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10 Perks of Being a Mom to All Boys

So you’re a mom to all boys? I’m sure you already know how awesome it is, but I want to share ten of the best perks of being a mom to all boys with you.

#1. No one to share with

As a mom of all boys, there is one major perk, you don’t have to share any of your girl items with your sons. Okay, maybe they will want to try on one or two girlie things from time to time, but for the most part everything is yours.

#2. Endless kisses

Of course any child will give you endless kisses, but there is a special bond between a mother and a son (or sons). Those kisses he gives you mean everything.

#3. Extra protection for mom

Just think ahead ten years (if your boys are small) and think about the extra amount of protection you will have. Those boys are going to love all over you for many years to come and there’s never ending protection to go with you.

#4. The toys are cooler than dresses

Everyone says that girl toys are cool, but there are some awesome boy toys out there. I’ve always wanted to play with match box cars, play with squirt guns, and drive a fire truck around.

#5. No waiting in line

If my boys need to go to the bathroom and I don’t, I can just send them into the men’s bathroom. There’s nothing worse than waiting in the women’s bathroom line.

#6. Something different

I know what it’s like to be a girl and I can tell you it’s not all glamorous. It’s nice to be able to parent a child of a different gender. They are pretty much the opposite of me, so they have the tendency to be calm and laid back—which is great.

#7. It’s a special calling

I’m sure most moms dream of having a daughter and no one can plan for being a mom of all boys, but it’s an incredibly special mom position. There’s nothing you can naturally do to plan to have all boys and that’s what makes it even more special.

#8. Special bond with other all boy moms

Let’s face it, if you know a mom that has all boys, you think she’s a rock star. You know exactly what she’s going through and it has formed a special bond between the both of you.

#9. Endless compliments

If you’re raising your boys up right, then you’re teaching them that giving compliments is a polite thing to do. Between your significant other and your sons, you will always be told you are beautiful. It’s always nice to be caught off guard with a compliment. (Don’t get me wrong, they’ll also give you several comments that are not so complimentary)!

#10. You’ll eventually get your daughters

This is one of my favorites. The best perk of being a mom to all boys is that you eventually have your daughters. Daughter in laws and mother in laws can have incredible relationships if the right amount of work is put in. If you ever get down about not having a daughter to share life with, just consider all of the fun you will have with those future daughter in laws.

There are days when the bugs, dirt, and drama might be too much—but being a mom to all boys is something special. Not everyone has the title “mom to all boys” under her belt. You should always have your head held high because our world needs boys who are respectable, loving, and want to change the world in a positive way (and we all know they can’t do this without their moms).

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  111 Responses to “10 Perks of Being a Mom to All Boys”

  1. And of course you are the only queen of the house and even our dog is a boy and he protects you.

  2. Awe, #10 is sweet. I especially like #1 – no sharing…that is so true…I feel bad for typing that…

  3. I love this!! I have a girl too, but there’s just something different with my relationship with my son!

  4. Such great reasons to have boys and I must say I have my girls and have it reverse, but still loved reading your post today 🙂

  5. This is a really great post. I think a lot of people look at having all boys as a negative thing (which it is not!) so it is even better you are sharing your perspective and all the great reasons boys rock!

  6. This is a perfect post! I love my little guy, and I can’t imagine having a girl now. The loving, toys and excitement are the best! And being called a “princess” when I put on a sundress is the best feeling ever!

  7. There’s a lady at my son’s school who is always towing around four boys (and picking up the fifth from school). They all look to be about a year apart, or so, and I do instantly think she’s a rockstar. 🙂

  8. I have three girls and it’s hard but then I often wonder what I would do with boys. I do love parents that raise their boys right !

  9. Even though I loved my Barbies as a young girl, I sure loved my trucks and cars too. I wasn’t a very girly girl. Boys toys are way cool.

  10. I like to think I have the best of both worlds now. If only I could get them to get along, I’d be golden!!

  11. Only having girls I can’t say I relate but my girls give me kisses and say I love you.. 🙂
    I have a friend with 5 boys….she loves it.

  12. As you know, I have only boys too and love it. Boys are easy and tons of fun. It’s true, I will most likely have daugters-in-law and if I have 1/10 the relationship with them that I do with my own MIL, I will be blessed. I love the last line of your post – so true.

