Jun 252014

15 4th of July Recipes

Will you be having a 4th of July celebration this year? Need some recipe inspiration? Well then I have a round up for you! Below are 15 amazing 4th of July recipes that are sure to wow your guest and keep their tummies happy! The Firecracker Cakelettes are too cool and the layered drink will be a big hit!

  1. Fourth of July Tart (PICTURED)
  2. Firecracker Cakelettes
  3. 4th of July Brownie Bites
  4. Party Jello
  5. Layered Drink
  6. Firework Inspired Cupcakes (PICTURED)
  7. Patriotic S’mores (PICTURED)
  8. Spangled Sandwich Pops
  9. 4th of July Bark
  10. Patriotic Pudding Cups
  11. Red White & Blue Candy Apples
  12. Marshmallow Firecrackers (PICTURED)
  13. Firework Cake
  14. 4th of July Cheesecake Bites
  15. Patriotic Trifle (PICTURED)

Which recipe is your favorite? Tell me below!

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  1. I want some of those Cheesecake bites please! Pretty please.

  2. I am for the cheesecake bites also. The marshmallow one would be fun!

  3. I love festive desserts, I don’t usually make them but once in awhile, I get creative.

  4. I want to try that patriotic bark! Nice list of recipes you have here.

  5. I want to make the chocolate bark for sure and keep seeing it crop up wherever I go now on the internet!!

  6. there are so many fun ways to make patriotic foods. we have several we do- i like quick and easy recipes!

  7. Thanks for the recipes…pinned to my July 4th Board. I am having a party for the 4th so these will come in handy!

  8. Those are all so yummy! This is a great collection!

  9. It totally makes me want to throw a party! These are such cute ideas!

  10. This will help my 4th of July party! THanks so much!!!!

  11. Love! What awesome ways to celebrate- food is always king of our celebrations!

  12. They all look amazing! What a great variety!

  13. I make something like the patriotic trifle every year. I LOVE berries and coolwhip together!

  14. I so have to share this post with my sister. She throws a 4th of July Party every years. This will help us with some new ideas!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. I love cheesecake so would have to go with the cheesecake bites as my favorite.

  16. Oh man!! What super yummy recipes! My daughter is going to be 3 this year and I am so excited about the 4th of July!

  17. What a fun bunch of recipes! I bet my kids would enjoy making the marshmallow firecrackers.

  18. Love the colors and all the fresh fruit. Too yummy and pretty!

  19. These all look amazing! OMG. I love the Marshmallow Firecrackers. So cute.

  20. Yummy! We’re not throwing a party this year, because Hubby is literally coming home the day before after being gone for 8 months…and we’re moving 5 days later! BUT I still want to make something festive, just because.

  21. Great ideas! We almost always host parties around the 4th(and most weekends) since moving on the lake.

  22. I love Patriotic Food!! I am a huge sucker for cheesecake so I want to try the 4th of July Cheesecake Bites!

  23. oooh the cheesecake bites look really yummy – thx for the roundup!

  24. OH!! can I still have that layered drink, even if I am not American? I know the anthem!! 🙂

  25. I LOVE cooking for Independence Day it’s SO fun playing with the Red, White and Blue theme! I LOVE how the cupcakes look like fireworks! I want to try that this year!

  26. Thanks for sharing these recipes. I am looking for something new to bring along with us this year.

  27. Those marshmallow firecrackers are SO fun! My son will love them!

  28. Great inspiration here! I’ve dipped marshmallows before – they are so easy! And I like the idea of them being more than one on a stick – I might try this one for the kiddos at the party!

  29. We got stuff at the grocery store last night to make one of the flag cakes. I wonder what else we can do… I’m going to go clicking around those sites and see.

  30. Those are all such GREAT ideas. I love that pie!

  31. Great list of ideas. I can’t believe it is next week. This will make it a lot easier to get ready.

  32. That pie looks amazing. I need to try it.

  33. Wow! Those ideas are lovely. I’m definitely thinking about whipping up some of those marshmallow firecrackers. Yum! 🙂

  34. I love a good quick and easy recipe. I especially like a quick and easy recipe that is themed and is party perfect… because as a hostess I like for people to think I worked way harder on my parties than I actually did 😉

  35. I feel like I have had ZERO inspiration for making 4th Of July treats this year! I love how you gave me a list of yummy things to make or at least attempt to make 🙂 Have to make those cute marshmallow skewers for the kids!

