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5 Small Blogging Tips That Are Just Good To Know - massholemommy.com

In the blogging world there are so many dos and dont’s. Some of which we don’t all know right off the bat – so it’s great to search before you do something if you aren’t sure but it’s also great to ask a fellow blogger their opinion. I have been blogging since I was 11 (I’m turning 30 in July, so you can do the math!) and I’m still learning as I go along….

But, I’ve also been helping a few fellow bloggers on the side. I don’t claim to know everything because I don’t and I’m still learning myself, but the things I have learned along the way I really strongly feel other bloggers should know, and the sooner the better… So, I’m sharing them with you today.

NOFOLLOW. When you are posting links make sure to always do NOFOLLOW posts if you want google to rank your blog. This is so important. It’s the best advice I ever got a few years back, and tell anyone I help with blogs – always use nofollow. If you don’t know what that means, or what the consequences are – please look it up. I’ve had quite a few people approach me to work with me but ask to use dofollow links (opposite of nofollow) and I’ve had to decline because I can’t risk my website. I won’t risk my website.

DON’T PAY FOR REVIEWS. Although we all need a starting point I would strongly suggest against paying any type of fee towards a review. If you like a product and you bought it yourself, by all means write up a great killer review! but if a company comes to you, or you seek out a company and they require you to pay any type of fee, I would suggest against it. Why, It is a great deal! Well, you don’t have to take this advice but I feel this way because you are giving this company free advertising. You are posting about their products on your blog where it will stay in blogger and internet world forever, or at least until your site is no more. You are giving them business, traffic and a review. If they aren’t paying you the least they could do is give you the product in exchange for your time, energy and promotion.

DON’T BE RUDE. If you are in blogging groups, or just a blogger who enjoys commenting or seeking out other bloggers don’t be rude. As a blogger you are in the public eye. Of course, not as much so as say Kim Kardashian but you are out there – and you don’t want to turn anyone off. Other bloggers see it, probably talk about it and word can get around. Sponsors and Brands may get word and that just isn’t nice to even witness. Be nice, be kind and if you have an issue – take it to private messaging, emails or simply – scroll on by and ignore.

REMEMBER BLOGGERS ARE HUMANS TOO. We make mistakes, it’s natural and happens to the best of us. Just remember that. Don’t beat yourself up, fix your mistake if you can and move on! I find being too hard on myself, or putting others up on a pedestal is just setting one up for disaster. Not good for anyone!

DO NOT BE SENSITIVE. In the world of blogging we have to have thick skin. Not everyone will agree with you, but such is life. Being defensive, or offended won’t help anyone. Think of it this way – do YOU agree with everything you read, or everyone elses opinions? Probably not. That’s okay. Don’t take it personally, it’s not you – it’s life!

If you are a new blogger or even a veteran just do what you do best, blog! Don’t stress too much, like I tend to do. If you aren’t sure about something ask! I promise not every blogger is a snob (I heard this recently and its oh so not true!)

Do you blog? What’s one thing you’ve learned along the way you think other bloggers should know?

About Jeanine Macintosh

Jeanine is a 29 year old, stay at home mom to 6 kids living in Toronto, Canada. She loves everything about Babies and Kids! When she's not blogging, she can be found testing products for review, babywearing, playing with her littles or her zoo of furbabies and baking from scratch! You can find out more about Jeanine by visiting her at SixTimeMommy.com.

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  144 Responses to “5 Small Blogging Tips That Are Just Good To Know”

  1. These are so true! I would also add that you should never copy another blog post word for wrod. It’s ok to link back and it’s always a great idea to ask for permission!

  2. I have never been asked to pay for a review product. That’s crazy.

  3. Absolutely great tips and agree with all, especially not paying to review a product, because for the most part the companies should be paying to do the review or give free product, too for this.

  4. These are great tips. I totally agree with the “rude” part. There are many of those out there and that will bite you in the behind sooner or later.

  5. I had to learn the whole “nofollow” thing on my own and wish I had known about it sooner. These are important tidbits of information for new bloggers and veteran bloggers to remember.

  6. These are all great tips. I can’t believe anyone would call bloggers “snobs.” I think the blogging community is amazingly supportive.

