Apr 042014

I’m just going to come out and say it – I hate running.  With a passion.  I know some people love it and I want to love it – I really do, but I just can’t do it. The thing is, I know that running is a great workout and  I am going to need to run a timed mile in the very near future because of the martial arts training that I am currently going through (it’s part of the testing process).

Since I truly dislike running so much, I need something to help me get through my misery and music is that thing.

1.  Sound of Madness by Shinedown
2.  Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J
3.  Bring the Action by Will.I.Am and Britney Spears
4.  Gold on the Ceiling by El Camino
5.  Everything Zen by Bush
6.  Berzerk by Eminem
7.  C’mon by Ke$ha
8.  Magic by B.o.B. Continue reading »

Mar 262014

There are just some things that I can’t wrap my brain around.

1.  Hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock.  I don’t know about you, but first of all, I can’t fall back to sleep instantly, so once I’m up – I’m up.  Why would I just lay there?  The thought baffles me.  And secondly, for those people that can fall asleep instantly, what’s the allure of a second (or third) mini heart attack when the alarm goes off yet again?  Isn’t getting the crap scared out of you once per morning enough.

And even furthermore, if you need the extra few minutes of sleep that badly, why don’t you just set the alarm to go off later?

2.  Pictures of extreme temperatures from a phone app posted on Facebook.  You know what, I have my own phone and if I am interested in the weather, I can see for myself.  Or I could just watch the news like we did in the old days.  I really don’t need to see 573,856,589 of the same picture cluttering up my feed. Continue reading »

Mar 132014

It’s called the Marshfield Hills General Store.

Steve Carell and his family spend their summers in the town of Marshfield, Massachusetts (on the south shore), which is about 25 miles south of Boston.  In 2009, he bought the store to save a piece of Americana.

Carell told the Boston Globe in an email: “This is much more of an emotional investment than a business one….I saw an opportunity to help to preserve a little piece of history. I also felt that places like the Marshfield Hills General Store represent a gathering place, and give people a sense of community. These spots are growing more and more scarce. I hope to keep this particular one alive and well.”

Located in the heart of Marshfield Hills Village on Boston’s South Shore, “The General” has been the epicenter for this historic neighborhood for over 150 years. In 2009, actors Steve and Nancy Carell, both Massachusetts natives, bought the property and restored this treasured landmark to its original glory and stocked it for its 21st Century clientele. Step inside and experience quintessential New England charm.

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Mar 022014

This is a story that involves a ghost, a missing toothbrush and George Clooney. Ok, well, maybe the George Clooney thing was just wishful thinking, but hey, a girl can dream, right? The strange little story I’m about to tell you actually happened to me, and for whatever reason, it’s still something that I think about from time to time and it bugs me every time I do.

Back when I first started dating my ex-husband (in 1999), he lived in an old house in Cranston, RI. It was a 2-story house and he lived in the apartment on the first floor. He only lived in Cranston for probably the first six months of us dating. He is from MA and wanted to move back “home”, so shortly after we started dating, he started looking in this area for a new apartment.

So there is a little back story and now onto the good stuff…… Continue reading »

Feb 262014

He’s with me almost every day.  He helps me navigate from point A to point B almost effortlessly. Ok, maybe not effortlessly – there was that one time he told me to drive off a bridge……

He’s my GPS and his name is Lance.


Most GPS units come pre-loaded with a few different accents and you can set most of them to speak to you in a male or a female voice. When I need to get somewhere, I really can’t get much better than getting my directions from a man with an Australian accent (swoon).  So, you guessed it, Lance is Australian.  I honestly don’t really have a reason as to why I chose Lance as his name.  I don’t know any Australians with the name Lance – and now that I think about it, I don’t actually know anyone named Lance.  It just seemed fitting at the time and it stuck.

So tell me, does your GPS have a name?  If so, what do you call it?

Feb 152014

As Chris & I were walking down Main Street in Plymouth a few weeks back, we spotted this sign on the sidewalk outside of a small restaurant:


I wonder if that brought anyone in? Chris and I aren’t big beer drinkers, so we kept on walking, but we had a good chuckle over it.

Feb 132014

If you know me in real life, you probably already know how much I hate The Wizard of Oz.  Most people are horrified when I say it and because of something that happened recently, I wanted to re-post my original blog about my reasoning behind it.

Chris and I were out at an improv comedy club a few weeks ago.  You know, the kind where they ask for suggestions from the audience.  Since Chris & I are regulars at the show & seating is on a first come – first serve basis, we almost always sit in the front row.  Well, the last time we were there, one of the guys asked the audience to name some movies that everyone else seems loves, but you can’t stand.  I couldn’t get “The Wizard of Oz” out of my mouth fast enough.

The actor looked at me and asked “really”, to which I confidently responded “REALLY”.  He took my suggestion.

