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11 Hidden Disney Secrets

Are you a self-proclaimed Disney nut? There are so many secrets and tips to learn that you could never know them all. Before your trip to Disney Land in California or Disney World in Orlando, brush up on your Disney knowledge.

1. There are two lanterns in the window of the Hall of Presidents. These lanterns reference Paul Revere’s Ride, a poem about how the revolutionaries lit two lanterns if the British came by sea.

2. Want a behind-the-scenes peek of the park? There are underground and backstage tours that you can book. You can even check out Epcot Gardens, where hybrid fruits and veggies are grown, some in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

3. Wonder how staff members and the Disney cast get around the park without being spotted? There are underground tunnels that they use to move between different areas of the park. Otherwise, characters from Tomorrowland would have to pass through Frontier Land!

4. There are Smellitizers throughout Disney, which are machines that emit smells that are perfect for the specific area. For example, Main Street always smells like vanilla and baked cookies. The Pirates of the Caribbean line always smells salty, like water.

5. You could spend all of your time looking for hidden Mickey heads; there are 800 of them hidden! To spot some quickly, look up their location before your trip, at the same time when you’re searching for affordable hotels in Orlando.

6. Main Street in the Magic Kingdom is based on America circa 1910. Tomorrowland was designed with 1986 in mind. Both of these dates were picked because those are the years when you could see Halley’s Comet from Earth. The next appearance of Halley’s Comet will be in 2061.

7. There are many abandoned areas of Disney Land, as well as Discovery Island, an abandoned wildlife attraction in Disney World. Bacteria was discovered and the plans had to be left behind. In 1976, River Country opened in Disney World, but closed in 2001 because the natural water was dangerous.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask the conductor at Main Street Station if you can catch a ride upfront! The same goes for the pilot on the Mark Twain boat.

9. On the Great Movie Ride, try to find Donald, Mickey, R2-D2, and C-3PO in the hieroglyphics in the Indian Jones part.

10. Two big problems in Disney Land are rodents and cats. They were unsuccessful in scaring away the feral cats, so they put them to work. The cats keep the rats out of the park, and as a “thank you,” they’re spayed, given shots, and fed.

11. There’s a private club, called Club 33, in the New Orleans Square section of Disney Land. There’s a ten-year wait for members. This is the only spot in the park that allows alcohol. Plus, its members have exclusive access to various areas of the park, such as the wheelhouse in the Mark Twain riverboat.

Keep a running list of the small details you want to check out during your trip. When you come upon an attraction, you’ll have something to refer to that will remind you of what you want to spot.

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  149 Responses to “11 Hidden Disney Secrets”

  1. Fun tips! We absolutely love Disney World and have been there several times. I didn’t know the one about cats at Disney Land.

  2. I had a lot of fun reading this, made me feel like a kid all over again. It just makes Disney World more interesting – I would definitely want to see that tunnel & spot all 800 hidden mickeys!

  3. These are great secrets to know if we ever make it back to Disney! I love the Smellitizer. No wonder I was craving cookies at that particular spot! 🙂

  4. This is great and being that we are going this summer, I can’t thank you enough for sharing 😉

  5. I am happy to read number 3,10 and 11. Love everything Disney and even as an adult, I appreciate a trip in Disneyland. Thanks for this list.

  6. These are awesome tips! A bunch of my friends worked at Disney when I lived in Orlando, so I would always here this secret and that, but I never knew anything about Disney Land, and that Club 33 thing sounds awesome!

  7. I would love to see those underground tunnels! Behind the scenes things really fascinate me. Interesting tidbit about the cats and rats, but what a great natural solution to a problem!

  8. I’ve never really thought about how characters travel through the park. But now I want to see these underground tunnels!!

  9. Wow. I never knew these! I’ve only been once, and I imagine we’ll take our boys there someday. thanks!

  10. I so wish I had known all of this when we visited last month! It would have been fun to share some of the hidden secrets with the kiddos!

  11. Disney is one my favorite parks. I never tire of visiting.

  12. I love disney! I had no idea you can book an underground tour though! Fun!

    • I agree a underground tour would really be fun. I know my hubby would really enjoy it. Learning how everything works at Disney would be really interesting.

  13. Yup, I knew all these! if you love hidden Mickeys my friend Steve Barrett wrote the book on them. Just Google Hidden Mickey Guy!

  14. Cool info! I never would have guessed they had a cat problem. It’s good that they take care of them though.

  15. I keep reading about all those DIsney stuff in your blog and can’t wait to get our own experience thereee…

  16. I once read a book about a group of people surviving an EMP attack by living in the underground tunnels of Disney until things calmed down. How perfect would that be?

