Jun 022014


Are you expecting last minute guests?  How about whipping up one of these simple recipes that are all sure to wow your guests!

1.  Zucchini Quiche

2.  Wonton Poppers

3.  Cherry Cream Cheese Danish Muffins

4.  Bacon Spinach Quiche

5.  Individual Veggie Quiche Cups To-Go

6.  Peach French Toast

7.  Raspberry Crepes

8.  Sweet Potato Egg Breakfast Bites

9.  Easy Drop Biscuits

10.  Sausage Cheese Scones

11.  Ham & Potato Quiche

12.  Cherry Tomato Quiche

13.  Cheesy Hashbrown Potatoes

14. V8 Chunky Vegetable Beef Soup

15. Avocado Pesto Egg Salad Bites


  126 Responses to “15 Simple Entertaining Recipes”

  1. I would try the peach French toast and the avacado egg bites both sound good.

  2. Great EASY recipes! Perfect for my busy summer life! Thanks – pinned

  3. Totally pinned and they all sound so good. Going to have to try a few this summer now 🙂

  4. I need to make those WonTons. My hubby is obsessed with them.

  5. I am so making those wonton poppers! Sounds like something hubby and I would love!

  6. Thank you for all the ideas,My favorite on there would have to be Bacon Spinach Quiche I love anything that has spinach in it.

  7. The sausage and cheese scones sound good enough for breakfast, not just entertaining. Pass the tea, too!

  8. The cherry cream cheese danish muffins sounds yummy! We are always experiencing pop in guests, these are great ideas.

  9. Love all of these… the Raspberry Crepes look like I will have to try soon. yummm

  10. YUM! definitely need to click over to check some of these out. I wanna see those sweet potato egg breakfast bites.

  11. Ugh, last minute guests. I loathe them. But with 3 parties coming up this month, I’ll take all the entertaining help I can get.

  12. So many delicious ideas. I think I’d try the Avocado Pesto Egg Salad Bites first.

  13. I’d like to try: Zucchini Quiche and Avocado Pesto Egg Salad Bites! Often times when we have guests come I make a Quiche.

    Usually we have KC friends that want to come to go to our zoo. I haven’t heard anything just yet. That’s ok because we’re so busy all summer long. We have a booked schedule.

  14. Those wonton poppers look amazing. Thinking I might have to make them for the next book club!

  15. Those are fantastic recipes! I want to try the Wanton poppers!

  16. Thanks for the links – can always use emergency recipes!

  17. Thanks for sharing these! Those wonton poppers look DELICIOUS!

  18. I am ready to get creative in the kitchen.. #summertimegoal 😉 I will pin this and pick one. I would like to try the quiche just worried only my husband and I would eat it.

  19. Raspberry crepes and peach french toast – YUM! I like your food style. I’ll be clicking over to these recipes for sure!

  20. Peach French Toast sounds so good! I think my husband made something like that before. Great set of recipes! Thanks for sharing them. Have a terrific Monday.

  21. Great ideas. Those wonton poppers sound amazing! I like to make little taco cups out of them.

  22. I’m a big fan of a quick quiche! Definitely one of my faves for breakfast or anytime!

  23. The wonton poppers look amazing! Gotta check that out. I always need something I can whip together last minute and have the ingredients on hand.

  24. I bet those Wonton Poppers would be popular here. I clicked over to get the recipe, but I didn’t see a place to comment. Just the same, that one is a def. possibility on our ‘to make’ list.

  25. I love quiche! I am going to check out a couple of the quiche recipes – pinning! 🙂

  26. I’m always looking for good, easy biscuit recipes. These all look great, though (and I like that they’re simple.)

  27. Zucchini quiche sounds amazing! I pinned this.

  28. So many yummy suggestions on this list! The bacon spinach quiche would be delicious I’m sure!

  29. Quiche sounds fancy and fun. Yummy recipes to explore and test out.

  30. What a great collection of recipes. I can’t wait to try them all 🙂

  31. The Zucchini Quiche and the Peach French Toast sound good to me–actually every thing sound good to me!! Do I really have to wait for company?