Anyways, I posted this about three years ago and in true #TBT style, here it is again:


Can you imagine living in a world where rainbows shine around every corner, there are miles and miles of deadly gorgeous poppies, little people pop out on queue to sing songs about candy and inanimate objects miraculously come to life?  Me neither.  But it sounds familiar, right? Of course it does and unless you’ve lived under a rock all your life, you know I am talking about the land of Oz .

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Feb 072014

Yesterday, I told you all about our adventures on Wickenden Street in Providence.  Wickenden Street has numerous independent shops, art galleries, cafes and restaurants that are popular among local artists, professors and students.  Among the shops on Wickenden Street are a few antique stores.  Chris and I get a kick out of antiquing sometimes, so we stopped into one of them while we were down there.

As soon as we got into the store, I walked right into this little beauty.


I have no idea what anyone would do with that hideous thing, but frankly, she kind of creeped me out, so I moved on quickly and didn’t look back.

As I walked a little ways into the room, I saw that they had this old version of The Poky Little Puppy for sale. Continue reading »

Feb 022014

According to folklore, if a groundhog (specifically, Punxsutawney Phil) sees his shadow on Groundhog Day, there will be six more weeks of winter weather. If he does not see his shadow, there will be an early spring. Around these parts us New Englanders know that on February 2nd, there is absolutely NO CHANCE of an early spring, so the idea of Groundhog Day is pretty absurd. Sure it’s fun for the kids (I guess?), but nobody actually believes in his predictions.  Do they?

It does start to warm up a little in April, but I have seen it snow in April and even in May (yes, you read that correctly).  No matter what Phil sees, we’ve got winter weather for at least six more weeks around here, so – go back into your sleep coma, Phil!

According to Groundhog.org:

  • How many “Phils” have there been over the years? There has only been one Punxsutawney Phil. He has been making predictions for over 120 years! Continue reading »
Dec 052013

Yesterday I posted about our awesome family Christmas card photo shoot.  Man, I am still patting myself on the back over how good they came out…..

But I digress.

With five people that were going to be in the picture, there was no way we’d get it right on the first try.  Surprisingly, it only took six or seven tries before we got it right, though.  It was the coldest day of the year at that point and it was only about 30 degrees out, so we were freezing out there in t-shirts – which definitely motivated us to get it right quickly.

Anyways, here are a few of the cuter outtakes from out photo shoot:



I showed you the picture that I chose for our cards in my post yesterday and as soon as we got it, we ran inside.  Then it was time for a little fun before we started the process of removing all that make-up.
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Oct 202013

Do you have recurring dreams?  I do.  I’m one of those people that remembers my dreams, usually in great detail.  Some of them make sense, and some are so off the wall it makes me wonder if someone slipped me some LSD.  But there is this one dream I keep having over and over. No joke, I have the this dream I’d say about once a month or so.  The location/setting of the dreams occasionally change, although not always, but the two people in the dream with me are always the same.

Wanna know what the dream is?  Is the suspense killing you?   Continue reading »

Oct 152013

The other day I was in the drive through line at Dunkin Donuts (what else is new? ) and the person in line in front of me was unable to lower their window to place the order, so they had to put the car in park, open the door and kind of get out to place their order.  Then they had to do it all over again when they got to the window to get their stuff.  They actually had to stop the car and open the door not once, but twice.  I’ve written about this before because I think it’s the height of laziness and don’t understand why they don’t just go in.  I mean they have to put the car in park and open their door anyways, so why not just park in a space and go inside.  Right?

Then I started thinking about all the other things that absolutely drive me NUTS and once I started listing them all out, I was on a roll…..and came up with a whole bunch more.

1.  When people refer to Thanksgiving as “Turkey Day”.  Um,  the last time I checked, Thanksgiving is not a holiday celebrating a Turkey.  It’s about being thankful and maybe you can and should be thankful that you’re eating a turkey, but calling it “turkey day” cheapens the meaning of the day.  By a lot.

2.  People who sit next to each other in a booth instead of sitting across from each other like they should be. It’s just weird.  Not to mention that if you want to have a conversation with the person next to you, you have to crane your neck all night.  It’s a lot more work that way and I hate seeing it with a passion!
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Oct 102013

Here in Massachusetts, particularly in my neck of the woods (near Cape Cod), we have a lot of rotaries.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a rotary is, let me explain.  It’s a a circular shaped road junction where the traffic moves in one direction around a central island.  I’ve also heard rotaries referred to as traffic circles and roundabouts, but around here, they’re rotaries.  For someone that’s not experienced in driving their way through a rotary, they can be vicious – trust me, I know first hand.   I live about 30 seconds from one and drive through it daily.

Keep in mind that I proudly live amongst some of the worst drivers in the country (I am a masshole after all), so this is definitley more of a survival guide than a how-to, but it should help you either way.