    • Wow, I had never heard of that book before, but it sounds like something I would like to read! I didn’t even know that Disney had underground tunnels, it’s fascinating!

  17. We are a Disney family, these are great tips! I didn’t know about #11.

  18. We are huge Disney fans! Love this list and definitely pinning!

  19. I love Disney so anything i find out works for me.. Next time i will look out for these hidden treasures (not secrets)

  20. Oh how fun! I had no idea any of this! We’ve never been to Disney so this is all so great to know! #4 and #10 are especially interesting!

  21. These are just too cool! We did see the fruit shaped like Mickey, but I didn’t know about some of the other things!

  22. It’s always fun to learn new Disney trivia facts! I’ll be on the lookout for the cats if we ever get to Disneyland!

  23. That looks like fun. I’m sure my sister to would love this post. She loves Disney.

  24. I knew there were lots of hidden Mickey’s but 800! It would be fun to try to find them all.

  25. I had just recently heard about #2, but I didn’t know most of the others on the list! Hoping we can book a trip to Disney Land soon!

  26. I knew about a few of these hidden Disney secrets, but not about most of them! lol We did in fact try to find some hidden Mickeys during our last visit and maybe spotted about 20! lol

  27. I have never been to Disney Land and I had no ideas that they had an issue with feral cats! I love that Disney is spaying and neutering them and taking care of them. It just melts my heart!

  28. What a fun post! We haven’t been to Disney in a while but this was really great to read – who knew there was so many secrets?

  29. Disneyland is one word 🙂 I’m a huge Disney buff and there were 2 of those I wasn’t familiar with!

  30. What fun tid-bits! You got me with hybrid veggies and the Smellitizers… I don’t suppose they are using essential oils for those… that would just be awesome!

  31. I am a bit of a Disney nut, so I love all these insider secrets! Thanks for boosting my Disney trivia skills!

  32. I’m not a disney person but I love the idea of the smellizers!

  33. My sis and family are going at the end of the year. Gonna send her these awesome trivia! I think she’d like the backstage tour!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  34. I didn’t know there were 800 heads and all those cats! I love it!

  35. I had known about the smells being emitted. It totally works. Every time I walk down Main Street, I want treats.

  36. Fun insider secrets to know about Disney. Love learning that kind of stuff.

  37. These are great. Perfect for when we visit next!

  38. Some of these I knew, many I didn’t. I wonder if they get cats on the rides.

  39. I didn’t know about these Disney secrets. It is so much fun to find out things we didn’t know about the magic kingdom.

    • I think so too! It is exciting ti get some insider information to such a popular place. I had head rumors about the underground tunnels but the other things were a complete surprise!

  40. All of these fun facts were well… fun! I’ve lived in Florida my whole life and I consider myself to know a whole heck of a lot about Disney, but I didn’t know half of what was on this list. Very cool stuff.

  41. I had no idea, despite having beento Disney World first the year it opened and other times, too!

  42. Wow, I didn’t know about any of these! I would love to visit Main Street, that sounds awesome!

  43. I didn’t know smellitizers existed. If they had one for the house ours would be bbq hahaha

  44. I knew about some of these behind the scenes secrets like the scents, why the make the foot traffic flow in a certain directions….there is research behind all of it. The school I used to teach at had all of us go to a Disney training on how to make our business (it was a charter school) as successful as Disney. Strange, but interesting all at once.

  45. I didn’t know about the smellitizers. That is so neat!

  46. We’ve only been to Tokyo Disneyland. I wonder if they have those secrets, too.

  47. Thanks for sharing all these gems, I never knew any of them. How cool that there are underground tunnels there! 🙂

  48. I love the lore of Disney. When I was a kid my mom sent me and my brother on one of the all day backstage tours. It was really interesting. We got to go underground and to see where the characters get their costumes in this giant dry laundry service.

  49. That’s cool. We are going to Disney next Summer. I would love to take a tour of the Gardens in Epcot.

  50. I’ve never been to any of the Disneylands in the world. This list makes me want to book a plane now! 🙂

  51. Very interesting facts. I didn’t know about the Mickey heads.

  52. I’ve been to Disney many times, but I didn’t know any of these secrets. I didn’t even know about the underground tunnels. Fascinating!

  53. Oh neat, I had no idea about some of these! We haven’t been to a Disney park yet, but we are working on saving up for one!

  54. Fun learning this Disney trivia. I wondered how Disney staff got around the property unnoticed.

  55. One of these trips down there I need to spend some time and explore this kind of thing. I love all the fun secrets!

  56. I love Disney! We are always looking out for new Hidden Mickeys we have never seen before

  57. Yes, I knew all of these! While I would LOVE a look inside club 33, it’s more expensive than even many movie stars can afford!

