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10 Delicious & Creative Pizza Recipe Ideas

Homemade pizza is one of my family’s favorite dinners.  For so many years all we ever made was cheese pizza because my boys were pretty picky & when I say my boys, I really just mean my youngest son. Now that both of my boys are getting a little bit older, they’re both definitely more open to trying new foods.  We love experimenting with different toppings on our pizza or even making breakfast pizzas on occasion.  Here are 10 of the most creative homemade pizza recipes I’ve found:

1. Stuffed Crust Pizza

Stuffed Crust Pizza


2. Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza Recipe

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza Recipe


3. Lentil Pizza

Lentil Pizza


4. Quick Easy Homemade Breakfast Pizza

Quick Easy Homemade Breakfast Pizza


5. Spinach and Artichoke Pizza

Spinach and Artichoke Pizza


6. Steak And Blue Cheese Pizza

Steak And Blue Cheese Pizza


7. Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe

buffalo chicen


8. Homemade Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Homemade Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza


9. Bacon Potato Pizza

Bacon Potato Pizza


10. Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

Philly Cheesesteak Pizza


Which one do you want to try first?

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  1. Omg, we love pizza, too and have tried a few types of these before, but now want to try a few more. Thanks sharing! 🙂

  2. I have to admit I’d go for the deep dish first, but any of them would suit me just fine. I could literally eat pizza every day of my life and not tire of it.

  3. I have never heard of bacon potato pizza. That looks so yummy. I can’t wait to try this recipe out.

  4. Oh pizza is one of my favorite foods. That buffalo chicken looks especially tasty.

  5. Can I just say delicious! It helps to have a variety of the same meal so your family doesn’t get bored. Thanks for sharing..can’t wait to try some of these!

  6. Oh man all those pizza look so delicious. We are big pizza fans in our house and we get them at least 3 times a month by ordering out. I’ll have to try and make one of these and hope it comes out tasting as good as it looks.

  7. Yum! Pizza is definitely my favorite food so these all look like winners to me!

  8. I will definitely be pinning this to my board to add to the must makes…. I think I will start with the Philly Cheesesteak Pizza! #BLOGBIG

  9. Any way you slice it, pizza is the best food on the planet! I need to try that buffalo chicken pizza asap!

  10. Some great ideas to mix up pizza! I especially like the chicken bacon ranch, buffalo chicken, and bacon potato. yum!

  11. Chicken bacon ranch!!!! I need to make more inventive pizza this year!

  12. Pizza is hands down my favorite food. I love all of the crazy and complex things you can do with it!

  13. What great ideas. Gotta save this for our Friday pizza nights.

  14. I might try the Spinach and Artichoke Pizza–I am a traditionalist-at least when it comes to Pizza–Just give me extra cheese and pepperoni in a NY Style Pizza (or Sicilian) and I am a very happy camper!!

  15. I love a stuffed crust it is delicious and the lentil pizza sounds intriguing. I don’t know if I would be brave enough to try it.

  16. These are all great ideas. My family loves pizza and I can’t wait to try all the recipes.

  17. My husband and I have taken to making our own pizza. It’s faster and wayyyy cheaper than ordering. We will try the Chicken Bacon Ranch here for sure!

  18. these all look so yummy. I’m going to try at LEAST half of them.

  19. Okay i am officially hungry for pizza. Can you fix me the stuff crust and I’ll be over with drinks.

  20. My all-time favorite is barbecue chicken pizza… so good! I’ve been gluten free for awhile, so luckily there are places near me that do a great gluten free crust so I can satisfy my pizza craving!

  21. I love Pizza! I was craving some yesterday and went to get a buffalo ranch pizza that I love at my local pizza place

  22. These are some very creative ideas! I need to try a few.

  23. Uh, I’ll take some chicken bacon ranch pizza, please. I can’t wait to make that one!

  24. Stuffed crust! I’ve never tried that! And breakfast pizza is a huge favorite of mine.
    My next to try would be the bacon potato one. Two favorite foods right there.

  25. Oh, I love pizza and so do my kids! There are so many delicious options here. It would be hard to pick just one to try!

  26. Buffalo pizza will be making an appearance at our Super Bowl party. It’s the best of all game day food!

  27. I love, love pizza and I love that there’s so many creative combos you can make with it! You should do a post for gluten free pizzas, since those recipes are just as delicious but often hard to find!!

  28. Pizza is my ultimate indulgence and I love seeing all the varieties! I am going to take some notes and try at least a couple, thanks for sharing!

  29. Pizza is a favorite in my house. I may have to try some of these ideas in the near future!

  30. Great pizza ideas. My favorite is the spinach and artichoke one.

  31. We love to make our own pizza. The kids have fun doing this with us! These are great recipes!

    • My husband’s gotten into making pizza lately. I’ll have to show him these for suggestions!

