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One of the biggest problems people struggle with when it comes to losing weight and eating healthy is portion control. We always wanna go back for that second plate and buffets are the worst thing that ever happened to us! LOL. If you pay attention and try your hardest you can really work on portion control and it will extremely effect your look and health!

1. Use smaller plates. If you use a smaller plate it will appear that you have more food on your plate and your mind will believe that after your one plate, you’re full. You won’t need to eat extra food or go back for seconds. It’s smart to use a salad or side dish plate for your main meal rather than a big huge plate, that is just more room for you to fill up your plate with unhealthy foods!

2. Portion out snacks ahead of time. When it comes to snacks such as chips, pretzels, or cheez its get small snack baggies and portion them ahead of time according the proper serving size on the nutrition facts rather than eating from the bag or box! This will save you so many calories and leave you feeling satisfied without breaking your diet! I’ve found doing this and writing the calories of that portion on the baggy really helps with not eating so many salty, unhealthy snacks!

3. Always remember, half of your plate should contain vegetables of some sort, 1/4 of meat or protein and 1/4 of carbs or starches! You can never have too many veggies! Eat as many of those as you want to fill yourself up so you eat less food that is bad for you! Veggies whether they may be raw, steamed, cooked, or grilled even are a delicious side dish that is always a healthy option! It’s extremely important to eat a portion of vegetables with any meal that you eat!

4. Put away any leftovers before you start eating, this way you aren’t tempted to go back and get another plate! Out of sight, out of mind! If you don’t see the food sitting there on your counter. You are way less tempted to go get more to eat!

5. Drink a whole glass of water before you eat. This will help to make you feel fuller in turn causing you to feel full faster and eat less food! Drinking water before a meal not only makes you full faster but it helps to digest your food better and helps you burn the calories off faster.

Using these simple tips when it comes to eating proper portions will be extremely beneficial to your health! Portion control is the biggest factor when it comes to losing weight!

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  104 Responses to “5 Tips For Eating Smaller Portions”

  1. That whole glass of water before eating really does work wonders. I think sometimes we’re thirsty and think we’re hungry.

  2. I don’t eat a lot of carbs so I am always hungry. Sometimes… I pig out on carob almonds and then pay for it later.

  3. Drinking a glass of water before you eat really can make a big difference. Water is more filling than a lot of people realize.

  4. I knew the water trick, but like the others as well and need to try them more often, because I have very low willpower with stuff like this.

  5. I try to make leftovers so I’ll have something for lunch the next day, rather than having to go out and buy something unhealthy. When I’m divying up our meal, I make sure I do the leftover(s) at the same time so I’m not tempted to eat more for the meal.

  6. Those are all spot-on! You wouldn’t think smaller plates would make a big deal, but it sure does!

  7. Eating smaller portions is the easiest way for me to lose weight and stay in shape. I can even eat “bad” food and not blow my diet if they are small portions. Great advice!

  8. I do all of these things and still I find myself eating too much. I need to do better!

  9. We got a new set of dishes this past winter. Our set from our wedding was down to 3 plates, salad plates and 2 bowls. Not enough for a family of 5!! Anyway, we didn’t even BUY dinner plates. 🙂

  10. Great ideas! I don’t have this problem, but I do have people in my family who do, and they are trying to lose weight. I’ll have to somehow share this info with them.

  11. We almost never use our big plates anymore – it’s helped me not feel so stuffed!

  12. That glass of water before you eat really does help! So does having a smaller plate. Thank you for the reminders!

  13. That portion out snacks beforehand is huge! You don’t realize how much you’re eating for a snack, especially if you’re doing something else while you’re munching!

  14. These are great tips, and I REALLY need to follow them. My portion sizes are way out of control.

  15. I have a terrible time with portion control. I’ll make a plate, thinking it’s just right… Then I walk away feeling over stuffed.

  16. I always try to drink a glass of water before each meal.

  17. Using smaller plates really helped me when I was losing weight! If you have a giant plate, you just have to fill it with food, right?!

  18. I do have to trick myself to eating smaller portions. I use a few of these tips. Thanks for sharing

  19. Drinking a big glass of water before you eat is a big helper for me! And I never thought to put away all the food before I start eating. We go back for more a lot haha.

  20. I am notorious for over eating because leftover food is left out. I never thought to be more conscious of packing those leftovers away!

