May 292017
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fidget cubes

I am sure you have heard or even seen a few fidget spinners around your town! The fidget spinner has become the biggest sensation, and has people of all ages talking about it!

Fidget spinners were created to help you with fidgeting. Whether that is biting your nails, playing with your hair, twiddling your fingers, or any other form of fidgeting.

Some retailers do claim that their fidget spinner can help relieve stress and anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, help those with autism and more. By playing with the fidget spinner it is supposed to relax and distract you from things that may be bothering you.

How does a Fidget Spinner Work

Fidget Spinners are a compact, ball-bearing device that you can rotate between your fingers. Some fidget spinners can spin for around five minutes without stopping, others are a few minutes. You can transfer it from hand to hand while it spins, and if you feel lucky, learn to do tricks with it!

Popular Fidget Spinners to Buy

17Tek Tri-Spinner EDC Fidget Hand Spinner – You can change out colors on this fidget spinner to fit your color desires. This is very small and compact, and fits in the palm of your hand.

Bat Style Fidget Spinner: If you are a fan of Batman, then you might love the design of this fidget spinner! The shape is the Batman Logo.

Captain America Fidget Spinner: A Captain America inspired fidget spinner, that is really cool looking!

Moya Spinner: Averages 1-2 minutes of spin time with each use, and has three sides!

Camouflage Tri-Spinner Fidget: This is a high speed spinner, that offers three sides.

MMTX Tri-Spinner Ultra Fast Bearings: This offers a two minute plus spin time! No oil or maintenance needed!

Tri Rainbow Fidget Spinner: Every spin is supposed to last a minimum of two minutes. I love this sleek design that is different from the traditional spinner style!

Opard Tri Fidget Spinner Hand Spinning: Each wing on this has two rolling balls so it is one more thing you can fidget with!

Panda Fidget Spinner: A cute design of a panda on the spinner. Great for younger kids!

VICTOREM Fidget Spinner: Spins up to 4 minutes long, and recommended for ages over 10! Love the unique design this one has.

Popular Fidget Cubes and Pads to Buy

Cubes are in the shape of a cube, and allow you to click buttons on it, to help distract and keep you focused on the cube. These are made for people who can’t keep their fingers still.

Oliasports Fidget Cube: Offers a ball you can roll, buttons to click and more. Great for those who can’t keep their hand still but need a distraction!

SanWay 6 Sided Cube: As you read this offers six sides of options for your to fidget with. Great for all ages.

Ratoop Fidget Cube: This is a multi color cube, that offers different fidget options on each side of the cube!

Fidget Pad: This is a little different than a cube as the design is different, but works just the same. This is the size of your palm, so easy to carry around where you go.

Fidget Pad Focus Toy: This one reminds me of a video game controller. Offers 9 different fidget options for you to use!

My boys each have five fidget spinners and one cube.  Has the fidget spinner craze hit your house yet?

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  110 Responses to “15 Must BUY Fidget Spinners and Fidget Cubes”

  1. I don’t think that fidget spinners are popular in the UK yet but they should be. Such a canny way to keep kids occupied x

  2. We have a couple of them here for my youngest who is 9, and for my oldest who is 18. They really do run the age gap between the kids. I like that Panda one you put up. I haven’t seen that one until now. I bet my granddaughter would like it. 🙂

  3. I’ve seen these in shopping centres but haven’t played with one myself yet. Isn’t it crazy how something can so quickly sweep through and become the must have item. If kids find they help with issues, well worth having.

  4. Those are interesting little gadgets. My kids love these things. At any given time at least one of them is spinning something.

  5. Those are some fancy spinners. I can’t believe that one has nine different spinning variations. That is a ton.

  6. Honestly I don’t know about these. I never saw them, only on online but I think it would have it’s pros and cons. As you said, it might help children with bad habits and cool toys, but at the same time these fidgets looks like they would be distracting too. Just a thought.

  7. I keep seeing fidget spinners everywhere, I keep thinking about getting myself one as I always need to be doing something with my hands.