  58. I sure learned something new, I didn’t know about some of these hidden secrets. I’ve always wanted to go on the underground tour though.

  59. I love learning all the fun secrets about Disney. I can’t wait to take my kids back this summer!

  60. We picked up a book on our last trip about hidden Mickey heads. There are now number into the 1000’s!

  61. That Is really neat I didn’t know half of these. I didn’t know about the smells.

  62. That is so much fun! I had no idea there were 800 hidden Mickey heads at Disney. I’ll be doing some detective work next time we’re there.

  63. I had heard about the tunnels! And the smells! They are very strong and they certainly do make me hungry for cookies.. not gonna lie.
    The cats and rats! So cool.

  64. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve been to Disney dozens of times, but I didn’t know about most of these.

  65. I love hearing little known facts about thing, especially Disney! I think it’s great that they’re using the cats to keep the rats out!

  66. This is great information. I have always wanted to do the behind the scenes tour at Disney.

  67. Awesome facts. I have been “Backstage”. Never knew that about the river one.

  68. I don’t think I knew any of these facts. What fun tidbits to learn. Thanks for sharing them.

  69. These are all awesome hidden secrets at Disney for sure. If I ever get there again I will have to get the past for back stage and underground tunnels. Thanks for sharing.

  70. Those are amazing. I would love to ask conductor about a ride in the front. My kids will be thrilled if they tried it

  71. These are great tips for my next trip to Disney. I did not know most of these. I am hoping to go in the next year or two.

  72. I have never been to Disney, but I am really interested in its history! I love these facts!

  73. So many interesting facts about Disney! I am not surprised there are areas no longer viable and I think a behind the scenes tour would be really cool!

  74. Those are amazing secrets. I did not know about Mickey head. I am sure my daughter would love it next time we visit

  75. What a cool post! LOVE the secret underground tunnels that the characters use to get around the park!

  76. Wow, what neat tips. I will have to remember them if I ever make a trip to Disney Land.

  77. I won’t get the chance to go to Disney this year since we did our annual passes last year and we are doing Universal but my friends all go to Disney, I will share this post with them! Thanks!

  78. Who knew there were this many secrets, I’ve been to Disney quite a few times. Though, I never knew about these, how interesting!

  79. I am a huge Disney fan but have never been to Disney World! You are making me want to go right now just so I can check out all of the “secret stuff”!!

  80. One of my friends goes to Disney every year and I must share this with her.

  81. I love to find little bits like these. That’s cool that they take care of the cats. 🙂

  82. I love learning little secrets about places I love. Disney is the best!

  83. Thanks so much, I knew some of these but, love finding out new things about Disney.

  84. I love anything to do with Disney, I think it’s great how they use Smellitizers for each area, I love Vanilla!

  85. These are some super awesome facts! I haven’t ever thought I was a Disney trivia nut, but I’m so interested now I just might turn out to be.

  86. This is the coolest thing I have read all day! I am DYING to see the food that they have engineered to grow looking like mickey…and how awesome would it be to get a pass to that club! Really cool secrets to learn about!

  87. I’m ready for my Disney vacation (I guess I better take the hubs and our son, LOL). Love the secrets aspect of it! Fun!

  88. Oh I think I would love to take the tours of the Epcot Gardens! That would be so much fun. I have always wanted to see it and the backstage too!

  89. Oh my gosh I had no idea there were so many hidden mickeys! That’s crazy.

  90. Oh my goodness, how very cool. I had no clue. This is the coolest thing ever. Thanks so much for sharing.

  91. These are really fun tips for Disney. I am going to be there next year. I will have to check these out.

  92. I love to read about Disney secrets. I always discover one more things that was not aware of.

  93. I did not know a lot of these! Thanks for sharing!

  94. I’ve never been to Disneyland, and honestly have no intention of ever going. But I know a lot of people who are “Disney nuts.” I wonder how many of these they know about!

  95. I have always wanted to visit Disney World, but I’m afraid I’d have sensory overload once I do visit. Sounds like there is much to do there in so little time! 🙂

  96. What fun tips! I had no idea about the cats at Disneyland.

  97. I have never been to Disneyland so had no idea about the cats and rats. That makes total sense!!

  98. What a great list. Disney can be costly, but the memories are so worth it.

  99. A few of these secrets I already knew and we love looking for the hidden Mickey heads whenever we’re there.

  100. I would love to take a underground tour – I think that would be very very interesting. I know my hubby would love to see how they make the part function.

