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Summer is here and that means backyard barbecues, family gatherings and more! If you are looking for fun games and activities for summer BBQ’s than check out the list below! If you are hosting a summer cookout, set up a few of these games to make it a killer party!

I think it is a good idea to have some different kid games available to help keep the children entertained, and you can do a few games that are for the older crowd! I hope you enjoy these fun games!

Summer Party Games and Activities for a Perfect Party

Giant Hula Hoop: In a kiddie pool add some bubble mix, you can make your own easily! Then use hula hoops to create huge bubbles!

Giant Ker-Plunk Game: This is so fun, you can create a fun kid game of ker plunk! To make it even more fun use water balloons instead of balls!

Squirt Gun Water Races: This is a game kids will love and adults. See who can get their cup to the finish line first!

Ring Toss: I always think of fairs when I see ring tosses! You can create colorful rings to toss! I could see kids playing this for hours.

Bean Bag Toss: This looks like so much fun, with three buckets to land your bean bags in!

Balloon Dart Board: Have fun popping balloons in this dart board game!

Fence Chalkboard: If you have a fence and you can paint some plywood with chalk paint and create a fun place for kids to draw! I love this idea.

Hit the Can Game: This game is pretty popular all around the globe. If you haven’t played this game, you are totally missing out!

Giant Jenga: Oh the classic game of Jenga life size! I can see everyone having a blast seeing who will win at this giant game!

Lawn Twister: Why not grab some pizza boxes cut them out in the shape of a circle, and create a life size twister with a little spray paint!

Water Bottle Bowling: Get to drinking and use old water bottles at pins in a big size bowling!

DIY Corn Hole: This is such a fun game, you will have a blast playing this! Here is a great tutorial on how to make your own corn hole game!

DIY Yard Yahtzee: Who doesn’t love a good game of yahtzee?! Why not make it an outdoor game this summer, with this fun DIY!

DIY Dominos Game: Make a life size domino game for you and your friends to play with!

Washers Game: This is another fun game to play. You toss washers into a box, or try to! Then you earn points for where it lands!

What games do you have to add to the list?

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  60 Responses to “15 Outdoor Games for Summer BBQ’s”

  1. Giant Jenga always looks so fun! I’ve seen it a few times, but I’ve never tried it before. I think that needs to change!

  2. We love to play Corn Hole when we host barbecues. It’s a great way to get in some quality competition and have a ton of fun. These are all great ideas. Thanks!

  3. I love these ideas! I really enjoy playing board games but can’t say I play too many outdoor games so I’m definitely going to pinch a few of these ideas

  4. Some of these sound really fun. I may need to try a few of them with the kids.

  5. Great list of fun outdoor games for the whole family! Be sure to check out Ladder Ball! We LOVE playing that in the summer.

  6. This is perfect! I was looking for some fun games for tomorrow! I am going to set up a lot of these games for our party!

  7. Great game suggestions! We have family barbecues practically every weekend throughout the summer, so these fun ideas are sure to help keep the festivities fresh and exciting.

  8. These are so fun! The weather is getting so nice around here and I can’t wait to have a barbecue. I’ll definitely have to have to plan for some games.

  9. I love balloon dart boards. I love all of these ideas, in fact. I’ve played them all at one point or another.

  10. I would love to try playing giant Jenga. It looks like so much fun! It’s one of the few outdoor party games I have yet to try. Love the list!

  11. What a timely article for the 4th of July! Can’t wait to try some of these out tomorrow.

  12. I am actually bookmarking this post. M daughter is getting married next spring and they want some outdoor games for the kids. These would be perfect for her to choose from! The DIY cornhole looks fun!

  13. I just love it when the whole family comes together for some good old barbecue. It’s nice to prepare some outdoor games for them as well especially for the kids! These ideas are perfect!

  14. Such great picks for Summer BBQ games! I am currently planning my son’s 1st birthday party and these options are perfect, thanks!

  15. I need to get some practice on the ring toss bottles. They always have the best prizes for people who can get the golden bottle at amusement parks.

  16. I really want to try the baby pool/hula hoop bubble thing with my girls. I think they’d get a big kick out of it. I can remember doing that on field day in elementary school!

  17. I’m pinning this for sure. With two middle schoolers who are already bored this summer, this is perfect timing for them to make some games.

  18. Oh I love this list of summer games! My two boys love being outside but they are getting bored with their bikes and scooters. I have to make a couple of these so they have more options.

  19. These are all wonderful games to play during the summer. I can remember playing them as a kid growing up.

  20. We have my daughter’s grad party coming up next weekend. These will be great games to put out in the yard for our guests to enjoy!

