Aug 182014

17 amazing nutella recipes

I may or may not have a slight Nutella obsession.  Ok, I have a HUGE Nutella obsession.  I could eat that stuff by the jar full…..and on several occasions, I have.  Today, I have an amazing list that contains 17  of the best Nutella recipes I’ve come across.

You’re welcome!

Vanilla Ice Cream with Nutella Chunks

vanilla ice creamv

Peanut Butter and Nutella Cake

Peanut Butter and Nutella Cake

Peanut Butter Nutella Crescent Rolls


Mini Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Nutella


(Slow Cooker) Nutella Crunch Cheesecakes


Italian French Toast


Banana Gelato with Nutella


Chocolate Nutella Banana Cupcakes


Banana Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting


Peanut Butter Nutella Brownies


Nutella Hot Chocolate


Easter Flower Nutella Cream Cheese Cupcakes


Chocolate Nutella Banana Pizza

chocolate nutella pizza

Banana Bread with Nutella and Hazelnuts


Nutella Fried Wontons

Nutella Ice Cream {No Machine Needed}

No machine is needed for this creamy Nutella Ice Cream. #dessert #recipe highheelsandgrills

Banana Nutella Oatmeal


So tell me, which one would you like to try first?

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  1. Well, I have a teen in the house who would flip, dance, and do cartwheels to have any one of these around. I think she’d especially like the hot chocolate.

    • My kid is still a toddler, and I’m pretty sure he’d react the same as your teen. I want every single one of these desserts.

  2. I really need to stop surfing the net on an empty stomach! I haven’t had breakfast yet so honestly I would like to devour them all right about now. YUMMO!!!!

  3. Yup, you have found my weakness, too and have had the Nutella Ice Cream at Carvel here two Fridays in a row, because of it. Totally pinned and what can I say, but thank you 🙂

  4. Anything that combines Nutella and PB is good for me. I’ve been known to combine the two on a sandwich! YUM!

  5. I remember the first time I heard about Nutella, you could only get it in Europe then, and it was all the rage. I didn’t know how much I hate hazelnuts until I tried it. Over and over, I would try it and just about gag. Because everyone still loves it SO MUCH and you can buy it here without having to sell an organ (I remember it being rare and so expensive in the old days) I still think maybe this time I will like it and I totally do not! I see more and more recipes with it and wonder WHY can’t they just make Ella, you know, Nutella without the nut part??? Then I’d eat it like candy!

  6. Having grown up on Nutella while family was stationed in Germany, I love that we’re seeing it in stuff here in the U.S.!

  7. I’ve had the Nutella Crunch Cheesecakes before and they are AMAZING!!! I also want to try the Chocolate Nutella Banana Pizza, it looks delicious!

  8. I want to try the peanut butter and nutella cake! My son’s birthday is next week and I feel like we’re going to have a week-long celebration…so nutella is in order!

  9. Oh my goodness…these all look so great!!! I’m hungry!

    I woke up today with very little voice. I haven’t had much to eat, but I’ve been drinking a ton! Tea and honey, coffee, a vitamin drink, and water. I’m glad I don’t teach on Mondays.

  10. I would love to try the crescent rolls or ice cream! These look delicious!

  11. I have only had Nutella by itself and wasn’t in love with it. But I think it would be a lot better in something like a cupcake for sure. I might have to try some of these recipes out. I am sure I am missing out!

  12. Anything with NUtella is AWESOME in my book. The crescent rolls look heavenly.

  13. Can I have them all? I’m a major Nutella fan eating spoonfuls all the time!

  14. I am super hungry now. I do hope they ALL are within the 100 calorie mark:)

  15. What a delicious roundup of recipes. I love using Nutella!

  16. The crescent rolls look like a great new way to enjoy Nutella in the morning. I’d even make them for a tea brunch!

  17. Woah I love Nutella and mainly have eaten it as a spread. That cake looks delicious with the peanut butter combination!

  18. As if I didn’t love Nutella enough already! I had no idea there were so many yummy Nutella recipes! Totally want to try that french toast, looks divine!

  19. i like adding nutella to my ice crem. simple vanilla with sliced bananas, chopped nuts and a big drizzle, or pour of nutella

  20. I never seem to buy Nutella, but I think I should – so many yummy looking recipes that you can make with it!! Would love to try the vanilla ice cream with Nutella chunks. Yum!

  21. OMG Are you seriously trying to get me fat before my trip. I could go for any one of these right now.

  22. My family loves Nutella! I’ve never really tried it, but these recipes sound awesome!

  23. What a fantastic list you have here. I love Nutella!

  24. Nutella is heaven in a jar, thanks for the so many great Nutella related desserts and treats all in one place. Marking this blog post later use.

  25. I love Nutella, but I’ve never baked with it. I think I’m going to try those Nutella Crunch Cheesecakes.

  26. These recipes look amazing. I’m an ice cream girl, so I’m really excited about the vanilla ice cream with Nutella chunks. DEElicious!

  27. You need to stop all these delish recipes. I loved Nutella and now… I can’t eat it. I need to learn how to make my own so I can have it too.

  28. This post is NOT good for my diet 🙂 But soooo good for my taste buds! I love nutella and these recipes look amazeballs!

  29. These nutella recipes look delicious! As strange as it is, I had never had nutella as a child- I had never even heard of it growing up. I only learned as an adult how odd that was 🙂

  30. Those look amazing. I love nutella. It’s one of my favorite snacks and my kids love it, too. Thanks for the linkup.

  31. Oh those Fried Wontons! I’d try those.. I had to pin this.. I lovve Nutella and need to find a different way to eat it besides off a spoon.

