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10 Uses For Dawn Dish Soap

You may have fond memories of Dawn dish soap as a kid. It seemed as though every household had it and used it. While you might remember your parents using Dawn dish soap to get dishes squeaky clean, did you know it can be used in other ways as well? Take a look below at 10 uses for Dawn dish soap that you can try. You may never look at this blue liquid the same way again!

1. Make mega bubbles.
Dawn dishwashing liquid makes amazing bubbles. To make your own mega bubble solution, simply mix ½ cup of dawn with ½ gallon of warm water. To make them even more mega, add a tablespoon of Karo syrup.

2. Remove price tag residue.
Dawn does a great job at removing price tag residue. If you buy items at thrift stores or garage sales and they have residue on them, just dab on some Dawn and rinse.

3. Enjoy a cheap manicure.
Add a few drops of Dawn to a dish of warm water and let your fingers soak in it. Your nail beds and cuticles will soften right up and your nails will get clean.

4. Bathe your pets.
Many pet owners swear that Dawn is better than any pet soap you can buy. It will remove grime and grease and can even fight fleas.

5. Protect your plants.
Fill a spray bottle with water and add a teaspoon of Dawn dish soap. Spray any plants where pests seem to be a problem. IT will help get rid of old pests and help keep new ones away.

6. Unclog drains.
If your drains are clogged as a result of beauty products and grease, Dawn can help loosen the clog up. Just pour ½ a cup directly into the drain, let sit for 20 minutes, then run warm water.

7. Clean oil stains in clothing.
If you get oil on your clothing, pretreat the stain by rubbing a few drops of Dawn into it. Then, just wash as usual.

8. De-Fog your mirrors.
Wipe over mirrors with a thin layer of Dawn dish soap. Wipe clean. A layer will remain in place that will protect the glass from fog.

9. Clean outdoor furniture.
When dirt and grime builds up on outdoor furniture, banish it with some Dawn dish soap. Just fill a bucket with warm water and ½ a cup of soap and start scrubbing.

10. Wash away hair product residue.
After time, the hair products you use can build up and make your hair dull. Shampoo your hair with a little Dawn dish soap just as you would shampoo, and it will take all of the build up away.

See how practical Dawn dish soap can be? Give these 10 ways to use Dawn dish soap a try in your own home and see what sort of results you can get.

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  142 Responses to “10 Uses for Dawn Dish Soap”

  1. I had a clogged drain earlier this past week and wish I would have known this before I called the plumber. Great suggestions though.

  2. I’ve never heard of the Dawn brand before. It’s great that it gets rid of price tag residue because I can never get it off the vases I buy.

  3. Number 10 is sort of true, sort of false… Dawn does leave a residue (like on the mirrors for defogging). This residue is less than say, Pantene shampoo, but there will still be a film. I apple cider vinegar and baking soda if you want to truly remove residue from hair 🙂 We use Dawn for everything around here though too lol 🙂

  4. I’ve often wondered what would get the oil stains out of clothes. Great tip list. And Happy Easter to you!

  5. Good to know all these original uses for Dawn dish soap. Those giant bubbles are great! Sounds good to have a Dawn dish soap manicure too.

  6. I love dawn. The many uses it has is just fantastic! I use blue dawn which is beyond words amazing I have even used it to get rid of fleas when my darn cat went outside for a few hours and came back with some friends. It’s awesome.

  7. still use it till now and it’s just lovely!

  8. Geesh, why is it that we don’t have Dawn Dish Soap here? One of its features that I really really like is that it can remove price tag residue. It can be tedious removing price tag residue and it’s annoying when they won’t come off. I normally use oil and hot water to remove them, but I guess if we have Dawn Dish Soap here, my life is going to be a lot easier.

  9. I love Dawn! There are sometimes cheaper brands, but they are just that and don’t do half a good a job. I love the tip about cleaning up your indoor plants with it!

  10. I love Dawn. I use it for dishes AND for cleaning the bathroom and the tile floors. It works awesome. You just have to make sure you dry the floors thoroughly, or you’ll have your own indoor skating rink.

  11. I love dawn and have some right now. I didn’t know about the manicure and the clogging of the drain. I need to pin this so I can make sure I utilize my dawn to the fullest.

  12. wow I’ve never heard of this product before, it definitely sounds like one to look out for!

  13. A little Dawn mixed with water is good for cleaning windows too. Use a squeegee and it works great. Great tips!

    • My mom told me about that one. I was like, “No way. I’ll keep my Windex.” Guess what? She was right – again. It’s so much cheaper to use soapy water to get the windows clean.