  21. Read the title and first thing that came to mind: Smaller plates!! so, so true!! I would also say to eat slowly…it takes your brain 20 minutes to realize you are full. So eat slowly 🙂

  22. I need to work harder on drinking more water before meals. I do portion out snacks early in the week, but I get busy as the week goes on and things kind of fall apart in my world.

  23. I love all of these tips and should try some! I am famous for having eyes larger than my stomach then being too full!

  24. oh my goodness the put away the leftovers before you eat it genius! I’m so bad, I will scoop the mac and cheese in my mouth as I am suppose to be scooping it in the bowl!

  25. All great tips! Most people don’t seem to have an accurate idea on what a portion size really looks like. It’s usually much smaller than you think.

  26. Such great advice. I always drink some water.

  27. I do the water trick in the morning! It really helps!

  28. These sound like good trips. I’ve had a devil of a time with portion control.

  29. Great tips! I so need to heed your advice now that I am back from our travels, time to buckle down!

  30. You have some great tips.. we just came back from vacation and realized we NOW need to cut down and kick off a few extra pounds that we brought home… great tips… thanks for sharing

  31. This right here is why I dint lose weight despite all my exercising! I’m always so hungry and eat a lot at dinner!!

  32. This is so helpful. Portion control is my weakness!

  33. These are some good tips. The water before eating is especially a good one. Most of us need more water anyway!

  34. Great tips! I always try the “use smaller plates” trick. Somehow, it just makes me go back for seconds and thirds. lol

  35. These are really great ideas. I love drinking water.

  36. These are all great reminders! Thanks so much for sharing them.

  37. Oh gosh I struggle with this. I know my portions are way out of control. I am going to try the glass of water trick. That’s so simple to do.

  38. Oh gosh I struggle with this. I know my portions are way out of control. I am going to try the glass of water trick. That's so simple to do..

  39. I’ve started drinking more water and drinking water before I eat, and I’m surprised how much fuller I am. It turns out I was thinking I was hungry when I was actually thirsty most of the time!

  40. The drinking water thing really works, I drink 26 ounces before each meal.

  41. Great tips! I need to follow more than a few of these myself. Drinking water would help me.

  42. the full glass of water is a really great tip. I started doing this and discovered – hey, wow – I was actually really really thirsty. And not hungry like I thought I was. I have also switched to using a smaller plate – but I don’t do the pile high like my dad and hubby do!! LOL

  43. I definitely needed to read these tips! My husband and I are working on losing weight together, and our hardest obstacle is not heating so much. Thanks for these great tips!

  44. Terrific tips! These are tips I’ve always been encouraged to do. The salad plate thing though, it never fooled me. 😉

  45. The smaller plate one is my favorite. That’s what we did when Jason was trying to lose weight, and it worked great!

  46. These are excellent tips. I have always struggled with portion control.

  47. Putting away the leftovers is such a good idea! I am the queen of seconds!

  48. These are wonderful tips! I always try to drink water before eating a meal. It definitely helps keep me from overeating.

    – HilLesha

  49. These are really great tips on a topic that I definitely struggle with! My portion size is not regulated at all. I really think drinking a whole glass of water before eating is smart…and putting away leftovers would make a big difference for me!

  50. This is exactly why I love Whole 30 (even though I’m not on it right now!). They advocate a serving of protein and then fill your plate with veggies! 🙂

  51. I so need to work on this … ugh

  52. This is really helpful now that I am not pregnant anymore! Thanks!

  53. these are some really helpful tips. i am going to start following them – starting with drinking a lot of water.

  54. Portion control is so important. I love the tip about drinking a glass of water before eating. I think that is wonderful. I need to drink more water anyways!

  55. I love these tips and will try some for sure.

  56. These are really helpful tips, thank you. I haven’t been paying too much attention to my portions because I’m still nursing my youngest; but normally I do. And eating smaller meals but more frequently (5 small meals instead of 3 big ones) always worked for me in the past.

  57. i like the smaller plates trick too . A full glass of water is a great idea too

  58. These are some great tips! Thanks for sharing.

  59. I agree that using smaller plates really helps.

  60. The water thing is definitely my biggest helper! I’m trying to get to the portion control now

  61. I need these reminders, especially about portioning out ahead of time. I am terrible about that!!!

  62. Great tips! I just had a baby so this will definitely help me lose the baby weight, if I can stick to it. Having to care for my kids also leads to me eating smaller portions (who has time to eat?).