  13. My mom had all sisters, I had all sisters, Travis had a sister, now all we seem to have is boys. I have 2 boys, 6 nephews, and 1 niece (that’s the oldest). I always envisioned myself having girls just because I knew what to do with them. They’ve been wonderful though. They have their own version of dolls. Mica got into the Little People. We knew all the character’s names. Both boys got into Thomas. We knew a lot of those character’s names to. Isaak’s a stuffed animal boy. He treats them like they are his babies. Isaak even does my hair. They both like to dress up. They fight over who is going to hold my hand, or cuddle on the couch with me, while watching a movie. I love them!

  14. #5 would be so exciting LOL. I only have 1 little girl, and I hate waiting in those bathroom lines!

  15. I have 2 boys and 2 girls,My oldest girls is forever taking my stuff and the youngest is a total daddies girl,Both of my boys are mummies boys and can’t do enough for me.I am happy I have both because I love doing some of the girly stuff with my girls.

  16. girls defiantly are drama queens – my 14 yr old daughter is totally driving me crazy! lol

    and my son is totally laid back 🙂

    Good points!

  17. Great post. My almost 5 yr old daughter has just developed her “attitude” haha. My son is so easy going.

  18. I totally agree. We get to be the queens of the castle 🙂 No competition!

  19. I’m a mommy to two girls! There’s also a temperamental female cat as well as ME, so my poor husband….

  20. I like #10. You’ll eventually get your daughters. I am fortunate to have both 2 boys and a girl. It definitely keeps life interesting.

  21. I have 2 girls along with my boy. Life is definitely interesting

  22. I think #10 is the best! I love this post, thanks for sharing.

  23. I love those. I wanted a boy & girl and got it! But the drama is ridiculous with girls:)

  24. This is such a great post! I know many moms with for girls but you have set the record straight that boys are just as much fun and special.

  25. Having three boys, I totally agree with your list! I wouldn’t change anything about it!

  26. I have one of each and boys are definitely a lot easier. I guess it’s good to mix it up though lol.

  27. I can’t really relate since I have 1 girl.. but I must say my two boys combined are definitely less dramatic than my one girl.

  28. I only have one boy, and I worried before he was born about how I was going to be able to relate to him as he grew older. His toys are the best! And he loves me SO much. Having a boy is pretty much the coolest!

  29. This is so great to see. You always see people talk about how much fun girls are but rarely about boys! Your boys are so cute!

  30. #5 is pricelsss and I agree! This is a must read for parents of all boys.

  31. I am a mom to two boys, and I like that I get all the attention:) I don’t have to share my husband with his “little girl”. And boys are much less drama prone, which i also LOVE!

  32. OH girl you know we are so on the same page with 2 boys. love your post 🙂

  33. Being a mom of four boys and no girls, I can definitely appreciate some of those perks. Sadly, it is only my 4 year old that gives me compliments. However, the teens are starting to do more ‘heavy lifting’ work around the house.

  34. I like that there are no lines.. it is very true!! I have one of each so they fight for the attention.

  35. Love your list. You are the queen and shall reign supreme. Enjoy!

  36. I have all boys too. My mother had all girls. Glad I had the boys. Great article 🙂

  37. I love this post! I’ve always thought that boys got the cooler toys. I’ll take a transformer over a baby doll any day.

  38. My sister has a son, and he’s definitely learned that compliments are nice. He’s also become very protective. He watches out for her like a hawk!

  39. Such a sweet post Robin! My son gives me tons of kisses constantly – the cutest!

  40. Okay I love this! Growing up with all sisters, I never thought I’d be in a house with all boys. Now that it’s me, my hubby, and son, I LOVE being the only girl – you’re right, it’s such a special calling!

  41. I have a son and the toys are WAY MORE FUN! 🙂 I am not sure if we will try for a girl since we are so happy now!

  42. Ha, so funny, as a Mom of 3 girls, boys are so foreign to me. I think I fit in better with dolls and dresses, but always wonder what it would have been like to have boys!

  43. That’s a sweet list. My one boy is super sweet and definitely loves to give hugs and kisses to Mommy.

  44. This is such a cute list. I only have a girl and she plays with “boy” toys too.

  45. I love you get endless kisses. I had only one daughter so I have no idea about boys.

  46. I love being the mom to boys. Love the extra hugs and kisses

  47. I love that they don’t care about their clothes! It’s so easy to take care of boys!

  48. I love this post, I am a mother of 1 very rambunctious boy!! I wouldn’t trade him for the world! We are working on baby #2 and I would love to have another boy!