  21. I never heard of a lot of those so thanks for some great ideas. Got to try that water gun cup race. Will use some of these for the kids during play dates.

  22. These all sound like a lot of fun. I’ll have to try these out this summer. I can’t wait! Should be fun with the family.

  23. We have a Giant Jenga game and always have so much fun playing it. My Son loves to get it out when his friends come over.

  24. All these games sound super fun. We’ve tried Giant Jenga and everyone had a blast. I will bookmark this list.

  25. I am bookmarking this! You have some awesome ideas here! My friend has giant Jenga in her yard and it’s a big hit at BBQs!

  26. That is so awesome!! I love having a summer bbq, awesome ideas!

  27. So many games that you can try! I think it’s awesome that you listed all these out. I usually have trouble coming up with activities for the kids during barbecues. Thanks so much for these ideas!

  28. These are fantastic!!! I can’t wait to try some of these out tomorrow!

  29. You have all my favorites included on this list. Our family is all about the games at our get togethers!

  30. This is a great list! We will surely have a fun summer with these! Thanks for sharing!

  31. So many fun games! A lot of these would be perfect on our camping trips. I’ll be saving this.

  32. Yeah I like these ideas, so thank you. I will deffo be doing some of these over the summer with my Witches. Thanks for sharing!!

  33. I remember playing quite a few of these when I was a kid as we used to have quite a big back garden. That is something I miss living in a flat x

  34. All these sounds so fun!! I wish we could try all of these!

  35. Giant Jenga sounds super fun and awesome, I’m sure my kids will love that idea! It’s good to prepare games to keep them occupied while the adults catch up! Love these ideas!

  36. The giant jenga is always a favorite but kerplunk is a fun and unique idea! I’d love to give a try!

  37. These are all great outdoor games for the kids this summer. The love the fence chalkboard which would be fun for all ages. Thanks for sharing these awesome outdoor games for the summer.

  38. These outdoor games are a great way to liven up a summer party. Lawn Twister would be a lot of fun.

  39. Giant Jenga looks like it would be a lot of fun. I will have to try some of these games for our next get together.

  40. I love how these are all great ideas you can make yourself. It seems like these days we can just buy whatever we need and kids can become jaded by technology. It is so great to make it and have kids use their imaginations.

  41. These all look like so much fun! WE love to have the kids play in the water when we have a cookout. It gets their energy out and keeps them cool!

  42. These are some great games for sure! We’ve tried the bubbles, although it never works out the way it’s suppose to, LOL! I’ve been watning to try the yard Twister, maybe we will do that one next!

  43. We have a set of oversized Jenga pieces for our backyard! They are always a hit no matter who we have over–the kiddos get a kick out of it, and all of the adults enjoy trying to play it after a few beers haha! Cute ideas!!

  44. I played Giant Jenga out here and I had such a good time! Its so much fun and you can even write little dares on some of the blocks.

  45. I have always wanted to do the giant Jenga games! Let’s just admit it I wanted to do them all!

  46. When I see posts like this, I wish I had a huge backyard because these are fun games for kids. That said, I think we maybe able to pull of the giant jenga game at our local park the next time we have a BBQ outing with friends.

  47. These are all great ideas. They would also make great party games too.

  48. We love games that we can all get involved in! We have giant chess and jenga and you can’t beat a good water fight!

  49. These all look like such fun games! We love a good summer game night, especially at a BBQ or cookout. So much fun!

  50. Ah! these all look like such fun. I can’t wait to move and have some BBQs in our new house. This will be great to have on hand! Everyone will always be entertained!

  51. All of these games look like so much fun! My kids love to get outside and all of these look perfect.

  52. These are such fun games to enjoy when having a summer BBQ. Perfect for big and little kids!

  53. All the fun will be outdoors here in our world. I love these ideas for games

  54. This is a great list of games to play this summer! I know my son will enjoy the Ring Toss and Dominoes the most.

  55. Omg so many fun games!!!! I will have to keep a few of these in mind the next time I have a family BBQ!!!

  56. So many fun outdoor games here. As the summer goes on, kids need new ideas and this will be perfect for me to help them come up with some fun ones.I think I might just need to get involved too.

  57. Thank you so much for these ideas! I have a backyard gathering coming up, and these would be so perfect for the kids! Thanks again!

  58. Summer games are so fun! My kids love doing water balloons and water games. They could do that all day long! Especially when it’s hot here!

  59. these are so great!! I love giant jenga its always so much fun!!

  60. DIY Dominos Game sounds like it would be cool!