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teacher appreciation gifts

It seems like each year my children get a bit older, the days past by that much faster. They always say, “Don’t blink! Kids grow up so fast!” That can’t be more true! In no time another school year will begin, and I thought it would be fun to share some great back to school gifts for teachers!

Teachers are make such a huge impact on your child, and they help them grow and learn with each day! I think it is a great way to give a gift as a thank you for all their hard work and time they will put into helping your child for the school year!

These are affordable and creative gifts to give to a teacher, that will be sure to put a big smile on their face!

Easy DIY Gifts to Make For Your Teacher

Grape Year: Bombshell Bling – A fun and free printable that says, This will be a grape year! Get it.. grape..great!

Back to School Mason Jar: Pink When – I love mason jar DIY’s! They are very affordable to do, and I love the idea of tossing Sharpies in a decorated mason jar!

Let’s Start the Year “Write”: Sweet Rose Studio- I mean come on guys! That is so clever and cute, and it has a free printable! I love clever and adorable ideas like this!

Crayon Covered Jar: Felt Magnet- Very affordable and easy to create this crayon covered jar! Toss candies in, flowers, pens, or anything else for a beautiful gift your child can give their teacher!

Apples Gift Basket: Sister’s Suitcase – What a fun idea! Create this apple inspired gift basket with lots of fun goodies inside. All apple flavor or scented products, and has a printable!

You Were “Mint” to be My Teacher: Consumer Crafts- This is a fun and affordable one. Get a tin, print out the mint to be teacher printable and toss some mints in! Or you can buy a tin with mints and all you have to do is print and pres on tin!

Back to School Supplies Basket: Wondermom Wannabe – This is a great one, just grab a basket and round up school supplies the teacher might use throughout the year. It is a very useful gift!

A Latte Fun: Pizzazzerie – Create this adorable latte with a free printable for wishing for a latte fun this school year!

Terra Cotta Apple Gift: Seven Thirty Three- This is a great way to create a fun custom gift to make the teacher feel special. Fill it with sweets, thank you notes with random thank you’s, or something else creative.

Classroom Rules Printable: The Country Chic Cottage – This is a fun and free printable you could frame and give to the teacher! Love the rules they added!

Hershey Kiss Gift Jar: The Girl Creative – Another really affordable and easy gift. Grab some kisses, add the stickers from the free printable, and toss in a jar!

Colored Pencil Teacher Gift : Delicate Construction – This makes for a great name tag to place on your teacher’s desk. I love the idea of a colored pencil! So creative!

Looking forward to a Sweet Year: Pizzazzerie – If you want to give your soon to be teacher sweets, then make this one. Comes with an adorable printable, with the Sweet year quote!

Donut Thank You Gift Tags: Happiness is Homemade ; Give a box of donuts and attach this adorable free printable!

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Potted Herbs with Tags : Houseful of Handmade – Give a potted herb and use this free printable as a thank you! I love how unique of a gift this one is!

Do you give your child’s teacher a back to school gift?

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  52 Responses to “15 Back to School DIY Gifts for Teachers”

  1. These are all such cute ideas. Teachers do so much for our kids. It’s nice to give them something back.

  2. I love little gifts like the Back to School Supplies Basket. I think that’s such a nice way to show your teacher some appreciation!

  3. These are all great ideas. I have a few friends that are teachers and they love it when the kids bring them gifts.

  4. We’re so excited to have a child at school age this year. I look forward to making gifts for her teacher and volunteering at her school. Great ideas. As a former teacher, I loved getting gifts on the first day of school. 🙂

  5. I had no idea you did back to school gifts. I would totally give a bottle of wine and feel sorry for the poor teacher being surrounded by far too many kids 😉 but that’s from a human who doesn’t have kids

  6. Man teachers are lucky if they are getting back to school gifts these days haha. My mum was a teacher (now a principal) and they really deserve every present or thank you because it isn’t an easy job! Love these ideas

  7. OMG it is back to school already! Time surely flies! Thanks for sharing your 15 Back to School DIY Gifts for Teachers! It will sure come in handy :).

  8. These are some great gift ideas. I love practical gifts.

  9. Lots of great gifts for teacher. The teacher really is such an important person in your kids’ lives. It’s great to show your appreciation.

  10. These are such fun ideas for teacher’s gifts. I especially like the Donut one. Makes me want to be a teacher if they all bring me free donuts 🙂

  11. Now this is the way to start off a new year! We don’t appreciate teachers like we should. They have a very tough job to do and I think these DIYs are so cool and deserving. Bravo!!

  12. These are great ideas! My son is starting his first year of preschool and I’m just gathering ideas of teacher gifts! I know how appreciative teachers are!

  13. Wow so many DIY gifts and I will definitely teach my daughter to make them one by one. Thanks for your sharing, interesting and useful!

