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Here are 15 of the best not-scary Halloween movies you can buy or stream this year! The best part is that they won't give you nightmares!

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about getting scared, it can be fun and playful! I have gathered some of the top not-scary Halloween movies you can buy or stream this year, that won’t give you nightmares! Whether you want something for just you or the family, you might find a movie or two below to fit that!

Make some tasty Halloween snacks and cuddle up under the blankets and watch these fun Halloween movies below to get you into the spirit of Halloween! Now depending on your child’s age will depend if they think these movies are scary. I do recommend watching alone at first to see if they are safe for your child to watch!

Halloween Movies That Aren’t Spooky

The Addams Family| The Addam’s family is a little kooky, but it is a very entertaining movie, to say the least.

Hocus Pocus| This is a very popular movie around Halloween, three witches come back from being locked up for centuries, and some kids have to save the day!

Beetlejuice| Two people who have passed on are in need of help and they call on Beetlejuice, the ghost of most to help save the day!

Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown| Nothing beats a good Charlie Brown movie and this doesn’t disappoint! Very similar to all the other Charlie Brown movies with a Fall theme to it!

Harry Potter| You could binge watch the whole Harry Potter series this Halloween season. Granted it isn’t fully Halloween, but it has that Halloween feel to it!

Twitches| Two twin girls who were separated at birth find out they have magical powers!

Halloweentown| This is another very popular movie around Halloween, grandkids return to Halloweentown with the Grandma for new adventures.

The Little Vampire| This is a fun movie where a little boy gets granted a wish to become human again!

Teen Witch| Louise realizes on her 16th birthday she has powers and learns her way through it with the help of an older witch.

Practical Magic| Two sisters overcome obstacles of their powers and love in this movie!

Ghostbusters| This is the new released Ghostbusters but you can also pick from the older ones as well! All of them are really good and the original happens to be one of my all time favorite movies.

Monster House| Animated film where these kids find that their neighbors home is really a monster!

Paranorman| Like the Sixth sense but in a more relaxed fun adventure kind of way, that isn’t scary.

Coraline| Coraline goes on an adventure when she realizes a secret world, what fun adventures are waiting for her?

Nightmare Before Christmas| This movie is extra popular around Halloween!

What is your favorite Halloween movie?

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  62 Responses to “15 Not-Scary Halloween Movies”

  1. These are great picks! Halloween spookiness is so much fun, but some kinds – and adults, for that matter – can’t handle too much hard core horror.

  2. I grew up watching The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and it’s such a timeless classic! I don’t do scary movies so this is the perfect list for me.

  3. I have seen most of those and they’re great suggestions. I could eatch Harry Potter all year round (well, actually, I do LOL).

  4. These are some great movies. My family LOVES Beetlejuice–such a fabulous flick. We also watch Hocus Pocus and The Addams Family.

  5. Awesome list. I love Halloween movies but it can be a challenge to get my kids excited about them because they are so young and scare so easy. There are tons of movies on this list that would be appropriate for them! Thanks!

  6. That is a great list. I do not enjoy scary movies so it’s nice to have a list of Halloween movies that I can enjoy.

  7. I love these movies! Reminds me of childhood. 🙂 My kids are still too young to watch a whole movie, so I guess I’ll have to watch without them!

  8. We love Halloween movies of all kinds, and not just the scary ones! But we definitely watched the original IT last night and that was scary for sure haha! Love Hocus Pocus–it’s a favorite every year

  9. See now you’re talking my language! I can’t do scary but some of the Halloween movies are fun to watch as long as they’re not scary. Practical Magic is one of my favorite.

  10. I love this! It’s okay for me to watch scary movies but it’s also nice to have options that aren’t scary at all! I think these are perfect for movie night!

  11. I like scary movies but so many of your choices are classics. I always liked Beetlejuice and thought it was scary and creepy. Great choices for fun movies.

  12. What a great round up of not so scary Halloween movies, I really need to rewatch Harry Potter, it has been way to long!

  13. This is a great line up! We watch pretty much all of these every year. We are normally glued to the tv for the 13 Nights of Halloween. My favorite Halloween movie is the first Halloween movie.

  14. My kids love Coraline, but I find it extremely creepy! I can’t wait for them to get a little older so we can all enjoy Happy Potter together!

  15. I think that this is very resourceful for moms of little ones! Being in the holiday spirit is great but it should also be age appropriate. Thanks for sharing!

  16. We can always binge watch Harry Potter on Halloween. That would be nicel NIghtmare before Christmas is a timely classic.too. Thank you for the list. I will have to check out the others.

  17. I knew I loved Halloween, but didn’t realize that so many movies I like can be categorized in that theme! Great movies suggestions! I’m all about Harry Potter!

  18. I love this list! Too many people focus on the scary but halloween can be cute and fun as well! Love every single one of these movies too.

  19. Beetlejuice is my favorite. I saw that so many times as a kid! Of course, The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is a classic. You can help but have a soft spot for that one.

  20. Love Halloween movies! My kids love Nightmare before Christmas and Monster House! So many cute and funny Halloween movies for family and the kids!

