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10 Patriotic Decorations

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly believe that the 4th of July is almost here.  I love to decorate my house for as many holidays as possible, but sometimes the holidays sneak up on me and I don’t have time to run out & buy decorations – so I make them.  Here are ten of the cutest red, white and blue decorations that are not only super cute, they are easy to make, too!

Patriotic Star Art | Organize & Decorate Everything

10 Patriotic Decorations Star Art

Patriotic Favor Bags | The Country Chic Cottage

10 Patriotic Decorations Favor Bags

Patriotic Beaded Coasters | My Mom Made That

10 Patriotic Decorations Beaded Coasters

Patriotic Banner {Free Printable} | Juggling Act Mama

10 Patriotic Decorations Banner

Patriotic Wooden Block Flag Tutorial | Hi! It’s Jilly

10 Patriotic Decorations Flag Block

Patriotic Star Garland | Organize & Decorate Everything

10 Patriotic Decorations star Garland

Patriotic Burlap Yo-yo Candle Wraps | The Country Chic Cottage

10 Patriotic Decorations Candle Wraps

4 x 4 Glitter Firecrackers | Organize & Decorate Everything

10 Patriotic Decorations Firecrackers

Patriotic Wall Art | Blooming Homestead

10 Patriotic Decorations Wall Art

Buttons and Stars Patriotic Garland | The Country Chic Cottage

10 Patriotic Decorations Buttons and Star Garland

Which one is your favorite?

  106 Responses to “10 Patriotic Decorations”

  1. I love the coasters so creative and useful any time of the year

  2. I love the buttons and stars garland. That’s adorable.

  3. I love the patriotic star garland! I’m just bummed out that it is going to rain. James is having an OUTDOOR party. We might need to have Sat. as a rain date! Otherwise, indoor Nerf War with seven big kids could get ugly!

  4. My favorite is the first one – The Star Art, but seriously I am so not crafty enough and totally cant do the half of the half myself!! 😉

  5. I just love your collection of ideas. Love the firecracker candles. Great decoration.

  6. That buttons and stars garland is adorable!! There are a ton of cute things here actually!

  7. These are all lovely but if i had to choose my favorite it would have to be the Patriotic Wall Art it looks really good.

  8. i love the painted flag. I want to do that on my cellar door, but not sure I could pull it off on my own. Happy 4th!

  9. Super cute! I’m off the hook this year since we’ll be away.

  10. These are so cute. I want to do all of them with my daughter.

  11. I love the wall art (last one), the wooden block and the firecrackers…but all of them are really great ideas. Finding time to do them all, that’s another story.

  12. I really like the star art, these are some great ideas for the holiday!

  13. What a great post. Thank you for sharing. July 4th is one of my favorite holidays. I love the Patriotic themes and the fireworks of course.

  14. Such cute crafts! I love the framed stars — they would be great with different papers or fabrics at different times of the year.

  15. What a great collection! I particularly love the coasters!

  16. Such great ideas here. I can’t believe it’s almost the 4th. We might try to squeeze in some craft time today and tomorrow.

  17. I Love that banner! There are so many cute things here.

  18. Those are great ideas. We have a navy blue barn star similar to the red one shown above. I love it!

  19. So many cute ideas! I love the burlap candles!

  20. Those are so chic and festive! I love the garland!

  21. My wife likes to decorate and what not.. i like to BBQ! its an all day BBQ fest!

  22. Coasters, burlap and garland… OH MY! I love them all!

  23. Love the candles and banners – simple touches make the biggest difference!

  24. After seeing all of these super cute ideas, I regret not throwing a party this 4th of July! Maybe it’s not too late…

  25. They all are adorable and great ways to accent any home!

  26. I love that frame with the stars! What a great way to showcase America!

  27. you guys are so lucky — stars are easy to draw — a maple leaf is a b&tch! LOL
    I’m just gonna have Captain America all over my house 🙂

  28. I really need to get better at planning instead of doing everything at the last second!

  29. These are fun ideas. I’d like the glitter firecrackers. I do like glitter. 😉

  30. I love the patriotic star garland. It’s adorable and looks pretty easy too – great for a crafting failure like me!

  31. I love those favor bags! They’re way too cute!

  32. Now These Are Some Great Ideas I Must Do A Few With The Kids Thank You!

  33. Oh, that Buttons and Stars Patriotic Garland from The Country Chic Cottage is just adorable!

  34. Ooh, I really like that wooden block flag. Thanks for the idea!

  35. These are perfect for the fourth of July, just a couple of days left!

  36. So many neat ideas to decorate for the 4th of July. I wish I had time to do some of them.

  37. I love the glitter firecrackers (are they candles?) So cute. And you can bring them out for all of the patriotic holidays! 🙂

  38. I love how simple these are. I could definitely do most of these!

  39. That garland would be super cute to make! I can’t believe it’s already July!

  40. What a great collections of patriotic décor! I love the candles with the burlap. So cute.

  41. These are all super cute. I love the glitter firecrackers. They would make a great centerpiece, too.

  42. I want to be “that person” who decorates for all holidays. I’m doing good to get a Christmas tree up though! lol

  43. I love the burlap sack candles. I love anything decor with the burlap, it always looks so cute. I think these candles are great for a few holidays and also any Americana home decor. So many possibilities.

