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10 Delicious Christmas Morning Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Are you one of those people who usually cooks a big breakfast on Christmas morning?  I love a big holiday breakfast, but we actually do it on Christmas Eve morning.  It started many years ago (about 10) when my sister was living with a roommate from out of state.  Her roommate’s family always came in to spend Christmas here in Massachusetts, so my sister came to stay at my house the nights of the 23rd and 24th to give her roommate and her family some space.

That first year we made her a big old breakfast and it just became tradition – even though my sister hasn’t spent the night of the 23rd at my house in many years.  I am always on the hunt for awesome new recipes to make for my family when we have our traditional Christmas Eve morning breakfast.  If you do a big breakfast for your family on Christmas morning, you will love these 10 Delicious Christmas Morning Breakfast Recipe Ideas:

1. Breakfast Enchiladas: Festive Make­ Ahead Christmas Brunch

Breakfast Enchiladas Festive Make-Ahead Christmas Brunch­enchiladas/

2. Paleo Overnight Breakfast Casserole

Paleo Overnight Breakfast Casserole­overnight­breakfast­casserole/

3. Breakfast Lasagna

Breakfast Lasagna­lasagna­layers­pancakes­eggs­sausage-

4. Holiday Omelet Breakfast Bake Recipe

Holiday Omelet Breakfast Bake Recipe­omelet­breakfast­bake­recipe.html

5. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancake Recipe

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancake Recipe­chocolate­chip­pancake­recipe.html

6. Cherry Crescent Breakfast Braid

Cherry Crescent Breakfast Braid­crescent­breakfast­braid/

7. Cranberry Orange Sweet Rolls

Cranberry Orange Sweet Rolls­orange­sweet­rolls/

8. Peppermint Chocolate Truffle Pancakes

Peppermint Chocolate Truffle Pancakes­chocolate­truffle­pancakes.html/2

9. Sausage Egg & Waffle Breakfast Casserole

Sausage Egg & Waffle Breakfast Casserole­egg­waffle­breakfast­casserole.html

10. Gingerbread & Eggnog Monkey Bread

Gingerbread & Eggnog Monkey Bread­eggnog­monkey­bread.html/2

They all sound amazing, right?  Which one do you want to try first?

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  1. All great breakfast ideas for Christmas and totally keeping these in mind now 😉

  2. They all look so yummy, I would probably go with number 5, it looks so good!

  3. all of these look amazing. I need to make that sausage and egg waffle recipe.

  4. You list so many delicious options to choose from. I like a mix of both sweet and savory, so I will have to try a few different ones out Christmas morning.

  5. My two favorite Peppermint Chocolate Truffle Pancakes, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancake these are all awesome breakfast food I am hungry already.

  6. I love pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes. I think that’s the one I’d love to make for our family! There are so many great breakfast ideas here- hard to pick just one!

  7. I like the Idea of a breakfast casserole, something filling but easy for Christmas morning. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  8. I am not even sure which I would start with since everyone is an amazingly delish option. But I think I would go with Holiday Omelet Breakfast Bake Recipe because I think the rest of the day wiill be filled with sweets of every variety.

  9. Its my turn to make breakfast this year. I will be using a couple of those recipes. The Breakfast Lasagna looks so yummy

  10. My oh my, everything looks delicious! I want to try all these recipes. I would like to try the Sausage Egg & Waffle Breakfast Casserole first.

  11. OK I might give that casserole a try. I’ve been thinking of what to make for breakfast and couldn’t think of anything. Thanks for the recipes.

  12. The cranberry orange sweet rolls are calling my name. Those need to be on my dinner table stat!

  13. These all sound delicious! Thanks for posting, I will have to make some of these this week for my guests!

  14. Every morning for the last 7 Christmas mornings my (soon to be ex) mother-in-law made a breakfast casserole. Every year she tried a new recipe, and most years it would have some issues (LOL) but it was a fun tradition. This year, its a new tradition waiting for me.

  15. I have been wanting to try and egg casserole. That one looks good!

  16. These all sound delicious! I’d liek to try the breakfast lagasna!

  17. These recipe images literally have my mouth watering. I wouldn’t want to move on Christmas morning if these were served.