  63. I am on a journey of weight loss, so these tips are great. I drink water with lemon, and drink water before I eat. Sometimes in the evening I get hungrier.

  64. Number 5 definitely makes a lot of sense. That, or drinking coffee too :). I agree that portion control is key to maintaining or losing weight. Crazy how big portions are in so many restaurants. I’ve heard of people getting a “to go” box before they even start eating their meal. Smart idea in my opinion.

  65. Great tips! I’ve implemented them all minus the smaller plates.

  66. These are really great tips because they’re useful, easy and common sense!

  67. All of these are helpful. We really don’t use big plates – only on a rare occasion.

  68. Great tips! I practice all of these tips and somehow the bigger plates, still end up in my hands. I think I’m going to Walmart over the weekend and replace all the big plates with small plates, and hopefully this will do the trick. I know I need to drink more water and today, was that day; a water day! It was hot outside today.

  69. I really need to work on eating smaller portions. Not now, but definitely after baby #2 is born, lol! Thanks for the tips!

  70. These are great tips. I use the drinking water before you eat technique. Most times that people think they are hungry they are really thirsty!

  71. These tips are very useful. Portion control is essential for losing weight and not overeating.

  72. The water tip is key. I definitely haven’t been keeping up with my water intake. Great tips!

  73. Water makes a huge difference. I so need to pay attention to these. Sigh …

  74. I could try portioning out my snacks – that’s always what I have trouble with!

  75. I do all of these BUT the water one! I really need to start doing that!

  76. We’ve also started using smaller plates in our house.

  77. I follow everything except for the smaller plates. Our dinner plate are just soo big! I’ve been contemplating on a new set and now seems the best time to do it.

  78. Drinking a glass of water before I eat has been helping me to not over indulge when eating.

  79. When we were young kids my aunt used to make us all drink a big glass of water before dinner. She always said to make sure it was room temp or lukewarm, because if it was cold it would clump up any oily foods you eat, and I have always used the rule more veggies than other stuff. I like these tips, especially the putting away food before we eat. I know i have a tendency to go back and pick.. even if I’m not hungry. I don’t know why..

  80. These are some fantastic tips! I have been using smaller plates but didn’t know some of these other tricks. I am not dieting just trying to practice smaller portions and eating healthy. I have already lost 28 lbs!

  81. I find drinking a lot of water before a meal can really help you feel a bit full before a meal.

  82. I like the glass of water idea I hadn’t thought of that. I do eat off a salad plate instead of a dinner plate.

  83. These are all fantastic tips!! I lost 25lbs earlier this year just from making my portions smaller.

  84. I like using smaller plates and bowls to make myself think I am eating more than what I really am. When I’m eating something like ice cream…I try to use a smaller spoon too..that helps…

  85. I’m trying to loose some weight and this post help me so much. Thank you so much for sharing ^_^

  86. These are really good tips. I never tried putting away the leftovers in advance before. I realy like that and will try that one at our house.

  87. The small plate works wonders for me. I also NEVER eat directly from a bag. That’s dangerous.

  88. Great tips! I really want to get smaller plates to help with this.

  89. Love the water tip – I am going to have to try that one as I at least try and do the others most of the time already. x

  90. I have heard about using smaller plates and I think that sounds like a great solution. Putting away leftovers would help me also but the problem is …I am the one who puts the leftovers away so I am the one that can sneak an extra bite here and there. 😉

  91. I need to work on this. I’m horrible when it comes to portions.

  92. I really need to try to drink a glass of water before eating, I have heard this tips before and people say that it really works, I am going to try it,

  93. These are good tips. I often employ the half plate of veggies and drinking a full glass of water.

  94. Using a smaller plate is definitely a great tip. I don’t know why it is that we feel like we have to fill every spot.

  95. I already use #2 as chips and cheezeez are my undoing. I will absolutely start trying the other 4 tips you’ve given…especially the water one. Pretty simple to do 🙂 Thanks

  96. I like the idea of using smaller plates, that way my brain thinks it’s getting more than it is!

  97. These are all great tips for anyone who’s having difficulty scaling back on portion sizes. I know using a smaller plate worked wonders for me!

  98. These are great tips! I need to start with hiding the left overs!

  99. Great tips! I know the water one works. SO when I am at a restaurant & they take forever with my food. After all the water I am barely hungry when we finally get it.

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