to pick is a major deal with my bunch!

  35. We love bowling! And any sort of arcade! I want to go!! :)

  36. My toddler loves to bowl! Adding arcades and other games to the venue is so fun – and a hit with kids, I’m sure!

  37. This looks like such a fun place. There are so many great activities, I would like to take my family some place like this.

  38. Looks like a fun place! We have some establishments like that around here and we love to go for the day!

  39. Great pictures! I love, love bowling alleys, but I feel like their closing left and right. It makes me sad. I think my five-year old is finally ready to go bowling. I’m looking forward to it.

  40. I love bowling but have not tried taking my little ones yet. I’m worried about injuries occurring from the frustration.

  41. I honestly haven’t tried bowling before, but this place looks like fun! I can imagine after losing a game you could play your frustrations on the arcade!

  42. I used to love bowling with my Dad when I was young and continued playing (was even on some leagues) up until around the time I hit my late 30′s-that’s when my ankle would give out. I still played occasionally with friends but by my late 40′s-my shoulder was injured and between the shoulder and the ankle——-no more bowling for me. That looks like a fun lane to bowl-arcade and all. Your son’s really looked like they were having a grand old time!

  43. Looks like so much fun. I love to bowl but am not great at it. Also love the arcade area for kids when they get tired of bowling.

  44. You sounds like a fun mom!! Perfect place here to take kiddos, especially on days that the weather is yucky!!

  45. I love love love bowling!

  46. How fun, I love to bowl, but I could be the worst out there.

  47. you guys are always on the go. I wanna hang out with your family for a weekend

  48. I haven’t been bowling in a very long time. My Hubs and I were just talking about joining a bowling league.

  49. I’d like to go bowling again. It’s a fun release.

  50. You always go to such cool places! I want to go!

  51. You guys are always out and about! I love nights at the bowling alley too.

  52. I’m always down for some bowling! The kids like the arcade games, too.

  53. We love our local bowling alley and arcade. Both our boys have a blast (even us parents do!) makes us feel young again, LOL!

  54. Son loves to bowl that’s where he wants his birthday party this year.

  55. I wanna be one of your kids…you guys are always out doing something FUN!!!

  56. Bowling is such an inexpensive family treat. We love to do it.

  57. Your kids have such fun outings and I think I said this before… Great family trip and well priced.

  58. I absolutely love bowling! Looks like you guys had tons of fun. Great post and nice pictures. :)

  59. Sounds like a fun place! And what kid doesn’t like the arcade?!! Love the fun stuff you do with your kids :)

  60. What a fun place for the whole family! It’s so nice to have options when you want to take the entire family out for a fun night.

  61. fun! looks like they have a lot to do there!

  62. What a great place. Looks like soo much fun!

  63. This looks like a great place for a family outing with lots of different stuff to do! Your photos really showcase the variety of options!

  64. My kids and I love going to places like this. We actually look for it when we go on vacation for something fun to do.

  65. Wow I love bowling and those games and things look SO fun! I bet your kids had a blast!

  66. We love bowling! Looks like you had a lot of fun. That also looks like a really good size arcade. Nice!

  67. we’ve not been bowling since my littlest was born. she’s 4 1/2! I think we need to go

  68. What a fun place! My kids would love it.

  69. We are celebrating birthday week here, and I just told my husband we should go bowling! We don’t do it very often, but I always have fun when we go.

  70. Kids always love a day of bowling and the arcade! Plus, it is fun for the whole family – bonus!

  71. This looks like a fun place for bowling and arcade games! My boys would love this!

  72. I like the way they have you pay! That’s definitely great for outings with kids.

  73. I love bowling but haven’t done it in quite some time! $3 for a shoe rental isn’t bad at all and that arcade looks pretty awesome!

  74. We usually take the kids to Fantasyland, but it seems worth ti to head the opposite direction and check this place out!

  75. I Haven’t Been In Yea Looks Like They Had A Great Time They Are So Cute!!!

  76. It looks like you all had so much fun! I used to love bowling!

  77. my kids love to go bowling. I am sure it will be on list of activities next week during our Spring Break. I LOVE playing the wack-a-mole with the kids in the arcade. they go nuts – it’s hilarious.

  78. Looks like a lot of fun! I miss going out bowling.

  79. You always have such fun family outings!! I can’t wait to take my son bowling for the first time. I had a mommy night out at Splitsville at Downtown Disney a few months ago and had a blast bowling!

  80. I can totally see why the kids enjoy this kind of place. There’s a little of everything!

  81. This is like Chuck e cheese for older kids! This is so great! I hope they do well. Love places like this.

  82. This is something I have yet to try with my kids… they would love it so much!

  83. My kids love bowling! This sound like your boys had a blast!

  84. I love bowling- so much fun!

  85. I’m so horrible at bowling, but it’s still fun, nonetheless. :)

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