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5 Tips to Making Travel and Exercise Successful

If you love to exercise, but are about to travel, you may need some new tips. Making exercise and travel work at the same time is possible. Here are some tips:

#1. Park Further Away

You may not get a lot of chances to exercise while you’re on vacation, but you can make small choices that really add up. For example: parking further away from your destination and walking is one way. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is another. Of course, also making a conscious decision to watch what you’re eating during the day can also help limit the amount of extra stairs you need to climb.

#2. Walk Everywhere

Sometimes we have the tendency to think that we should be a little extra lazy on vacation. However, walking everywhere is truly one way you can make exercise and travel successful. You don’t have to feel guilty about the extra bites of food you took if you walk around town everywhere. Plus, when you walk around the beautiful city or location you’re visiting, you actually get to enjoy what’s going on around you. When you walk, you can take better pictures, smell the yummy smells, and get a better view. There may be an opportunity to hike wherever you’re vacationing. Don’t be afraid to do a quick search to see what hiking options you may have.

#3. Go to the Park

You don’t actually have to go to the gym to make exercise successful when you’re traveling. You can head to the park to do some jump roping, lunges, and even squats. If your kids are going to be playing on the playground, then have fun playing with them! You can even do a couple of pull-ups on the monkey bars. It’s possible to make your “park workout” worth it.

#4. Work Smarter not Harder

If you don’t have a lot of time to exercise while you’re traveling, it’s time to utilize the smarter not harder method. If you don’t have time to walk for an hour like usual, try jogging and walking as fast as you can for a half hour. If you don’t have time to workout at the gym while you’re traveling, then consider riding a bike instead of walking on the treadmill.

#5. Utilize the Pool

Almost every hotel has a pool or at least access to a pool. It’s time to get fit using the hotel pool. There are so many exercises you can do while in the pool. Try doing laps, mini races, doggie paddle, or just play beach ball with the kids. The great thing about exercising in water is that you can usually find a local body of water, if your hotel doesn’t have a pool.

Don’t push yourself too hard while on vacation because you will want to find some time to relax. Try exercising in the early morning, so you have the rest of the day to enjoy sights and sounds. The more you put off exercising when you’re on vacation, then the less likely you are to do it.

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  1. I park farther away everywhere from the grocery store to Walmart

  2. Great tips,I hate having to walk to far lol.I do always use the pool if i can find one though that is one thing that i can spend a lot of time doing.

  3. I used to take my yoga mat with me when we travel, but I like your ideas better. I park further away in the summer, but when winter comes, … you will find me as close as I can get.

  4. Great tips! When I used to travel on business, I just got down on the floor at the hotel and did ab work, squats, push ups, and a few other basic exercises. Walked everywhere. Took the steps (unless we were on the 30th floor!). Always ways to sneak in some fitness!

  5. Great tips and the pool is always a sure fire winner, as well as walking to places on vacation, as well!! 🙂

  6. I always bring a swimsuit when I travel. You never know when a pool is around the corner. And with my arthritis, water exercise is so gentle on my joints.

  7. These are great tips! Especially since I always pack my workout gear, but never actually make it to the hotel gym!

  8. I always find I much more active while on vacation because we are just go go go and doing so many things in a few days. It’s the food that I need to keep an eye on it seems while on vacation. 🙂

  9. Walking everywhere is a great tip. You can lose a lot of weight that way!

  10. I think walking everywhere is a great tip. When I go to the store, I ways park way in the back of the parking lot.

  11. Great tips! It’s hard for me cause I want a break from exercise too when on vacation.Walking is the best. I may do a bit of jogging, but prefer either walking or biking on vacation!

  12. These are all great tips! I especially agree with parking farther away and walking everywhere you can! Also; if you have a desk job…take frequent breaks to get up and walk around the house/office every 15-20 minutes if possible.

  13. Great tips, I think every trip I have gone on had a lot of walking in it so I got lucky. Make sure you bring comfy shoes though – I made that mistake once.

  14. Typically I find the amount of walking I do on vacation seems to be enough to account for any extra calories I eat. Also, I’m generally not sitting near as much as I normally am on a daily basis.

  15. We tend to park further away all the time as we like to park near the cart corrals so we can put the younger one directly into a cart.

  16. These are really great tips! I admit, I usually don’t do much exercise while on vacation, because I don’t want to hit the gym. These are super simple tips and I can definitely implement!

