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10 Spooky Halloween Treats & Snacks

Are you ready for the Halloween season? It’s the time for all the little ghosts, goblins, pumpkins and witches to make their grand entrance. Kids are excited about how they will dress for the great trick or treat night where they can get tons of candy and treats. Moms are all over the internet, searching for the most fun spooky treats to cook up for the big Halloween parties.

Whether you are a master chef who can turn cupcakes into amazing creations or you need the easiest recipes in the world, we’ve got you covered. I’ve got spooky gingerbread houses that will help you use up that extra candy corn and marshmallow pops to help celebrate the most beloved monster of all time – Frankenstein! We’ve got cupcakes that take simple chocolate peanut butter cups to a whole new level and end up looking like witches hats or spiders.

If dead lady’s fingers are more your style, we’ve got them too! Whether you are looking for ways to create some dead funny bones or just some spooky caramel popcorn, there’s something here for everyone! So spend a few minutes looking through this list of amazing, spooky Halloween treats and snacks, then head out to the grocery to pick up a few supplies. You’re going to be creating some amazing treats this year for your family and friends!

10 Spooky Halloween Treats & Snacks

Spider Cupcakes

spider cupcakes

Frog Smoothies

swamp smoothie

Spooky Mars Candy Bars Caramel Corn

caramel corn

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

marshmallow pops

MMMMonster Jell-o Jigglers


Funny Bones Recipe

funny bones

Chocolate Banana Eye Pops

eye pops

Spooky Gingerbread House

gingerbread house

Witch Hat Cupcakes

witch hat cupcakes

Dead Lady Fingers

lady fingers

Which one do you want to try first?

  124 Responses to “10 Spooky Halloween Treats & Snacks”

  1. I love the Spider Cupcakes and Gingerbread house!! So spooky! I don’t usually have candy corn left over though.. It’s the one candy that I simply can’t wait until we are home before I open the bag!

  2. I want to try the spider cupcakes because they look so easy.

  3. I always really like the finger looking ones.

  4. Omg, they are all adorable and can’t decide which I would like to try first with my girls 😉

  5. The Mars candy bar caramel corn would probably be my first choice, if I had to pick, like somebody made me. Otherwise, they all look tasty!

  6. I just can’t with those finger things- they look so real that I couldn’t even touch them! Lol. Those cupcakes though, oh yeah, right up my alley!

  7. Great collection of scary snacks! Those fingers really creep me out!

  8. I have seen the fingers at Halloween Parties I have been to. They are so cool especially when they are made a green color.

  9. Cute ideas! I am loving those Reese’s cups cupcakes! And that frog swamp smoothie!

  10. These are some creepy and spooky treats. I love themed desserts because they really put everyone into the holiday spirit.

  11. What a great round up! All of these would be fun for a Halloween party.

  12. Hi Robin,

    While the Ten Spooky Halloween Treats and Snacks you have picked all look amazing, I think I am most excited about the MMMMonster Jell-o-Jigglers! I have never seen them before and they look awesome!

    Funny Bones look really neat too….

    So many choices! I can’t wait to get started making them all!

    ~ Victoria
    Mom Does Reviews

  13. I’ve been looking for Halloween treat ideas to make with my kids! I think we’d love the spider treats or the jello ones. Two favorites in our house. 🙂

  14. These are all fun for the holiday. The little spider cupcakes are cute (only time of year I think a spider is cute). 🙂

  15. These are all adorable! You’re making me want to throw a Halloween party!

  16. Oh that fingers are hectic – and getting a lot of feedback.

  17. I love all these spooky treats! We do lots of stuff like this for the kids halloween party! One joy of having a huge family is the assortment of treats and ideas!

  18. These are all really cute. I love those jello gigglers. Spooky! :0

  19. These all look great! We’ve been having a Halloween party since before the kids were born. But with the BYC marathon that weekend, not sure it’s gonna happen this year.

  20. Oh, I want to make those Frankenstein marshmallow pops!

  21. All of these treats look delicious and perfect for the upcoming holiday!

  22. Those are all so cool! I love the dead lady fingers.

  23. I love all of these, but that Swamp Smoothie is too cool. Will be making some of these for our Halloween party this year.

  24. Everyone else is so creative with their Halloween stuff. Me, I just buy a bag and eat it myself…

  25. I love the cupcakes!! Just adore the chocolate spider, spooky yet yummy! I would love to make this with my daughter.

  26. There are so cute! I love the witch hats, but the fingers look awesome also. I will have to try some of these.

  27. Those frog smoothies are great! They are creepy, gross, looking, AND they sound delicious. That’s the perfect Halloween combo.