  18. These recipes are awesome! I think the peppermint truffle pancakes will be on my menu!

  19. All of these recipes look delicious!! I think the monkey bread would be a hit with my kids!

  20. We love to make a delicious breakfast for Christmas day. Monkey bread looks amazing.

  21. We usually just do cinnamon rolls, but really should expand our horizon. Some type of egg casserole sounds perfect!

  22. I think I’ll be making pancakes for Christmas morning but I love the ideas you have here too. Blessed Christmas week!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  23. We just had our family breakfast this morning. We usually do waffles with blueberry sauce. Nobody at eggs this time around, so I need to figure out something new to take that spot for next year. Maybe those breakfast enchiladas!

  24. These are awesome! I was just thinking up what breakfast casserole I can make ahead for Christmas.

  25. OOOH! An overnight breakfast casserole recipe is HIGH on my list! I want to make a special breakfast for my family this year as it’s my last year coming to my parents’ house!

  26. Pancakes and sweet rolls always capture my heart. It’s really the best way to welcome the new day! Thanks for this!

  27. I love a good breakfast. Who could possibly pick just one, let’s just have a buffet!

  28. There are no words to describe the fantasticness of what you have just posted. NO words…

  29. I’m going to bookmark this page. Then I’m going to begin with the breakfast omelette bake and just see were I go from there. Awesome.

  30. These all look fabulous. I love serving a big breakfast when we have company staying over.

  31. I needed some good ideas for Christmas morning.

  32. I’d love breakfast lasagne personally! As an Italian there’s never a bad time to have pasta!

  33. The breakfast lasagna with kiwi would be a big hit at my home. These all look yummy!

  34. I want all of them, is that too much?! lol!

  35. Yummy! Normally I whip up a Christmas Morning Wife Saver but now that we have given up ham I am looking for a different option. I do not want cold cereal and toast on Christmas morning!

  36. As a person from Jamaica my breakfasts are a lot different but these look really good

  37. These are great ideas for a special breakfast on Christmas morning. We usually have a fry up but I’m thinking of trying one of these instead x

  38. Since I always travel for Christmas, I have the luxury of having breakfast prepared for us at my sister’s house.
    But I’d like to try the pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes. They look delish!

  39. Those pancakes sound amazing. I’m more of a savory person but I could break my rules for those this week!

  40. We always do cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning I love the tradition! I love a lot of suggestions on here pretty creative.

  41. These look delicious. The breakfast lasagna probably would be my husband’s favorite!

  42. Great ideas. Now i need to plan my menu.

  43. I love making a fun Christmas morning breakfast. We usually do pancakes or cinnamon rolls.

  44. We usually do some sort of omelets from leftover Christmas dinner- turkey/ham, etc. Any of these would be great to try this year!

  45. I love all the casserole ideas and the breakfast lasagna! My parents usually make something just like that.

  46. Great list! I have to try that breakfast lasagna. I usually do omelets as well for christmas leftovers! 🙂

  47. These are great ideas. I love breakfast casseroles! My mom sends homemade cinnamon rolls home with us on Christmas Eve, so I don’t have to worry about breakfast as much. I still have to get a protein into the boys though!

  48. To start, they all look a-MAZ-ing!!! I had not heard of breakfast lasagna but now I want to try it but the peppermint truffle pancakes must enter my life. Like today! 😉

  49. I would love to try the Paleo Overnight breakfast casserole! I may just do that this year for Christmas morning.

  50. My brother won’t eat a casserole, regardless of the ingredients. My mom’s famous egg casserole had to be renamed egg loaf so he’d eat it. Ugh! There are so many yummy options here, I’m sure no one would have an objection.

  51. Christmas Eve Morning… I am usually up and getting things ready for our Christmas Eve Celebration. This year I am really rushed… That Casserole would be good for Christmas morning.