  17. I make a normal practice of parking farther out and taking the stairs even when I’m not on vaca. Awesome tips!

  18. This might be why I never go away. If you take me away from the gym I don’t find time to fit it in.

    Good tips 🙂

  19. I’ve made a daily routine to park farther away, not only does it keep the car I just got safer from crazies and run away carts I get those extra steps in every day every trip! I love pool exercise, I would love to be able to get a pool at my home one day and put that in my exercise routine in the warmer months!

  20. Great tips. My exercise routing always falters when I travel.

  21. I just bought a fitbit and I had NO idea how much exercise I wasn’t getting. it’s a great reminder to get my steps in!

  22. These are great tips. When I go to the store or the mall, I always park as far away as possible so I can get in a little exercise.

  23. It’s easy to get so lazy on vacay, great tips!

  24. These are such great tips and I am so guilty of not moving enough. I tend to work on the computer all the time and then look at the clock and time has escaped me 🙁 I will definitely implement these tips in my life.

  25. I’m always trying to make sure I get a little extra exercise in throughout my day. The other hugely important thing to remember for better health that’s super easy to do is just to drink more water. Your body is something like 70% water. You need it to thrive.

  26. Great tips! This is good advice for day to day activities too.

  27. I always park further away and walk whenever I can. I use the park almost daily for working out:)

  28. These are some really awesome tips for getting exercise while on vacation or just traveling. It is so hard sometimes to find a great place to exercise when you are not at home and these tips are great advice. We can all do this without special equipment. Thanks for sharing!

  29. I try to walk wherever I can. And sometimes just accept that I’ll be thrown off schedule during vacation!

  30. I always have a hard time with this, but won’t give up. We have another family trip planned for August.

  31. These are great tips! I have trained myself to park in the farthest parking spot wherever I go so I can get the extra exercise. I don’t really have time to go to the gym so walking around the neighborhood is a great alternative.

  32. I certainly know you like to keep active and walk everywhere in flip flops! I love to walk myself but find I do better in sneakers.

  33. Love your tips! A few months back I started doing #1 and parking further out in the lot. Every little bit helps!

  34. great tips! we always try to park further away and walk everywhere!

  35. Awesome tips. I always take the stairs if I’m given the choice.

  36. Many of our family vacations involve a lot of activity. I think making it a lifestyle is also important. Great tips!

  37. I think the pool tip is my favorite!

  38. I love swimming. Last week, when we stopped in Charleston, we parked the car in a safe garage and walked 1.5 miles TO our destination. (And then we ate a crazy good meal before walking back.)

  39. I love using the pool. Because I have some issues with my knee – water aerobics is what I do most at this point.

  40. My husaband and I try and make sure that there is an exercise room in the motel that we are staying in or we check out the walking trails before hand also. The pool is always a great idea.

  41. I always park far away. You don’t have to fight over parking spots, you’re less likely to get dinged, and exercise! Love swimming too.

  42. I am all about working smarter, not harder! These are great tips!

  43. I try and park farther away, but close to a cart return. Those carts can be a pain to steer sometimes. I have to return them. It drives me nuts when people don’t!

  44. Great tips! I actually always like to park as close as possible to the store entrance, so I need to try that trick!

  45. Right now I need to utilize any tip I can to get more exercise in!

  46. Fantastic advice. Come in handy when traveling. Like to swim and walk.

  47. Great tips. I always seem to put exercise on the back burner when traveling then feel bad when I get home… this is really helpful

  48. I love the parking further away tip, when I was able I always used to walk to the next bus stop to try and walk a little bit more when I would catch the bus. x

  49. The POOL!!!! I didn’t get much chance to use the pool alone, but bringing a toddler in with you is great exercise, too. We don’t have a pool ourselves, so it was such a different workout! Great tips!

  50. We always end up walking so much on vacation. I don’t mind a bit, but the teen sometimes does. 😉

  51. Definitely the pool, it never feels like exercise in the pool!

  52. These are such great tips. I’ve been trying to park far away and walk more than usual.

  53. These are awesome tips. Utilizing the pool always works well for me.

  54. Great tips! No more excuses for not working out when traveling… yikes! lol

  55. I usually park farther away for sure to walk more. But I agree with all your tips for sure!

  56. Hiking on vacation is such a cool way to enjoy the local area as well!

  57. Great suggestions! I’m always looking for ways to get more fitness when I travel.

  58. I always fail on exercise when traveling. It’s great to be reminded of how small things can be incorporated in your days to keep you moving!

