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During winter months, you may notice that your kids gradually start spending more and more time indoors, sitting in front of their computers, TVs or smartphones. While this type of fun is perfectly fine once in a while, it’s not healthy and definitely not family-oriented if your children have no other memories of charming winter time other than those that gadgets provide them with. In that respect, it’s time that you organize some cool outdoor activities for a whole family to enjoy. And most importantly, relax – these activities do not have to cost you an arm and a leg. All that’s necessary is your creativity, positive energy and love that you all share.

5 Frugal Family Bonding Outdoor Activities That Your Kids Will Love During Winter

Go out and make something
Winter time offers a lot of possibilities. If you happen to enjoy some good snowfall during winter, turn it to your advantage. Together with your kids, you can have a lot of fun in the snow. Making a snowman and other various forms, as well as using snow as a big canvas for your little works of art is a great and frugal way to bond as a family. Don’t feel sad if snow just doesn’t want to color your streets and yards white – you can make your own artificial snow that can serve the purpose of getting all artsy and crafty just fine.

Making a campfire
It doesn’t matter if it’s cold and snowy outside when scout’s honor is on the line. What matters the most is looking for some amusing ways to entertain your kids and join them in their fun. In that respect, offering a small scouting lesson such as learning to light up a fire can definitely be very productive and interesting. So, don’t fear the cold in your own backyard. Use this opportunity to teach your kids how to make a campfire, gather your family around it and enjoy roasted marshmallows and hot cocoa while telling jokes and interesting stories.

Hiking and walks
Most people think that hiking is only reserved for summer months but if you layer your clothes well, winter hiking can become a true family tradition. With proper outfits and enough food and water, together you can experience and share some amazing winter sceneries that would make for some incredible family memories. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you! Of course, if it’s really cold, you don’t have to hike as long as you would during warmer months.

Winter sports
There are some team sports that can be played on dry land and snowy terrain, and both options are really appealing. One such sport is soccer. This is a perfect opportunity to get active with your kids as well as their friends and have some great time outdoors. Soccer is definitely an activity that’s appropriately challenging during the lazy winter days and a perfect way for a whole family to do some exercising and strengthen their bonds. All you need is proper soccer equipment and that’s it – you’re ready to play some seriously fun game with your most precious team mates.

Healthy competitiveness
There’s nothing more satisfying and enjoyable for kids than engaging in some healthy competitive games with their siblings and parents. Partaking in this type of games has an incredible benefit in relaxing everyone involved and regaining the energy lost due to winter laziness. Snowball fights are definitely something to look forward to when it comes to frugal family outdoor activities. What’s more, sledding or ice skating games are bound to make everyone happy and eager to try their best during the family winter wonderland.

Spending time with your kids outside, laughing and engaging in same activities together is something that every family needs and benefits from. As long as you pay attention to the amount of time you spend outdoors, dress appropriately and move around, not even the cold will be able to prevent you from having a blast. Every day is precious so don’t let your kids spend all their time playing games on computers and phones. There’s so much to discover and experience when you’re all together and it will end up being a lot more meaningful for the whole family.

Zara Lewis (Twitter: @ZaraELewis) is a mom, fitness & yoga enthusiast and a regular writer for High Style Life. She is devoted to implementing healthy life habits in every aspect of life of her family and friends. She loves to share her parenting tips and is always open to learning some new skills, because she sees her parenthood as going to school forever. She enjoys traveling, hiking, cycling and baking.

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  103 Responses to “5 Frugal Family Bonding Outdoor Activities That Your Kids Will Love During Winter”

  1. Hey Robin. I dont have kids but i know where to go when I do have some. Great article

  2. These are all great ideas. I wish I got snow. I just get bipolar whether. One day I was outside in a tank top the next jeans long sleeve and parka.

  3. We are having a really mild winter this year. It was 78º last week. I’m not complaining. When it does turn cold and we get that rare snowfall, we love to have snowball fights. It’s great exercise and so much fun.

  4. We love to go hiking, and since we live in Georgia, we can pretty much do it year round. I love all of these ideas.

  5. In the end it is all about spending time with your children. We do tons of playing in the snow, building snow forts, snowmen and making angels. Plus the hiking or walking is always something anyone can do. Great ideas to get outside.