  101. So much cool information! I was just at Disneyland last week and we were constantly on the search for Hidden Mickey’s!

  102. Wow! I didn’t realize there were so many hidden facets to Disney Land and Disney World! Seeing the behind the scenes stuff would be an absolute treat!

  103. You have to be impressed with how hard the company works to make the Disney Land/World experience authentic! I mean, underground tunnels so characters aren’t seen outside of their “zones”? Making each area smell right? They should be lauded for this kind of stuff!

  104. What an awesome post! I had no idea Disneyland had so many secrets!

  105. I love when I get to find out secret info about things. This is also why I love the trivia section of imdb

  106. I love visiting Walt Disney World and looking for all the hidden Mickey’s. I don’t know if I’ll ever find all 800, though!

  107. THanks for sharing these…we won’t be going to Disney anytime soon but when the kids are bigger and we go, I’ll remember these!

  108. Very cool post about Disney’s hidden secrets – my hubby also found it interesting – we’ll have to check out more – Thx Robin

  109. I never knew about the hidden secrets. Next time I am there I will have to look for them.

  110. Very cool! I didn’t know all this! I have heard about the underground tunnels before.

  111. OMGoodness…hybrid fruits and veggies in the shape of Mickey – THAT sounds really cool! And, I love the hidden secret about the 800 hidden Mickey heads.

  112. I’ve heard about those underground Tours .. and yes! I’ve always wondered how people move around undetected

  113. I was kinda wondering how all the cast members got around! I didn’t even know about the underground tunnels!

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  115. What a cool post about Disney. We have never been and not sure if we will ever be able to go in our life time but if we do I’m remembering these secrets.

  116. Ah so many awesome tips about Disney. I’ll keep these in mind if I ever visit 🙂

  117. I am starting to plan our trip to Disneyland now. So exciting!

  118. Mind blown! I wanna be on the 10 year waiting list for Club 33! That is so cool this list is amazing!!!

  119. Love it! These are amazing to know! I can share these secrets to my kida while we tour Disneyland.

  120. It will never cease to amaze me that this all came from one man’s vision. What an imagination he had!

  121. Who would have thought that there were so many secrets. I always wondered how characters were able to get around the park without being in wrong scenes.

  122. This is an awesome compilation of Disneyland trivia! Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed reading it and finding out the facts and historical stories behind the scenes!

  123. I love the idea of the smellitizers! I need to find a way to use that to sell our house. Fresh baked bread in the kitchen … freshly mowed grass in the front yard …

  124. I love learning all these secrets. I’d love to spend more time on our next trip looking for Hidden Mickeys.

  125. I’m a passholder and some of these were still new to me. Great fun!

  126. Hehehe when I lived in Florida, I had afew cast member friends and it was a game the cast members would play to find hidden Mickeys & they would get super competitive about it lol

  127. WOW! it’s nice knowing these hidden Disney Secrets. I’ll try to look for them when I visit Disneyland.

  128. take me to Disneeeey…a big fan since kid, my kids love the, too. We have explored the European one in Paris and cant wait to see the original one here. Thanks for the tips..

  129. I knew most of these, but the Comet one is news to me! Love that Disney took an interest in science

  130. I like Disney movies and it’s interesting to learn all these. What do you mean by “ten-year” wait for members? Is it like shortlisting the members who will they consider to join?

  131. I love learning all of these fun facts! We were ate Disneyland just a couple weeks ago and saw people walking into Club 33, so crazy!

  132. Glad you shared those facts. Visiting Disney is definitely on our bucket list. We were actually talking about it over the weekend.

  133. Informational overload! That is something I had no idea about. The underground tunnels. Are you serious?

  134. This is super duper awesome. I’ve heard so many stories about people finding little secrets. It does not surprise me that the attraction has them considering the movies are full of them.

  135. What awesome hidden secrets! Can’t wait to visit Disney again!

  136. WELL no wonder I was always HUNGRY on main street! The tunnels have to be so cool!

  137. I’ve never been to Disney, but my boyfriend talks about it all the time. Just the other day he was telling me about the “Smellitizers” haha! There were some new things in there too, I’m forwarding this to him 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  138. I want to take a behind the scenes tour so bad!

  139. This is so amazing. I didn’t even know they grow hyrid fruit so cool. I can’t wait to go to Disney again to check out some of these cool stuff.

  140. I knew that there were a ton of secrets at both Disney parks. We went to Disney in FL in 10 and had a great time. The kids loved visiting the parks. My favorite parks were Epcot and Universal Studios (it rained that day and we didn’t get to do everything).