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Teacher appreciation

Teachers have such a key role in helping teach your children and allowing them to grow up. I know that I can remember a few teachers from school that made a huge impact on my life personally, and I am sure a lot of you can say the same thing.

I always think it is really nice to give an end of school gift to the teacher of your child! This is a great way to say thank you for helping me grow this year, and become that much closer to being a grown up!

Below are some really fun and adorable DIY gift ideas for teachers at the end of the school year. You can let your children help make the gift, or you can make it yourself, either way it will put a smile on the teachers face.

DIY Gifts for Teachers for the End of School

Thanks A Latte Just Add Confetti: This is great for any teacher who enjoys coffee, grab a cute mug and print off this free printable!

Glitter Mason Jar Pencil HolderA Pumpkin and A Princess: I absolutely adore this one, they give you two options, a red apple one, and a pencil design. Both are darling and make for a very simple and elegant gift.

DIY Bath Salts – Making Lemonade Blog: If you love essential oils you might consider making a bath salt. This originally says for Mother’s Day on the blog, but you can tweak it to give to any teacher. They all need a little pampering too!

Watch Me Grow Pot – Our Family Blog: This is a pot that has been painted with chalkboard paint, and a message of, “Thanks for helping me grow!” Have creative is this?! They can then change the words on it at anytime, such a creative and thoughtful gift.

Tote-lly Terrific Tote – Delightfully Noted: Giving a teacher a tote is a great idea, great way for them to carry all the papers that needed graded and more. This is such a cute gift!

Apple Teacher Treat– The Cards We Drew: What a fun way to give your teacher a little sweet treat as a reward for the end of school!

Toe-Tally Awesome Gift – Eighteen 25: What a fun way to give a gift for your teacher to pamper herself. Pick out a few cute nail polishes, and print off this fun printable, say they are toe-tally awesome.

Summer Relaxation Kit– Skip to My Lou: What a great idea to give to your teacher so they have everything they need for a little relaxation this summer. Great for going to the beach or pool to relax and soak up some sun.

Ruler Chalkboard Tater Tots and Jello: This is a pretty basic and easy craft, to create a little chalkboard with a ruler border, and cute little apple for a pop of color! Would be a really cute piece to display in their classroom.

S’Mores Kit – Driven by Decor: Pretty much anyone loves S’mores, so why not make an adorable kit like this one to give to your teacher. Love love love, this idea.

Or you could be lazy like me & just get them A Dunkin Donuts gift card….doh.

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  88 Responses to “10 DIY End of the School Year Gift Ideas for Teachers”

  1. These are great ideas. I’ve been trying to figure out something new this year for our kids’ teacher, and this is a big help.

  2. Ahhh! I love all of these! I have three kids, so that’s three different teacher gifts I have to think of. If anyone knows me, they know that this is a challenge. LOL. Thank you!

  3. What a great list of ideas! You are a Northern like me, so you probably have at least another month to figure this out. I better start now for all of his teachers!

  4. Oh, these are are darlin’ ideas! And a personalized gift is oh-so much more appreciated.

  5. As a teacher, any sort of appreciation is greatly APPRECIATED! (No pun intended).

    It’s just nice to hear the words and feel approval from parents/co-workers/administrators.

  6. Teachers LOVE gift cards. (I’m married to an educator. Seriously. They love the gift cards.) I’m thinking we’re giving gift cards and a mani/pedi pack to my son’s preschool teachers this year. Something simple, yet shows that we’re appreciative.

  7. What some fantastic ideas, I love the idea of the bath salts I bet the teacher would love a good soak to unwind at the end of the year.

  8. A relaxation kit, maybe paired with a gift card for food would be perfect! A nice dinner and relaxing evening is just what a teacher needs!

  9. These are all wonderful ideas!! I love the smores one!!

  10. These are all wonderful ideas!! I love the smores one!

  11. These are some very thoughtful and fun gifts! I am so thankful for my daughter’s teachers and the work they put in for my child. We love giving them end of the year gifts and homemade ones are the best. Thank you for these wonderful ideas. We will be putting them to good use.

  12. These are cute ideas for end of the year teacher gifts. They are all really thoughtful.

  13. I love the ideas…and will be using these tips this year!

  14. Great ideas! I know several teachers and will pass on your post to them so they can use some of them.

  15. I can not believe how fast the school year went! These are all great ways to show a special teacher the gratitude they deserve.