  28. marshmallow pops look a lot easier than those cake pop things. I think the smoothies would be a great idea on Halloween night too.

  29. These are awesome. You’re getting me in the mood for Halloween. I tried a swamp drink recently and that was fun and different.

  30. What a great round up! Everything is so cute! especailly the Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops!

  31. This would all look cool for Halloween next month. The spider and the Frankenstein mallows is cute.

  32. I can pretty much just take all of these, and I’ve got the perfect Halloween party treat set up. The funny bones are great!

  33. All of those look like so much fun. I love that Frog Smoothie.

  34. I am just tarting to get ready for Halloween- How cool are those frog eyes in that punch? We make the fingers every year too!

  35. Thank you for the recipes, I am having a kid friendly Halloween event and you just gave me some great ideas!

  36. Great collection! We’re hosting a Halloween party this year and these would be great to make!

  37. those snacks are too cute. Every party should have at least one of these present.

  38. all the snacks are so cute. I like the witch cupcakes best. not sure how well i can recreate them.

  39. I love all of those! Except maybe the fingers – those creep me out a little, LOL

  40. Some of the treats will delight the kids more than the adults, but they are all excellent ideas. I love the witch cupcakes with the cute hats.

  41. I love the banana treats – so cute and I’ll bet they’re tasty as all get out.

  42. The frog eye snack looks awesome as did the cupcake with witch hats.

  43. These are all so cute! I think my boys would like the Frankenstein pops the best!

  44. Pinned, Stumbled, Shared and love! Love this post, it is so much fun!

  45. I love Halloween themed treats. Definitely going to be making some of these, starting with the funny bones!

  46. Those Frankenstein pops are such an easy and cute idea. I would love to display them at a party.

  47. Frog smoothies kinda grossed me out. LOL I know my kids would love these things though. Thanks for sharing!

  48. Halloween treats are the best! Every one of these is adorable. I especially like the Dead Lady FIngers!

  49. I love all of these recipes. They are so unusual.

  50. All of these Halloween treats look so festive – and delicious. I wish I could make my marshmallow pops come out like those you’ve shared. I’m not creative or patient enough!

  51. If you bring these fun and spooky treats to a school Halloween party, you will be the coolest Mom ever! I like those Jello monsters!

  52. Halloween is my favorite time of year. Those frog eyes are just genius!

  53. They all look so fun! Halloween is definitely one of my favorite days of the year!

  54. They are so stinking cute! What fun treats! And thanks for including some of ours too!

  55. I so love the ideas I am going to put this in my favorites bar! I want to host a Halloween party!

  56. That’s it! You caught me at those Frog Eyes smoothies. I am so making those! LOVE them! There are so cute things here!

  57. I’m all about the eye pops. They look like a sneaky snack. 🙂 healthy and spooky all at the same time. 🙂

  58. All such ghoulishly cute ideas!! Love the Frankenstein pops and haunted gingerbread house!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  59. These are all so cute! I’d try the witch hat cupcakes first!

  60. OMG..I love these. I would love to try the smoothie…and the witch hat cupcakes. Mmmmm. Now I’m hungry 😉 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  61. All of those are great ideas. My son has been wanting me to throw a Halloween party and a couple of these, I think he’d be happy to see.

  62. I love doing gingerbread houses – would like to do a spooky Halloween one 🙂

  63. I love making Halloween treats for the kids. We have a party before we trick or treat! These are great ideas for this year!

  64. So many great ideas! I want to make that caramel corn.

  65. All of these look so cool! Those Spider Cupcakes look very simple to make, something that I could probably pull off! Thanks for sharing!

  66. Such great ideas! I think I am going to try the cupcakes. Thanks for sharing!

  67. Ha, ha, ha… those are all awesome. Though I still get creeped out by the fingers…

  68. Those are awesome.. I was quite impressed by the Halloween gingerbread houses as well.

  69. Those are some awesome Halloween snacks. I love the Funny Bones snack 🙂

  70. These are very cute ideas. I love the little bones.

  71. The jello jiggler monsters are first on my list! They are adorable, and jello is delicious.

  72. Whoa! Those fingers are no joke! These are all so creative. Love them all

  73. Those fingers look so gross but sound so yummy! My boys would love them 🙂

  74. We wish we have an oven to bake cookies and cupcakes for the Halloween. Creating these must be too much fun especially when there are kids in the family.