  32. I eat pizza about once a week, and I love to try new recipes. These are awesome!

  33. Thanks for the eye candy, this all looks delicious. We love making our own pizza, these are great ideas!

  34. Ohh, yummm! We love making homemade pizzas in this household 🙂 That buffalo chicken one looks especially delicious!

  35. These all look delicious. Im about to pin this post. Its making me hungry

  36. My family loves pizza. They will enjoy this post which shares many different kinds of pizzas! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  37. Those are some great looking pizzas! Holy moly, now I know what to make for dinner 🙂

  38. I love pizza, we order takeout every sunday, but now I’m thinking about trying to make one of these instead. They all look delicious!

  39. You’ve got some great ideas here! I’d totally make the breakfast pizza and the buffalo chicken pizza.

  40. I love pizza! I would be happy to try all of these!

  41. The steak and bleu cheese looks heavenly! I am going to make this for dinner tonight!

  42. I make a Buffalo Chicken Pizza, very similar to the one that you have here, and it is always a fav!! We love pizza night in our house too!

  43. I havent seen them pizzas, I havent seen them delicious pizzas, I havent seen them fabulously gorgeous mouth watering pizzas…Lord have mercy! Eeeeiish woman what are you doing to my fitness goals this 5th day of January..My mouth is watering. Saved for When I can sneak a pizza delight 🙂

  44. This is such a great list. We do a make-your-own pizza on Fridays a lot and these are some great new ideas!

  45. I am over here drooling at the screen. All of these pizzas look outstanding. Can I put in an order for delivery?

  46. I have wanted to make a deep dish pizza FOREVER. That one looks like it is definitely going to be on my menu soon!

  47. That bacon and potato pizza has my name written all over it. Bacon and double carbs…YES PLEASE! The breakfast pizza is a close second for me.

  48. You have some winners here! I have to try that bacon potato pizza!

  49. Lentil Pizza! I’ve never heard of that! Im totally interested!

  50. These pizzas look awesome! I’m GF so I’m always looking for a GF recipe. the Lentil one looks amazing! I tried a Sweet potato one once and the kids thought I was poisoning them! LOL

  51. I love pizza. Like I could live on it and never have to have anything else. It’s so good. These all look amazing, I’m going to try a few of them!

  52. My kids are pretty stuck on just pepperoni so this feels like the world opening up. I never thought of making stuffed crust pizza at home! Will have to check that out.

  53. I really want to try that breakfast pizza. The philly cheese steak looks good too!

  54. Pinning for later and drooling over these! Especially the chicken bacon ranch!!

  55. I love stuffed crust pizza. It is so delicious no matter how you like to eat it.

  56. We love pizza. We are going to have to try some of these recipes!

  57. Yum! We lov making our own pizza! It is better and cheaper!

  58. So many yummy pizza ideas! I’m from Chicago so of course I LOVE pizza. That Spinach and Artichoke Pizza looks super good <3

  59. I love that breakfast pizza idea! My husband has recently perfected his homemade dough so new pizza suggestions are totally welcome around here.

  60. I love pizza especially for breakfast and home made looks delicious.

  61. Those are some unique recipes. They all sound amazing, lentils? Yum!

  62. The steak and blue cheese pizza looks yummy! I want to give it a try.

  63. Buffalo chicken pizza is right up my alley! The chicken bacon ranch one sounds pretty good, too.

  64. We did a home made pizza night not to long ago it was so fun !!! Buffalo chicken is definitely my new favorite

  65. i would love to try the artichoke and spinach pizza. it doesn’t look greasy and has two things that i love

  66. Oh my goodness! That artichoke and spinach pizza looks amazing. My husband would love to have the blue cheese and steak pizza.

  67. I would love to try the Bacon Potato Pizza, it looks so yummy and unique taste.

  68. My family loves when we have pizza. I will have to try the Breakfast pizza. It is a great idea to switch things up.

  69. All of these look amazing. We love having pizza night in our house. Stuffed crust is my favorite. I love the crust on that pizza.

  70. I love pizza and it feels so good if I prepare it at home. I can always experiment that way.

  71. There are so many great pizza combinations. We love to add BBQ sauce instead of pizza sauce for a nice tangy treat. It is great with ham and pineapple.

  72. I’m gonna try the Quick and Easy Homemade Breakfast Pizza, I’m sure my husband would enjoy it.

  73. Is it wrong to say I want to try all of them? The breakfast one looks really good and the philly cheese steak too. Lots of great choices!

  74. Love all the options! So hard to pick one! What a great selection of awesome toppings!

  75. We have pizza atleast once a week in our house. I think we’ll try the stuffed crust one next time.

  76. I am the plain jane pizza type, I usually just order cheese. The Bacon Potato Pizza sounds closest like my type. Bacon makes everything better.

  77. These all look delicious! I really want to make the spinach one – if only I could get my son to eat it.

  78. Oh man, who doesn’t love pizza? These all sound great, and what fun variations!

  79. Breakfast Pizza is a staple here in Iowa!

  80. These are good to my family, my kids wanted pizza with spinach.

  81. I am not big on pizza but these sure look delicious!!!

  82. Not too long ago my sister made pizza from scratch for us. She made 4 kinds but the BBQ chicken one was everyone’s favorite! I want her to try the stuffed crust one next time!