Rotaries actually keep the traffic moving a lot faster than conventional intersections with traffic lights & even though they may get backed up a little at rush hour, you’re not going to have to sit there long before it’s your turn to go.

The most important thing that people need to realize when approaching a rotary is that they are ONE WAY.  I’ve witnessed first hand cars going in the wrong direction inside the rotary.  Yes, really – three times as a matter of fact.


1.  When approaching a rotary, you should yield to oncoming traffic inside the rotary.  You are not required to stop! Only stop if there is no clearance for you to get inside the rotary – if there is no oncoming traffic inside the rotary and you stop upon approaching it – you’re probably going to get rear ended.  If there is no oncoming traffic, go! Continue reading »

Sep 302013

A little ways back, Chris texted me me this picture & said something along the lines that he wanted to make them for the boys:


Cool, right?  And since I’m not one to stand in the way of creativity, especially someone else’s, I was all for it.

I have to admit that I was pretty excited to see how they would turn out.  We didn’t tell the kids that we were making them in case they didn’t turn out well.  It was almost like we had a premonition……

He laid everything out before he started. Continue reading »

Sep 152013

Every now and then I’ll tweet something about my milkman.   It’s usually when I’m singing his praises because I’ve forgotten to place my order online (even though I had at least a week to do so) and he shows up anyways with everything I normally order.  Heart him.


So, yes, I have a milkman.   He comes from a local-ish diary and he brings me goodies once a week.  I order my milk, chocolate milk, bread, eggs, cream for my coffee,  ice cream and depending on the week, a variety of other stuff from them.  I grew up getting milk deliveries from the same place because my parents used their service for years, so I knew their stuff was GOOD.  And once I had kids, I didn’t really wanted them drinking the milk from the grocery stores with all those growth hormones and who knows what in them, so I switched to the dairy.  They pasteurize the milk, but don’t add any of that unnecessary crap to it, so I feel better giving it to my kids…especially since they drink A LOT of it. Continue reading »

Sep 142013

Remember how I told you that Chris is a fire fighter in the military?  Last weekend, when the boys & I went up to the Air Force base for family day, I noticed this sign hanging up in the fire house:


I asked Chris what it meant and he made some jokes, but never really answered me.  Any guesses?

Aug 292013

I don’t understand something.

Sometimes, when I’m in a hurry, I will grab the boys their dinner at McDonald’s.  Usually, since I’m in a hurry, we just go through the drive through and take their food with us – whether it be that we bring it home or the kids eat it on the go.

I think we all know that McDonald’s is notorious for messing up orders.  It’s happened to me so many times that I always check the bag (s) before I drive away to make sure that my order is correct and/or that nothing is missing.  Once I make sure we have everything and that it’s correct, we’re off.

With that being said, I realize that the kids working at the drive through window at McDonald’s probably don’t have kids of their own yet, so I’d like to let this serve as s public service announcement:

When you have two Happy Meals (or more) going out on one order – please give everyone in the party the same prize.

The fight it causes is almost NOT worth the hassle of going there in the first place.  We were there the other day and they got Smurfs in their Happy Meals. I was thinking to myself that this time it wasn’t so bad because they could play with them together.  Wrong.  The little man wanted the one with the horn and the big guy wouldn’t trade.  It was a nightmare…over a dumb little toy.  It happens all the time, too.  You think I’d check the prizes before I drove away like I do with the food.


My order at McDonald’s is always the same: Continue reading »

Aug 122013

I was looking in the mirror the other day contemplating a tummy tuck and after a few minutes I started thinking.  Sure there are a handful of physical things that I’d like to change about my body, but what  about some other things that I’m not happy with. So I asked myself,  if I could change one thing about myself that is not physical, what would it be?

It was pretty hard to narrow it down, because believe me…there are multiple things I’d change. After thinking long and hard, I narrowed it down to two things. I finally decided in the end that I would like to have more patience. Actually, let me be straight here…..I would just like to have some patience. Period. I have absolutely none. Zip. Zero. Zilch I definitely think I’ve gotten a tiny bit better since I had kids, but honestly, I am quite possibly the most impatient person ever born.  I want what I want and I want it now.

The end.

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Aug 112013

Has anyone ever asked you what your worst subject in school was?  Probably, right?  Well, for me there is no question about what my worst subject was.


I was in romper room math for basically my entire life and still to this day I stand behind the statement I made to Mr. Lemish, my 10th & 11th grade math teacher.  Letters do not belong in math equations.  Period.  That kind of “math” serves absolutely no purpose in every day life, so I don’t understand why they place such importance on learning algebra, calculus and trigonometry.  Seriously – you can’t even argue with that.

math satan

In college I had to take statistics, which was pretty much my worst nightmare.  In case you were lucky enough to avoid taking it never took a stats class, Dictionary.com defines statistics as the following: Continue reading »