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10 Ways to know that you're married to a blogger

Top Ten Ways to Know that You’re Married to a Blogger:

10.  For every meal, snack and/or drink, a picture must be taken and posted to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter before one bite/sip is taken.

9.  You have been to so many kid events/activities that not only do you forget what a beer tastes like, but you can barely remember if the Patriots play in the NFL, NBA or are a soccer team.

8.  When they get writers block  or don’t have time to write a blog post, you have to write them a guest post (case in point here).

7.  They call themselves Social Media Consultants.

6.  They have 100 blogger friends, but only have met two in person.

5.  When you hear them cursing, you know someone is not commenting on their blog post.

4.  You get free tickets to a Baseball game, but you have to spend the whole time taking pictures of everything.

3.  They are on their phone so much, they have to recharge it every hour.

2. When they take a Selfie,  it is never good enough the first try.  There is a minimum of 100 attempts to get the right angle and lightning before it can be posted to all social media sites.

1. And the number reason you know you are married to a blogger: they make you drive 2 hours out of your way to get a picture of LITERALLY a fork in the road.

About Christian Rue

Christian is married to Masshole Mommy. A Massachusetts native, he's happy to still be living here, but he also enjoyed living in several states & two other countries during his 20 years in the Air Force. These days, in addition to being a retired Air Force firefighter, he works for our fine government as an accountant. Chris loves movies, reading, comedy and spending time with his family.

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  125 Responses to “10 Ways to Know That You’re Married to a Blogger”

  1. All true but I wouldn’t have anyone else. And I forgot to add
    11. We get so many packages delivered our mailman thinks she is a drug dealer.

  2. Hey that was an awesome fork! No but seriously, my husband says so many of these including the food pics, lol!! 🙂

  3. What a riot! So true! So true! Sounds like Chris is a great sport. (Wish I could get Grant to write me a blog post!) Glad to say that I am one of the bloggers that has actually met you in person. 🙂

  4. This is hysterical and I think Chris’s comment about being a drug dealer is hilarious. Who knew?

  5. This is excellent! And they are all so true!

  6. Haha, so true! Another one would be all the packages that arrive.. everyone fights over who gets to open it because I have no idea what it is!

  7. Number 10, 6, and 2 are so true to me hahaha. It’s not only for the wife or husband but also the family.

  8. LOL Too funny but yes, I’m pretty sure the boyfriend (and my entire family) will agree! 😉

  9. OMG hilarious and too true. The picture of the fork in the road was obviously a must!

    • Most definitely! It reminds me of the time when I made the family drive out of the way to see the world’s largest Superman statue. There must not be many Superman statues in the world, because it wasn’t very tall.

  10. LOL. Love it! Best post ever and cute as heck!

  11. This is so true! Great and funny post about blogging.

  12. Oh goodness! This is hilarious. I know my husband will get a kick out of this!

  13. ROFL so incredibly true!!! Although I know better than to mess with Saturday NCAA Football. I would cry if we missed watching a Ducks game.

  14. So very true!!! Especially the pics. There are so many pics!

  15. lol these are so very true! I take pics of EVERYTHING!

  16. LOL! That is so me! I am always recharging my phone and have to take pictures of my dinners before I eat.

  17. You know what is funny? I am the blogger but my husband is on his phone more than I am! But for the most part, these are true and really made me LOL

  18. So very accurate. Our is worse because my wife has me roped into doing this for her also!

  19. Tru dat 🙂

    Gord and I are both bloggers so it’s double the fun 🙂

  20. That fork was a no-misser with or without a blog. 🙂 It’s a good and very accurate list. I’d add everything arriving in the mail or via ‘the big truck’ has to be approved by mom before opening (to make sure it’s not for a review).

  21. hahahah! My husband will surely can relate to this!! 🙂

  22. lol!! those are great!! 2 hours for a fork in the road??? lol

  23. It does show bloggers habit. The fork in the road photo looks cool though from your other post.

  24. This needs to renamed to how to know if you are friends with a blogger…because I am not married. I can so related to majority of these!!! Blogger Life!

  25. So true. I hate when you comment on other blogs, and they never come back to comment on yours. I know sometimes I’m a little late, but I get there. We get a lot of packages at the door. My husband bitches about that.

  26. Haha, I love #4- You get free tickets…but have to spend the whole time taking pictures of everything!

  27. This is awesome. I know when I go off with my mom and sister they are always taking pictures. I asked them why they have to take the same picture 5 times. Lol

  28. lots of photo related items on that list. my kids have gotten to the point that they ask if they should pose in case it goes in the blog

  29. Hahaha this is so funny. My daughter now wants me to video everything she does 😉

  30. Haha! This is all so true! My poor husband!


  31. Ok, I died laughing, but sadly it is so true! My husband is going to get such a big kick out of this one!!

  32. This is so true. When I say I talked to my friend my husband now asks if this is someone I have met in real life and if I really talked or was the “talking ” really a Facebook chat.

