Jun 292014

10 summer outdoor games and activities

Summer time is just around the corner! I have been on the hunt for some fun outdoor games and activities! I have put together a great list that the kids are sure to love! From Lawn Twister to Capture the Moon, I can not wait to try them all! How fun would a Trike Car Wash be for the little ones? Can I go through it myself? Some of my best memories as a child are the things I did with my friends & siblings outside in the summer time. I am ready to help my children create some of those memories, too.

  1. Lawn Twister
  2. Glow in the Dark Baseball
  3. Glow in the Dark Bowling
  4. Jumbo Scrabble
  5. Water Balloon Pinata
  6. Cold Potato
  7. Capture the Moon
  8. Water Balloon Target Practice
  9. Glow in the Dark Ring Toss
  10. Trike Car Wash

What are some of your favorite outdoor summer activities?

  91 Responses to “10 Summer Outdoor Games and Activities”

  1. So many wonderful games here and to try a few this summer here with the girls. πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh me and the kids would love that water balloon target practice. Lots of other fun activities here though that the kids would enjoy this summer.

  3. There are lots of great things on here! What kid doesn’t love water balloons?

  4. I clicked on the glow in the dark baseball and found some cool printables for sparklers too!

  5. I like the water balloon piΓ±ata and the trike car wash especially if it turns into them washing my car

  6. These are some great ideas! I love finding fun activities to get the kids outside.

  7. Ahh the water balloon ones should be so much fun,. May have to do that this holiday with all the kids.

  8. OMG trike carwash sounds hilarious! Gone are the days of slip n slide…

  9. Anything to do with water is always fun in summer time! I have a gigantic inflatable pool, and some pool toys…it gets the job done!

  10. I keep meaning to try the glow bowling with my kids. Great list of activities!

  11. I love the Trike Car Wash! I have seen that floating around Pinterest for a while now. I hope we get to making one this Summer because it’s such a cute idea. This is a great list!

  12. Water balloon anything would have been handy here today. Was soooooo hot

  13. building fairy houses!! that’s one of our favorites!

  14. We would love the trike car wash! What a unique idea.

  15. I love all of the glow in the dark games!! Bowling sounds fun!!

  16. Oh my gosh, I love the trike car wash. I have never seen that before but that would be so cute to do for a party for the neighborhood kids.

  17. These all sound like really fun ideas! We stick with the basics unless we are doing a party. Slip and Slides, pestering the neighbors to use their pool, and basketball are normally what we stick with lol.

  18. Just plain old hide-and-seek and water-balloon fights were soooo fun! πŸ™‚

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  19. Great list! My kids love anything to do with water or messes… πŸ™‚ They needed some more activities because I’m bored of hearing “I’m bored”

  20. These sound like great games to keep your children occupied during the summer. Water Pinata sounds nice for a really hot and steamy summer day.

  21. Glow in the dark baseball sounds like a really fun time, but I would be the one to get smacked in the eye with the ball.

  22. Glow in the dark??? You truly caught my curiosity. I have to try this out with the kids.
    We are sure doing a lot of beach so your list should vary things up a bit for us. Thanks

  23. We love catching fireflies. It’s so simple and easy.

  24. These all sound like fun. We do a ton of water activities over the summer, it is in the high 90’s every day here in Florida.

  25. This looks like a great list, esp the little trike car wash. When we go camping my kids have found a new love for flash light hide and seek.

  26. These are some fun ideas for the kids! I just love anything outdoors to be honest with you. Although right now I am 8 months pregnant so, if I am outdoors, I need to have my feet in a pool and a fan on me.

  27. I love outdoor games, you gave me a few new ones. We play a lot of Cornhole toss because it is easy for my youngest son (and his mom!)

  28. Ha ha! I live the cold potato one instead of hot potato. Too cute!

  29. Great list! Capture the Moon sounds like a lot of fun.

  30. These all sounds like a lot of fun! I think the Water Balloon Pinata idea might be my favorite!

  31. Anything glow in the dark my kids like.. I never thought about the ring toss.. it is a good idea!

  32. Glow in the dark games would be so much fun for my kids except right now its not getting dark till around 11pm -midnight so the kids are fast asleep lol. Great list.

  33. Oh I love the glow in the dark games. I love that these encourage kids to get outside and disconnect from electronics. Good suggestions!

  34. I’ve just bookmarked this. I have kids around me all day and haven’t heard of most of these. So I’m definitely going to try them all and see how they like it. Thank you!

  35. These are some great tips for keeping the kids engaged when they are off from school during the summer. I will keep these in mind when they are going stir crazy and harassing me to go outside. Lol

  36. These are great ideas! My favorite thing to do in the summer is to pack a picnic dinner and go eat and watch the sunset on the beach!