  75. Those marshmallow pops are so darn cute! Totally trying to recreate!

  76. I’ve actually done the bones and the fingers before. Those are easy enough that the kids can make them with you!

  77. I absolutely Love your list!! So many cute things.

  78. These are all so cool! Especially the spooky ginger bread house!

  79. Oh! Swamp smoothies look so fun! I bet my kid would love that!

  80. So many awesome ideas! I really like those fingers, they’re creepy!

  81. Oh wow. Everything on here looks SO GOOOOOOOOD!

  82. These treats all look like such great fun to eat and make.

  83. Ohhh.. I want to try doing some of those, given the chance of ample time!!! Thank you for the liks! 🙂

  84. Cute round up! I love those fingers especiallly!

  85. Those fingers are so, so spooky looking!! So cool.

  86. I would definitely try the Witch Hat Cupcakes first. They are so cute.

  87. I love all these ideas! Those fingers are so cool.

  88. Great ones!!! I love the Frankenstein pops but they are all so fun. I think I’ll be trying one or two of these this Halloween.

  89. Love these! I would love to try them all. My favorite is the witches hat cupcakes.

  90. These are all so very creative. These are perfect for my friend that’s planing a Halloween event. I’ll be sure to share this with her.

  91. This makes me miss having little kids! But I am having a baby shower for my daughter the week before Halloween so I want to do this theme and I am definitely going to use some of these ideas.

  92. The popcorn will be my first choice. It look delicious. Halloween is one of my favorite holiday because I get to dress up and make weird things. Thanks for the inspiration.

  93. What a great round up! I can’t believe Halloween is almost here again!

  94. Those froggies are epic – haha! They are really cute!

  95. Those are great ideas. I love the swamp smoothie.

  96. there’s so much in this list. I gotta show this to my girls

  97. Every single thing on the list is so cute, and looks so fun to eat…even those creepy looking dead lady fingers, haha!

  98. Those funny bones are really unique! We love pretzels and marshmellows. These are all really easy to make!

  99. Monster jello would be fun! My kids would enjoy squishing them 🙂

  100. These are some kick ass snacks for a Halloween party. Great ideas Robin.

  101. Booo!!!! The ideas of creating spooky treats is back. My girl and I went to the library yesterday and saw this picture in a magazine of an edible Spooky house. Now I wish I remembered what magazine that was so I could hopefully try and recreate that one. But it was an older magazine though. Love all the ideas and I could surely use them since we bring treats to kids at school once in a while. Thanks for sharing!

  102. These all look like so much fun! Great roundup.

  103. Those dead lady fingers are spooktastic! What some fantastic ideas. x

  104. I love your Halloween treat ideas. They are so cute! I want one of those fingers. 🙂

  105. I wish I had the time and patience to make a gingerbread house. That looks ridiculously good!

  106. Oh my gosh, I love those Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops! I may have to try them & see how they turn out!

  107. I have to admit you are so very creative and I love it. Thanks for sharing. I will have to make the dead lady fingers. 🙂

  108. So many cool treats for Halloween. I love the Swamp Smoothie with frog. Possibly the best way to get my kids to drink something good for them is to make it look disgusting.

  109. OMG these are all so awesome! I want to try them all.

  110. So cute! 🙂 I love the witches hats! We made witches hat just a few minutes ago but these would have been better (chocolate makes everything better) 🙂

  111. I love how creative you are. We enjoy fun sweet treats 🙂

  112. Those reecie cup spiders are going to be a hit for my family!

  113. Those finger things are so real looking. Love all of these. I’m so excited for Halloween this year. Love that it’s on a Friday! We are going to make a whole weekend out of it.

  114. OMG those dead lady fingers look really creepy. Not sure I would make those much less eat them lol

  115. Those Frankenstein pops are awesome! They look super easy too!

  116. My favorite are the Witch Hat Cupcakes. I could eat them all…in one sitting!

  117. Oh yikes! These do look spooky! I like the fingers!

  118. I want to try the jello jigglers! So adorable, great fun kid friendly recipes.

  119. I’ll have to use some of these ideas for my Halloween party!

  120. These were so creative!!!! I love the FrankenPops so adorable!!

  121. Yum-mee!!!!! So many of those sound super good. I love the fingers.