  52. Thanks for these ideas. Sounds like we need to make Christmas breakfast a tradition too!

  53. Those enchiladas would hit the spot! We love spicy food so that would start our morning off right.

  54. The breakfast enchiladas look awesome, I am always up for trying new things.

  55. Oh yum!!! That Sausage Egg & Waffle Breakfast Casserole is right up our alley at my house for Christmas morning!

  56. This is a great collection of breakfasts! The breakfast lasagna looks amazing. We’re definitely trying that one!

  57. Those sweet rolls and monkey bread have my name all over it, like get in my tummy! We always make an overnight sweet french toast bake for Christmas with an egg bake and bacon. These all sounds so delicious!

  58. I think I would go for the sausage egg and breakfast waffle casserole!! Thanks for summing up all these awesome breakfast ideas.

  59. I’m not an egg person. All of the pancake and pastry recipes look great! Yummy!

  60. Being together on Christmas morning is one of my favorite family times of the entire year so a noteworthy meal is a must! I usually set up some type of casserole the night before and pop it in on Christmas morning while opening gifts.

  61. Yum! Nice collection of recipes. I am going to plan ahead this year and some of these fit perfectly

  62. For as long as I can remember, my hubby has made us a special Christmas breakfast. I may have to send him here to check some of these out for a new idea or two.

  63. What a great breakfast ideas! Everything looks good! I can’t even decide which one I would go for.

  64. OH I am so looking forward to Christmas Morning and all the goodies we have planned! I was planning one thing for breakfast, but I think I may switch and make those Peppermint Chocolate Truffle Pancakes instead!

  65. Yum these all look amazing. I’ve been hunting around trying to find something to premake for breakfast on Christmas morning. That Sausage Egg & Waffle Breakfast Casserole looks amazing. I’m going to see what I can make!

  66. These all look fantastic! I think I have to add the breakfast enchiladas or the breakfast lasagna to my menu!

  67. We always do Christmas Eve brunch at our house and while I have my usuals, I’m always on the lookout for more things to add to the menu! That monkey bread looks delicious and I was drooling over some of those casseroles! Thanks!

  68. I am always looking for great breakfast recipes. The breakfast lasagna sounds delicious.

  69. Christmas morning is so busy. These are great ideas to have a delicious breakfast.

  70. I totally forgot about breakfast this year. I am going to make one of these!

  71. grand daughter votes for the crescent bread and I for the monkey bread think we may try both

  72. I love all of the foods on the screen.

  73. I definitely want to try that sausage, egg and waffle casserole! All of it looks amazing.

  74. You just helped us with our Christmas breakfast. We were just discussing baking a casserole the night before and then having it ready. The #1 looks amazing. Merry Christmas!

  75. Oh wow! These all look so good! Especially that cherry braid! I have to make that one!

  76. These all look amazing! I may just be making one of these for Christmas. I thought about making bacon and pancakes, but some of these look so much better.

  77. Some great choices here for Christmas morning! Now to decide which one!

  78. These are all great breakfast ideas. I will have to try the Breakfast Lasagna recipe first. I am always looking for new breakfast recipes.

  79. Those are breakfast ideas! My family would love the Breakfast Lasagna!

  80. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes! The hard thing will be, what should I try first! Yummy!

  81. I just purchased the ingredients to make my breakfast casserole Christmas morning. So excited!!

  82. I love all of these choices. My family is going to be well fed Christmas morning.

  83. the breakfast lasagna looks delicious! i would love to try that

  84. What a nice selection of recipes. I saw several I would like to try for my family. There are thins I see here that I never thought of before!

  85. This is great! I’m always looking for new and different breakfast recipes to try. The breakfast enchiladas are right up my alley and I’m sure something my husband would enjoy as well!

  86. I have always wanted to do an overnight breakfast in the crock pot, but I haven’t done that yet. Some of these are majorly inspirational!

  87. I seriously can’t get enough of breakfast foods. They are my absolute favorite! Every one of those breakfast casseroles is calling my name, so it may end up becoming a weekly tradition! 😉

  88. They all do look really great. I would love to try the Peppermint Chocolate Truffle Pancakes. Might try these for Christmas breakfast.

  89. these are great ideas for a Christmas brunch! I love these must bookmark it for later.