  44. I am in awe of you! Those are some crafting skills! I’m totally inspired.

  45. Love the Country Chic Cottage decor!

  46. I love how well people decorate for the holidays. I am only good at decorating during Christmas and Fiesta.

  47. 4th of July is comiiing :)..we even have a warm-up firework here already :)…love the coasters..so cute..

  48. I love making decorations, but the Fourth is one holiday I always seem to forget about until it is too late! Must be the rush of summer that always makes me miss it.

  49. I love all of these, so patriotic!! I’m Canadian, but love my US neighbors.

  50. I’m in love with the Patriotic Star Garland from Organize & Decorate Everything – it’s very eye-catching! There’s just something about the combination of red, white, and blue colors that is so very appealing.

  51. So many great ideas. I love the country chic feel that some of them have.

  52. Great ideas, I love the coasters and candles!

  53. Those are all super cute! I did some DIY american flag shorts on my everything blog lol

  54. What cute ideas. That wooden block flag would fit in perfectly with my other homemade decorations.

  55. these ideas are so cool Robin! They all seem easy to do as well

  56. Super cute ideas! I am loving the garland with the buttons.

  57. Love the brown paper bags,those would make great party favor bags.

  58. These are all so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  59. I love all the stars. I wish I had more time to decorate my home for the holidays. It is on my to-do list and I always try to get around to it. These look great!

  60. So much cuteness! Makes me want to celebrate the 1st up here and then the 4th with all of you! 🙂

  61. We decorate for every holiday. I think it’s a fun way to shake up the decor. I do think 4th of July is one of my favorites to decorate for. I love the red, white, and blue color scheme!

  62. I think my favorite is the glitter firecrackers. There are some fun things here!

  63. You make it look so easy. I really like the painted flag. Too cool.

  64. The garlands are absolutely adorable. One of these days, I am going to decorate for EVERY holiday!

  65. I love the coasters! They’re so cute and creative!

  66. I love the patriotic festiveness! I especially love the wall art love love love!!

  67. Wow – what great ideas! I love the look of the 4 x 4 Glitter Firecrackers with even the squiggly stars on top!

  68. My favorite is the simple and rustic star banner. This is a great round up!

  69. What a fun way to set the decor for July! Those firerackers are too cute!

  70. I am totally loving the garland. Thanks for sharing this today!

  71. I love the candle wraps with the yo-yos! How cute!

  72. That 3D banner on the top is too adorable. (I am a bit of a felt addict) Now if I could just find the time.

  73. Those candle wraps are so chic! I love everything though, the colors of the season are inspirational!

  74. Great collection, Robin! I like the candles- I might swing by Michael’s on the way home today.

  75. its been a busy week so we didn’t get around to crafting. maybe today we can make something

  76. I LOVE the banner! Would be great in my living room.

  77. I am patiently waiting to go hit the clearance sales after the 4th – I will be decorating next year! I love all the star art, hopefully we can make a few crafts for next year.

  78. This is one holiday where I think almost every craft idea is cool. Love all the patriotic motifs and will actually try a couple this year!

  79. I love that banner! It’s really very cute.

  80. I’m so bad, I haven’t done anything for 4th of July at all. We have no fireworks, nothing. I think I have a few ideas. Thanks for the post.

  81. I love the star art. So cute! These are all great ideas.

  82. Woo hoo! What awesome ideas. I didn’t even decorate this year…next time though!

  83. Everything looks great! We didn’t decorate this year, so I’ll be saving for next year. Maybe my house will be cleaner then? I love how easy some of them look!

  84. I am such a sucker for Americana decorations all year round. You have some keepers here!!

  85. I like your roundup of Patriotic decorations that you have. I really like the burlap candle wraps.

  86. These are perfect decoration ideas for the fourth of July.

  87. I love all of these ideas! We can’t wait till tomorrow to celebrate the 4th with some fireworks and bbq too!

  88. Such fun ideas. The beaded coasters look so amazing.

  89. I love these decorations! The patriotic favor bags are a really cute idea. I’ll have to keep them in mind for the future.

  90. It was really hard to choose but I really like the burlap candle wraps. Those really stood out to me. Great roundup.

  91. That star & button garland is too cute! I’d love to have that in my home 🙂

  92. These are some great crafts! I didnt get around to doing anything year but definitely next year.

  93. These are all such CUTE ideas. I love the patriotic stuff, and I really like that you can leave certain things like that out all year long.

  94. Great ideas! I love the 4 x 4 Glitter Firecrackers. Very cute and festive.

  95. Great ideas! I wish I had some of the items laying around to make stuff

  96. Love all the July 4th decorations. However, I like the Yo-Yo candles wraps and the Patriotic bags the most.

  97. Love, Love the Patriotic Burlap Yo-yo Candle Wraps! Even more so because it can be use all year long!

  98. Those are all great decorations! I adore the first one1

  99. The wall art is my favorite. I really like how simple yet chic this is

  100. I think these are great projects! I tried to come up with a DIY project for the kids to do but it didn’t come out so well lol.

  101. These are all so cute! Perfect for the fourth!

  102. You found the greatest decorations for sure!

  103. My favorites would have to be the favor bags and the candles. All such great ideas!

  104. I think the coasters are my favorite, but they are all cute ideas!

  105. Of all the items you showed here, I like the cup covers best. They will look good all year long.