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Here are 10 DIY Slime Recipes that you can make right now!

Slime is all over the internet right now, everywhere I turn you see something about a DIY slime! I thought it would be fun to share some of the most popular slime recipes out there for you and your kids to try out today! You can find all kinds of slime recipes, some that are edible, others made with dish soap, contact solution and more. You never have to be slime-less again, with all the variations out there!

Head to your store, pick up the ingredients you need, and within a short time, you and your kids can have fun ooey-gooey slime to play with for endless hours of fun! Who knew slime was so easy to make? I always assumed it would take a ton of time, but it is relatively quick, and kids have so much fun creating the gooey slime!

10 Best Slime Recipes To Make

Lifesaver Gummy Slime| This is an edible slime that sounds so tasty. I can just smell the fruity goodness that this slime offers!

Easy Glitter Slime| This recipe uses glue and glitter to make a pretty fun slime in a blink of an eye!

Fake Snot Edible Gelatin Slime| Boys absolutely love this slime, it is all the things boys love! Things to play tricks on others and gross them out. This does look like a bad looking snot, but that is what makes it so fun!

Magnetic Slime| Yep you read that right, magnetic slime. They use iron oxide powder, which gives it magnetic properties.

Calming Slime| A really neat take on slime, they use essential oils, to help bring a peaceful scent to the slime! A liquid starch and glitter glue recipe.

Saline Solution Slime| A wonderful step by step instruction of how to create saline solution slime!

Emoji Slime| With the new Emoji movie coming out soon, this is one popular slime recipe! It even has printable labels, you can use for small containers!

Galactic Glitter Slime| Create an out of this world glitter slime, that looks like outer space! They use liquid starch and glitter glue for this recipe.

Rainbow Burst Fluffy Slime| This is a fluffy slime that is full of fun colors. Use any sprinkles you want to create the fun design of your choice.

Kinetic Slime| Looking for a new take on slime, try this kinetic slime. It is moldable that uses starch, glue and fine sand. Really neat, and kids love this fun twist, to a classic slime.

Have you ever made any homemade slime recipes?

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  54 Responses to “10 Best Slime Recipes to Make Today!”

  1. These are so great! There’s no better way to get kids interested in science than by making slime! I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t love to do it.

  2. My kids have been begging me to let them have their hand at making slime! lol I’ve been hesitant about it until I read this post — you’ve convinced me to let them give it a try!

  3. Slime was a hot item at home when my daughter was younger. The Easy Glitter slime recipe sounds inviting!

  4. These would all be a lot of fun to make and play around with. I love how creative people are with their DIY slimes!

  5. The kids are all crazy about slime! It’s definitely fun to make at home instead of buying the nasty smelling ones in the stores. We can make plenty with these recipes!

  6. My boys are very much into making their own slime at home! I think these recipes will be something to look forward to! Thanks for sharing them!

  7. Those are awesome slime recipes! I like the edible ones because they’re safer for the little kids. I’m pretty sure these are so much fun to make as well.

  8. My friend’s kids love slime. They are always trying some new slime recipe they saw online.

  9. We absolutely love making slime. My girl would love every single one of these.

  10. My kids love making slime! So trying these recipes out!

  11. My daughter is making a tub of slime every other day. I am going to show her these ideas so she can shake things up a bit. Magnetic slime sounds pretty cool!

  12. My son absolutely loves to make slime at home! This is a great list. We will have to make some of these over the weekend!

  13. My son is obsessed with slime! I am sure he’ll find something here to try!

  14. The Lifesaver Gummy Slime sounds delicious. My 4 grandsons would love all of these slimes. We need to make a few of these next week.

  15. I have actually never made slime before. My daughter has been wanting to try it since she saw my niece making it recently. We will have to try some of these out this weekend and see how they turn out.

  16. To be honest I didn’t realize there were that many kinds of different slime to make and enjoy. Something the grandkids enjoy doing so we will have to expand our slime making skills.