  32. Nutella is so good! These recipes looks so darn good!

  33. My son LOVES nutella. He would be all over that peanut butter nutella cake! I’m saving that recipe for his next birthday!

  34. Oh yum!! Many of these sound so good!

  35. My hubby likes to make me nutella chocolate drink too 😛 Thank you for the other recipes. I love nutella!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  36. I have NEVER tried nutella. Never. I’d love to, maybe try a few recipes from here. YUM. They all look pretty great!

  37. these are some amazing looking dishes and I am sure delicious with the addition of Nutella. It is such a popular spread with kids

  38. STOP IT! You had me at Nutella! My hubby just saw this over my shoulder and asked me to email it to him. We’re big fans here 🙂

  39. Oh my goodness, that Peanut Butter Nutella Crescent Rolls recipe sounds just delicious… I want it now! YUMMY!

  40. Those mini chocolate whoopie pies look amazing! Diet be darned, I’m making those!

  41. Oh yum!! I am going to make the Peanut Butter Nutella Crescent Rolls this weekend. They look irrestistable! Thanks for sharing.

  42. Nutella is like crack for me. I always scoop a heaping spoonful out for myself when I am making my girls a sandwich!

  43. Everyone of those dishes looks great and I want to try them all.

  44. Yummy! I haven’t convinced my kids yet that Nutella is the best thing ever but I am a huge fan. I am going to have to make some of these.

  45. I love nutella, too! My favorite have been nutella muddy buddies.

  46. My kids love Nutella. Their favorite is Nutella and jelly sandwiches.

  47. Ooohhhh…These all look so yummy. I think I’m going to make those crescent rolls tomorrow!

  48. WOW! So many great ways to use Nutella! Which of course is even just amazing on a spoon! LOL! Bet these recipes are great!

  49. I seriously love you right now. Nutella is the best and I needed some new ideas for it!

  50. So… I’m “meh” on Nutella. Having said that, the crunch cheese cake could make me a believer. That looks sooo good!

  51. oh my gosh, I can’t take this post. I’m going upstairs to get some Nutella on bread …. and maybe some peanut butter too. I’ll make something fabulous another day. 🙂

  52. All of those recipes look so tempting an yummy. Thank you for sharing them as I will definitely be trying them.

  53. Can I just have one of everything please? Seriously these look awesome.

  54. fried wontons sound amazing. and thank you for including my cupcakes!

  55. I’m probably going to sound crazy here – but I have never tried Nutella before. I’ve heard it’s very good, though!

  56. I make a mean banana bread swirled with Nutella. I love that combo!

  57. Believe it or not, I’ve never tried Nutella but my daughter loves it. She eats the individual packs all the time.

  58. I am heaven right now. I don’t even know where to begin…..

  59. Confession: Robin, I’ve never tried Nutella. Every time I say this someone cringes. A friend even bought me a jar last Christmas…. which is still sitting in my pantry. I’m doing a waffle post this weekend and hear it is fabulous on waffles, so maybe this will be my chance!

  60. You had me at NUTELLA… really. You could have stopped there. But then, you added those whoppie pies.

  61. Lady you’re trying to kill me! those all look fantastic!

  62. Nutella is great for any time of the day! Love this round up!

  63. These all look so yummy. I don’t even know which one I would want to try first.

  64. I don’t know where to start! I think I would have to pick the ice cream one!

  65. I have made that nutella ice cream….ohhhh so good.

  66. I can’t decide which one I want first. I did just enjoy a bunch of Nutella the other day. Thankfully it was a portion-controlled amount because I ate it ALL.

  67. Can’t go wrong with Nutella! I’d love to try the cupcakes.

  68. I my fricken word! I can’t and totally NEED something from this Nutella spread!

  69. These all look delicious! We love nutella in our house.

  70. Nutella is the best thing ever. The recipes look fabulous.

  71. Those wontons are up first for sure! Considering I will eat Nutella by the spoonful….I may have to make ALL of these!

  72. These recipes look amazing! Can you say mouth orgasmic. Yummm

  73. Would you believe I just tried Nutella for the first time last month?!

  74. We are absolutely trying those brownies out this week!

  75. Or just eat it with a spoon LOL. It’s so versatile and tasty!

  76. Ok. Believe it or not, I don’t like Nutella, but my hubby and kids to and they would probably die to try some of these desserts! They’d love the cupcakes, ice creams and cake!

  77. If I didn’t already have a nutella addiction these recipe would make me have one. So pinning this post as I Want to try everyone.

  78. They all look so good! Definitely going to try one or two of those recipes. By the way I have another one for you–Go to Carvel–they have Nutella Soft Serve!! They only have it for a short time-and it is to die for!!!!!

  79. Seriously, these all look so heavenly! I can’t just choose one!

  80. You had me at nutella! These all sound so good!

  81. that crunchy cheesecake is soooo tempeting…everything looks super good …

  82. I’m not a fan of nutella (because of the chocolate part) but I gotta admit that those recipes look fantastic! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  83. I love Nutella. It’s just delicious. The peanut butter Nutella crescent rolls are calling my name right now…

  84. Thanks for the ideas. I like Nutella and I’m going to try some of these recipes.

  85. It sounds like I’m definitely missing out since I’ve never tried Nutella before.