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10 Ways to Deal With Being the Only Woman in the House

You would think that being the only woman in the house was easy, but it’s not. Sometimes it doesn’t seem fair, but I get over it and move on. (Don’t get me wrong, I do love my boys). I have found several ways to deal with being the only woman in the house.

#1. My Kids Think I Have Superpowers

I’m not kidding, my kids sometimes really do think I have superpowers. Some days they think that having me cook their favorite meal is a superpower.

#2. I Have My Hobbies

Just because I’m a mom of all boys, it doesn’t mean I can’t do my own thing. There are some things that I enjoy doing around my house that the boys don’t like. It’s just one way I deal with being the only woman in the house.

#3. Take a Long Bath

If I ever need to just clear my head and remind myself of my mission, I head to the bathroom to take a long bath. The boys are old enough to let me have my peace of mind for a little bit, while I relax and collect my thoughts.

#4. Girls’ Nights are More Fun

Since every night at my house is pretty much guy’s night, it’s so fun to hang with my friends. Although I don’t get to do it very often, I do enjoy getting away every now and again.

#5. My Girlie Shows

No one rolls their eyes more than the guys in my life than when I turn on one of my girlie shows. There are enough sporting, wrestling, and cartoons on the television, every now and again it’s nice to turn on the television and watch something I love. (Most of the time it’s not even that girlie).

#6. Enjoy the Food Part

I have to admit that’s it nice to live in a house full of boys because I get to have an excuse to eat. My boys love their food and it gives me an excuse to buy lots of it. Of course, sometimes I get an itch to bake and they help me eat. It’s like a win-win for every person in the family.

#7. Buy Household Items

One way to deal with being the only woman in the house is to start enjoying the process of buying household items. It’s no joke that something in my house is bound to get broken, so I get to enjoy buying something new. Sometimes it can be a pain, but for the most part it’s fun.

#8. Become a Super Saver

Boys are expensive and it’s no lie! I deal with being a mom to all boys by trying to save money in any way I can. Boys clothes are expensive and so is food, so saving money wherever I can is a great way to deal with being the only woman.

#9. Get Your Own Bathroom

I know that sometimes it’s impossible to get your own bathroom, but if you can DO IT. Boys are o-so- gross! It’s important that a woman is able to sit on the toilet without stepping or sitting in pee. I can deal with being the only woman in the house for now if I have my own bathroom.

#10. Just Deal with It

There’s nothing you can do if you’re the only woman in the house, so just deal with it. It can’t be THAT bad because it’s NOT that bad.

How do you deal with being the only woman in the house?

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  1. It is reverse here and my husband is totally outnumbered, as even the dog is a female! 😉

  2. Reverse here too. Jason is the only male, though we do have a male dog. Sadly, the male dog acts more like a female though, so he just has to deal with it lol.

  3. I like the last one. Sometimes my husband is like, “Come on we just don’t think like you do!” HA

  4. Ha ha! I need to share this with my sister, who only has boys too!

  5. I am the only person i my apartment so I don’t have to deal–not that was always the case. My bathtub has always been my refuge!!

  6. Those are some great tips. I grew up in a house full of women and now I have a daughter so I haven’t experience that yet 🙂

  7. Yep, this is my life too. (and yes they can be pretty gross!) I do enjoy a relaxing tub time on occasion as well. Come to think of it, I am overdue for that!

  8. I too am the only women in the house. I have 2 teenage boys who are expensive! I think over the years they see I need some “ME” time.

  9. Ha! I love each and everyone of these–and feel your “pain” Lol!! I wouldn’t have it any other way! <3

    • My sister has all boys, and that “pain” brings her so much joy. It’s nice to see some representation of the boy moms out there in the blogosphere keeping it positive and real.

      • I’m sure it’s an adjustment being a mom of all boys, but surprisingly my boy was easier to take care of than my girl. Totally against the stereotype I bought into before pregnancy.

