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April Fools Day is coming up quick guys and I am already planning out some awesome April Fools Food Pranks to play on my boys.  Growing up, there was absolutely no pranking in parent’s house.  They didn’t go for that sort of thing, so my sister, brother and I behaved. Then I met my husband, Christian, and he happens to come from a family full of pranksters. Christian knows I am not a fan, so they rarely get played on me, but my boys are a whole other story.

The boys think pranks are the best thing ever and pretty much live for April Fools Day because that’s the only real day that they can get away with them without consequences. But what kind of a mom would I be if I didn’t play a few pranks back?  I have experimented over the years and have found that food pranks are the best way to go with my two. It gets them every time. If you want to try some food pranks of your own, take a peek at some of these links.  There is lots of good stuff in there.

April Fools Food Pranks:

*1. Faux April Fools Cheese Platter [The It Mom]

2. April Fools Day Pranks For Kids [Saving The Family Money]

3. April Fools Food Pranks [Crafting Chicks]

4. Funny Pranks [Be insipred Mama]

*5. “Snow Cone” Cupcakes [Not Quite Susie Homemaker]

6. April Fools Day Food Joke Ideas For Kids [Two Kids and a coupon]

7. Family Friendly April Fools Pranks [Jefferson Parish parent]

*8. Taco Cookies [Scrappy Geek]

9. TheBest April Fools Pranks For Kids [Tots Family]

10. Over 30 foods To Fool Your Kids [Crazy For Crust]

*11. April Fools Breakfast [Ginger Casa]

12. April Fools Dinner [The Stay At Home Chef]

13. Cook Out Desserts [Chick A Bug]

14. 30 Of The Best April Fools Food Pranks [Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons]

15. Potato Fake Out [Sheri Silver]

Are you convinced to play some April Fools Food Pranks this year yet?   Which one do you want to try on your kids?

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  96 Responses to “15 Crazy Foods That Will Fool Your Kids For April Fools Day”

  1. Some of these are super fun! I might even try them on my husband or friends, just for the heck of it!

  2. I have had some interesting April fools pranks before. One of my friends told me she was pregnant and then told me it was an April fools joke. It turned out that she actually was pregnant as she found out a few weeks later x

  3. That is so fun! I’ve never thought of doing anything like this before.

  4. This is a great roundup. I think I’ll try fooling the kids this year. They’ll never see it coming…

  5. Congratulations. You have given me yet another tool to bust my kids’ chops this April Fool’s Day. WOOT!

  6. Hahaha, I might have to try this out. I don’t think I’ve ever tricked them before on that day.

  7. This is amazing! I remember as a kid that my mom used to fool me to eat vegetables by concealing them inside meals lol I felt so betrayed.

  8. These ideas are hilarious. The potato one had me cracking up!

    One time I told my kids we were having salad for dinner, and even made a point to stay in the kitchen chopping and stuff, asking my girls which dressing they wanted. Well, that time the “salad” was made of diced apples and bananas, chopped snickers bars, cool whip, and caramel and chocolate dressing. We only did it the one time but it was SO funny. My youngest wouldn’t eat it though – she had really been looking forward to actual salad, and actually asked for oatmeal instead of “this stuff.”

  9. Oh wow, I just love all these ideas! I’m going to be checking them all out – thank you!

  10. I’ve never made April Fools food, but these are really cute. I’ll bet my daughter would like making one of them because she loves cooking.

  11. These are some CUTE ideas! Perfect for picky eaters lol

  12. OMG APRIL FOOLS is on Saturday! How I am going toFOOL my husband is beyond me. I mean, the easy one would be for me to say I am pregnant. But no, I can’t do that. He would get so so so so so mad at me… Because he would be heart broken to know that I am actually not, ha!

  13. This got me thinking especially that April Fool’s Day is just a few days away. This could really fun gags to pull on April Fools Day.

  14. Mmhmm these sound really fun! April Fools is coming up and I just might have to pull some of these!

  15. I love these! My kids are always trying to pull pranks on me! I’m totally going to get them this year! 🙂

  16. I really love these April Fool’s Day food pranks! The potato one is really hilarious and I can’t wait until my kiddos are a bit older so that I can start pranking them too. I’ve seen so many really great pranks for your kids lately!