  8. My daughter was just talking about these yesterday! They seem like the hottest thing out there these days, and the Batman one seems so cool!

  9. My daughter has 3 of these now! She recently got a light up one so she’s excited about it. I’m impressed that there are so many different designs.

  10. We saw sooo many fidget spinners at the flea market this weekend. My daughter is going to be a teacher (student teaching next semester) and she’s already figuring out how to deal with them in her classroom! I told her to just have a basket up front and they can claim them after class lol.

  11. I don’t know WHERE these popped out of, but my husband wants one really badly – and he totally needs one – however, I feel like his ADD would make him totally focused on that thing and then he wouldn’t listen to me! LOL!

  12. Great post! I really like the breakdown of the different spinners as well as the mention of possibly helping with stress.

  13. I don’t get all the craze about them but then I haven’t played with one yet.

  14. This is so cool! I know there is so many different kinds but never knew the types. This is so informative and helpful to others with kids or just big kids.

  15. This was an great post. I’ve never heard of this before but it sounds like a great product.

  16. I had no idea there were so many varieties of fidget spinners! These have really taken off, haven’t they? This is a great resource for those fidget spinner lovers (and their parents!)

  17. I knew fidget spinners were popular, but I had no idea there were so many to choose from! Love the rainbow one you suggested!

  18. Wanna hear the craziest thing? We traveled half-way around the world a couple weeks ago and fidget spinners were EVERYWHERE even there! So funny how something so small has taken the world by storm. Our boys each have one they love.

  19. my kids (and my husband too) love theirs! My son has been asking for the batman logo one you posted!

  20. I can’t believe how popular these things have become. I love the batman one you showcase! And I’ll take these over bouncy balls!

  21. Yo-Yo’s were such a big fad when I was in grade school. I see these fidget spinners everywhere and think they are the new “it” thing!

  22. When I bought my children fidget spinners, I spent like $10 on Amazon, now they have a ton of cool different ones. This is a great list.

  23. This is new to me, I never heard or seen these gadgets before but it looks interesting and I kinda want to have one 🙂

  24. I am certainly aware of them but I had no idea that they came in so many models and designs. Whew, I gotta keep up so my nephew thinks I am cool.

  25. I didn’t realize there was such a variety of different kinds of spinners and fidget cubes. It think they all look like fun!

  26. I’ve honestly never heard of the fidget spinner before, but it was interesting to learn what they are, and how they can help those who fidget or struggle with PTSD. I love the variety of designs!

  27. My teen loves his spinner. The younger boys want one now.

  28. no fidget spinners in our house… I don’t even think my kids know what it is! Neat though i’m glad they are helping kiddos that need them!

  29. These are definitely fun toys, but they are super distracting to have in class. They even distract me as a teacher. Really! I think they are really fabulous to have outside of school and even I love playing with them! haha!

  30. I didn’t know anything about these until my daughter (11) came home from dance class several weeks ago. She told me all about them, and how she wanted one. We went to the mall and there was a kiosk with probably a hundred to choose from. They are really a lot of fun, and I enjoy playing with it too!

  31. OMG! i saw my lil nephews playing with this fidget thing and they left it over. we all ended up spinning it absentmindedly while talking hahaha its super addictive and totally a trend i see now. i can’t believe there are so many of them now wow. I want to get more. thanks for all the tips

  32. the other half owns all but 2 of these- he is obsessed with them, and I find them all over the house. At least I know what he is up to at work….Personally I like the Captain America spinners.

  33. My friend’s sons are obsessed with fidget spinners. The Captain America one seems like something they would be all over.

  34. My husband has one that he uses at work. He brought it on a vacation with another family and all the adults played with it non-stop! I just saw a Seahawks one that I might need to get for Father’s Day.

  35. Wow I had no idea there were so many different fidget spinners to choose from. My Son ordered one last week and is excited for it to come. I have seen so many kids with them.