  10. Love this! I know it has to be hard! Great tips for the single ladies.

  11. Oh how I dream about my own bathroom. It’ll never happen so I just need to keep traveling.

  12. We’re equal, so I don’t have to deal with this. I will pass this on to my cousin. She has four boys.

  13. My dad was the only man of the house until my sister and I got married and they got a boy cat! It was nice being the majority I must say…

  14. I am sure having your own bathroom is a big one!! I only live with 1 man (hubby) and I like having my own bathroom 😉

  15. That’s alot of testosterone. My daughter is the only woman in the house, I’m going to pass this on to her.

  16. My best friend is in the same situation as you – FOUR boys + hubby. I know she greatly appreciates Girls Night Out. 🙂

  17. The missus in our house needs to read this. Forwarding it now.

  18. All girls here…. except for hubby. I’m sure he feels your pain lol

  19. Great ideas! I know of a few moms I can share this with!

  20. You DO have superpowers! ha. We are outnumbering boys. Me, my daughter, female dog, female cat vs. my husband, my son.

  21. I grew up with 6 brothers. I dealt with it by having my own room or space that was a no boys zone. it was awesome.

  22. LOL as the mom of two boys, I so hear you!!!!

  23. I am the only girl here too. I love having girls night! I love my boys with all my heart, but a girl has to have gal pals to talk to talk to!

  24. Luckily us gals outnumber the boys in our house between, me, my daughter and our dog! But having girl time is always important!

  25. I cannot imagine being the only girl in the house. Way to find the silver linings!

  26. Yep. Being the only female in the house can get interesting at time. I can at least say this. I’m immune to gross smells now.

  27. It is the opposite in our house. My husband is the only boy!

  28. These are all great. I am also the only girl in the house. I just try to take some me time when I get a chance.

  29. It’s funny. You’re the only girl in your family, and my family is split EXACTLY down the middle. Still, there are days when I feel like I’m the only girl.

  30. I have both girls and boys. I never thought of boys as being expensive, but now that they’re teens…omgeee! They eat soooo much. I swear they inhale their food.

  31. There is nothing like having a boy. I have a girl too, so I am not alone 🙂

  32. Ok, you really do have a good deal over there. I’m especially liking the food parts.

  33. I think my husband can kind of relate to you…as he’s the only boy in the house. 🙂 We are a family full of X-chromosones so he makes sure to find his space and quiet time once in awhile in the garage or his man cave where us girls rarely go! lol

  34. These are great tips and so cute! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  35. I love your idea about taking a long bath and boys are so expensive. My son always ask me to buy him a new hot wheel car every day. My daughter is pretty easy. Thanks for sharing this to us! Can’t wait to check out your blog post for awesome tips!

  36. I grew up in a house full of boys so I know how it is. It’s important to keep being the ambassador for women and not lose sight of doing things that aren’t male.

  37. Great tips! Just me and the hubby here, so it is pretty easy. I do enjoy my girlie shows though, and he just leaves the room.

  38. I never had this problem. It was always the other way around. But now I have a son. He is my youngest! He is in for it! Two sisters and then a half sister from his daddy!

  39. Yes to all of these! There are two of us girls in this house, but my daughter tends to roll with the boys more often than not. When I put on a chick flick, everyone else heads downstairs to watch a superhero movie. Oh well, at least I don’t have to share my snacks!

  40. My sister is expecting her second son and this is most likely her last pregnancy. I will certainly be sharing this post with her so she can see the bright sides of her family dynamic.

  41. Having my own bathroom would be at the top of my list. Not only do I like my personal space, it would be my area to breathe and step away for a bit.

  42. I hear having your own bathroom is lovely… I have 3 girls. THREE!! And they love to hog my bathroom all the time. Long baths are out of the question unless they aren’t home and hobbies? What’s that? They take all my stuff! ROFLMAO but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Oh my poor son….

  43. I am the only one in my house too. Maybe it’s because the kiddos are little, but my healing superpower comes in handy all the time.

  44. It’s the flip side in our house. My husband is the only man in the house and he is usually the one who has to fight to get into the bathroom!

