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25 Gluten Free Snacks

With so many people these days realizing that a lot of their health problems have to do with Celiac Disease or Gluten Allergies it is becoming more common to see Gluten Free listed on foods and in restaurant menus. Unfortunately, it still takes some work and understanding to come up with easy to snack on gluten free foods. Here is a great list of 25 Gluten Free Snacks for you to choose from to satisfy that need for something crunchy, savory or sweet without causing discomfort.


Greek Yogurt: Pair with some granola or fresh fruit for a hearty snack or on it’s on for a boost of protein in your diet.

Fresh Fruit: Fresh fruit of any variety is always a healthy option. Bananas, apples and oranges are easiest to pack on the go and in lunch boxes.

Hard Boiled Egg: Hard boiled, deviled or scrambled with some fresh veggies they are great high protein no gluten snacks.

Hummus with Veggies: Make your own or grab ready made and serve with celery, carrots, cucumbers, snow peas, broccoli or cauliflower. Make sure to read labels because gluten sneaks into many processed foods without notice.

Baked Sweet Potato Fries: Wash, slice and roast a sweet potato for 15 minutes at 275 degrees for a tasty, no seasoning needed tasty snack or side dish.

Kale Chips: Make your own or grab ready made. They are an acquired taste but surprisingly versatile and good.

Rice Cakes: Top with your favorite fruit spread, peanut butter or chocolate spread for a tasty treat.

Roasted Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds or other nuts of choice

Peanut Butter

Chocolate Covered Fruit or Nuts

Corn Tortilla Quesadilla with cheese or veggies: Small corn tortillas are so inexpensive and easy to pair with a slice of cheese, a dash of cumin and some veggies for a quick easy quesadilla snack.

Popsicles: Fresh fruit Popsicles are the best bet. Always read labels prior to purchase or make your own from fresh fruit juice or puree.

Air Popped Popcorn (always check seasonings for added gluten)

String Cheese Sticks

Sliced Apples with Cheddar Cheese

Smoothies: We love a base of Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and fruit juice or Almond Milk with a few cubes of ice

Black Bean Brownies: Black Beans as a base remove the flour and create a rich and delicious chocolate brownie you won’t believe are made from beans.

Lara Bars or Kind Bars


Chex Cereal or Chex Mix

Tomato Juice Blend

Dark Chocolate

Pepperoni or Beef Sticks

Beef Jerky

Frozen Chocolate Dipped Banana Slices: Slice bananas and dip into melted dark chocolate. Place on waxed paper until solidified then bag and freeze for easy yummy snacks that are gluten free and low in fat and calories.

Gluten Free is a diagnosis that requires some adjustments but does not leave you without great food choices. These 25 gluten free snacks are items you would normally grab that you might not think of being gluten free. It is easy to plan ahead by keeping some of these on hand at all times for easy lunch box packing, desk drawer filling or on the go breakfasts.

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  1. These all sound like good ideas and healthy ones, too.

  2. Great list! I have a wonderful recipe for Black Bean Brownies over at my blog!

  3. I tend to try to eat more foods like this during the day even though I don’t have a gluten issue per say just to be a bit healthier I suppose, but loved your advice and tips and can’t thank you enough for them here today, Robin 🙂

  4. I love the Larabars! Definitely yummy!

  5. I love this list. A lot of these items are great for road trips as well. win-win

  6. That’s an extensive list. I’m sure it’s helpful too, to those who have to have GF choices!

  7. Nuts are my favorite. We don’t have any gluten restrictions here, but healthy snacks are healthy snacks, no matter what!

  8. Great list! I eat many of these things, but I haven’t to say…I can’t do the black bean brownies LOL

    • I haven’t been able to bring myself to try black bean brownies! I’ve heard they’re good, but I’m skeptical after a few gluten free mishaps early in my daughter’s celiac journey.

  9. This is a great list of healthy in general snacks. (Not just gluten free.) I have a few friends who are sensitive to gluten. These are all great items to keep in mind when I have friends over (or if I’m sending snacks to daycare to share with other kids….just in case.)

