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Summer is around the corner and with that comes summer break! Summer break can be a blast if you have things for your kid to do, or else you might be consumed with hearing, I am bored twenty times a day! So I wanted to share 10 books for 10-year-old boys!

These books listed below are fit for their age group and can keep them interested and let their imagination take off! If you have a ten-year-old boy who likes to read, consider buying these or seeing if your local library has these to check out!

Summer Reading List for 10-Year-Old Boys

Hatchet: I had to read this when I was in school, and it is amazing! It is a survival story of a boy who gets stranded on an island and has to survive! It is such a great book, highly recommend.

Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja: Chase Cooper is a sixth grade ninja, and goes to his first day of school. Not knowing anyone but his cousin, can be a little scary. Then a group of ninjas invite him into their group.

National Geographic Kids Brain Games: This is an interactive book that will be fun, and leave your kids wondering how they did that! It is a really fun book of brain games to get your child thinking!

5,000 Awesome Facts: This book is packed to the brim of awesome facts for your child to learn about. They can learn about peanut butter, the ocean and so much more.

The Dangerous Book for Boys: This is an essential boyhood skills book. Filled with all the things boys want to learn, building a tree house, and more.

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Book 1: Have a boy who loves minecraft and zombies, then this book is a have to read for summer!

Hardy Boys Starter Set: If you want to show your boy a classic series, then get the Hardy Boys starter set!

Trapped in a Video Game: Book One: Jesse is seeing that something strange is going on and he is trying to figure it out. He is trapped in a video game, I think every boys dream!

300 Clean Jokes for Kids: Have a jokester on your hands? If so this is a must, packed full of fun clean jokes for kids!

Crown of Three: This is a fantasy book that will get your boys imagination flying! Let him follow along with this incredible journey. Triplets separated at birth, know nothing about each other, until later in life.

What are some books your kids like to read?

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  54 Responses to “10 MUST Read books for 10-Year-Old Boys”

  1. Diary of a Minecraft Zombie sounds perfect for my son. He is obsessed with Minecraft. I’ll have to get this for him.

  2. These are all great! Diary of a Minecraft Zombie would be perfect for my oldest and middle child, and I know my youngest would love Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja.

  3. My Son turns 10 in August and LOVES all these books! Great picks!

  4. My 2nd oldest son will be 10 in a few weeks. My son happens to have the 5000 facts book. What a crazy book!

  5. This is exactly what I am looking for! I want to give my kiddo some books for his 10th birthday and I KNOW he would love a lot of these books!

  6. I don’t have any 10 year old kids in my family, but I’d love to read Hatchet, 5,000 Awesome Facts, and 300 Clean Jokes for kids. All of them look like good reading material!

  7. Minecraft seems to be very popular so that book would be a great choice. Hatchet is a must-have for the book collection.

  8. This is a great book list. I need to get my son a copy of the Diary of a Minecraft Zombie. These are great gift ideas.

  9. These are perfect for my little ones. Heck, I’ll admit it, these are some I wouldn’t mind reading, haha!

  10. those are great options. my best friend’s boy is 9 and loves to read. i’ll have to share this with him.

  11. My son is only 7, but I’ll keep some of these in mind for him anyway! He loves to read and some of these titles I know he will love!

  12. Those are all great suggestions. I’ve seen one of the past editions of the facts book and I thought it was interesting too!

  13. Great post. Boys are so hard to figure out sometimes with their likes. Thanks for sharing.

  14. What some great sounding books, I have to admit I’ve not heard of any of them before but they seem to offer a great range of topics.

  15. Hatchet has been around for quite some time! I remember doing an 8th Grade class project around the book – its so good!

  16. I have a friend with a 10yr old that would love these books. I personally like the Dangerous Book for Boys, and the girl version too!

  17. My son loved Hatchet when he was around that age. He loved the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books too.

  18. This post makes me nostalgic for Scholastic book fairs! Great recommendations here 🙂

  19. These sound like great books. The facts book and the joke book would be right up my son’s alley. I read the Hardy Boys when I was growing up.