  6. Totally agree. Love hiking, skiing and exploring in the winter. Nix the snow tho.

  7. I love going out to build snowmen! My daughter is not so into it anymore now that she’s older! I haven’t done a bonfire in the winter before. That’s usually reserved for fall. Will have to see if I can get friends to do that!

  8. I really wish it would snow here (we live in South Louisiana) because building snowmen would be super fun! We are ALLLL about outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing down here!

  9. I really wish my family and I could go outside and play in the snow, but we rarely get snow in my area and if we do its such a small amount that it looks dirty. I would be nice to build a snow man.

  10. Love the snow pics! I like finding things to do with the grands that not only is free but will make memories!

  11. These are great ways to help me bond with my kids! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  12. All of them sound like a lot of fun. I have always wanted to make a snowman, but I have never seen snow.

  13. You live in a beautiful part of the world so going for walks must be so rewarding. Loved the snowman and Im sure a healthy competition making them could be real fun.

  14. Lovely ideas to go out and play. Unfortunetaly there is no snow this years in the place I live. I can only dream about white winter and real snowball fight!:)

  15. We take our kids to the community center once in a while as they offer lots of activities. My kids favorite is to swim!

  16. Even though I’ve lived in Michigan my who life, I am just not a person that enjoys winter. I dislike being outside in the snow in a big way. I guess I don;t mind looking at, in-fact it’s beautiful as long as I am indoors.

  17. I wish we got snow in the south like we did in the north when I was younger. Here’s it all ice and broken ankles! 🙂 But it makes for some fun sledding on tiny hills. Watch your speed!

  18. I like all of your ideas; however, walking and hiking is my favorite. I started hiking when I was around 9 or 10 years old.

  19. These are all great ideas and NONE have to do with a screen, I LOVE that! We usually take walks or hikes! Its nice to go out in the fresh cold air.

  20. Family activities should not always be expensive. There are lots of opportunities to bond and have fun without having to spend a fortune every time. I love your suggestion of building a campfire! I’ll have to try that next week when the grandchildren come over.

  21. My kids used to love making a campfire. Actually, when they’re all in town, they still love to gather around the firepit.

  22. I’d enjoy making s’mores. Yum!

    I usually help my kids build a snowman and then I go in. I’m not one to stay in the cold for long.

  23. What a great list of activities!!! We love to be outside whenever possible, the snow just adds to the fun.

  24. Frugal is my middle name this year! I’m trying not to spend as much money, so these are helpful suggestions <3

  25. We try and spend as much time outside as we can in the winter.
    It can be difficult here as the weather is quite wicked but we love to go skating and have fires in our fire pit. Inexpensive but a lot of fun.

  26. I loved building snowmen and snowforts when I was a kid. Tobogganing is also one of the best outdoor winter activities. We just need some snow in Toronto, because right now it’s feeling more like spring than winter over here!

  27. I think winter is much fun because there is a lot more to do like skiing, soccer, biking, horseback riding on ice for free and not everyone can be able to experience such fun.

  28. These are all wonderful ideas! We would all ride our bikes together as family when I was young! It’s how we bonded and had fun together.

  29. I love that these family activities are outdoors even in cold weather. If I make one more batch of play dough or slime to occupy the kids this winter I’ll lose my freaking mind.

  30. We have a giant sledding hill in our backyard, when it snows I can’t get my kids to come inside. The last snow, they were out there for 5 hours.

  31. Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved making snowmans when it snowed. Something I still do to this day!

  32. These all sounds like fun! Our favorite had to be going out and make something at the backyard. Rewarded ourselves with a mug of hot cocoa after.

  33. We love to spend time outside together. It is always fun to go for a hike in the crisp cool air. I think it is important for the kids to get fresh air instead of being stuck in the house.

  34. I actually appreciate the fact that you are teaching how to set a camp fire. You honestly never know when you might need to do that in case of an emergency! We learned to make one at a young age and now that I’m older, I can definitely say it’s come in useful more times than not!

  35. These are all great activated to do outdoors!! Great list!!

  36. I think these activities are for all of us, I don’t have kids but I will enjoy doing it .

  37. This is a great list of amazing activities for the family. It will definitely keep the kiddos very busy.

  38. I love this! The winter months offer amazing fun outdoors and it is awesome when our kids embrace that fun and grab hold of it with both hands. This is fantastic!