  36. So many great choices — I have to figure out which one to start with!!

  37. Those cupcakes look cool! I’d love to make those for a 4th of July party.

  38. Those cheesecake bites look perfect for the party we’re going to! What a great linkup of patriotic recipes!

  39. Wow! Some awesome ways to celebrate the forth of July! Great recipes.

  40. We always have a BBQ for the 4th.. Any help with something new is great.. thanks!

  41. What a great selection, we throw a pretty big bash each year so these will come in handy!

  42. The cheesecake bites sound really yummy!!!! Awesome list.

  43. That is an awesome list! We will use some of these for our party.

  44. ohh my those firework cupcakes are so cute, that would be classroom perfect!!

  45. All of these look delicious. The tart and the trifle look especially yummy.

  46. Alll great ideas! I love the firecracker cakelettes! too pretty!

  47. I love the firecracker cupcake, Robin! I might make those for my own party.

  48. the party jello seems like it would be fun to eat! I would love to make that.

  49. I think the Cheesecake Bites look really tempting. I just love anything with the word cheesecake in it. I’m sure my kids will love the Red, White & Blue candied apple. You shared a really good likt with us. Thanks

  50. Looks like great things to enjoy for the 4th. Thanks for the great recipes.

  51. I love festive, holiday desserts. I can’t wait to make some of these.

  52. So much fun. In the past, our BBQ were just piling as much meat in the smoker as you could and relaxing. Now, my husband and his mom go to that side of the family and stay at a cousins. He has a lot of acres and everyone camps out. His dad and step mom do some traveling and my mom generally has to work. I actually enjoy my 2-4 days of peace and quite and stay home!

  53. Thanks for this great list of recipes for the 4th! I have been looking for something different to make this year!

  54. So much deliciousness! I love the looks of that berry tart, yummy

  55. My fave would be the brownie bites, I can’t say no to brownies!

  56. I love trifle and the photo of the Patriotic Trifle looks amazing, I’ve been looking for a recipe to try. Thank you for sharing. I can not wait to make this very soon.

  57. The s’mores kit is perfect for the 4th as we usually have a fire!

  58. That pie with the stars on top is too cute! Thanks for the many great ideas! Looks like I’m going to have to plan a 4th of July party!

  59. The Patriotic Trifle definitely gets my vote! I love the combination of strawberries and blueberries in sour cream with bit of cake thrown in–actually for me–you could leave out the cake. It looks and sounds yummy.

  60. I absolutely love all of these! Thanks for sharing!

  61. I love finding fun patriotic recipes for the Fourth of July! The trifle sounds awesome because it is so simple.

  62. The patriotic trifle looks amazing! That would be my pick, my whole family loves whipped cream!

  63. I LOVE CUPCAKES!!!! Sorry, got a little too excited when I saw those awesome cupcakes in the picture. I struggle with 4th of July stuff, always have and I don’t know why. It’s one of those awkward “what do I do?!” holidays for me- but this post is super helpful with ideas!

  64. I’m definitely going to have to try the fireworks cake. That looks like it would be great. Lots of goodies here!

  65. I love how creative people can be, especially when it comes to holidays! All those recipes look super patriotic and extremely delicious 🙂

  66. My third visit here today…because I had to start the whole pinning thing (and you know how that goes). 🙂

  67. My go to dessert is cupcakes, followed by cookies. I love the red/white/blue marshmallows in the picture!

  68. The Red White and Blue Candy Apples look too good to be true. So festive and one of my favorites.

  69. Those are some awesome recipes and a few I just have to try are there as well. Thanks for sharing.

  70. Oh my goodness, 4th of July Bark? Really? Yummy! I love any holiday when we can eat fun things, ha!

  71. My kids would love the Patriotic smores! Beautiful round up

  72. You know what I love about 4th of July food. I just got to take the blue out to make it work here.

  73. Those look yummy – I espec. love trifles 🙂

    my mom’s friend used to make one like that when I was little that I loved 🙂

  74. All of these look amazing especially the red, white and blue marshmallows!

  75. Great compilation of tasty patriotic desserts. I am not sure if we are doing any celebrations this year, but if so, I will definitely use this as a reference for some treats to make!