  17. These are such great ideas!! Everything is so funny!!

  18. First of all I can’t believe that its almost April! And second, I would definitely bring these into work to prank my coworkers!

  19. Ha the potato fake out is hilarious! I need to think about a fun April fools prank!

  20. This is hilarious. I’m not much of a prankster, but I love to see others get pranked (terrible of me). Lol

  21. We don’t do April fools day. Probably because I was to lazy to plan anything or do anything. For those moms who have their act together there are many different choice to choose from.

  22. This is such a fun roundup. I will definitely be trying a few of these recipe for April 1. I can’t wait to fool the kids!

  23. These all sound like a lot of fun to try for April Fools Day. I bet my kids would find them funny!

  24. I feel you. My husband gets something on everyone of my girls, every year. Sometimes they are in on each other. I’m still expecting that one year, they are all going to gain up and do something to get back at him.

  25. Such a great list. Since this day falls on Saturday, I will have time to fool my boys

  26. These sound some really fun recipes for April Fool’s Day! I would love to try some of these.

  27. I always forget about April Fools’ Day and never remember to plan any pranks! I’ll have to check out some of your links and plan something for this year.

  28. Ooh these are some super fun ones! I’d love to play a trick on the family with some special treats.

  29. Some of these are hilarious and super clever! It would be fun to prank the kids since kids try to prank their friends and parents all the time.

  30. These are some brilliant ideas! I am so excited for April Fools, I always make sure to trick as many people as I can.

  31. What a cool and fun idea! I know just the kids who are going to appreciate these – thank you!

  32. I have never really done April Fool’s Day but some of my friends get really into it. They make a lot of cool treats to trick their kids.

  33. These are cute and funny at the same time. I’ll have to pass these along to my sister who has older kids to do these on.

  34. Omg so many funny ideas!!! I will have to try one of these on my daughter on April fools!

  35. I have to admit that our dad was big on pranks with us five kids growing up. I always tried with my boys but they would end up fooling me, The food pranks I am going to have to check out for sure. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

  36. This is perfect for my cousins kids! They are so skinny because they are picky eater!

  37. Some of these are fun. My family loves a good prank.

  38. These are hilarious. I think I need to try the cookies in the tuna can for sure!

  39. This would be so much fun to do with the kids. I’m glad they have a good sense of humor haha

  40. This is a lot of fun for the whole family. It would be nice to see the kids’ reactions when they forst bite into the food. Cool ideas!

  41. What a nice list of food pranks! I’m sure the kods will enjoy these and have a bit of a laugh too. It’s nice to make April Fool’s fun for them.

  42. I’m one of those moms that plans to prank because I think it would be hilarious and then I forget all about it when the day comes – or I don’t realize it’s April 1st… but maybe this year I won’t forget and lll use one of these! Great list of pranks you got here!

  43. These are all really creative and fun ideas. So cool.

  44. This is a really fun list. I will look into this not for kids but to get an adult really good!

  45. This is a really fun list. I will look into this not for kids but to get an adult really good!

  46. These are amazing! You saved my life because sometimes I struggle to come up with ideas for my kids!

  47. These are fun food pranks! Wonder what would happen if I threw a dinner on April Fool’s Day with these recipes….

  48. Wow! This is really crazy. I love them all a lot. This list very helpful. Yummy!

  49. Looks yummy and delicious! Fantastics ideas. Kids will be love it. I would live to try this.

  50. Oh these are good. I’ve never pranked my kids but it would be hilarious. The food route is the way to go.

  51. Its amazing that many are still celebrating April’s Fools day. It is like an ordinary days for us. Well maybe its time for a new tradition.

  52. I always forget this day and my husband always got me. I hope I could prepare one this year.

  53. I really love this idea! So fun! My kids love pranks on April Fools Day too! I can’t wait to try these!!

  54. Definitely going for the cookie dough dip one with my family – they trick me every year and I rarely pull one over on them!

  55. LOL…I did not think that we were still doing April Fools Day….I suppose if you have kids this will always be en vogue

  56. These are all cute and fun! My kids would love them!

  57. Love this! Sounds super funny, and I bet kids would love these pranks. I think it’s so important to find joy in life and keep laughing!