  16. So many great ideas! For sure something for me to reference in a few years when the little one is in school!

  17. You are so right! Teachers are amazing and we sure do love ours. I love the Dunkin’ Donuts idea lol also the tote! Super cute.

  18. My kids always love getting together gifts for their teachers. These are some great ideas, they will be so pumped.

  19. These are all great DIY ideas for end of year gifts for teachers. My oldest used to do stuff like this when younger but my sons don’t. It’s just not something they are into and I want them to be into it so the gift actually means something. I will pass this along to my friends who have their kids make teacher gifts though because they are super cute!

  20. OMG I’m so glad you wrote this because I completely forgot and I’m class mom. All I’ve thought about is the party, not their gifts!

  21. There are so many great ideas. Was just talking about different ideas during tonights softball game!

  22. So many wonderful ideas, love it – especially the relaxation kit!!

  23. How smart!!! I love these little knick-knacks, creative, innovative and simple <#

  24. Some really good ideas here! I’ll have to get my daughter to give me a hand and try these out.

  25. Oh these are all great DIYs! I am definitely making that chalk paint pot soon!

    • I know, that one caught my eye too. There are some really neat DIY projects on this list here!

  26. I am a teacher myself, but we do not receive any gifts at the end of the school year. And I think that is better. I do not like the parents or the kids to worry what to buy me.

  27. These ideas are adorable! My mum was a teacher for many years and I used to love end of school year time because she would get so many awesome gifts and I’d get to look through all of them. A good handmade gift is always appreciated!

  28. Teachers work so hard in such a thankless job. Giving them a gift is a GREAT idea and these ones are so creative!

  29. One of my sons is a school teacher. He always appreciates any gifts he receives at the end of the year or anytime. He especially enjoys the gift certificates and food baskets. He is a guy.

  30. I love these ideas! I usually just go with a thank you card with a gift card. I’m boring and not very crafty. My daughter would probably make something if she was in a good mood. One never knows with her now. She’s a tween.

  31. That “watch me grow” pot is such a cute idea! When each of her grandchildren were born my grandmother planted a new flower/tree in her yard. Seeing how much they’ve grown as we grow is so awesome. This has to be my favorite little idea.

  32. This is exactly what I’m looking for today. My son has less than a week of school left and I need to get something for his teacher. I love every single one suggestion you have here.

  33. It’s nice to give your child’s teacher something special when the school year ends. It doesn’t have to be expensive, all you need is to make sure they know that they’re appreciated. These are great ideas!

  34. Oooh what a cute list! I love the Glitter Mason Jar Pencil Holder the best also! Then again, I love ANYTHING with glitter LOL

  35. So many great ideas! I am looking forward to doing up my 2 boys teacher kids next month. This is helpful as I hadn’t a clue what to do!

  36. These are all great teacher gift ideas. I am always trying to come up with new ideas for my kids’ teachers.

  37. I am so diggin the bath salts idea! I mean all the tips are wondeful but I wouldn’t mind trying to diy! thank you for the tips.. usuali just give a card… now i can give something better!

  38. Those are some great gift ideas for teachers. I always feel like a bad parent because I don’t give teachers gifts anymore but they know that I appreciate all the hard work that they do with my child. I kind of feel bad for teachers in junior high and high school because they probably aren’t appreciated as much as elementary school teachers.

  39. The smores kit is such a cute idea and perfect for celebrating the start of summer!

  40. It’s so important to recognize teachers at the end of the year. THese are some gorgeous easy to make gift ideas!

  41. Thanks for these ideas. The tote bag and the watch me grow pot are the ones I like best. They are not only cute ideas, they are also useful too.

  42. These are perfect gift ideas. Love this post and I hope my daughter would want to gift her teacher gifts when she is older. Its great to such importance to their hard work.

  43. I adore the flower pot idea! My kids are homeschooled but I still love the thought of it.

  44. As a former teacher with a sweet tooth, I vote for the smores kit! Actually, I love them all and would have been thrilled with any of them!

  45. These are such cute and good ideas. I think the kids would love doing the crafts and the teacher loving the gifts!

  46. I love the ideas. They are really awesome and also cost effective. I have so many teachers and not a lot of money! Really awesome!

  47. These teacher gifts are really cute! I like the S’mores gift.

  48. These are great gift ideas! It’s great to really appreciate our hardworking and dedicated teachers.

  49. Getting gifts was one of my favorite parts of teaching preschool lol! It is nice to know that your hard work is appreciated! These are cute ideas.