  7. Great tips! Especially about paying for reviews. I’ve had companies want me to buy their products at a “great discount” in exchange for a review. Uh, no thanks. It takes a lot of time to put up a blog post, then promote it. Plus the years of growing my followers. Why would I would to pay to promote someone else!?

  8. I think my tip would be to ask your readers to let you know if they don’t receive a giveaway prize. I never know for sure if readers do or don’t, but I wish I did. Sometimes I’ll get contacted 6 mos after the fact and by then the sponsor has forgotten all about the giveaway or no longer has the prize.

  9. I would never consider paying for a review, but I suppose people who are eager to get going in blogging with products might be tempted. I hope this prevents that.

  10. I learned the hard way about NOFOLLOW!! It took 6 or 7 months to get my ranking back!! Now my entire blog is nofollow and I always tag each link nofollow in addition. I agree never to pay to put up a review–they should pay you or send you product without charging a postage fee. I will occasionally do a freebie but it is usually having to do with a charity ir info that I really think should be passed on. I try to stay away from controversial subjects but if I do write one I always say that it is my opinion and that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion AND that I will not be commenting back–I just agree to disagree ahead of time. As for books–sometimes I buy them, sometimes they are sent to me by the author or the publisher–but then I LOVE reading!! And I have pretty thick skin–which you really do have to do.I love all the advice up above and it will help out all bloggers both new and old!

  11. One of the biggest tips to a blogger is to check your ego. You don’t know everything, and there’s always MORE to learn. Don’t be offended when someone tries to give you new information.

  12. The Nofollow tag is so important! I didn’t know about that at first, and I had to go back and fix all of my links. That took forever and a day!

  13. Thanks for sharing your blogging tips. I didn’t know about the No Follow rule for such a long time, but it is one of the most important things to do. I found a plug in to use on my blog that automatically fixes my links so I don’t have to think about it.

  14. This post is so spot on. DO NOT be rude. A: It’s RUDE! B: You never know who you’re talking to or who you’ll be working with later on.

  15. Good tips. I have been honest before, but I don’t think I was rude. I’m still confused about: NOFOLLOW. I just don’t get it.

  16. All great pointers! Now if only commenters would follow these rules too… 🙂

  17. These are GREAT tips! I agree with all of them.

  18. These are great tips! I’m definitely good about not being rude and not paying for reviews! The nofollow thing is new to me, but I’ve just started doing it and even without totally understanding it, I understand that it’s important.

  19. I agree with most of what you advise here, but I do feel that are times when do-follow links are appropriate. For instance, if you are quoting another blogger and linking to them.

  20. You also have to be willing to take rejections! I’ve applied for things before and not gotten accepted when others have…it is hard to not take it personally!

  21. Great tips! It took me awhile to learn the No Follow rule! I’m still learning so much!

  22. Great tips especially the don’t be rude one. All is takes is one rude/bad blogger to make a whole blogging community look bad. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Great tips for all bloggers new and old. I have never been asked to pay for a review. Nuts!

  24. It is your first tip that I always forget! In fact, I am going back and correcting my post from today! Thanks!

  25. These are such great tips for a newer blogger! I will be looking into the nofollow thing, I’m not sure if my site is or not, thanks for the advice!

  26. Great tips! I’ve been blogging for six years and know I still know that I need to learn a lot from this profession.

  27. So much to learn about blogging. Thanks for the useful tips.

  28. No follow? Ok, time for me to do a little digging… I have NO idea what that means but I don’t want to be in the dark on this.

  29. Great tips for bloggers. I’ve been blogging for a long time, and i still have things to learn.

  30. Did you know there’s a widget you can get in WordPress to automatically click the “no follow” when you’re about to enter a link? It’s super convenient when writing up posts for companies.

  31. I agree with the second tip. There are some companies that would offer you a discount and some will require you to pay for the shipping.

  32. those are some great tips. I am a blogger and my advise would be to be patient with growth.

  33. I wish I would have come across post like this when I first started blogging because it would have come in very handy! So many of these I had to learn first hand, but I made it through.

  34. I would say when using photos that aren’t your own give credit to that person/blog. I also love your tip about links.