  10. Yummy list! Greek yogurt with a tasty granola is my favorite!

  11. I am trying to convert to sweet potato chips so I can give up my last not gluten free item. Of course those chocolate covered bananas sound great too.

  12. I know a lot of people have made the switch. Great list to print out and keep on the fridge!

  13. That’s a great list and a few of them I was already eating and had no idea they were gluten free. 🙂

  14. I have never heard of black bean brownies – will have to look that one up

    Love a lot of these foods 🙂 thanks for the info

  15. This is a great line up of snacks!

  16. This is a great list! I’m considering going on a gluten free diet and this gluten free list will come in handy!

  17. Yep I eat a lot of these. I decided to have 1 slice of thin crust pizza, and a glass of wine earlier this week. My stomach has hated me ever since. I know I’m allergic to sulfa big time – it’s in the wine. I don’t know if the cheese, or the gluten in the pizza messed with me.

    Not all granola’s are GF. Some are, but some aren’t.

  18. I have an intolerance to it. If I eat too much (which really isn’t much) I have severe distress in my guts. Through life and various drs they all relate it back to the gallbladder disease and the problems I had after it was removed. I’m just someone who doesn’t digest it well. This is a great list.

  19. What a great list of gluten free snacks! I have a friend who avoids gluten, I’m sure she will appreciate this!

  20. Great list! I am mostly gluten-free because I have found my joints ache less when I avoid it.

  21. I am not GF but these snacks sound yummy anyway!

  22. These all sound really healthy. Although my family is not into gluten free foods, we’ll have to try some of these.

  23. I am really TRYING to develop a love for Kale chips because I know how healthy they are but I just cannot get past the taste. I think I need to add some lemon or seasoning because whatever I am doing is NOT working!

  24. I’m not fan of kale, but I love kale chips!

  25. If you ever get a sweet tooth, black bean brownies are the way to go.

  26. These are such great ideas. So many people are affected with gluten sensitivities now that they need some alternatives!

  27. Who knew there were so many delicious gluten free snack options? I love hummas and veggies!

  28. I have been loving baked sweet potato fries lately!

  29. Two of my sisters are on gf diets. I’ll have to share this with them. It’s such a comprehensive list!

  30. Sadly we know this menu all too well. My kids still rather eat the other stuff! Hard to adapt sometimes.

  31. Okay I love some of these ideas! I actually did not know that Greek yogurt fit this criteria. Thanks! I need to try some of these. I typically think of whole foods as gluten free but I see that I can also make some and vary it up a but. Thanks!

  32. This is a great list of easy to make/get and yummy to eat gluten free snacks! This time of year we definitely suck down tons of popsicles at our house!

  33. This is a great list! There sure are a lot of options!!

  34. there is also Candy Tree organic and gluten free licorice…..

  35. Great list, I love love love the Chex Cereal line! Makes a great snack!

  36. This is a great list of gluten free foods. I’ve been thinking of going gluten free even though I don’t have an allergy to it. It’s just not good for me.

  37. I’ve become a big fan of Greek yogourt with some fresh fruit and granola. And then a hard boiled egg. It’s a great breakfast that fills me up. I’m often not even hungry for anything other than some veggies and cheese at lunch if I eat that.
    frozen chocolate dipped banana slices. Amen.

    • Greek yogurt with fruit is amazing. If artificial sweeteners don’t offend your sensibilities, try putting some cherry or strawberry gelatin powder in the yogurt. It’s sugar free, and it’s delicious.

  38. These are great! My sister in law is always looking for GF foods for her family. I will pass these all on to her!

  39. I’ve obviously been over complicating the gluten free thing, because this list easy easy and awesome. I have friends who are gluten free and sometimes at parties I want to have something for them. Deviled eggs? Something we’d all like! 🙂

  40. This really lays it out there and lets you know there are a lot of options out there for you if you can’t do gluten. These are all great choices and things I pretty much like.

  41. These are such great tips. A really good starter list that makes being gluten free not so limiting. Thank you for sharing.

