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We have many traditions around our house at Christmas time, but by far, one of the funnest things we do is baking cookies for Santa. Since my boys were little, each year we all work together as a family to make cookies to leave out on Christmas Eve. I have to admit that we’re usually pretty basic when it comes to cookies over here.  In our house Santa prefers chocolate chip cookies, so that is what we’ve always made.  I’ve tried to convince him to accept peanut butter cookies, but apparently he doesn’t want any part of them (what???).

This year, we are going to change it up, though.  Whether Santa likes it or not. Obviously chocolate chip cookies are delicious, but there are so many great cookie recipes out there and I am on a mission to try as many of them as possible (not all on Christmas Eve, though, of course).  Here are some cookie recipes that are high up on my list to try.

  1. Santa Pb Sandwich Cookies! {with Cotton Candy Beards} from
  2. Santa’s Cookies (Double Chocolate Chip M&M Cookies) from
  3. Santa Nutter Butter Cookies from
  4. Santa Claus Cookies from
  5. The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies For Santa from
  6. Soft And Chewy Triple Chocolate M&M Cookies from
  7. Santa-ready Dipped Gingersnaps (paleo, Dairy-free, Grain-free, Sugar-free, Egg-free + Vegan) from
  8. Santa Dinner Rolls from
  9. Chocolate spiced shortbread stars – Sweets for Santa from
  10. Santa Storm Trooper Cookies from
  11. Vegan Gingerbread Cookies from
  12. Fluffy Sugar Cookies & Vanilla Frosting from
  13. I’m The Gingerbread Man… from
  14. Soft-Frosted Lofthouse Style Cookies from
  15. Ho, Ho, Ho! Roly-poly Santa Cookie Recipe from
  16. Sugar Cookie Squares from
  17. Kris Kringle Christmas Cookies from
  18. Chocolate M&M Cookies And Holiday Recipes I Love from
  19. Holiday Truffle Cookies from
  20. Santa Claus Cookies from

What kind of cookies are you leaving out for Santa this year?

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  67 Responses to “20 Easy & Delicious Cookies For Santa”

  1. Baking cookies is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays. My favorite cookie is my shortbread cookies. They are easy to make and always turn out perfectly. I see several cookies in your roundup that I need to try ASAP.

  2. So so many tempting recipes of cookies in your site. If only am not on low carb!

  3. Oh my goodness these all look so good. I love this time of year for this reason. I love all the creative cookies and desserts out there and how you can share them with family.

  4. Gathering to bake cookies is always a fun day around my house. Wonderful selection here with possibly some new favorites.

  5. Oh my goodness hands up I am such a cookie fan and I definitely want to try each and every one of these.

  6. It never fully feels like Christmas to me until I’ve started baking cookies! This year I made shortbread cookies for the first time. They turned out great! Thanks for sharing these!

  7. In yes s past we’ve done sugar and chocolate chip. Not sure what we’re going with this year.

  8. Oh my, Santa will really be enjoying himself this year. At my house he has always gotten delicious homemade cookies (lucky guy).

  9. I’m all about baking cookies for the holidays this year. In fact, that will be a part of everyone’s Christmas presents. I plan on putting miniature cookies in mason jars!

  10. Thank you so much for listing all these cookies! This will be great fun to let the kids pick which cookies they want to make for Santa.

  11. Oh yum! I have pinned this to use and try at home. All the cookies looks delicious and I’m sure it will be so much fun to bake with our kids 😀

  12. All of these cookie recipes look absolutely delicious. I hope you have a great time preparing these with your family. Happy holidays!

  13. Now having a lot of this cookie choices can really give you a merry Christmas. These would be great treats for the holiday season.

  14. These all sound so scrumptious! I think we are probably going to leave out decorated sugar cookies. My kids cannot wait.

  15. These are all great christmas cookie recipes!! I will have to remember some of these!!

  16. We don’t bake much for Christmas , we only do a couple of sweets each year. These are nice opnes though.

  17. These are some great ideas for santa! My son has been asking me what kind of cookies we should leave and what santa likes. I can’t wait bake this weekend and choose which ones we will leave out for santa!

  18. I think this year we will go with a sugar cookie that my son as decorated himself. He has been asking me when we can leave them for santa. These are all great cookie recipes!

  19. I seriously love this time of year because of baking! This list is great!

  20. My son requested that we make Santa “cookies, but with cupcake frosting…” and to make some extra so he can taste them! haha!

  21. These look so delicious! I can’t wait to start baking more cookies, even though I’m trying to eat healthy.

  22. These all sound SO delicious! We make magic cookie bars every year – more than once! They’re our favorites! I can’t wait to try some of these!!