  33. That is totally hilarious! I think I’ll be laughing about it more in the coming days! I can only relat to the number 10. Well, at least for now. 😉

  34. OMG, I YES’d through this whole thing, so hilarious. Love it!

  35. How true is this! My husband is thankful that I blog because I actually cook now BUT he gets irritated that I take 100 pictures of a plate of food before giving him his plate.

  36. Love #10… and that the entire family has gotten used to it!! Great post 🙂

  37. So true! #4 made me laugh becasue I had this happen in August. Couldn’t enjoy the game becasue I was too busy taking pics, lol!

  38. AHAHAHAHAHA! That’s AWESOME! This is the best post I’ve ever read, bar-none. Every one of these totally true and totally NOT exaggerated.

  39. This is too funny! And oh so true! Love it! 🙂

  40. This is SO ACCURATE! haha! My husband would probably say the same things!!

  41. These could also work for how to tell if you’re dating a blogger. This was a fun post, thanks for sharing.

  42. LOL I love this and it’s all so very true!!

  43. This is great! I just read these to my husband, and in between the laughter, all I heard was, “Yep.”

  44. LOL I love. Maybe your boys should right a post saying what it is like to have a mom for a blogger. My husband sympathizes with yours.

  45. So very true. Sorry to hear about #9 though. Thankfully, being a food & travel blogger, beer, wine, and whiskey are often on the schedule of events 🙂

  46. My husband definitely could relate to this. He is trained not to take a bite of food until I have taken pictures from every angle!

  47. This is hilarious! I’m totally sharing this with my husband!! 🙂

  48. LMAO! All of these are so true! Love it.

  49. LOL. I love this so much. This list is so true.

  50. LOL. I love this. Great job on this today Chris.

  51. Great post! I remember my husband asking me once if I had to photo document EVERY SINGLE thing that happened in our lives. My short and simple answer? Yes…

  52. LOL so true! My kids ask before they eat, mama do you need to take a photo of this or can we eat? LOL

  53. These are hilarious! So, number 6 is me totally… but number 4 is the one that I really laughed about. We are going to a football game this weekend and my husband says… “so you won’t actually be watching the game at all, right?”. Ummm, nope! haha

  54. Lol! This is awesome and sounds so true to me. I actually just talked my husband into starting a blog recently and now he sounds like me too lol. He’s like Hey, I’m working here.. I love it.

  55. Haha, Kyle and I were just talking about this yesterday. Though we’re not married, I’ll bounce ideas off of him, and he basically just agrees with what I say because he doesn’t know the blogging world.

  56. This is a funny list and so true! I have been trying to get my daughter to start a blog, so we can talk shop all day long. Haha

  57. My hubs has felt the pain of number four for sure. Hahaha!

  58. Great post! I can’t count how many times my husband has asked, “Are you taking another picture?” Yep. Sure am.

  59. So funny and yet SO very true! My poor husband!

  60. Hahaha very funny. I am not married but I can say that 10,3 and 2 are mine. I probably wouldn’t call myself a social media consultant I do call myself a YouTuber since that’s where I got my start.

  61. Literally… Laughed hard at this one. Great job 😀

  62. You certainly nailed it! It’s so funny to hear my husband scolding my kids about “don’t touch those cookies! Mom hasn’t taken a picture yet!” lol

  63. This is so great! I am sure many, many husbands (and wives) can relate!

  64. My children have picked up on the food pictures quickly as well!

  65. LOL! This is too funny and all of these are so true.

  66. This is so me! I think I’ve taken more pictures of my kids this year than most parents do in their children’s entire lives!

  67. number 2 and number 3 are so me. I curse but not do to someone not commenting I curse do to html or xtml not playing nice or my stats are lower then I thought they should be or my social media followers unfollow and re follow back social media consultant is one I’ve not called my self maybe that’s the newbie blogger in me but this list gave me a chuckle thanks for the giggle I really did LOL.

  68. That is so funny… so very true… so not funny… but funny too…

  69. LOL Oh so true. I can totally relate to each and everyone! LOL…. And my hubby will agree.

  70. Yep all true. My husband would say many of these. I also agree with that first commentor too lol… The mail man delivers other people packages to us by habit.

  71. Haha! So funny. Yes on the pictures of everything!

  72. You seriously crack me up! These are all so true, I think I’m the only blogger who doesn’t call themselves a social media consultant. LOL

  73. LOL – so true. My whole family knows not to eat anything until pics have been taken. My hubby tells people “We cannot even eat a new meal until she takes a picture!”

  74. I had to laugh at these. There are so many times I won’t let my Hubs eat until I take a picture of his food. Most of them I never use.

  75. I love this! My husband read it and said YEP pretty much nail on head! Haha! Love it

  76. LOVE your 10 ways to know that you are married to a blogger. I saw it circulating around my social media sites but had not clicked to read, yet. Glad I did today! Love all of them especially that they are “social media consultants” … lol

  77. This is funny, and true. When we go out my husband always asks, do you need to photograph this first? Or in my review closet in our room he’ll ask when it’s safe to use the products, or eat the candy I was mailed. He knows I have to photograph everything first. My kids are onto me too. They know I’m a blogger.