  42. Great list! Thanks for the ideas. I’ll be passing this along to my MIL because her Dr. recommended she go GF. So, double thanks!

  43. This is a great list for a new situation in our society! I wil note it here for my gluten free friends!

  44. Great ideas! I love all of these healthy options.

  45. I love most of those listed above. I love the frozen banana idea!

  46. My son has celiac and I’m always looking for new gluten free recipes now I really need one for the black beans brownies he would love to have some

  47. My son and I just sat down and went through the whole list to check for new items we could add to his snack list for back to school! You had a couple of items we haven’t considered as gluten free! Great list – we just recently tried the Dole chocolate covered banana slices to see if he would like them. Now that we know he does, we’ll make our own at home! We’re keeping it!

  48. I tried gluten free for about a year before my first daughter was born. my stomach was in such a mess that i just had to hit the reset button. that was nearly 4 years ago and i’m glad to see so many new options.

  49. thanks so much for the list…beef jerky…hmmmm 🙂

  50. Sharing with my friend – her daughter is new to gluten free. Thanks for the list!

  51. While we fortunately don’t have to use gluten free many of out guests do. So it is an awesome list for us to have. Thanks it sounds yummy

  52. Kale chips and black bean brownies are on my list of things I want to try. I do love all of your other suggestions!

  53. My daughter was diagnosed with celiac two years ago. It was definitely a struggle finding healthy things to replace her old snacks, which were loaded with gluten. Now, she would rather have some hummus and veggies for a snack than a sandwich or bowl of pasta! Not that I can blame her, a lot of gluten free bread and pasta is gross. It’s definitely better to find new foods you love than try to replace old ones!

  54. I just bought kale to make kale chips. What a healthy alternative.

  55. Great resource for anyone with a gluten allergy. Luckily no one in my family has one, but these are all good snacks for them too!

  56. My boys like humus, it is so versatile and can be used with so many foods. They like to dip.

  57. We’re a gluten free crew around here. Popcorn and gluten free pretzels are two of our staples!

  58. Those are some great gluten free options! I want to try the kale chips!

  59. Greek yogurt has been my favorite snack as of late and my kids love string cheese!

  60. Black Bean brownies? Ok that sounds a bit interesting to me at the moment. Have you made them, did your kids like them? I need to start to make more gluten free snacks and desserts. Thanks for sharing and if you could, would you please forward that recipe to me?

  61. Popcorn is one of my favorite gluten free foods. I eat a lot of hard boiled eggs too!

  62. Great list! People tend to focus on the bad things about going gluten free and all of what they can’t have.

  63. My grandma had an allergy to Gluten. Thanks for the list.

  64. I see a lot of things on this list that I love. I stay away from gluten too even though I don’t have an allergic reaction.

  65. More & more people have gluten intolerance so it’s a great list for those who have it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  66. Oh we love Hummus and veggies! I had never thought of popsicles being gluten free!

  67. I’ve been wanting to start following a more gluten-free diet but didn’t know where to start. This is a great list for me to start incorporating more gluten-free products – thanks!

  68. Thanks for the list! There is a lot of great info included here.

  69. I have several good friends who have serious problems with gluten. I will be sure to share this with them!

  70. I love almost all of these. Didn’t know so many of the, were gluten free.

  71. These are great suggestions! Some people don’t really understand gluten and that it’s not that hard to avoid.

  72. I have a frozen banana all the time–love it! When I first went gluten free I thought I wouldn’t have a thing to eat but really, there is a TON of delicious foods that are GF.

  73. Brownies made with beans? Who knew? I adore brownies and we picked up a gluten-free brownie mix but I would love to try making them with beans. Thanks for the idea!

  74. Be careful with the granola. A lot of people with gluten issues have a problem digesting oats. Plus only a handful of granola is gluten free, it has to have gluten free oats and be processed in a facility that doesn’t process wheat, barley, or rye. I have had reactions to non-gluten free oats a number of times even though I thought I was playing it safe 🙂

    Great list. Black bean brownies are one of my favorite and easy to make with a small amount of coconut flour, yummy!