  14. What! News to me! Totally wouldn’t have thought to bathe my dog in dawn dish soap, that’s wicked.

  15. Every time I read about another amazing use for Dawn dish soap, I’m so envious of you Dawn owning people! We don’t have anything in Denmark that even comes close to the amazingness of Dawn 🙁

  16. I knew Dawn dish soap was good for getting grease out of clothing, but not all of these great ideas. I will be making my little guy some bubbles.

  17. I absolutely love Dawn soap…especially in the wake of oil spills and whatnot. Can’t wait to try out the mega bubble recipe…my boys will love you if it works!


  18. love that you can use household items for lots of things.. i need to soften my cuticles more often this way! 🙂

  19. I love Dawn dish soap. This is a great list of things you can do with it. I use it all the time to get grease out of my clothing. Thanks for sharing.

  20. You have a lot of tips that I never thought about. I should try some of these!

  21. I had never heard of some of these uses of Dawn before!! I need to try some of these out!

  22. My daughter was just asking me today if she could make bubbles out of the dish soap. Lots of good uses for Dawn, brings back memories.

  23. I have sensitive skin where I break out with the harsher dish soaps and Dawn is one dish soap I never react to. We had that BP oil spill in the Kalamazoo River and the team that was cleaning up the River used Dawn dish soap.

  24. I’ve always loved Dawn, especially after I saw that it was gentle enough to use on the marine animals that get oil on them from oil spills. It works great but doesn’t strip my hands of moisture.

  25. I always wash my counters with dish soap, but I didn’t know there were so many other uses for it, as well.

  26. I use Dawn and have even used it for a few of the things you have listed. But, you taught me something new. I am going to try it in my slow bathroom drain and see what happens. Can’t hurt!

  27. I had a hair stylist years ago that use to ask me to wash my hair with dawn before coming in to get my hair colored. She claimed it was better than most clarifying shampoos at getting product buildup out!

  28. Works like a charm to get stains out…my mom told me try it and I use it all the time now!

  29. I always have a bottle on hand in my laundry room! Jason is forever getting greasy good on his clothes and it works like a charm to get it out!

  30. I use it for lots of things. That dish soap has lots of purposes. Haven’t done the bubbles yet though.

  31. These are some really cool tips. I dont know why it did not dawn on me that Dawn could be used to unclog a drain, but it makes perfect sense!

  32. I love it when products have multiple uses. Saves a lot of money. Thanks for these practical tips.

  33. Thank you for sharing wise tips rom your post, this is really great my wife would like it.

  34. It’s funny when I was younger most of my friends families used Palmolive and we used Dawn, I still use Dawn these are some interesting uses for them! I have never tried it to bathe a pet before, will have to try that!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  35. These are all very interesting tips. I did not know that you can use it to de-fog mirrors. I will try your tips with pets and plants. Yep, Dawn is really god in unclogging toilets, we do that too.

  36. Wonderful tips! Some I didn’t even know existed until this post. Love the brand Dawn, use their dish washing soap all the time.

  37. What cool tips. I didnt know about the clog drain or the hair residue. Must try both.

  38. What a awesome list! We use Dawn a lot but haven’t tried some of these yet. I think I’m going to try using it in my hair tonight.

  39. Ok, I had no idea there were so many uses for Dawn dish soap! Thanks for the list!

  40. Dawn is what we used in my house growing up and I still use it today. My husband looks at me crazy when I use this soap to clean our bathroom..lol!!

  41. I’ve never thought to use it on my hair. I’d think it was too harsh, but to wash away residue sounds like it could make sense.

  42. I use Dawn on my indoor lemon tree, Grover (yes, it has a name), it helps keep indoor mites off and cleanses away the dust. I also love the smell!

  43. This is so cool! I had no idea you could use Dawn for a cheap manicure. You, my dear, are just full of ideas. =D

  44. Yup these are all great uses. I know people who use it for their manicures, because it’s so soft.

  45. Thanks for the suggestions especially the unclogging drains! My husbands shave stuff always builds up in ours.

    • I never knew this one, that’s very cool. I’ll have to use this next time the sink clogs.

  46. My father has worn white work uniforms since I was a small child- he swears by Dawn to pre treat stains. As for me, I was always a fan of the mega bubbles trick.