  14. It would be so nice to show some appreciation for the teachers and a back to school definitely cuts it! I think these are awesome ideas! Any teacher would appreciate a gift.

  15. These are all such adorable ideas! Love the Terra Cotta Apple Gift idea. All teachers would love something like that!

  16. I like the mason jar ideas as those are really cure and teachers can make use of the mason jar afterwards

  17. I like all of these ideas, especially the potted herb. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and a way to say thank you to our awesome teachers.

  18. This is so timely for us because we are meeting my son’s kindergarten teacher today. We are short on time so we might just go with a coffee shop gift card.

  19. I love these ideas!! Gifts for teachers are one of my favorite DIY projects!!

  20. These posts are the ones that I have pinned. It gives me such great ideas to give to the teacher. They deserve everything that we can give them for teaching our children.

  21. These are awesome ideas for teachers. We usually make a basket of school supplies to gift to our kids’ teachers.

  22. I would love any of these! I taught for 15 years and I love teacher gifts. The homemade ones were the best!

  23. Teachers are amazing and I definitely appreciate the teachers that my kids have! I love showing them that their efforts are recognized and that’s why I like giving gifts! These are brilliant!

  24. I loved doing this when my son was younger, but now that he’s in high school, he’s “too cool” for that, but he does tell them how he appreciates them.

  25. So many cute ideas. It’s always nice to show teachers how much you appreciate them no matter what time of year it is.

  26. What a great round up of DIYs for back to school, I can’t believe summer is almost over already!

  27. Those crayon jars are just perfect. I love how you can personlize them to make each unique.

  28. The teachers will love these gifts. It is nice to see some students who really care for their teachers.

  29. We homeschool now, but when my daughter was in public school, I always spoiled her teachers. They work hard at making your child’s day as pleasant as possible when it comes to education. I always wanted them to feel appreciated.

  30. What a bunch of great ideas for teacher gifts. Like how they are homemade and can be really useful for a teacher as well as decorative.

  31. These are all lovely gift ideas but OMG…I have to give back to school gifts now? We don’t really do this in England and I kind of hope it doesn’t catch on! Not that I don’t think teachers are worth it, they totally are! But I am only just organised enough to remember end of year gifts let alone back to school ones too!

  32. So many cute DIY teacher gifts! I think my favorite is the Potted Herbs with Tags. Super cute.

  33. I don’t have kids, but I bet this is so helpful to parents to already have some ideas!

  34. Teacher definitely don’t get enough appreciation for all they do. LOVE these ideas. They’re super cute.

  35. These are some awesome ideas. What I love is that they are pretty simple to make and can be done by both parents and kids. Thanks for sharing.

    Thrifting Diva

  36. Those are such cute projects. I love the terracotta pot made into an apple! Would be a very easy project and not every expensive either. Great ideas, especially since one of our teachers is new to the school.

  37. Great ideas for teacher gifts! Thanks for sharing. My granddaughter starts Kindergarten this year. It would be nice to teach kids to be generous and kind by showing their teachers that we care through the gifts we give them.

  38. Bookmarking this page for reference. My daughter and I love making DIY teacher gifts and now we have a great selection to choose from. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Such a great roundup! I really like the crayon covered one – it’s so pretty and would great right at the teacher’s desk!

  40. Those are so much fun! It’s always nice to let people know you appreciate them. Teachers will love them all!

  41. Awesome teacher gift ideas! I like the Back to School Mason Jar the best. The tag was so sweet too. Any teacher would love this!

  42. THese are great gift ideas for back to school. I like the idea of a unique gift that wont be like any other. You have given me some great inspiration.

  43. These are really cute ideas! I love the Hershey Kiss BTS gift – what teacher doesn’t need chocolate in their life??

  44. Oh goodness! I haven’t even thought of back to school teacher gifts. This has been crazy preparing for this year, and I’ve spent so much money. I love the idea of DIY gifts!

  45. As s teacher, I love this post! I don’t think I’ve ever had a back to school gift before, but I get lots of lovely end of year gifts from my class. These are such lovely gift ideas!

  46. The “You Were Mint to Be My Teacher” one is to die for. How cute and punny is that?!

  47. I am thinking that I am going to be doing something like this this year. I would love to show some appreciation!

  48. I love the terra cotta apple gift. That is so creative and so perfect! It gives you so many options for fillers, too.

  49. All such fantastic ideas! We’re celebrating Teacher’s Day next week so prepping their gifts over the weekend… got some lunchboxes to fill up with cute snacks and a handwritten thank you note from my girl for them 🙂

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  50. Such great ideas! I was always the kid that brought gifts for my teachers. When I have kids of my own I’ll definitely be that parent, too! lol

  51. SO many great ideas. I need to save this for when I want to send a little gift to school.

  52. What great and thoughtful gifts. I like the ones that are budget friendly too.