  75. All of your snacks are completely doable! I thought eating gluten free meant giving up everything good! Thanks for the list and I’m going to try the Black Bean Brownies!

  76. Ohh rice cakes is on the list yay! They have to be one of my favourite snacks x

  77. These are really great snacks! I love Greek yogurt with some berries and a little bit of honey – delicious! Sliced apples with Cheddar cheese sounds like a great combination. Have to try it out.

  78. We love Baked Sweet Potato Fries and Kale Chips! Wonderful list!

  79. This is great to know. Thank you.

  80. Yum – great list. I made deviled eggs last night, and I’m trying a creamy cantaloupe popsicle recipe tonight – cannot wait to see how that come out. I am currently following a wheat-free, sugar-free diet.

  81. My sweet 4-year-old niece has celiac’s it is rough stuff!

  82. Mmm, sounds good. Great snack selections.

  83. I like whole food options. my sister gives my niece too many packaged snacks

  84. Great list! I’m sharing with my GF friends!

  85. I love the veggies and hummus, especially if it’s homemade. I never thought of black bean brownies, but now I have to try it!

  86. I love kale chips -extra crispy! These are great snack suggestions. Hard boiled eggs are protein-rich and nutritious!

  87. I love hummus with veggies. I could actually go for some right now.

  88. What perfect timing, I’ve been trying to brainstorm more healthy snacks! I totally forgot about hard boiled eggs!

  89. I love hard boiled eggs and have an obsession with popsicles! This is a great list, some of these I have never tried so it’ll be fun to try some new foods. My cousin is allergic to gluten so she could definitely afford to try some of these too!

  90. These are great options! I just made kale chips a few days ago and it was sooooo yummy!

  91. Great list of things that are gluten-free for people who are on a particular diet. Or not! These are delicious!

  92. I love making Kale Chips, we are always looking for a Gluten free snack just to see if it really is something that can help us.

  93. That is some of my favorite foods! 🙂 I like eggs and beef jerky. 🙂 Great list and a great excuse for me to eat more eggs. 🙂

  94. I’ve only just started following your blog but I have to say this. One thing I’ve noticed is that your postings are quite eclectic. I love that. There is something for everyone over here. AND, I love the graphics that you include with all of your posts. You inspire me to be a better blogger. 🙂

  95. What a great list! We don’t go GF in our house, but it’s nice to have a lists for shared snacks.

  96. This is such a great list!! I love kale chips. They’re kind of amazing!! 🙂

  97. I have a friend who follows a gluten free diet and I can’t wait to share these snack ideas with her. I’m sure it must be hard for her to limit herself sometimes.

  98. I so very much appreciate this list! We have friends and family that are very gluten sensitive.

  99. This is a very yummy list even if you’re not looking for gluten free. Good ideas! I can imagine that it would be difficult to navigate all the info out there if your were allergic to gluten!

  100. All of those are delicious, except I’m not a big fan of Greek Yogurt.

  101. These are awesome ideas! Thank you!

  102. We’ve been having some gluten issues in the house and have been wanting to cut back on it. These are great snack ideas for that!

  103. Great list … we are gluten-restricted and gluten is in so. many. things! I can’t imagine having to go completely free but lots of people do.

  104. I have friends that can’t have gluten. I will def be forwarding this to them.

  105. Thank you so much for this helpful list!

  106. Looks like a lot of my favorite snacks are gluten free! Woop woop to Kale Chips and Greek Yogurt Smoothies!

  107. YEAH!!!!!! I never see any all GF lists like this! I am off to pin, stumble, tweet, etc!!!

  108. I’d been given some gluten free pasta to try last year and wasn’t too crazy about it.

    I work with a woman who can’t have gluten and she has to be so careful about what she eats.

  109. I love eating gluten free. Thanks for the ideas.

  110. Mmm, this is a great list!! I do love me some hummus!

  111. So many people are choosing to eat Gluten free now. It’s good to know there so many snack options. So they dont feel like their missing out on anything.

  112. OHHH There are a lot of good options my dear!