  17. Awesome, I’ll show this to my daughter. She makes slime on a daily basis it seems. We have slime every dang where!

  18. I’m going to have to try this with my two younger neices. They would love this!

  19. The kids and I make slime all the time. However, the most fun I’ve had making slime was a date night with my hubby at the local science museum. He had so much fun making glitter slime.

  20. I have never attempted to make this but I think it would be fun to do with the kiddos. They love slime and if I can make it homemade I am saving a lot of money.

  21. This is awesome! Our guys are huge fans of making slime. They even got their aunts and uncles into it!

  22. The pictures of the different slime were all so gooey. I love the different textures so kids have a big choice when it comes to slime, I never knew this.

  23. I Loved slime as a kid! we used to always play with the glitter kind. I have to make this with my kids!

  24. What a cool way to get kids interested in scientific fun crafts! I love the magnetic slime!

  25. My daughter has made a few recipes from around the web, and a lot of them haven’t turned out. She finally ran across one that worked. She has been wanting a different texture so we’ll have to try a few of these.

  26. This looks like so much fun! My son wouldn’t play with it, but I’d love to make and play with this myself.

  27. The magnetic slime sounds awesome and I have never heard of that. Even my 15 year old will think it is cool to make this with his mom!!!

  28. During the weekends I love to do crafts and activities with the kids, especially when it’s too cold to go outside. I’m pinning this for later so we can make so awesome slime!

  29. Slime is so much fun. I used to make it as a science experiment every year. The kids always wanted to put glitter in it and I never let them. Now it is a thing.

  30. This is a nice collection of recipes. We made a lot of slime last year, and only began making it again recently. I heard “Elf Snot” is popular this Christmas!

  31. I would be sharing this to my friends’s daughter. I could just imagine her face, she seems to be addicted to slime lately and these ideas are so helpful to her! Thanks for sharing!

  32. I will save this. My niece is really into slime. I had no idea what it was until I went on my trip.

  33. It is so hard to find a good recipe! Thank you! My kids are always begging me to make slime!

  34. Every plastic container in my house has been filled with slime this summer. I have heard all about the pros and cons of different recipes.

  35. I guess this can be a great activity on our Halloween party. MIght just think of the cool designs that are applicable for the theme.

  36. That calming slime sounds so neat! I also like that super black slime. Shoot, I may just make some for myself, ha!

  37. My son is so obsessed with making slime these days. Our glue keep disappearing and also I keep seeing our laundry stuff in their bathroom.

  38. My daughter just turned 19 and she still loves playing with slime. She would get a kick out of the magnetic slime. So cool!

  39. I love how popular slime has become. I’ve even seen some ASMR youtubers feature on their channel. It looks like so much fun to create and play with.

  40. I’ve never made my own slime, but I’m so curious to give it a try. It looks like so much fun and great activity to do with your kids.

  41. My kids and I absolutely LOVE making slime together, especially around Halloween. I never knew so many different recipes existed.

  42. Thanks for sharing these slime recipes. This is very good for sensory play for the little ones. I am bookmarking this article so we can make a new kind of slime every week.

  43. This would be great to make along with kids as it would be quite the fun. I love the look of the Galactic Glitter Slime and the Rainbow Burst Fluffy Slime.

  44. Will play slime always be a thing, lol? I remember getting out of vending machines with a kid. I would have loved to make my own at home.

  45. These are so cool! My Kiddies have a slime obsession so I will definitely need to share a few of these recipes with them.

  46. Oh my goodness! These all look fantastic. My girls went through this HUGE slime making phase this past summer. I would love to do some of these with them!

  47. You had me at Fake Snot Edible Gelatin Slime! I have three young grandsons that are going to love this!

  48. You have just made me the coolest mom ever. I am certainly doing this with my son. Thanks!

  49. I just messaged this url to my eight year old daughter because she is OBSESSED with making slime! It’s actually been really fun because we just moved into a new home and all the neighborhood girls come over to make slime with her on our back patio.

  50. Slime is always so much fun to make. My kids have been asking to make more so it’s nice to see these new options.

  51. My kids love making slime! I think we are going to try a few of these! I didn’t know there were so many options.

  52. I think the magnetic slime looks like fun!