  78. hahaha, so funny and oh so true. i was just saying yesterday about the fork in the road because GPS said turn at the fork.

  79. haha I love this. My husband would add that every awesome opportunity like a game/event is normally provided for by a company to be on the blog. No we did not save up for it. He also says that he agrees they have all these friends and has known them for years and never once met. I even had a momwriters group throw me a baby shower and even pack him care packages when he was at war but we’d never met any of them but I consider many family.

  80. My husband hates that I blog all throughout movies.

  81. This is funny. My boyfriend is supportive of me, well most of the time!

  82. What a great post and so true. My family is so used to mom having to take so many pictures.

  83. The phone charger thing is so true! My husband also complains that I never cook and eat dinner. I cook, photograph THEN eat dinner.

  84. That is hilarious. I hope I am not following those blogger trademarks.

  85. I can totally relate to #10! I’m always getting strange looks from people. ~lol~

    HilLesha O’Nan

  86. This is too funny. I swear my Mister could have written this post himself, except the baseball part. When we are at the game we take 2 pictures and we watch the game! Baseball is serious business. LOL

  87. Hahahahaa! This is hilarious and so very true!

  88. These are definitely true. I had to chuckle at these because they are so true.

  89. LOL! Love this… actually I need to have my hubby read this, he’ll agree 🙂

  90. This is funny yet true…Especially the being on the phone so much…I literally do have to charge my phone close to every hour.

  91. Well done. Very funny. I totally need to start making my hubby write some of my posts. Love it!

  92. So very true – and I agree with number 11 too.

  93. Laughed all the way through this!!! Mr. Mashed Up could have wrote this post–he agrees with all of the points. lol

  94. Giggling about recharging the phone a lot. These days I have to carry two boost sticks so I don’t run out of battery.

  95. Hahaha, most of these are so true for my husband and me. I am definitely sharing this article with him because he will get a kick out of it.

  96. lol, that list sounds about right. Good on you guys for sticking to it and supporting each other.

  97. Love this post. Numbers 10 and 4 are oh-so-true. Gotta take pictures of absolutely everything!!! Food especially! 🙂

  98. This is hilarious! All of them are so true!

  99. I started dating the FedEx man… seriously. After 2 years of deliveries, he asked me out! Love this post… sharing <3

  100. Hahaha! Yep, you nailed it and there are a lot of families out there nodding their heads.

  101. Number 10 is so true. I take pictures of my meals quite often, especially when I try a brand new recipe.I also don’t like it when people don’t comment on my blog posts!

  102. haha! It’s true and makes me laugh all at the same time.

  103. This was funny! But, you have to add number 11 to the list…that one cracked me up. 🙂

  104. That is funny! Love the one about the baseball game & food pics – sounds about right 🙂

  105. Hilarious! And so true! My son is starting to develope food tasting faces for the blog. But that would be 10 ways to know how your mom is a blogger 😉

  106. My hubby would agree with this post! LOL

  107. hahahaha Chris is too funny but my husband can probably add a few more on this list and totally agree with him 🙂

  108. Thanks to your husband for this post! I couldn’t stop laughing, cause it’s all so true!

  109. My husband would totally laugh at this. We had dinner last night and I had to stop and take pictures of everythinggg! Hey, at least I will have an awesome scrapbook when I’m older of all our little mundane moments.

  110. Hah, #10. My husband has sat patiently at the dinner table while the food starts to cool as I snap 100 photos trying to get the perfect shot. One time I even took his plate away because it looked so good on the plate I had to take a picture first.

  111. haha!! Dead on. I need to show this to my husband because he thinks Im nuts whenever I take a billion pictures of each meal, or when I charge my phone nonstop!

  112. 1 way to find that you have an awesome husband. THEY WRITE A GUEST POST FOR YOU! Mine does not. He was supposed to write up a post about him taking the kids ice fishing. He only had 2 more sentences until he was finished he said. He never finished it. -.-

  113. This is so funny and OH so true! My husband laughed at this because it is so his life!

  114. My husband would agree wtih all of the above! He even owns a shirt that says “My wife is blogging this”. Thanks.

  115. Love this. Just sent it to my husband! And love your blog (also a fellow Masshole)

  116. SNORT … lol love it!! My husb always says to people don’t worry she’s just a blogger .. lol

  117. ha, this is too funny! Oh and SOOOO true! 🙂

  118. Haha! I actually laughed on this post! Especially no. 5! Every bloggers knows that! And oh, I haven’t attended any events, because I’m a work at home mom. And correct, knew a 100 bloggers, but nope! I haven’t met any one of them lol. XD

  119. Haha, This is so funny! I totally love this. Thank you for sharing!! =)