  50. Teachers are so important and I love making them feel appreciated! These are great ideas!

  51. Aw these are real cute! Always important to show teachers appreciation!

  52. You know, I’m one of those terrible parents who don’t buy the kids’ teachers end of year gifts. Never have! I really ought to as it’s a nice thing to do – great picks, these!

  53. These are great ideas and it is important to remember our kid’s teachers at the end of the school year.

  54. I love the Thanks a Latte idea. Its cute what teach doesnt like coffee?

  55. Wow these are nice idea. I would definitely choose first the watch me grow plan and the pencil holder. So cool and you can actually think of a personalize message.

  56. These are absolutely darling ideas! I think I am going to do the toe and nail polish one for my daughter’s teacher!

  57. These are great gifts to show our gratitude to our kids’ teachers. They are doing a noble job of nurturing our children’s talents and it is only proper that we show them how thankful we are for their service. If I would to choose from your list, I think a summer relax kit would be great. Teachers have to unwind and relax too!

  58. I think a tote bag would be a nice gift, and also a summer relaxation kit. My granddaughter’s pre-school teacher is such a sweet person and is very caring towards her little students. Definitely like a second mom to those little ones.

  59. Wow these are so much fun even for adults πŸ™‚ And a great bonding time too with kids.

  60. I can’t believe I didn’t think of helping the kids do this. Their last day is today but we can save your post and do this next year.

  61. I think teachers deserve recognition for their hard work in teaching kids so an end of year gift sounds great. I think that homemade bath salts would be great x

  62. I think a summer relaxation kit is pretty cool. They could really use one and it’s definitely something that would come in handy over the summer.

  63. I was just thinking about this! This are great ideas!

  64. These are all so adorable! I really love the thanks a latte idea. So fun!

  65. I love all of the end of the year gift ideas for teachers here. As a former teacher, I always remembered the unique gifts that I got. Thank you for this list.

  66. I love these great ideas for diy gifts for teachers! My favorites are the summar relaxation kit or the smores kit. Or the thanks a latte!!

  67. These are great ideas! But since my son is not yet going to school, I might as well use these ideas for gifts to friends. πŸ™‚

  68. So many great ideas. It can be hard trying to figure out what to get your teacher, but a DIY gift they can use next year is a great idea.

  69. These are perfect! I think it’s really sweet to honor the teachers and what they’ve done for our kids for the school year. A gift would definitely be a nice gesture.

  70. These are really good gift ideas fro teachers.

  71. Some very nice suggestions. The Smores kit is my favorite idea because it is something I’d appreciate getting myself from someone.

  72. Thank you for the great teacher gift ideas! I love the s’mores option for one of my son’s teachers and the burlap bag for the other one πŸ™‚

  73. Really cool gift ideas here for anyone really. I don’t remember giving my teachers gifts as a child. Sometimes a christmas card.

  74. My little ones aren’t in school yet but there are some great ideas for making a teacher feel special. I’m pinning this for next year when my oldest goes to preschool.

  75. I think this is a super sweet idea. This is a little gestures to appreciate teachers for all that they do. I love the Thanks a latte mug!

  76. I love the idea of making bath salts. I do not know any teacher who wouldn’t mind some pampering, The gift ideas are fantastic

  77. Dunkin Donut gift card sounds like a cool idea! I’ll probably make a few bouquet of flowers to go with the gift cards.

  78. Such great and creative gift ideas! I’m a sucker for DIYS so I love the whole idea behind giving a teacher something that is Handmade. The DIY bath salts sound perfect… and its something I’d like to even make for myself.

  79. These are some fun, great idea to do with the kids. My favorites are the Summer Relaxation Kit and the Tote-lly Terrific Tote because of the oversize totes.

  80. Omg so many cute teacher gift ideas!!!! I still need to come up with something for my daughters teacher. Might just have to do one of these!

  81. I definitely want to do the watch me grow pot! I have to get on this ASAP! Thanks for sharing all of these neat ideas.

  82. These are great ideas! My daughter’s last day of second grade is Thursday so I really need to get started on the teacher gift today!

  83. End of the school year gifts? Is this a common thing? If not, I feel terrible.

  84. I have so many people coming into the boutique I work at looking for gift ideas for teachers! This post was great, I will be recommending these ideas!

  85. These are all really great ideas. My kids just had teach appreciation week a few weeks ago so I wasn’t sure if we should also get an end of the end gift. Some of these ideas are pretty simple and inexpensive so I think I might just try one of these.

  86. those DIY gifts are great! I sincerely hope I have time to create those wonderful gifts..