  49. Haha I’d agree with those points! Great things to consider when I try to TTC & welcome our first kiddo 🙂

  50. Haha! I have both and I think my daughter might be able to protect me better than my son! He is very shy.

  51. What a fun list! My sister is mom to two boys and I know that is just what she wanted. After her first boy, she was ALL boy mama. I love those two… and awesomely, I will have the 2 girls! Best of both worlds for my mom!

  52. Boys are definitely easier to raise than girls. That is just my opinion though. Girls can be so drama-filled!

  53. Amen sister! I love my boys! God knew what he was doing! I wouldn’t have the first clue as to what to do with a girl!! I love being queen of the castle! I like all things boy too, well except they are gross;)

  54. I love that you cherish the special things about boys! I have to say that would be pretty neat not to have share anything girly with anyone!

  55. I love it! I was a mom to 3 boys until I met my fiancé and now I’m a mom to 4 boys and 2 girls! Love it!!!

  56. I don’t know, I have 3 boys and 2 girls and I do not get endless kisses from my boys! I think each child is different, some of mine are cuddly and some aren’t.

  57. I only have sons and I actually have really enjoyed it. I learned a long time ago to step up to the plate and learn as much as I could about everything that they were interested in and that pretty much included all of the major sports. I now enjoy following the different sports as much as they did and enjoyed watching them play even more when they were in high school.

  58. I love my boys too! I also love my daughters and wouldn’t trade them for anything, but I can totally see what you’re saying. My boys and I have a slightly different relationship than I do with my daughters which I suppose is completely normal. And I love that my oldest can go in either bathroom (he’s 5).

  59. I have 2 boys and a girl and the boys are so much more loving and protective of Mama, the whole “mommys boy” and “daddys girl” stereo type is real.

  60. I have more girls then boys, but I watch 7 boys and I love it! Boys are so sweet and protective.

  61. This is so cute. Number 10 was my favorite.

  62. I love having girls to share with now that they buy their own clothes and we wear the same size! But you do have valid points for enjoying boys 🙂 As the mother of daughters, nothing makes you happier than a sweet boy with good manners that treats your daughter right!

  63. I loved my time with son before my daughter. However, they both are so different and have benefits (and downfalls) but I’m lucky I have both!

  64. very well put! as the selfish one I am, I love the no sharing of girly stuff and getting the chance every day to be the queen of the castle showered with amazing kisses.
    and yes, the daughters will come 🙂

  65. I’m a step mom to two teenage boys and a teenage daughter and I have my daughter. I can relate to the boys aspects and oh so much with the girl aspects lol My step sons don’t borrow my things maybe socks or a hat here and there or electronics but the girls they are always in my makeup they are territorial I love them both to pieces but it’s exhausting dealing with the girly whiny needy clingy I love you go away moodiness that girls get. My 7 year old she even get’s that way some times. I love the balance though. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I have friends who have just boys and it’s nice to have I’m sure but two boys feels like ten then you throw in the hubby lol that’s another story. There voices are getting deeper so when I call the house I can’t tell them apart cause they will play with their voice to try to make it more manly lol boys are fun so are girls but your so right they each have their own special type of bond with us mommas. your boys are very cute and will surly find some pretty girl for you to enjoy mom daughter stuff with.

  66. Love that point about not waiting in line. There are so many times I’ve had to push to the front when my DD had to go REALLY bad. However, I do have my share of bugs, dirt, and drama with her too 🙂

  67. I so love this post. Its just me and my son and I have to say its awesome. I have had him want to try my make up before while I was putting it on. But hey it happens!

  68. Yes on the bathroom lines! I hate it when mine have to pee and sit there doing the pee pee dance trying to hold it in because the lines are so darn long! Boys can treat the world at their potty and nobody thinks twice about it.

  69. Very cute! I have a girl and a boy and I like that I have the chance to parent one of each as they are soooooo different.

  70. Such a cute list of perks! I love that you’re still looking forward to having a daughter-in-law. 🙂

  71. I love this perspective. You really touched my heart with the “you’ll eventually get your daughters” tip. That is so sweet!