  21. Many of these movies we watch every year. Year after year because we enjoy them so much. Doesn’t have to be scary.

  22. What a great list! My favorites ones are the classic Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline!

  23. Great list! We love Halloween at our house, and I am always trying to find ways to have Halloween fun with my three year old without scaring him. We will have to watch a bunch of these!

  24. We always have a big Halloween party at my friend’s house. Maybe we need to add in a movie this year.

  25. These are good choices! I’m going to invite my daughter over to watch a few different Halloween movie for sure.

  26. This is perfect because my 4 year old gets scared by the really spooky films. It’s great to know that there are some that are more comical.

  27. This is a great list! I’m not a fan of scary movies – to the point where my teenagers have been known to prescreen movies for me. I really got a kick out of ParaNorman when I saw it.

  28. There are some great films on this list, but my all time favorites are still Beetlejuice and Ghostbusters.

  29. This list is perfect for me. I hate all of the scary Halloween brings. Charlie Brown is a must and Hocus Pocus is another favorite.

  30. Yikes, Halloween is right around the corner. I will be honest with you that I haven’t seen most of these movies as I am not one for scary movies. But thanks for posting these. As you said, not too scary! I will try a couple with the kids this season.

    Thrifting Diva

  31. That’s a pretty fun list of movies to watch! I am not a fan of horror movies and it’s nice to see a list that my 6 year old can watch with us! I’m taking note of these!

  32. Great list. Beatlejuice is a classic. And I love the Aadams Family, they were always one of my favorites.

  33. I love the Aadams Family. It was one of the first halloween movies that we watched with our kids when they got old enough.

  34. So many of our favorite movies on this list! My daughter could watch Beetlejuice and Hocus Pocus all year long.

  35. That’s a good line up of movies! I love Halloween but that doesn’t mean I want to watch horror flicks 24/7! I want some clean fun movies too that isn’t too brutal or bloody. Lol. These are awesome.

  36. This is a fun list! I’m getting excited for Halloween and love having options of movies that aren’t uber gorey!

  37. You chose some of our favorites! The kids and I enjoy these the most!

  38. This is a great list of fun Halloween movies! I especially love Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic and Nightmare Before Christmas.

  39. I dunno Coraline was pretty creepy to me. Nightmare Before Christmas also creepy but give me my 90s nostalgia for Hocus Pocus!

  40. I have seen most of these movies and I agree they are not as scary as I thought. I need to watch Caroline again

  41. I have seen many of those movies.. we love Coraline, Acam’s Family and beetlejuice.. some of the classics are nice too

  42. What a great list of “fun” scary movies to can watch with the kids. I’ve seen a few of them, but several I haven’t so I need to remember this for the future. The Addams Family is a classic though, right?!

  43. Thank you. I am not a fan of scary movies but I love Halloween! Now I can be in season and not have to be grossed out!

  44. Oh I am saving this list! My kids love Halloween, but do not like to be scared LOL!

  45. love this ! We are not scary movie fans so I love halloween movies that we can watch together that aren’t scary!

  46. this is a perfect list for our little one, we have tweens who will head into another movie but to have these options are great.

  47. My kids absolutely The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus. They watch them all year round. Another one they love is Double Double Toil and Trouble!

  48. I haven’t seen any of these movies on your list! I would love to see the Addams Family.

  49. These are all cute movies. We like Halloween movies, just not the super scary stuff, so this is the perfect list for us. I haven’t seen Hocus Pocus in so long!!

  50. Hahaha literally posted yesterday about how I binge watched harry potter movies on my flight coming back from our UK trip! Such good movies!

  51. I still love Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic!

  52. Quite an interesting list of movies. I would recommend Paranormal, enjoyed it very much.

  53. I have watched most of these and I must say The Addam’s family is my favorite. Totally would recommend watching these Halloween movies, they’re great.

  54. This is an awesome list! My kids are still young so we love movies about Halloween, but aren’t scary. Can’t wait to check out Coraline!

  55. I guarantee that Hocus Pocus is on every Halloween. But I am certainly not complaining, I actually think that it is a great family friendly film x

  56. I love this list of not scary halloween movies, because I absolutely hate scary movies, however I looooove halloween! <3

  57. What a great list! I have watched almost all of these. Ghostbusters has always been a favorite of mine as well as BeetleJuice. He just cracks me up. My granddaughter loves all of the Halloweentowns.

  58. This is a great list of movies. I am not a fan of scary movies but I do love all the different holiday themed movies. I will have to watch some with my kids.

  59. I love this list! I’ve seen so many horror movie clips lately making it so hard to watch anything with my daughters.

  60. My kids love watching the Twitches movies and I LOVED Halloween Town as a kid! My brother and I always laugh when my kids watch old school Disney Channel movies we grew up on.

  61. I have seen and love most of these movies! Another favorite of mine is Corpse Bride 🙂

  62. Just a reminder that Beetlejuice has a big F-bomb in it. I had forgotten about that and wasn’t happy when I watching it with my little people!