  47. So many great uses for Dawn – its what we usually use in our house unless my husband goes shopping

  48. I never thought about dish soap for oil stains on clothes. I’m excited to try it!

  49. Thanks for these great tips! I had no idea I could unclog a drain with Dawn. That’s really cool!

  50. Awesome uses. I only use Dawn in my house.

  51. I pinned this because they are such great ideas! Dawn is definitely my preferred brand!

  52. Price tag gunk is my worst enemy! LOL. I love using dish soap to get it off!

  53. I have to get a bottle to have on hand for back up!

  54. I always have a bottle on hand! Will have to make mega bubbles with the kids soon, thanks!

  55. Those are amazing uses. I would have never thought to use it for my plants. Good to know

  56. Dawn is such a good product. I had forgotten some of these uses. I appreciate the reminder. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  57. My mother used blue Dawn for everything when I was growing up. She couldn’t use a lot of the cleaners on the market so she made her own with Dawn , vinegar and sometimes baking soda. I use to too. Works pretty good.

  58. I didn’t know about removing the tag. I do a lot of thrift store shopping and I hate the tags that they leave on.

  59. What a great list! I loathe taking the tag of something and it leaving the residue. I’ll use Dawn next time!

  60. I didn’t know about a lot of these but I’ll be trying them out for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  61. Great tips. I have used it to treat those nasty grubs.

  62. Hey! Glad to have found you’re site! I am also a Masshole and blogger! ; )

  63. Awesome idea to bathe my greasy haired dog with Dawn! I never thought of that… so now I can use it to give him a bath and then to unclog the drain right after! Thanks.

  64. We still havent got a chance to make mega bubbles. im going to have to do that over spring break

  65. I love Dawn. My boyfriend buys cheap stuff and it definitely isn’t the same.

  66. I clean my tile floors with it! I hear it is not as harsh as floor cleaner. Works great.

  67. That’s so neat that you can use it for so many things. Making bubbles is one of our favorites. We usually use Dawn soap to make them as well!

  68. WOW! There were ton of ideas I never thought of! Making bubbles though is still our favorite over here!

  69. We always use Dawn to make our bubbles, it makes the BEST ones! And my daughter is in a bubble obsessed stage!

  70. I have also heard it is good to repel ants but I don’t know where I heard that. The other things here sound fantastic – ty for the list.

  71. My mom regularly uses dish soap for shampoo. When I’ve used it in the past Dawn has been the best clarifying shampoo for my hair! I also love using Dawn for homemade bubbles!

  72. Wow, blown away – most of those, I had no idea! Such a game changer!

  73. Great ideas! Now that spring is here I want to try making those mega bubbles!

  74. I hate price tag residue. I had no idea you could take it off with Dawn.

  75. I have used Dawn for almost all of them ways above!! It is my go-to when I am out of a cleaner or soap.

  76. I have used Dawn for bubbles but did not know you could use it for your plants or for removing those pesky price tags.

  77. Robin – great stuff – I know Dawn has been around forever – but never, ever thought of all these uses – thanks so much 🙂

  78. I love Dawn! We use it to get out poop stains from cloth diapers- it’s the best! 🙂

  79. I had no idea that it could unclog drains! I am definitely going to have to try that next time.

  80. Dawn is a great product. I found a “recipe” a few months back which consists of Dawn,
    lemon juice and vinegar. It works really well on showers and on ovens.

  81. Thank you for those awesome tips! I will definitely keep in mind your advice, particularly the one about keeping plant pests at bay! 🙂

  82. Every now and then I squirt some down my kitchen sink drain and turn the garage disposal on for a nice clean!

  83. We always have a bottle on hand. Love all these uses!

  84. I had no idea it took off price tag residue. Good to know!

  85. You saved me today! My kids used up all of the bubbles from Easter and I was looking for a homemade version so I didn’t have to go to the store. Totally using dawn now!

  86. Really? On plants? Who knew??? Thanks so much for sharing. This is a great list!

  87. Dawn really is a do-it-all product! I love that I can use it to strip cloth diapers AND make fun mega-bubbles!

  88. Wow this is an interesting list! I would of never thought to clean your plants with it!!! Informative!

  89. Wow, I didnT know about most of these! I knew about the pet one only! I’m going to make those mega bubbles this summer for sure!

  90. Yes to all of these! What great ideas here!

  91. This is something I always have on hand! My kids are going to enjoy lots of mega bubbles this Spring/Summer!

  92. How interesting. We use Dawn sometimes. It is usually whatever is on sale. Lol! I never knew that there were so many uses though.

  93. I’ve always heard Dawn had multiple uses, never thought it had this many. Thanks for the info, i’m going to try a few of these.