  35. I had no idea that blogging has been around that long! I thought it was a relatively new thing.

  36. Great advise. I agree with most, I have many times reviewed a product and have gotten paid for it as well. For instance I have a minimum and if a product does not reach that minimum which includes my time I have not problem asking for compensation and a sponsors offers to pay as well I see no reason why we shouldn’t Just my opinion.

  37. Thank you so much for the blogging tips. I always forget to add no follow and I need to start making a note to do so.

  38. Great tips I never heard of the No Follow link.

  39. Actually Robin I don’t think the information about do follow and don’t follow links is correct. When doing sponsored work the Google and the FTC require No follow links as well as disclosure. However in every other case do follow links are appropriate especially if you are sharing another blog or items you love. You are applying your site’s Google ‘juice’ to that site, as other sites apply theirs to your site when linking to you. I think employing no follow and do follow links properly can affect your ranking but I’ve never heard of only using no follow links facilitating better ranking and I’ve spoken directly to Google reps about this topic. Great tip list!

  40. These are great tips to follow. Number one specially.

  41. These are great tips! And while they are pretty basic, we’ll need a reminder every once in a while! Thanks!

  42. Thanks for the great tips! Blogging takes a lot of work and nudges always help me refocus!

  43. I’ve seen a trend of made-in-China products hitting up bloggers with discount codes in exchange for blog & Amazon reviews. People need to value their time better – it makes no sense to me!

  44. I’ve never heard of the term “no follow”, I’m going to have to look that up. These are great tips, I never realized the time and energy that went into a blog and mistakenly thought that once I pressed the post button my job was over. It couldn’t have been further from the truth

  45. Very helpful tips. Especially about nofollow, which I always forget.

  46. These are great tips and I seriously need to figure out that whole nofollow/dofollow thing! Thanks for pointing that out 🙂

  47. Nofollow is probably the best tip you can give any new blogger!

  48. There is a lot of jargon to keep track of in blogging. No follow is a term that everyone needs to be familiar with.

  49. What great tips. I didn’t know some companies might want you to pay to do a review. I would never do that.

  50. These are amazing tips! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge so unselfishly!

  51. I get approached daily for follow links. And the people offer peanuts. No thanks!

  52. I blog. I think bloggers need to just hang in there and be willing to grow. We don’t know it all and it is a constantly evolving job.

  53. I am not sure what a No follow is. Everything else make sense and something I heard of. I am still pretty new at blogging and trying to learn what to do and not do.

  54. These absolutely true especially having thick skin. My feelings was hurt a couple oftimes but that doesn’t stop me from doing what I love to do!

  55. Really great tips and information! Thanks for sharing, I have to keep all of these in mind!

  56. I am so glad to hear you mention the nofollow part. I get so many inquiries where people want a dofollow post and I have to decline. But then someone else will say they were glad to do it. I always ask myself, “Why would anyone risk their blog for something like that?” I think people should think just a little first.

  57. All of these points are so spot on. I feel like you should also mention that bloggers should be kind to one another, especially in blogging groups. Too many people take blogging way too seriously and can let it take over their usual kind and respectful personalities.

  58. These are all really great tips, especially the one about not being rude. That says a lot about you as a person and could ruin many things for you to have an attitude like that!

  59. I had to certainly get tougher skin and not be so sensitive! People can be SO mean sometimes but you have to not let it get to you!

  60. Yes, all true. It is especially important to understand the no follow rule.

  61. Excellent tips…andi agree with them, especially with the dont pay for products to review. The company should be paying you or giving you the product to review.

  62. This is such a great post! I know lots of new bloggers who don’t know about nofollows (I just learned new rules to it myself!), so these are all super great!!!

  63. These are all great tips and each important in their own way. My blogging tip would be get ready to work hard because building a blog and a brand take time and effort.

  64. I love this post and the tips. It’s so important to remember that. I never had thick skin so a few comments really hurt me then I realized. Take it as helpful and learn from it and if its mean well move on. Don’t lower yourself to that. Sometimes it is easier said then done but now that I live it i love Blogging and making new blogger friends. 🙂

  65. Those are really great tips! Blogging is not always easy and your right you can’t be to sensitive.

  66. These are really great tips! I’ve never heard of the no follow thing and am going to figure that one out,

  67. These are great key tips that any blogger can appreciate! I think the NoFollow is so unknown to many knew bloggers still.