  72. I am the mother of a boy and two girls. The boy was the easiest to raise.


  73. My son is my first born and when I was pregnant with my daughter, people made such a big deal. I was offended. I kept reminding them how cool my son is! People forget the awesomeness of boys.

    That being said, my mini-me is pretty awesome too! 🙂

  74. I have also heard from many people that boys are easier to handle. I have a teen daughter, but no boys!

  75. Oh! I have a boy and want another! You’re so right with the endless kisses. I’ve seen many relationships where moms and daughters don’t always get along but it seems there are more where sons and moms do. They are queen of their world!

  76. I have one of each – you are right about being protected – especially when they are grown. Son’s do not like anyone messy with their MOM!

  77. I love this post! I can resonate with all of these. I especially love the endless compliments 🙂 God knew what he was doing.

  78. I have both, but there is so much awesomeness with just being a mommy at all! 🙂

  79. I can imagine it’s pretty awesome only having boys. No one going through your makeup, trying on your clothes, or taking your shoes! I secretly hope my second child is a little boy 🙂

  80. I have two boys and a girl. Always wanted all boys. Got lucky though my daughter really can be a lot of fun.

  81. I have the perfect package…..a boy and a girl. My girl came first and I cannot even imagine life without a girl

  82. I love being a mom of boys. As a teacher, I know what happens to girls when the hormones kick in and boy do I not want to deal with all that drama.

  83. As a mom to all girls, I can’t relate (of course). However, my friend has a son & daughter…she would agree with you on this!

  84. Raising boys are awesome. My son totally rocks. all these are excellent points.

  85. Lol. I have two girls at home so I cannot relate but I do love the dress up and princess playtime 🙂

  86. Aww, what a fun perspective! I only have one son (right now!) but I’m excited about many of the perks you mentioned. 🙂 So sweet!

  87. I have daughters so I to can not relate. But we are always dressing up silly!

  88. This is a great list! I have two of each so can’t relate but I do agree that boys are awesome and my life wouldn’t be the same without mine.

  89. My most favorite thing about having a boy is that overall it was much easier to take them into public bathrooms.

  90. I have two little boys and a little girl and they are so incredibly different. I have a strong feeling that my daughter will be a tomboy though… just like mom. 🙂

  91. What a sweet list! I do wish there were no bathroom lines for girls, LOL

  92. Love all these! I love being a mom to a little boy too!

  93. Ha, ha, ha… I like that last one – you will eventually get your daughters… ha! I have one son and two girls… When I was pregnant with my girls I wanted boys, but now that I have the girls I am so glad 🙂 When Little Man has friends over this house gets REALLY loud. HA

  94. I’ll never forget the first time my son told me I looked like a beautiful princess. Being a boy mom is the best!

  95. I have two girls and two boys. All are best of friends and very different. It is awesome my boys are two years apart. Best buddies but they have their moments haha

  96. This is so sweet you can clearly see how much you love your boys! Your future daughter in laws are lucky to have a mother in law like you!

  97. I love this! I am a mom to 3 boys and everything you said is truth girl!

  98. Boy children definitely have their perks! I have the best of both worlds.

  99. I am happy to see your positive attitude. I have a boy and a girl.

  100. I love that we posted about this pretty much at the same time. I do not have all boys- but I can see the perks!

  101. What an awesome post. I am a mom of three boys.

  102. I have to agree on you with #1. I don’t have any place to hide my makeup and stuff from my girls. As for toys, I agree with that too… I hate the toys they have for girls …. baby dolls, Barbies, kitchen sets, and the list goes on. So occasionally I do buy cars and trucks for them. 🙂

  103. I agree with the extra protection for mom especially with my 2 older boys. My 9 year old son has yelled at other kids before who were disrespecting me.

  104. I can’t wait to have a son for all these wonderful reasons! You are blessed!

  105. I am such a rockstar! hahaha. If I hadn’t lost my last baby I would have been the proud mother of 3 boys. I also may have gone grey a lot sooner with 3 of them. (They get more gross as they age.)

  106. I can’t agree more….although I have a son and a daughter but I share most of your list..that kisses part is so true..Bo my son always love to hug and kiss me whenever he can 🙂

  107. I’m a mom to two kitties 🙂 That counts, right?

  108. You’re right on target with the endless compliments! 🙂