  37. Great ideas!! Eating lunch outside. Impromptu soccer games. Bonfires and smores. We LOVE summer!

  38. Very cute list of ideas!I think anything with water wins around here with this heat!

  39. Ah! Love this. Will be saving, such great ideas! I haven’t done many of these in so long!

  40. Jumbo Scrabble! That would be so much fun to try!

  41. Tons of fun for the 4th of July here! I love the water balloon items. I too would use that for some other stuff, looks like it could be a great purchase with many benefits!

  42. What a great list of games to do outside. I can’t wait to try some with my kids. πŸ™‚

  43. Lawn Twister sounds fun. I bet my girls would enjoy that.

  44. Anything with water balloons is always fun in the summer. Great list!

  45. Great choices! I am sure my kids would like the water ones best since it’s already 90 degrees out!

  46. We have the lawn twister game — it’s great fun! And I’m also a big fan of anything involving water balloons. I’ve sat and watched my 2 girls just carry water from one bucket to the other for an hour. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be complicated at all.
    I like the capture the moon one — that might be good for camping.

  47. Glow in the dark activities are always good takes a lot more patience.

  48. Cold potato? I’ll have to check that out. lol Lawn twister sounds like fun too.

  49. Awesome list! My kids would love to try some of those.
    Can you imagine lawn twister for adults?
    **tee hee** or is that just my adult mind?

  50. Thanks for this great list of fun things to do!

  51. I like the idea of water balloon pinata, it sounds cute.

  52. These are all splendid ideas of outdoor games and activities for the outdoors!

  53. They all look like fun but I really love the water balloon pinata idea! We love to swim and play on the slip slide.

  54. My kids would love it if they got to do some of these this summer!

  55. What some great ideas, I used to love hide and seek as a kid. x

  56. The Glow in the Dark Bowling looks fun!

  57. Great list! Now that my kids are older, we all play cornhole outdoors when they’re home. So much fun!

  58. Love all of these ideas! The trike carwash looks like so much fun!

  59. Those are all great ideas for games, especially for gatherings!

  60. So fun! Perfect to keep the kids entertained all summer. We need a trike car wash here tomorrow!

  61. I really love this list!! My grandson is having a birthday soon and we may play a few of these!! Thanks!

  62. nothing beats a bbq or swimming or camping just fun stuff and oh the beach got to have a little piece of time during the summer for at least one beach visit.

  63. These are great! Definitely need to try the Water Balloon Pinata! Too fun!

  64. Great ideas. My little guy is obsessed with bubbles right now and I’m excited about anything involving a drink, a book and a hammock πŸ™‚

  65. Love the glow in the dark options. Growing up we used to tape tiny glow sticks to frisbees for a game of night frisbee. Looked like UFOs everywhere.

  66. My kiddos would love the water balloon pinata – I think I’ll be scoping out where we could hang one. Sounds like fun!

  67. How fun! We are always looking for fun things to do outside. This weekend is our family reunion so we are going to have to play some of these!

  68. Love your ideas, will try them with my son and when his friends come over!

  69. Really fun ideas! We are lucky enough to be surrounded by parks near our house. During the summer the parks have these water jets that comes out of the ground and my son LOVES that! I have yet to go with him because of my new work schedule but his grandmother takes him all the time.

  70. This is a great list, just in time too. James is having friends over on the 4th and all we had planned was water balloon and water gun fights…water balloon pinata would be a ton of fun too.

  71. These sound so fun! Scrabble is my favoritEST game in the world. I am chuckling at the idea of lawn twister with my tiny itty bitty short legs LOL

  72. What a fun list, thank you for sharing! Hope to use some of these when my kid’s a little older.

  73. With my son home almost every day, this list will come in handy! πŸ™‚

  74. Your ideas bring back memories of playing these with my kids. Summer games outside are the best!

  75. Some of the best are often the simplest. Sometimes you spend money on something big and it doesn’t do as well as something like running in the hose.

  76. The glow in the dark activities sound super fun! My kids are older now, but I’d still do it!

  77. These all look like so much fun! I am so glad it is summer!

  78. Jumbo scramble looks like so much fun! Great ideas πŸ™‚

  79. These look so much fun! I love swimming games!

  80. These are all fun summer outdoor activities but I love the water balloon target practice the most.

  81. These are some really fun outdoor activities. My kids would love it. I love the Glow in the Dark games and the water balloon pinata. How awesome! thanks for sharing!

  82. These are great! My boys would love to play these games during summer. Thanks for sharing!

  83. There are some great ones in there that we’ve never tried before!

  84. Those all look fun. I bought an outdoor game set a long time ago. I never did get it out. I think this year I will on the 4th. We didn’t buy any fireworks this year as of yet. Playing outdoor games might be a fun alternative.

  85. I love the glow in the dark bowling my kids and their friends will love it thanks!!!

  86. Oh boy I so have things I must do for the kids.

  87. This is a great list, i am always looking for fun new things to do with my kids during the summer

  88. I know that my son would enjoy all of these ideas, especially anything that involves water.

  89. Now if only i can get the kids off the electronic devices we can play some of these cool games! Thanks for the list.