  68. These tips are such great ideas. Every new blogger should add this as a resource!

  69. You have some good point and enjoy reading. I did not understand no follow have to read up on this thanks for sharing.

  70. I never think you should pay for reviews either. That’s like paying to do work for someone! LOL!

  71. This is all good advice. I agree that having a thick skin is vital.

  72. So true! I would never pay for reviews and yes toughen up

  73. Most of us seem to learn about nofollow links the hard way. Ahh, you learn something new every day!

  74. These are great to know. Especially the nofollow info. Most new bloggers are unaware of this.

  75. Don’t be rude is a great tip for online presence in general. People say things online that they would never say out loud in person.

  76. These are all important tips. I think the best one is to not be mean to other bloggers.

  77. Such important an valid tips. All things many of us learned the hard way as newbie bloggers.

  78. There is so much more I need to know . I don’t know much about “Nofollow” but I will definitely look into it. These are great tips

  79. I think bloggers should know they can break their comments into smaller pages such that you only have 20 comments per page and you can also switch the comment box to the top (I am looking at you RObin!!! ) I had my designer switch it, it was quick and worth it.

  80. Really I think out of all the “advice” given in the blogging world… These are the most important. Needs to be at the top of everyones list.

  81. These are great tips for blogging. I will have to share this with my sister. She is just starting her blog.

  82. I don’t know who would ever pay to complete review? that is just absurd to me. I want to review a product and get paid to do it as well.

  83. You know, there are so many good tips for do’s and don’t’s out there, but it seems like you’ve simplified it down to the basic 5 and these are great tips!

  84. These are definitely good blogging tips. It is a must to have thick skin when blogging and manners go a long way!

  85. These are all good tips. The being too rude or sensitive are both good ones. Bloggers are here to help each other.

  86. What a great post. I agree you have to have thick skin..

  87. Love this post! I can’t tell you how many rude bloggers I have came across. I have joined so many groups and some of them are just nasty! They need to remember that we are all families too just trying to support our own family.

  88. These are great tips which I learned early in the game! I am still working on growing a thicker skin though.

  89. Great tips! I’ve been blogging for almost ten years and can attest to each one!!

  90. These are some good tips. I have heard of nofollow, but I wasn’t sure what it was.

  91. I’m going to look more into the nofollow thing. I’ve never actually used that option, so maybe that will help. 😀

  92. Great tips. I wish I knew them when I first began. It would have made life a whole lot easier… Ha! Thanks for sharing

  93. I’ve been blogging for five years. These are some good tips. Especially about not being sensitive. Ya gotta have a thick skin in the blogging world.

  94. Great tips! I agree that you should not pay to do reviews!

  95. I love blogging! I would add “Do not do reviews for free…” unless of course it is something that you REALLY want to do or a product that you love..

  96. These are great tips. There are a few differences between nofollow and do follow links. Typically, if your paid for a post or review you want to use nofollow. This tells the search engines not to follow your link. Do follow simply tells Google to pass a little link juice from your site to theirs. It helps with ranking.

  97. Most definitely rudeness never works kindness and professionalism do thanks for sharing

  98. Great tips! Yes, thick skin definitely helps, but I think compassion goes a long way, too.

  99. I hate when companies ask me to do free reviews! My time, effort, experience and work is worth something.

  100. I agree with all of these. It took me a while to figure things out and I’m still learning.

  101. Can I have a big amen – these are fantastic tips. I see bloggers make the nofollow error all the time so thanks for pointing that out. As you say, kindness matters and don’t be rude for sure. Great post.

  102. That is the great tips. I agree with all of that especially ” dont be rude ” thanks for sharing

  103. Really great tips!
    I’d add 2 more… write about what makes you happy, your passions, etc. Don’t try to fake it you won’t come across as genuine at all. If you love it, it’s always more authentic.
    And get a tough skin. People can be harsh. Don’t always assume negativity is about you rather it’s likely more about them just directed at you.