  94. What a fantastic list of tips! I had no idea that you could use Dawn to unclog a drain, Guess what I am doing tomorrow.

  95. These are amazing uses for Dawn dish soap!! I had no idea you could use Dawn as drain cleaner.

  96. I knew there were a lot of uses, but not this many. This is pretty cool.

  97. What?!? I had no clue about most of these! Window defogger? That’s awesome!

  98. We use Dawn dish soap to clean our dogs! It is honestly a miracle cure for dogs with fleas. It worked amazingly!

  99. I love Dawn. It didn’t realize it had so many amazing uses.

  100. I never would have thought of these. Did you know that Dawn also kills fleas? Or so I read.

  101. I think I used Dawn when my dog got sprayed by a skunk. Good times.

  102. There is no substitute for Dawn! I use it on clothing all the time!

  103. I would have never thought about using Dawn to unclog a drain and keep my mirrors from fogging! Thanks for sharing!

  104. So many uses for Dawn. Some I knew, and others I didn’t. Thanks for sharing.

  105. Dawn dish soap is amazing stuff! My husband is allergic to poison ivy so anytime he goes camping he takes a bottle with hi to shower with and wash any plant oils off. Dawn is the best for this.

  106. Price tag residue is so hard to remove. I need Dawn in my life, I wish it’s available internationally.

  107. This is an interesting article. I would have never thought of using it for hair product residue.

  108. I had no idea Dawn could do so much! I’m going to have to try a bunch of these ideas!

  109. I never would have thought of a few of those options, very cool.

  110. I didn’t know you could use it to soften your cuticles!! That’s awesome!

  111. I always loved using Dawn to make bubbles! I passed many summer days doing just that!

  112. Its awesome to know it can actually clean up your nail polishes quite nicely haha!

  113. I love Dawn! I totally had a panic attack when I thought there were fleas on my pup and my friend told me to use Dawn. Luckily it was a false alarm.

  114. how did i not know about this? This is a great posy because half of these ways I never even knew and I defiantly needed to know about. Esp to unclog a drain & presoak oil stains! Thanks so much!

  115. These are some great ideas to use Dawn with! I have used it to take out stains before in my clothes.

  116. These are all great ideas for maling the dish liquid a multi-purpose tool.

  117. A soap that can be used in a lot of ways is a must have for me. Hopefully, I can get one of this at our local stores.

  118. OOO – I am so using Dawn to remove price tag residue. That sticky crapola really gets on my nerves!

  119. I use Dawn to strip my cloth diapers from soap build up. Works like a charm.

  120. These are some great ideas! I’ve pinned this for reference! Thanks! 🙂

  121. I’ve used almost all these tips! I found that Dawn dish soap is the best way to remove stains from my kids clothing. It’s also good for removing some hair color if you make a bad color choice. 😉

  122. Mega bubbles sounds like a LOT of fun! I’ve been using Dawn for a lot of things forever now. It’s so easy!

  123. I have used it as bubbles, on my hair and nails, and on my plants. Haven’t tried the mirror defog – that sounds good.
    I also mix a couple of drops of Dawn soap into a shallow dish of apple cider vinegar, place it on my kitchen counter == great fruit fly trap!!! it’s amazing; they love it.
    it also will work outside in those wasp catchers too.

  124. I use the remove label residue idea quite a bit. Imagine when I am installing a project and there are a million labels to remove. Dish soaps works so well

  125. gotta love some of these ideas…thanks for sharing!

  126. I love it when a product can be used for more than it’s intended purpose. Thanks for these ideas.

  127. I only use Dawn, it works great! I’ve also used it for my cats fleas and it killed them instantly.

  128. Sounds like a great product. This is the first time I have heard about this dawn brand. I am really amazes how the dawn dish soap can be used in many ways, especially I love that it helps removing the oil stain in clothes. Will have to check this out for sure.

  129. I am not familiar with this product but sounds like a good one to have with so many uses, you gat me on manicure lol

    • It is impressive what one can do with dish washing soap. I love your creative list.

  130. Awesome list! I didn’t know you could do all this with Dawn, especially the drain cleaner!

  131. I have used dawn for almost all of these…but pet washing. going to try that

  132. OHHH Great tips!! I am definitely going to try some of these.

  133. Dawn is definitely my favorite dish soap! I knew some of these ideas (like the bubbles one) but I learned some new ones, too (like washing pets and using it as a drain cleaner!) Thanks for the tips!!

  134. Now that is a multipurpose dish washing soap! How nice!