  76. Those red white and blue marshmallows are some of my favs!

  77. Oh the marshmallow firecrackers look so cute!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  78. mmm! These recipes look yummy. Thank you for sharing.

  79. Wow they all sound and look great! I’m not sure which one I’d start with!

  80. Honestly, I can’t choose a favorite. Those cheesecake bites sound amazing though!

  81. Aww, I love all of them! I remember the fun 4th of July parties my parents would throw!

  82. Those all look amazing! Ready for the 4th!

  83. That Fourth of July Tart looks delicious and very doable. Plus, I love the fruit which is so refreshing on warm summer nights.

  84. How very patriotic of you:) I am working on a gluten-free version of this for Friday!

  85. I love how the berries pie look just by adding some blueberries, raspberries and cookies it looks so amazing,

  86. I am so excited for the fourth! It is by far my favorite holiday!

  87. I’m not sure if I’ll be making any food or goodies for 4th of July, but all those recipes sure look yummy.

  88. Fireworks inspired cupcakes are so tempting and yumm looking. I hope I can recreate them

  89. I’m always so impressed with how creative people can be when it comes to holiday foods like this. I try to create a 4th of July recipe and my creativity is just adding red and blue m&m’s into cookies.

  90. These are awesome. Thanks for the great list of recipes!

  91. YUMMY! Blue is my favorite color so I have a preference for this holiday…fun blue desserts and treats all day!

  92. These are amazing recipes for the 4th of July, I’m a huge fan of the patriotic s’mores.

  93. Great roundup of 4th of July recipes! Loving the cheesecake bites!

  94. Those cupcakes look amazing. However, the pudding cups are my favorite.

  95. I’d love some of those patriotic smokes! How fun and bet the kids would love them, too! Great ideas for the 4th of July weekend!

  96. those recipes look super dupeer yummy…I haven’t really used my kitchen up till now, just moved in to our house and can’t wait to try those yummy recipes…:)..

  97. I havent even had the chance to think about 4th of july! I love those ideas!

  98. These are so cute, I need to try some. Can’t believe the 4th is so close!

  99. Those are some great looking desserts. Perfect fro 4th of july! I love how colorful and patriotic they are

  100. I would love the cheesecake bites, my favorite food!

  101. This is a great collection of recipes! Thanks so much for including my dipped marshmallows.

  102. The Marshmallow Firecrackers are such a cute and safe July 4th treat. I can def make some of those.

  103. Every 4th of July I try to make something red, white, and blue that is food related. These seem like some spectacular ideas, especially the red white and blue apples!

  104. So yummy and pretty! Give me one of each!

  105. I would love to try the firework inspired cupcakes! Yum!

  106. These all look like such great recipes, how could someone choose just one? It’s a great page to bookmark for reference all summer!

  107. I love fourth of July desserts cause they are always usually made with fresh berries . So good.

  108. I have been looking for new recipes for my 4th of July picnic.

  109. I can’t choose a favorite either. I do love cheesecake though.

  110. I just love patriotic treats. These are all so festive. Great roundup!

  111. I have to try the Firecracker Cakelets. They are super cute. Everything looks so good!

  112. I like the sound of patriotic s’mores. I will definitely be checking them out.

  113. These recipes look delicious and they are perfect for making sure you plan a festive gathering for the Fourth of July.

  114. These recipes looks delicious! Thank you for sharing

  115. Love all of these ideas! I don’t know if we’re actually going to a party this year, but I could totally make some just for us!

  116. We don’t usually party on July 4th. We do however, go over to our local township park for fireworks later in the night. Right now I am really tempted to try out the firecracker cupcakeletes.

  117. We don’t do the 4th of July over here but I wouldn’t mind tucking into those recipes. x

  118. My moms birthday is July 4. I am going to have to make a couple of these for her birthday 🙂

  119. Those firework cupcakes are amazing!! I would love to make them if I have time.

  120. i am definitely bookmarking these for next year!