  59. Great tips and perfect timing, my husband just asked me the other day how we are gonna stay fit during our vacation.. now I can share this with him and tell him that’s what we are gonna do …:-)

  60. Great tips when we were in L.A. a few weeks back we walked everywhere we could it was so fun as we saw lots of cool things.

  61. I have definitely learned that walking is key to a lot of problems. Moving around while travelling helps keep the blood flowing!

  62. Great tips! I love checking out the pool when I am at a hotel. It’s exercise I actually enjoy.

  63. So true about utilizing the pool. Swimming laps is one of the best exercises one can do!

  64. The thing about the park I need to remember….not to sit on a bench while my kids play.

  65. I always try to park a bit farther away and walk whenever possible. It’s great for window shopping in new places too!

  66. These are really great tips for traveling. It can really throw off the exercise routine.

  67. I do all of these things! At work, I park on the top of the parking deck and do all 8 floors. Small things make a difference.

  68. We definitely do the parking farther away! My husband started parking our new car very far away when we first got it, not to exercise, but to keep it safe haha, so we do that without trying!

  69. This is a great list of ways to get more exercise. I try to park further away whenever we go somewhere. 🙂

  70. My last few trips have been built around running a race! These are great suggestions since not everyone does that 🙂

  71. I am all about using the pools. I agree parking farther is a great way to add a little excercise in.

  72. I like what my Zumba instructor says. You don’t have to keep pushing yourself if you aren’t feeling up to it. Just keep moving, even at a slower pace. A little movement is better than none.

  73. So tough balancing fun and working out while not in your usual routine. These are great tips

  74. I park further away if I am by myself. If the kids are with me it’s a different story. LOL I definitely utilize the pool when we vacation as well as the work out room.

  75. These are such simple tips but can have amazing results. I need to put some of these into action right away

  76. Definitely utilize the pool to the best of your ability! Get up early, take a walk, and enjoy being on vacation!

  77. Walk everywhere is my favorite tip. I try to park further away from the entrance if I have to drive.

  78. Work smarter not harder. That is pretty much my motto for everything in life right now!

  79. I am all about utilizing the pool! Today, I swam backstroke laps with a 2 year old sitting on my abs!

  80. We always walk as much as we can on trips! Saves money and keeps us active!

  81. fantastic lists of tips. I awlays walk everywhere anyway, so this one I would difinitly do

  82. We’ve started incorporating the “Park Further Away” tip just whenever we go places. It’s really starting to make a difference.

  83. These are great tips for traveling and still getting your exercise in. We’ve been doing the “Park Further Away” trick here at home.

  84. or, just camp. because it’s all work then. you have to walk everywhere. you have to swim to get clean. you have to fetch water to do the dishes. you have to run away from hungry skeeters All The Hours. And chase raccoons, chipmunks and other critters away from your food.
    man, why do I go again? LOL

  85. Great tips, although I do hate parking far haha. It is good to get your e

  86. Great simple tips we can all use. I definitely need to go to the pool more for the summer I have been slacking!

  87. Great ideas. I always use the hotel pools. I also have some workout DVD’s I take with me.

  88. Man, I need all the help I can get with working out. I just walked by a mirror and my jeans are looking a little different. Me no likey! LOL!

  89. We always find out what parks are close and visit them when we go away. it’s so wonderful to visit parks other than ours and the kids love it

  90. I always have good intentions when I travel … but I never use the gyms at hotels and I should!

  91. Great tips indeed!! I need to use a gym so bad

  92. Okay–but since I don’t exercise when home–do I have to when on vacation (not that I ever go on vacation-that is a thing of the past!) Exercise is very important and if I could I would swim and go rowing on a lake.

  93. Great tips! I always try to park far away everyday when I go places to get in some extra steps throughout the day.

  94. Those are some great tips. I’m so lazy that I never park far away. I try and find the closest parking spot there is lol

  95. I love the idea of getting in a few extra steps by parking away from the destination!

  96. I try to park far away when going anywhere just to get a few extra steps in!

  97. I do most of the things mentioned, parking far away helps me and I do need to use the pool in my gym!

  98. I always park further away, whether I’m traveling or not. This always annoys my mom and husband. ~lol~ I also prefer to take the stairs, which I did a lot of on the cruise I went on a couple months ago.

  99. Great ideas! I love #3 Go to the Park. Whenever I go to a blog event, I make sure I get out of the hotel for a few hours and head to the nearest park. It just helps me unwind, especially since I’m an introvert!