  104. These are all great tips! I had to learn to not be so sensitive about some comments. Some people are very brave behind the keyboard and just rude sometimes. It took me a while to get a tough skin and not be bothered by it.

  105. I was clueless about nofollow. Thanks for these great tips!

  106. I know companies that offer just the product without further compensation, but thankfully no one has ever asked ME for money! That’s crazy!

  107. I learned that nofollow thing the hard way. I lost my page ranking and paid dearly for it. Good thing I got my ranking back, after a series of emails to Google. 🙂

  108. I agree–you have some really great tips here! Thanks! 🙂

  109. Great tips! It’s so important to find a blogging group, too, where you can share each other’s posts and help each other out. I also say don’t sell yourself short.

  110. I am always too sensitive! When I feel it taking over, I take a step back and come at it again. These are great tips!

  111. Great tips, I think not being sensitive is the hardest. WE are all human and make mistakes. Sometimes people are just mean ;/

  112. Great tips. I always use “no follow” links. It’s amazing how many requests I get for me to use “do follow”.

  113. I have had a few companies ask me to purchase their product then do a review. I never do those…

  114. Yes to all of this! I don’t know how many times I’ve had to tell newbies NOT to pay for things -_- and the sad part is most of them don’t listen and pay for reviews anyway. I guess they will learn 😉

  115. These are all great tips indeed, which really helps to know more about blogging. I agree with you that paying for a review of a particular product is not a good idea at all as we buy it, because we loved it. I understand the importance of Nofollow tag as well.

  116. Do you use nofollow on all your links or just sponsored links and reviews? That’s when I use it.

  117. Wow, you’ve been blogging for a long time! That’s awesome! And this is great advice for newbies, especially the one about developing a thick skin.

  118. That last rule is clutch! Thick skin required!

  119. All of these tips are so true and good tips. Thanks for the reminders.

  120. These are great tips for a newbie blogger and great reminders for a seasoned one. I learned about nofollow early on after doing some research and had no idea about it.

  121. Nofollow links are so important. Any reputable company would never ask for a dofollow link!

  122. I could never imagine paying for a review. Great tips and also thank you for the advice the other day. <3

  123. These are tried and true tips, especially not being rude to other bloggers (or people in general). Kindness goes a long way!


  124. I agree about having thick skin. And I find that I have to let stuff go.

  125. great tips. Am newbie blogger and these are really useful. Looking up nofollow point never heard of it. Glad now at least am aware.

  126. Great tips. I’d never considered paying for reviews. That’s a new one for me. I agree with having a thick skin too. It’s necessary anytime you put yourself out there.

  127. These are wonderful tips. I am just starting working on my blog with reviews, so this will be great to use your tips!

  128. I’ve been blogging for over 4 years now and these really are great tips! The one that really stands out to me is “don’t be sensitive”. lol It can get kind of brutal in blogging circles and I’ve found it’s best to not take anything personal. I stay on the sidelines in most groups to avoid any blogger drama and really love what I do. 🙂

  129. These are all excellent tips to keep in mind when blogging! It;s true that one should always try to have a thick skin when it comes to the online world.

  130. My tip would be to remember from where you started and to help newbie bloggers when possible. The blogosphere is big enough for all!

  131. I’ve heard of the nofollow thing and most of my reviews, they request that I do “nofollow”. I really should do more research. Great tips.

  132. Great tips. Every day I learn something new as a blogger.

  133. I agree with every one of these. Another one is “don’t work for free” the possibility of being shared on a larger network isn’t worth wooden nickles. And yes we have to have thick skins.

  134. I cannot believe people actually ask for a fee for reviews. That is a new one. I’ve never been asked to pay.

  135. wow these are great tips for bloggers – thanks for sharing!

  136. Those are all great tips, especially #1 and 2. I refuse to pay for any review product. And it has to be nofollow for me. As for the snobs remark, I don’t think it’s fair for someone to lump us all in one group like that.

  137. Thanks for this post. These are some great tips. I especially love #2, some companies think that by offering a “discount” they are doing us a favor. Running a blog is hard work and by not charging a fee they are already getting “free” advertising.