  45. I would totally have to have my own bathroom too, you need a girl space! Sounds like a fun houseful for you guys!

  46. We have hal in half ratio here. It must be fun to have boys and you’re the only girl. Did you ever run out of energy?

  47. We are half and half in our house. I have a friend who is the only lady in a house with five boys and her husband- that seems like a challenge.

  48. This is great! I have to daughters but I find it fascinating how others deal with all boys or all girls etc! Love this.

  49. I never experienced this because I have twin girls. But they say it’s fun to be the only girl in the family because boys are naturally sweet and affectionate.

  50. I remember when I was the only girl in the house before my daughter was born Man, Did I need those long baths and girls night out! Goodness, even after my daughter..I still need girls night out with ADULT women!

  51. I feel for you as I have four boys and a hubby. I just want a clean bathroom

  52. I’m not the only woman, but I totally partake in the long bath thing. Haha!

  53. My dad was the only male in our house growing up. I’m sure he could come up with a list to go along with yours!

  54. It can be tough to be the only woman in the house. It can be so much fun too!

  55. This is a great post! I love your tips but the last one is definitely the best and most practical LOL

  56. I’m in a house full of boys too. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  57. Great tips. One of my best friends is a mom to all boys and she is such a great mom. She is out there on the football field every weekend… I always thought I only wanted boys, until I had girls. LOL

  58. I got one of each so I ended up getting as taste of both worlds. However, my kids are still little 4 and 7 so i dont even get to pee alone let alone bathe.

  59. I’m the only woman in our house but not the only female. I WISH I cold have my own bathroom! 😉

  60. My house is actually pretty even as far as the boy girl ratio. I think taking a long bath sounds like a luxury!

  61. These are great tips. I am not the only girl in the house, but it would be so nice to have my own bathroom.

  62. I couldn’t imagine being the only girl in the house!

  63. We have the opposite problem… Dave is the only dude, except for the dog! My mom is the only women in the house right now, though- I’ll have to ask her how she deals!

  64. We have so much in common some days it cracks me up! I’m the only girl and have 3 sons, so every time we a new pet it’s a girl. 🙂

  65. I can totally see how this works for the opposite too. My husband is the only man in the house, we have 5 girls, he is odd man out.

  66. Never lived with a house full of boys/men and being single for the longest while now I cannot relate to most but it makes absolute sense these tips!

  67. My husband is the only guy in the house (2 female furbabies) so I wonder how he handles it. He does have his man cave though 😛

  68. My favorite is get your own bathroom lol. Thankfully we won’t be facing this issue as we have a little girl.

  69. These are great tips! i am the only one girl here in our house so i can relate to these. Its a great idea to get my own bathroom sometimes i spend too much time in the bathroom

  70. I always wondered what it would be like to be in a house of Boys .. I would be the Queen of my Castle. I like the tip about getting your own Bathroom .. I would make it off limits no matter what and add all my girly things 🙂

  71. It helps to have a good mommy group! Being around your ladies can help relax and take some of the stress off!

  72. Oh I am certainly not the only girl; at my house! So many of these apply in a house full of girls too!

  73. Yes, you must have your own bathroom and the long baths are required. My ex and I were very intentional about getting a 2 bedroom, 2 full-bath because I don’t want to deal with toilet seat drama.

  74. It’s girls night every day and night in our home lol! Hubby is the only guy in our family of five. His favorite way to escape is to head out for some hard core biking with a group of pros.

  75. i can just imagine how difficult that would be. In some ways though, it is a nice thing to feel like a queen with all those “men” watching over your welfare.

  76. Only woman in the house too, 4 men and a momma! I love your ways and I better start copying some of them! lol

  77. We’re same, Im the only girl in our house, we are feel the same.

  78. I’m really loving your #2 tip! I need to find a hobby. I do consider myself one of only 2 girls in my house. My daughter and I against the 4 boys. I do know how you feel! 🙂

  79. I liked getting your perspective on this! I have a son and a daughter but I can definitely appreciate some of the same things that you mentioned, especially the long bath :).