  58. I am definitely getting my kids this year. They have been making me scream several times this past week with a fake snake hidden in several places. This will be fun.

  59. What a funny list of ideas you’ve shared for April Fool’s Day! I might want to try out those snowcone cupcake ideas!

  60. I haven’t decided if I will pull out a prank but it seems like a great idea. I would like to try the meatloaf cupcake and see what their reaction will be! haha

  61. We just aren’t big pranksters around here. But then again we have girls. I’m sure if we had boys that would be a different story. However, some of these look like fun!

  62. These are all great, creative ideas! I’ll be adding them to my list.

  63. My husband and I were just talking about figuring out something to do for them. My kids are the perfect age to play tricks on them like this!

  64. Haha, what cute ideas! I’m going to have to try this out!

  65. These are so fun! My sisters birthday is on April fools and I always try to think of new things to do. Thanks for the great tips.

  66. How fun are these! I think I will do one or even two to my neighbor boys. I’m afraid to getting something started, though!

  67. I am loving all of these ideas! Last year I really slacked on April Fools jokes and need to make it up this year.

  68. HA! You sound a lot like me, I don’t like surprises or silly jokes at my expense either! I always forget about April Fool’s Day – BUT, I think my kids would have a hoot if I did something funny for them!

  69. This sounds so funny! I am not sure how good I would do at pulling one over on my kids lol.

  70. These are the kinds of April Fools Day jokes that I like! These would be so fun to fix for the day.

  71. Kids love April fools day and pranks in general. These are pretty funny and I’m sure the kids would love these. They will certainly catch them by surprise.

  72. I can’t believe it is already time for April Fools. You have gathered some fun ideas. I need some new ones because I was stuck on the brown e’s

  73. I can’t wait to prank my kids this year. Maybe an shape of food would be the best for them. They are picky eaters.

  74. Oh I love these ideas! I would even use these on adults and they would love it.

  75. Too funny. I wish I lived closer to my nieces and nephew. It would be so fun to pull a food prank on them.

  76. These are so funny, My daughter is only four right now, so I don’t think I will do an April Fools this year, because I don’t think she would get it really, but when she does these are awesome. I need to get my husband good this year though.

  77. It looks really fun. Haha! But the foods are really look so yummy. Kids will fool for sure to your plans. Lol

  78. Wow! A great ideas! This makes kids really fool. I love the idea. Thanks for the recipe. Awesome!

  79. Ok, these are AWESOME!! My youngest is addicted to the poop emoji, so I know exactly what she is having for breakfast!

  80. Wow!! Some of these look so realistic! Maybe I can even fool my honey with some of these!

  81. OMG! I think Ill prank my girlfriend like this… The idea fits your pagename which i think is a really freaky wordplay… (:

  82. Oh my gosh! This is genius, I would totally do something like this haha!

  83. This is a great roundup of ideas! April Fools is a favorite around here.

  84. Hahaha this is hilarious, is it really mean if I do these to my boyfriend??? I’ve never actually thought about implementing April Fools into the weekly menu haha! These are just too good! x

  85. OH! So fun! I love that it’s on a Saturday this year so that I can have some time to do these things!

  86. They all sound really fun….i guess i need to plan those for my husband

  87. This is an awesome round up. My son a little too small to understand april fools day, but i would still love to try these ideas

  88. These are all such awesome ideas! Seriously great roundup 🙂 I used to love pranking my friends and family when I was little. I always enjoy the pranks that are silly and get everyone laughing. Now you got me thinking again!

  89. Oh man. This is all hilarious. I need to do some of these tomorrow for sure. My kids would think its just hilarious!

  90. Snow cone cupcakes is such a cute idea! I can think of a couple of kids who would be into those!

  91. I cannot believe it is April 1st already tomorrow. How crazy! These look like all fun ideas, especially the snowcone cupcakes!

  92. This is a great list. I love it! I didn’t really do anything to fool anyone.

  93. We haven’t done a food prank for April Fool’s before! These are all so funny – saving this for next year.

  94. I’m saving this post. I have the fussiest kids ever. Thanks for sharing this post with us. Enjoyed reading.

  95. I’m saving this post. I have the fussiest kids ever. Thanks for sharing this post with us. Enjoyed reading.