  36. My little son is seriously obsessed with his fidget spinner! These are all such fun and unique designs!

  37. My 7 yr old is dying for one of these. I cannot wait to check all these out and find one she likes.

  38. The tri-rainbow fidget spinner is my favorite. My daughter especially would love it.

  39. Wow, these are some super fancy fidget spinners! My kids have a few but nothing this cool!

  40. My kids have no idea what a fidget spinner is, but I know my son would love the Batman one if he knew about them.

  41. These things are so popular! I’m betting my son would love the bat one. I kinda raised him on the Dark Knight.

  42. I keep seeing these–are they just to play with? or is there something else to it? I can see where they might help with fidgeting but they also look like something else to get addicted to!

  43. These things have become all the rage now, haven’t they? I guess they are the hacky sacks of the modern day. They are pretty cool though.

  44. I had no idea that fidget spinners come in such designs. It is crazy that there are hundreds of designs!

  45. Great gadget to keeps the kids occupied. I love it. It may also keep me entertained as well.

  46. I have seen several kids in our area with them – and I couldn’t figure out what they were until I looked them up! My kids don’t know what they are yet, so we don’t have any, but these look awesome!

  47. Fidgets are just a craze today! I think every child has one. I’m glad you listed some of the most popular fidgets.

  48. My girls are all about the fidget spinners these days. They’d love any of these picks!

  49. I just got to try one of these yesterday and it was so fun. I can see what the craze is all about. There are so many to choose from.

  50. These are great! My girls would totally love these.

  51. I’m a terrible nail biter and fidget all of the time. I’m definitely going to be ordering one (or two) of these! x

  52. I am going to admit that I do not understand these things. Maybe I am just too old?

  53. My son has not discovered the fidget spinner yet, and I really don’t want him to! LOL

  54. My daughter informed me she was the only one in the whole school that didn’t have a fidget spinner. Got to get one of these choices.

  55. I have yet to see one of these in real life, and I assumed that living in a city as large as Chicago, I would have by now. I do appreciate that those who need it, do have something that can help them relax in situations that may be a bit stressful.

  56. My kids are all grown up now but they are still showing interest in owning a fidget cube. I think it is a good idea to have one. It would be like a stress reliever. I’d get a fidget cube for myself. I know that will help me survive the long wait to be seen by a doctor!

  57. My husband is a lawyer who sits and reads for hours at a time. He often needs something to do with his hands while he reads, so I got him a fidget spinner. He says it’s a funny gadget but so far it does keep his hands busy!

  58. Fidget spinner is so popular.. My son just bought one, pretty fun! I love this list!

  59. I have one of these which my other half left around my house and I love playing with it x

  60. Wow. I didn’t know there were so many options when it comes to fidget spinners. I can see the benefit in them.

  61. I think I may like to get a couple of these. I’m sure my son would like one and I am always looking for a way to keep my hands busy so I don’t bite my nails.

  62. I am seeing many mentions of those fidget spinners on Facebook and in the news. We don’t have any here in my house and I don’t anticipate anyone getting any.

  63. I personally am not a fan of these at all. I will not buy them for my kids. I think way to many kids are getting these all for the wrong reasons.

  64. I have seen kids playing with fidget spinners but they haven’t arrived at our house yet. I’m sure my daughter would love the Panda Fidget Spinner.

  65. These are making waves and they’re definitely entertaining. I would prefer these over cellphones, to be honest. Because it won’t ruin their eyes and keep them safe from the internet, lol.

  66. It is so interesting how these trends catch up and everyone wants it

  67. Wow, this spinners are really trending. Saw it as well on Asia which not only kids are playing but also adults. Way to keep off on playing their gadgets.

  68. Such a great post as we are obsessed in our house! I have to show some of these to my son!

  69. I am always amazed at the things that start such a huge craze like this has. Seriously people are buying these all of the time, I wish I invented them!

  70. I get it, it’s really going to help you relieve stress and it keeps you distracted as well. I think it’s awesome that there are so many different kinds! It’s really fun.

  71. I’ve been seeing these everywhere at the moment! They definitely are the latest craze! I had no idea how many different types there were out there though!

  72. These are some pretty cool fidget spinner, I hadn’t seen this variation before. I love that someone took an old idea (psychiatrists have had similar products for ages) and made it viral.