  32. Oh, these all look fabulous!!! Especially the Bacon Spinach Quiche 🙂 Pinned!

  33. Perfect roundup for me, I always have people stopping by last minute. These recipes will make me look like a cooking star!

  34. YUM YUM YUM!! The Wonton Poppers sound soo good, that’s first on my list to try.

  35. I love entertaining and these are all yummy-looking!

  36. This is truly a great collection of recipes. #13, the cheesy hash brown potatoes, are almost exactly like a dish I make every thanksgiving and christmas. They are SO GOOD. One of my favorite foods. I highly suggest them!

  37. These look like great, easy recipes! Especially the wonton poppers!

  38. oh the bacon spinach quiche sounds great for breakfast, great recipes!

  39. anything quick is right on time. I would prepare these on Sunday Football or for the kids on Friday night!

  40. These look delicious, I love raspberry crepes!

  41. These recipes sound wonderful must try a couple soon. the wanton are looking like my favorites.

  42. I love simple recipes for entertaining. I’m definitely bookmarking this post for future reference!

  43. I need to bookmark this, love the Bacon Spinach Quiche recipe. Just perfect!!

  44. These recipes look amazing. I am going to save them for later. I cannot wait to start checking them out.

  45. Great ideas! Those wonton poppers look so good!

  46. I repinned instantly when I found out about the Wonton Poppers!

  47. This is a great round up. I really want to try those wonton poppers!

  48. I agree, those wonton poppers look pretty delicious! These all look like simple recipes that could potentially save the day when last minute or unexpected guests decide to show up 🙂

  49. I love Zucchini so this Quiche recipe is something I would try. Makes a good appetizer for a get together.

  50. Yum! Quiche is one of my favorite entertaining recipes and I am always looking for more recipes to add to my arsenal. Cheesy Potatoes are also a good choice that always gets devoured.

  51. Oh yes, I would totally love to try some of these yummy apps! The wontons are totally my fav!

  52. These look great… love that they are ‘simple’ because I tend to try to overdo things and don’t realize how much I put on my plate. Thanks to much

  53. These are great to keep on hand if I have last minute company! Thanks!

  54. I love quick and easy recipes! They all look terrific!

  55. Yum! Perfect for unexpected guests! I’m intrigued by the wonton poppers.

  56. Yum, I love super easy recipes. These are perfect for upcoming summer parties.

  57. Those wonton poppers sound amazing. My Hubs and I used to go to a place that had them and they were so good.

  58. such great recipes i can’t wait to try some of these

  59. Omgosh, avocado pesto egg salad bites – yumm!!!

  60. I need to make those wonton poppers. Thanks for such a fabulous list!

  61. They all sound incredible but sausage cheese scones? YES PLEASE!!!! Yum.

  62. Mmmm! Cherry Cream Cheese Danish Muffins sound like something that I would like to make. But not share. They would be mine, all mine!

  63. Now I’m hungry. LOL I’m going to try the peach french toast.

  64. Those wonton poppers look interesting. I’ve made anything like that on my own before.

  65. yummy wonton recipe!! i want to make those!

  66. Wonton poppers look amazing!! I am definitely going to try this.

  67. Okay, the wonton poppers are on my list to try! They look yummy!

  68. wonton poppers are what I would love to try I mean everything else looks great but I think the wonton poppers are right up my alley.

  69. Thanks for the simple entertaining recipes – these are perfect for me. We host a lot of parties so simple recipes are always welcome. I especially want to try the Raspberry Crepes!

  70. It’s always important to have quick recipes that you can prepare when you are entertaining guests. These are perfect for the Summer.

  71. Mmmm, I’d really like to try the peach french toast. That sounds like the way to wake up!

  72. I love simple dishes!!! Thanks for sharing! Number 8 down are definitely going on my list!!!

  73. I love summer dishes and the easier, the better! I’ll be pinning this for sure!

  74. They all sound fantastic. I guess I have to just start at the top and work my way down

  75. ‘Tis the season for cookouts, reunions and family picnics! Thanks for all the ideas…I’m usually scrambling at the last minute!