  83. mmmm, these all look so good! who doesn’t love pizza? 😉

  84. My husband and I love pizza! I prefer thin crust

  85. These all look really good, but I am all about the spinach artichoke pizza! Yum

  86. Lentil pizza? I’m definitely intrigued! These are all calling to me, but pizza is my weakness.

  87. My kids love pizza. These look like some good recipes.

  88. SO much pizza! I love this post, thanks for all the amazing recipes. I’d love to try them all! Lol.

  89. You have listed a lot of great choices here! I will stick with Chicago style pizza since it is easy for me to get!

  90. I never found a pizza that I didn’t like. You paste really made me craze for pizza as they all taste so delicious.

  91. Pizza is one of my favorite food. Its a easy dinner

  92. Really good pizza is the only thing I miss about being gluten free.

  93. Everything looks so tasty. I will be trying the Steak And Blue Cheese Pizza first.

  94. waah hahaha, I love pizza , when am busy , pizza is always my best buddy 🙂

  95. Pizza is such a staple in most homes; it’s quick, it’s easy….it’s nice to have new recipies and combo ideas

  96. The Chicago Style pizza looks and sound like the first one I will make for sure. We love deep dish pizzas. Yummy!! Thanks for sharing these awesome recipe ideas.

  97. ROBIN!!!!! OMG i love you for this!!! pizza is my favorite food and i just recently went vegan and have been naturally craving PIZZA!!! i want to try this lentil one. so.frickin.excited!

  98. I love pizza and it’s a go to dinner in my house. The Steak and Blue cheese may be a winner for me. Or the Buffalo chicken. Hmmmm!

  99. Pizza is the one food that we all LOVE in this house. Great recipes here! I would love to try the buffalo chicken and the Philly Cheese Steak also. Yum!!

  100. Feeling hungry just reading this post. 😉 I will need to pinch these ideas if thats okay.

    Thanks for Sharing.

    John @ DaddyPhotoBlog.com

  101. wow all these look sooo delic. that Lentil Pizza looks good! wow.

  102. I’d like to try that lentil pizza! I really like any pizza. My favorite is a Greek style one though.

  103. I think the spinach and artichoke pizza would be my fave. That one sounds tasty.

  104. Yum! I’m typically just a cheese pizza kind of girl but these look incredible. I also love spinach and artichoke pizza!

  105. Love these ideas especially the lentils. I need to get some ingredients.

  106. These all look delicious!! We have DIY pizza night every Friday. I’m going to pull a few of these to try!

  107. Yum, they all look good! I want to try making stuffed crust pizza!

  108. My son loves pizza! I will learn a few of these recipes to share with him

  109. Pizza will always and forever be my favorite food. There is just so much you can do with it (as your post proves). I’ve never tried lentil before! Also, just FYI last year your blog always showed up as a strange column, and this year it looks great and takes up the whole page. Not sure if you changed something, but it looks good!

  110. Pizza is the bees knees. My fav. My favorite pizza is from Mellow Mushroom, but I love making pizzas with my daughter. It’s so fun.

  111. Wow! This post may have just made me more hungry than I’ve ever been. Drooling on the keyboard for sure.

  112. I always feel like I can never get pizza right when I make it at home. I’m going to try a few of these and see how it goes.

  113. Oooooo so many yummy recipes to try!!!!! Definitely going to attempt some of these

  114. This is a great selection of pizzas. One of my favorites is spinach artichoke.

  115. We make pizza a lot – my favorite is chicken, zucchini, and parmesan cheese and pesto. Yum!

  116. These do look like delicious selections. We had a homemade pizza night last month, so I’m pinning these for our next one. I like the breakfast pizza. That’s a cool idea for a special day.

  117. Yay! Pizza! Would love to have a taste of all of these 🙂

  118. These recipes all look so delicious. I saw a few old favorites and some new ones I would like to try.

  119. OMG I love pizza! this is the best round up ever!! I really want to try to the philly cheese steak!

  120. I want to try all of these recipes! Pizza is my favourite thing ever!

  121. Pizza is like it’s own food group in our home. These are such yummy and great ideas!

  122. Lentil pizza? Now that is a new one to me. My favorite on this list is the Spinach and Artichoke Pizza.

  123. they all look delicious, but I think this weekend I will try spinach and artichoke

  124. The buffalo chicken looks delicious! Pizza night is always a hit in our house.

  125. I have to say pizza is everyone’s favorite in my house :)..thanks for all the inspirations, Robin. I like the stuffed crust one 🙂

  126. when our kids were young we had a night for making homemade pizza I think I will spark the imagination as I bring them all back together for a homemade pizza night

  127. Ooooh! That spinach and artichoke pizza looks sensational!

  128. Thank you so much for sharing these cool pizza recipes. I love making homemade pizza and my kids would love these!

  129. Those sound like some really great pizza ideas! The Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza sounds amazing!