  73. I had no idea there were so many! I definitely want the Batman one!

  74. Our kids love the fidget spinners, but one of our sons has it all the time. It was quiet at first, but is now noisy, so we’ll probably be replacing it soon.

  75. I have some idea about the fidgets. My friends have been buying them in different colors and bringing them to college, spinning down the lane, these are so addictive that I was caught spinning those during my history lecture, and was told to leave the class.

  76. That’s a great idea and an exciting gift for my nephews! Thanks for sharing!

    Pammy –

  77. I haven’t really explored the fidget spinners yet, but I do think they can be so useful for kids with ADHD or other issues.

  78. Your boys are loaded with them. My boys each got 1 for Easter. Mica’s already lost his.

  79. I know I have been seeing a lot of fidget spinners around lately. These ones are really cool that you have here. I haven’t seen anything so ornate. I did like the light up ones that I saw

  80. These are so addicting!! I tried one for the first time this weekend and couldn’t put it down.

  81. My son wanted one so he ordered one online and now I am playing with it more than him!!

  82. My son wanted one so he ordered one online and now I am playing with it more than him!!

  83. I think these are so awesome! I remember when my brother was in school, he had such a hard time focusing and paying attention because he got distracted so easily, I think a fidget would have been great for him!

  84. I love that such a simple object can be such a big hit with kids. The different colors and kinds are also cool!

  85. I think these things are pretty cool , but I am just waiting for a recall to happen! haha

  86. I cannot believe how popular these fidget spinners are!
    It will be interesting to see how long they will remain popular.

  87. I have seen kids playing with a fidget spinner and I think it is cool. I have also read that some schools are banning them. Honestly, I’d want one for myself! That little contraption is going to help me relieve my stress! I’m getting a fidget cube too. That would help relax me when I am standing in line (my pet peeve).

  88. It is amazing how popular fidget spinners have become. I remember when they were used as a therapy for special needs kids. There are so many cool options available now.

  89. Fidget toys are really popular with kids today. I just recently got a Fidget spinner for my son. He says it reduces his stress.

  90. I need to look into these for my kiddo who has ADHD. Thanks for sharing so many options!

  91. Now I know why my son also wants to have a spinner! I was surprised because he know about spinner and he really wants it.

  92. We own 5 fidget cubes! We also donated a couple to my son’s school. They really help with his anxiety and obsessive nail biting.

  93. Oh i need to try this for my son. I’m sure he will love this spinners.

  94. I swear these things are everywhere!!! My daughter is like the only kid I know that hasn’t begged for one lol

  95. I didn’t realize there were so many different fidget spinners. The kids are obsessed with them lately. Their teacher has taken them away from some of the kids because they were playing with them during class. I have one that is ADHD and it’s been helping her.

  96. I haven’t tried giving my kids these yet but I’m thinking about giving them to my husband LOL! These look fun and I can’t wait to see how they work!

  97. Awesome spinners! I’m sure my eight year old daughter would love these for little rewards this summer. She has three and is dying to grow her collection!

  98. I finally gave in and got my kids a fight spinner. They love it! I even got created and we do school drills using it now!

  99. Fidget spinners are so popular at the moment, kids seem to love them! You’ve found some great ones 🙂

  100. They are so popular! My kids wanted them too. They have turned into more of a toy than serving their actual purpose.

  101. They are so popular! My kids wanted them too. They have turned into more of a toy than serving their actual purpose.

  102. These all look like fun! I had not idea there where so many options when it came to fidget spinners, I’m sure my kids would love all of these.

  103. My kids are seriously obsessed with these! These look like they would be great to add to their collection.

  104. These are all so cool. My kids are obsessed with these spinners. I really like the bat one.

  105. Hehe! They look very cool and stylish! I loved those in my childhood…

  106. I didn’t realize that there were so many different kinds of fidget spinners! My son has two so far, so I’ve better not let him see this post. 😉

  107. Oh my gosh the kids are going crazy for these, didn’t realize there were so many variations.
    XO, MJ

  108. Spinner was so popular now and kids are crazy just to buy this