  80. Haha I really love this post! #BoyMoms totally rock!

  81. It is the complete opposite in my house. There are 3 women and 1 man lol. My poor husband right!?

  82. So true! Boys are really gross. But dang, so is my 10 year old girl. I am all about having my own bathroom and I must have my own space. We all spend 20-30 min. each night in our separate corners having quiet time to read. She has to read daily for school so it works out well.

  83. I have five boys! I can’t live without my own bathroom its a must for me to keep my sanity

  84. I’m a firm believer in HIS and HER bathrooms!! My girls and I have the upstairs, and the men take the downstairs. we outnumber the men so it was easy to do. LOL

  85. Awesomely great ways! Thanks for sharing them up!

  86. I’m the only woman in the house too and it’s not bad at all. Actually, more than anything, I feel like a queen and that’s because they treat me like one! 😀

  87. I dont know if I could handle being the only girl. lol. Well, it does look like it has its advantages though.

  88. Luckily for me I’m not the only woman. Our house is pretty even so never had to deal with it but I’m sure it would be fun.

  89. LOL! No. 9 is so true! Guys will always be guys. Whew! Oh yes, you have to be a super-mom, it’s stressful sometimes but rewarding. 🙂 Go girl!

  90. I am not the only girl in the house. HOwever the way my girl behaves sometimes I’d like to try that. LOL

  91. We’re outnumbered at my house, but I do have my little girl to keep me company! Fun tips.

  92. I wish I could take a long bath once in a while. My guys are always trying to get into the bathroom when I am in there.

  93. I was the oldest of 4 girls in our house. I don’t know how my dad did it! Good tips when you are the only girl.

  94. I am a mom to all boys too! honestly, I am happy that I don’t have to spend all that time braiding hair or picking out clothes.

  95. You know it is exactly opposite in our house. I feel bad for my DH, who is surrounded by us girls.

  96. Hehehehe it’s the opposite in my house… It’s hubby in a house full of girls… Even my cats are girls lol….

  97. Honestly it is not easy to be the only woman in the house, that too if you are a WAHM & have 2 small kids, its going to be bit harder. And yes, I just deal with it & go ahead. Taking a long bath is something I often do to keep myself bit relaxed & refreshing.

  98. I would totally take advantage of the super powers thing. This is funny

  99. I would say separate TVS save the day often in our house. Hubs is the only male here actually. So I think we kind of get this in a reverse way though. LOL.

  100. Yes, yes , yes!! As a mom of four boys, I can relate!!

  101. I’m a mom of only boys and can agree with all your tips…especially buying household items.

  102. I basically have to watch TV alone all the time! We never have any common interests, lol.

  103. TOO FUNNY! My dad complains about being the only man….i’m sure he would agree with this…

  104. These are some great tips! Right now I’m the only woman in the house, even though my oldest keeps asking for a sister, LOL.

  105. This post was awesome! I sent it to my sister in law. I lucked out and have a boy and a grils but I was here for a while until my daughter was born!

  106. Painting my toenails is one thing I always do for myself with a house full of boys!

  107. Lol, yes to every one of these! I do all of them and more since I have all boys in this house too!

  108. We’ve got an equal split of two and two here. 🙂

  109. Aw bless you make sure you take some time out though too it is important to feel refreshed for the day ahead!

  110. There are more girls in our house than boys. I do the long bath sometimes. 🙂

  111. This post is perfect! I also have just boys and am the only woman in the house and while I wouldn’t mind having a little girl, I kind of enjoy being the Queen around here 😉

  112. It’s hilarious that your boys think you have superpowers! One of my very close friends is the only woman in her house and she has convinced her two sons from a young age that if there is chocolate in the freezer, to leave it there because girls require chocolate once a month and they just won’t understand yet because they are boys. I thought that was pretty ingenious!

  113. I’m the only queen in our house and I really enjoyed it, I’m so glad that your boys thought that you had a super power lol.

  114. I love this article. I should find one about being the only boy. It was always me, my daughter, and my ex.