  76. So many great recipes . . . I don’t know what to try first!

  77. I am bookmarking this one, we are shopping for a new home and I will finally have a kitchen where I will want to cook. So many of these looks so good – I can not wait to try them.

  78. Great set of appetizers in this list. Plenty to enjoy… for entertaining or not 🙂

  79. Oooh, great roundup! I’m having some friends over soon and have been trying to decide what I’m going to make. Maybe one of everything?? 🙂

  80. Sign me up my dear! The only bad thing is I’d probably eat it ALL!!!

  81. These all sound wonderful! I would make them for my next get together.

  82. You had me at wonton poppers! Thanks for the roundup!

  83. I’ll have to try that peach french toast. It sounds delicious.

  84. the ham and potato sounds so good! I would love to have that one day!

  85. the avocado pesto egg salad bites sound really good. I may have to try that one

  86. What a great roundup! Those Wonton Poppers sound yummy, I will have to make them!

  87. I cant tell you how excited I am that it’s prime entertaining season – and how much I love those wonton poppers!

  88. Those all sound delicious, but I love quiche and will have to try those recipes!

  89. two things: wonton poppers and peach french toast? Sign me up…or just call next time you make it. lol

  90. Oooh, those all sound delicious! Thanks for round up these recipes!

  91. I want the sausage cheese scones right now. They sound super good!

  92. Those wonton poppers are calling my name…now I just need to have a party!

  93. The won ton poppers look amazing. They would be perfect to serve at our next party.

  94. That peach french toast is really catching my eye. It could be because I just had a slice of peach pie? LOL!

  95. These look so good!!! I really have to try those wantons!

  96. They All Look So Good I Must Try The Wonton Thanks!

  97. The Wonton Poppers look and sound amazing! As do the Cheesy Hashbrown Potatoes.

  98. I think I want to try the Wonton Poppers. Great list of recipes.

  99. Oh yum you do tempt me with all these delicious recipes (in a good way of course) x

  100. Mmmm. Cheesy hashbrown potatoes sound wonderful. I’ll have to check out the others, too!

  101. Wonton Poppers? YES! PLEASE!!! Those sounds delish to me! 🙂

  102. The wonton poppers look amazing!! I love the idea

  103. I really need to stop reading these at night! I might have to throw a party just to make wonton poppers!

  104. I want to try those raspberry crepes! They sound delicious.

  105. Zucchini Quiche sound so yum! I really love entertaining!

  106. Oh yum! The Peach French Toast sounds very interesting. We eat a lot of peaches and my kids love bread so I’m sure it would be a big win here!

  107. These recipes are all incredible. Nice collection of blogs, too!

  108. I see lots of good things here but I would probably start with the Bacon Spinach Quiche. I love quiche and I love bacon and spinach so it should be a winner.

  109. These look delicious! I have pinned for later use.

  110. thank you i see lots of wonderful new recipes, my to do list those raspberry crepes and bacon spinach quiche.

  111. The wonton poppers sound wonderful and definitely something I would love!

  112. I haven’t had breakfast yet! Those avocado pesto egg bites sure sound yummy!

  113. mmmm I love quiche. I’m going to try some of these. The wonton wrappers sound good too!

  114. Wonton poppers! Raspberry crepes! Yum! I love this list! Thanks for putting this together!

  115. If I entertain, I have to clean … so … no.

    They look delish so I may make them and not share 🙂

  116. Those wonton poppers look really good. I could really go for some of those right now.

  117. ooo… I love the wonton poppers! Now I want some of those!

  118. That bacon spinach quiche sounds divine! I am going to have to try to make it myself.

  119. I love having a quick list of easy recipes to make for guests! Saves me a ton of time searching the web.

  120. Thanks for featuring my Wonton Poppers recipe! 🙂