  39. I just wrote a very similar post! Ice skating outdoors and sledding are some of our favorite activities. And of course, building a snow man and having hot cocoa after!

  40. That is the major thing I miss in the winter it the kids playing outside. We are going to try some hikes this week though and see how that goes!

  41. This! There is nothing better than a campfire after a day of playing in the snow. I love a good old fashion snowball fight.

  42. These look like some really fun activities! I don’t live anywhere near snow, and we usually don’t visit anywhere with snow (we aren’t a fan of the cold lol). But I know a lot of friends that travel to see snow and i know their kids would love to do these fun things!

  43. This is why I love winter. That snowman picture is awesome! I am all about winter activities, indoors and out. I love getting cozy by a fire,too!

  44. I love the snow! What great activities. Much better than being stuck inside all winter!

  45. Hiking and making a campfire are my kids really love to do. These are brilliant ideas!

  46. These are such a fun and unique ideas! Mostly, my kids gettin’ bored when winter.

  47. I absolutely love family activities. I really like walking when it’s chilling outside makes such a Nice day out. Would be fun todo some winter sports to! Never thought of that one.

  48. I love this! Spending quality time is all about time and not so much about how much you spent on it. These ideas are all a win! You have fun and get to save. No complaints there 🙂

  49. I love this! Spending quality time is all about time and not so much about how much you spent on it. These ideas are all a win! You have fun and get to save. No complaints there 🙂

  50. Great stuff – we used to do all of this when I was little. We built snowmen and castles together and that was pretty much the best part of winter 🙂
    Katja xxx

  51. These all sounds like fun outdoor activities! We used to make a lot of snow forts, but now that my son is older, he doesn’t think it’s as fun. Bummer! Bonfire is on my list next time it snows, though — thanks for the idea!

  52. These are great tips for me next year with my nephew!! He is starting to get out in the snow this year but he’s still very little. Under one year old. But we got him a winter coat and got some photos of him! (: I just ordered him a north face jacket too from Amazon hehe.

  53. This is a great list of winter activities! My kids always end up with a little cabin fever over winter time, so we’re always looking for new ways to get out and have fun!

  54. Love these winter activities! You have some great ideas here.

  55. If you live in an area where it snows then you have plenty of activities to try out with your children. Snow is always fun for the little ones and building snowmen or having a snowball fight can be so entertaining.

  56. This is awesome! I love this list, building snowmen are our favorite when it snows too!

  57. Great things to do with your kids during the winter! Our winter though is practically spring…so we can still do springy type things. Including swimming, if the pool was open. It’s hot out there! 🙁

  58. I love these tips!!! We are trying to get out to go sledding this weekend, one of our favorite things to do, we pack a lunch and a bunch of snacks to save on money!

  59. This is a good list.
    It is nice to get the kids outside and away from all the smart devices and sitting around as well.

  60. We’re supposed to get snow next week. I’m hoping it’s sledding/making a snowman snow. We’ve had more ice than snow this fall/winter.

  61. I loe everything budget savvy! and playing in the snow makes such great memories!

  62. I unfortunately live in the city and I can’t do 1/2 of those things. But hopefully my apartment complex won’t get mad if we color on the sidewalk.

  63. All these are such great reminders! We forget all the fun we had as kids playing outside! It’s all I ever did! I would be outside all day long, just stopping in for snacks! Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

  64. Yes, our kids spend more time on the iPad too. Luckily we live in the south where it doesn’t get too cold. I still bundle them up and send them out to play.

  65. I am so guilty of letting my kids spend way too much time in front of these gadgets too! i don’t like the winter cold and would rather sit inside and look out to admire the snow than play in it lol. we have a few indoor places to take the kids to in the winter so i try and get to those as often as i can. these are great tips and i especially like the walking and hiking!

  66. Sometimes I get caught up in things like housework, blogging, cooking, etc but the other day we took an hour and just played outside in the snow. Build 2 snowmen (each girl needed her own 😉 ) and laughed the whole time. This list of outdoor activities is great!!!