  90. Yum! Christmas breakfast is one of my favorites! I love homemade cinnamon rolls!

  91. Breakfast enchiladas are definitely what I am trying this year!

  92. These all look fantastic! I look forward to Christmas morning breakfast all year long!

  93. Looks tasty. I really love omelet for breakfast.

  94. These all look awesome! We love doing a breakfast on Christmas morning, because the extended family gets together and we all bring something. My go to is a coffee cake with pudding in it! it is delicious. Happy Holidays.

  95. The cranberry orange sweet rolls look so delicious. Thank you for sharing these recipes. My family usually get up late on Christmas morning (We stay up late on Christmas eve), so I guess we will have this for brunch.

  96. I’m going to go with the Cherry Crescent recipe. That’s definitley my favorite of the ones listed.

  97. These look delicious! I’m going to have to test some of them out this week 🙂

  98. Ohh what some absolutely delicious sounding ideas. Now which one to pick. x

  99. i’ll go with breakfast lasagna and gigerbread, looks really amazing and yummy

  100. The Gingerbread & Eggnog Monkey Bread sounds so delicious it would be 1st on my list. I know my hungry crowd would love it.

  101. Breakfast lasagna!? Now that sounds amazing. I’m going to have to make it!

  102. Yummy. Such amazing breakfast ideas. I bet the kids would enjoy helping create them.

  103. My mom always makes breakfast casserole and it is delicious! The breakfast lasagna looks really interesting!

  104. So many awesome ideas. I’ve been looking for tasty things to make for Christmas morning breakfast.

  105. Oh my..everything looks good..I don’t know which one to try :)..but I might start it with the casserole. I’m drooling looking at the pics 🙂

  106. Great suggestions. I am more of a traditional person when it comes to Christmas breakfast so there would need to be some Jamaica selections on this table for me. 🙂

  107. We have a family breakfast tradition too on Christmas! These are delicious ideas!

  108. OHHHH great ideas!! I so need some ideas for Christmas day!

  109. Yummy! Everything on this list looks so so good.

  110. These Christmas morning breakfast ideas all look so delicious. I will have to try the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancake Recipe.

  111. This is always a challenge for me. It’s traditional in our family to eat coffee cake but I prefer something more savory. I love the enchiladas!

  112. I love breakfasts that I can make ahead of time. I usually do monkey bread for Christmas.

  113. These are such great ideas! Christmas morning breakfast is the best! : )

  114. My goodness, these are some absolutely delicious recipes to try out during Christmas. I am just loving that Cherry Crescent Breakfast Braid & Peppermint Chocolate Truffle Pancakes so much.

  115. We are doing a Christmas brunch this year instead of a Christmas dinner – I make a blueberry cake, and a breakfast casserole, but I usually use english muffins. I think I might try the waffle one though! Looks delicious!

  116. These dishes look so yummy! I love the baked omelet dish especially. I might just try that one

  117. I love a good breakfast enchilada or taco. So tasty!

  118. Omg so many yummy recipes!!!!! I wanna try them all. Yum.

  119. These are such great ideas for breakfast. I like the the Cherry Crescent Breakfast Bread and would love to try it someday.

  120. This is a great recipe roundup. The breakfast enchiladas look like something my family would definitely enjoy.

  121. Now this is exactly what I need! I have been thinking hard on what to prepare Christmas morning. I sort of want to make it a tradition where we have the same thing each year. Great post!

  122. Your Peppermint Chocolate Truffle Pancakes look divine! My kids have already put in their order for Christmas breakfast – Heuvos Rancheros! That is a family favorite.

  123. Those casseroles look delicious! What a great way to kick off Christmas morning, the kids would love most of these.

  124. The Pumpkin pancakes sound delicious!! They would be a big hit in my house!

  125. We had a similar breakfast bake, and it was delicious!! So easy to do also. I definitely like having something that doesn’t require a lot of fuss… since I had a turkey to get cooked too.

  126. I wish I would have found this post before Christmas morning! They look delicious! I’ll have to file it away for next year!

  127. So yummy looking and those pancakes are amazing.