  23. These are so great! I can’t wait to make all kinds of cookies for “Santa” to enjoy. Om nom nom.

  24. Love all these choices. Santa likes to get shortbread from our house. It’s a must do.

  25. Awww yeah! I am definitely getting the kids in on some of these new recipes for Christmas. I see some quality cookie time in “Santa’s” future. 😉

  26. I bet Santa would appreciate any of these cookies this year. I am in a baking mood so I might be making some of these.

  27. Santa normally gets a selection of what we’ve made during our holiday baking frenzy. This year he specifically told my 5 yr old that he Chocolate Chip cookies are his favorite…so that’s what he’ll be getting.

  28. Ohh man, these all look awesome but I am definitely incorporating the Kris Kringle Santa Cookies into my baking repertoire- cranberries have antioxidants, which of course cancels out negatives of the butter and sugar:) That and they look easy AND pretty!

  29. Ooh I like the sound of the holiday truffle cookies they sound amazing. I have never tried peanut butter and jelly together so this needs to be something that I try soon!

  30. hah I love that Santa is picky in your house! Hope he likes what you make and I love your recipe selection!

  31. There are so many great cookies to choose from. Anything with chocolate in it.

  32. Some of these are now on the top of my list. I will have to narrow it down with the kids.

  33. Those are some delicious looking cookies! I’m sure Santa wouldn’t mind any of them! We usually make sugar cookies for Santa every year!

  34. These all look so awesome. We go traditional most of the time but there are some great ideas here that I need to try.

  35. I can never have enough cookie recipes! It’s the time of year where I’m always baking up something festive. These are going to be good in my kitchen!

  36. So many great cookies to choose from! Forget Santa! I am making these Soft And Chewy Triple Chocolate M&M Cookies for myself!

  37. These are wonderful ideas and recipes! This is our little one’s first Christmas, so I may make several of these recipes 🙂

  38. All these sound amazing! I love preparing easy cookies for Santa! 😉

  39. Yum! Baking together is a family tradition in my house. These cookies are perfect for Santa!

  40. I love to bake cookies this time of the year. I am excited to try the Santa-ready Dipped Gingersnaps.

  41. I am looking for new paleo recipes. I see a few on here. I am going to start with the Santa-ready Dipped Gingersnaps recipe.

  42. I am going to pick up the ingredients I need to make some Sugar Cookie Squares this week. I love all the great cookie recipes this time of the year.

  43. All of these recipes sound so delicious. I have a cookie exchange coming up. I will have to make a few of these to add to my platter.

  44. There are some great recipes here that Santa has never had in our house!

  45. Oo we love making cookies for Santa! Thanks for some new ideas.

  46. All of these sound great. We haven’t figured out which ones we want to leave out for Santa yet. I’m sure we’ll find something from your list.

  47. We love making cookies for Santa – Santa really loves chocolate chip at our house and sometimes we think its a little boring.

  48. My kids nd I really love making cookies for Santa it’s like our tradition every Christmas.

  49. Cookies are huge holiday treat for me! I found some great recipes here that I can take to holiday gatherings!

  50. Such a great list of holiday cookies to make. I’m having trouble deciding which of the ones in your post I should try first, they all sound so good.

  51. All these are adorable! I wish I can try all of these for Santa! 😀

  52. This is a very nice reference for the cookie bakers out there.
    I may give a few of these a shot as well as share with my family.

  53. Making cookies for Santa is one of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions! My family usually went with sugar cookies but I think this year we’re also going to switch things up with one of these yummy recipes!

  54. great idea for a post! Santa needs more cookies!

  55. Making cookies together sounds like a lot of fun! I’m not really good at making cookies so I bake other desserts this time of year.

  56. These all look so great! Love to make cookies for Santa! I bet my kids would love to pick one or two of these to do this year! Such a fun idea.

  57. This is a great list! I made gingerbread cookies today 🙂

  58. Oh, holy heck! These all look so yum. I’d love the Holiday Truffle Cookies for sure.

  59. Wow, those are some great options! Baking cookies is my favorite part of the holidays.

  60. What a super easy and cute way to make up some Christmas cookies for Santa. I love this idea, would love to make some cookies for Santa!

  61. Oh wow! These all look delicious! We made peanut butter cookies with a hershey kiss this week and the kids are begging for more Christmas cookies!

  62. I love all these cookies thanks for sharing all these recipes those holiday truffle cookies look insanely delish!

  63. Yum yum! Amazing collection. My little gal and hubs are going to love them, the whole month :). Can’t thank you enough!

  64. That’s my favorite pre-Christmas activity too. Those cookies all look like they’ll be a lot of fun to make!

  65. Omg so many yummy cookie recipes!!!! I will have to try a few of these!!! Deliciousness

  66. The holiday season is definitely our favorite time to bake. This list rocks, especially since we enjoy adding a new cookie to our spread every year.

  67. Woo! what a great list of recipes and they all look good too! 🙂