  67. I love outdoor activities with my family. The last trip we took together was a hiking trip to Yosemite.

  68. My girls woudl LOVE all of these activities! Sadly, I am one of those moms who despise winter and I literally turn into a pumpkin in the winter!

  69. We love snow around here and so when we get it we definitely spend a lot of time outside. Thanks for all of these ideas for how to enjoy it.

  70. Hiking and walks are a FAVE of mine in the winter. I even like to go on solo hikes. The snow is too pretty to miss out on!

  71. I´ll wait until my daughter turns bigger and we will do this! LOL I love snow!

  72. A lot of these activities are fun anytime of the year. But during the winter there is some sort of magic that comes along with being outside. Very cool ideas, Robin!

  73. These are some great ideas. I know winter can be a bit grey and dull and no one wants to go out in the cold. But it’s great to get kids out for.some fresh air!

  74. Sometimes the best fun is free fun! I like these ideas

  75. Its officially not winter in Atlanta anymore. So no winter activities for us here.

  76. We love playing outside together in the winter! My husband always builds a big fort or igloo for the kids, it’s the highlight of the winter honestly!

  77. I love frugal activities. We are always on the search for free or cheap things to do.

  78. We used to hike all the time but haven’t in a while (we now have 3 kids under 3). I would love to take the kids one day soon. I’m just nervous as to how the two younger ones will do.

  79. So many great ideas! I am not an outdoor person in the winter time. Nope. But I try to get out with the kids when we can!

  80. The weather does not get too cold here in Georgia but when it rains it seems to last for days and we get stuck inside. I love getting the kids out and going to museums, shows, and other indoor activities around the city – they are always empty and it’s so much fun!

  81. I miss when my kids were little and we would play outside! I don’t go play much now but I do still get out there and build snowmen!

  82. I swear if there is snow of the ground and you bundle up, there is endless free fun to have outside!

  83. The weather can be harsh but it would be nice to just make the most out of it! I think these are great ideas for the winter!

  84. These are great ways to bond outdoors with the kids. We used to take our kids outside sledding and build snowmen when they were little. It is a lot of fun for the whole family. Thanks for sharing these outdoor activities.

  85. Hiking is always a good idea. I think there’s a misconception that when the winter hits you get lazy. You can still make your way to a local park and have a snowball fight.

  86. We don’t get a lot of snow here, but when we do, the ids go crazy. They love to scrap the snow from the car and have a snowball fight.

  87. This is a great list! My daughter loves being outside so I will have to adopt a few of these ideas!

  88. This is a great list. We don’t have proper winter weather but this looks so fun!

  89. This definitely look fun!! who doesn’t like to play in the snow. I don’t have kids but when I do Ill be sure to plan out tons of activities for them.

  90. Although winter isn’t my favorite season, I’ve been making the best of it for my kids. We love going out front on the snow mountain and going on the sled.

  91. I always love spending time for any outdoor activities that helps in family bonding and anything that brings excitement to my kids. These are some great ideas where winter sports and Hiking &* walks are my favorites right away!

  92. I don’t have any kids but my husband and I do a few of these (walks, winter sports) and love them, very good for bonding. .

  93. One of my favorite things for my family to do is go hiking or go on a walk! Even if it’s cold, you can feel warm if you get moving fast enough.

  94. those are great activities! we do the park almost daily, but then again we don’t have snow which helps.

  95. Staying in is great but it would be nice to make the most of the winter with activities like these! I love being out and about. There’s nothing better than being active even during the colder days of the year.

  96. First of all, what an amazing list. Secondly, I wish we had snow in Miami to do all these amazing things outside in the snow. Aww, one day! 🙂 Either way and going back to your list, we are always looking for great things to do with the kids without breaking the bank, thanks for the great ideas.

  97. These are great ideas for winter activities! My family and I would most likely enjoy making a campfire and everything that typically goes along with it!

  98. Totally agree. Love hiking, skiing and exploring in the winter 🙂

  99. This is a great list of things! We love hiking and campfires, so those would definitely be at the top of our list!

  100. Sooo agree! Spell F-U-N! 🙂 Love the Snowman! Great ideas you got here.

  101. I love hiking! My friends been asking me to try it and now I’m addicted ha-ha 🙂 Yeah in the end it’s all about the precious time with children <3 Love the pics!