  20. Reading is definitely the way to go when it comes to the kids being bored during the summer. I love making sure that we have books to recommend or we go to the bookstore to have them pick their own books. This list is perfect and I’m sure the boys will enjoy it!

  21. As a teacher, I love it when parents encourage their kids to read more. Especially during the summer!!! It keeps their minds active! Love these picks!

  22. This is an awesome list! One of my boys just turned 11 and I’m sure he’ll appreciate these books. He likes to read which is awesome!

  23. My son got the whole Diary of a Minecraft Zombie set for Christmas from his aunt and he loves them. He’s also a huge fan of Wimpy Kid. He’s 12 now. At 10, he was all about Captain Underpants. Oh, and Stick Dog! He’s in love with that series!

  24. Great post! What helped you decide which books to include? Do you have another list for boys just starting school?

  25. My kids love the books from Nat Geo. We have some of the Fact books and they could read them all day long!

  26. My son is 12 and I think he would like a few of these. He loves jokes and facts so those two are books I know he would buzz through.

  27. Any book about Minecraft is great for boys of all ages. Add zombies to it and you’ve got a real winner

  28. My nephew actually has Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Book 1 and LOVES it! It looks weird to me, but it is one of his favorites. .

  29. I wish that Diary of a Minecraft Zombie book had been around when my son was younger. He would have been all over that.

  30. Hatchet is my all time favorite read aloud. I always read this at the beginning of the year, and then casually mentioned that this author wrote other books and BAM! I had boys reading all year. Win!

  31. these are all great books for young boys. i know my little nephew would love these. i think i need to get him some for his birthday coming up.

  32. I think my daughter would love all of these too! She is a crazy reader, reading like a book a day!

  33. I bet my son would love Minecraft Zombie. He is into both right now! Minecraft…and zombies!

  34. It can be hard to find good books for kids when they are in between the little kid picture books and teenager stage! So this is a great list to help with that!

  35. Ahh, Hatchet! I haven’t thought about that book in years, but I remember absolutely loving it. Hoping my daughters will, too. 🙂

  36. I love that 300 clean jokes for kids. My son is sanguine in nature and always looks for fun ways to make people laugh.

  37. I love National Geographic’s Brain Games for Kids! It’s something I enjoyed reading when I was younger and even still like looking through quickly today!

  38. What a great list of books! My son is only 2, but I will definitely keep this list of titles in mind for when he is older!

  39. I used to love all the fun fact books when I was a kid, kids books are so much more exciting now than when I was a kid x

  40. These books look perfect for a boy around that age! I don’t have one that age yet, my oldest is just 4 but I will pass this lost along to my sisters who have older kids that I know would love some of these!

  41. I guess my cousin will really love Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Book 1. I need to buy this and give it to him. He’ll enjoy reading it for sure!

  42. These look like great book soft 10 year old boys!! I will have to send this list to my SIL!!

  43. I would love to get that 300 Clean Jokes for kids for my son. He loves to joke and he is pretty funny.

  44. Ha! Diary of a Minecraft Zombie! LOL. This is just too funny.

  45. These look like some great books for 10 year old boys. I’m definitely gonna check these out for our kids.

  46. Hackett was one of my brother’s favorite books as a kid. He loved the author and read many of his other books.

  47. I remember as a kid I loved the secret diary of Adrian Mole, the Virginia Andrews series, and Nancy Drew mysteries. Books were a big part of my childhood

  48. Ooo, Hatchet was one of my favorite books! I remember reading it in fifth grade and I still remember how great it was.

  49. Definitely the joke book would be a hit. Anything with Minecraft usually goes over well too.

  50. I’m trying to remember if my son read any of these as a kid. I think he read Hatchet, which if memory serves correctly, he really liked. The other books sound super interesting.

  51. This is a great list of book for them to read. I have to recommend it.

  52. These are all so fun! My eight year old daughter has similar interests and would enjoy these too.

  53. I’m glad you put together a reading list for boys. With all the summer activities open to kids in the summer time, reading is a fundamental must-add.

  54. I love this list it’s AWESOME!! am going to purchase these for my son.