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5 Ways to Beat Disney World Exhaustion

Making it through a day at Disney World is almost a feat of human strength, but yet, people manage to do it every day and some folks do it several days in a row. Disney World exhaustion is a real thing, and it plagues so many guests that push their limits and try to get as much in at the parks as possible without giving themselves a break. Knowing how to avoid becoming exhausted while at the parks can mean the difference between really enjoying yourself and not ever wanting to return to Walt Disney World.

Use these 5 tips to beat Disney World exhaustion and really tackle all that the parks have to offer without falling over each night.

Start Taking Naps

We love it when the kids willingly nap, and believe me when I tell you that everyone in the family will learn to love naps at Walt Disney World. No matter how many or little days you have at the parks, you should leave a couple hours midday for relaxing, going back to your hotel room or rental and just relax, nap, snack and recharge. Doing this gives you the energy to get through the rest of the day, and really, midday is the worst time to be in the parks, with crowds thinning out later in the afternoon when you are ready to come back for more fun.

Ride Everything

Besides amusement rides, there are a lot of ride options around the Disney World parks, and you should take advantage of all of them in order to minimize the amount of time that you are on your feet and running around. No matter how well you plan it out, nor the shape you are in, the average guest can walk anywhere from four to eight miles worth of park a day. Even at a slow pace this is a lot when you are doing as much as you are for several days in a row. Take advantage of in park transportation, park to park transportation and even go out of your way to add a slow paced ride option to your itinerary that will give you a new view of the parks.

Set a Maximum Wait Time Rule

One of the slowly exhausting things that every park goer deals with is waiting in line for rides, many of which require you to stand in the hot sun for a prolonged period of time. Set a maximum wait time for yourself, meaning that if there is a ride that you want to get on, but the wait time is over your maximum, you do not get in line. For these rides, grab a fast pass and come back to the ride when your turn arrives.

Take a Day Off

It might sound crazy, but it is okay to take a day off when you are planning a week long Disney World trip. Split your trip in two and keep a day free in the middle where you can do off park entertainment, giving everyone a break from the over stimulation you have no doubt felt over first couple days. Find a pool to lounge next to, go see what else there is to see in Orlando, do anything other than run around the park for a third day in a row.

Always Stay Hydrated

It might sound obvious, but it is so important to always stay hydrated while in the parks. Carrying water bottles might sound like a chore, but Disney is great about letting you do so and you should always have a bottle for everyone in your party, ready to be refilled as the day progresses.

How do you

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  111 Responses to “5 Ways to Beat Disney World Exhaustion”

  1. Love this! Disney Exhaustion is real, great tips. I’ll use them the next time I go.

  2. Couldn’t be better timing, I literally just booked our fastpass experiences for our Disney vacation for July today. So, couldn’t agree more with your suggestions and still so very excited for this years; trip for us πŸ™‚

  3. When we are exhausted, we ride the People Mover at Magic Kingdom. It’s the best ride for when you need a break!

  4. If possible get the Fast Pass, it makes the trip more fun. My family would always go to the parks early then leave mid day to eat and take a nap then go back later! Really worked as the lines were shorter and we did not feel drained.

    • Fast passes definitely make things more fun and way easier. I like using them for my favorite rides with long lines.

  5. I can imagine how exhausting it must be to go to Disney. I know I get exhausted at a local fair if I have to be there too long.

  6. I haven’t been to Disney since I was a kid. I have two boys, though, so I will definitely be using these tips if we ever go! Great advice!

  7. You have some great tips! One of my favorite things to do to help keep the Disney exhaustion away is to take naps at the park, lol. I am a passholder so I am usually not at a resort. Carousel of Progress, the people mover, the Riverboat ride, Ellen’s Energy Adventure, Hall of Presidents, and the Frozen Sing along are great places to relax for a bit and zone out. There are also a nice shaded grassy areas in the World Showcase were people lay down and nap.

  8. I’ve actually never been to Disney World, but I can see how it would be an exhausting trip. There’s just so much to see there.

  9. Thanks for sharing these tips. We love Disney, but it totally zaps us every time.

  10. These are all great tips. We also plan a day or two to spend the afternoon at the pool.

  11. Great tips. We always take a mid afternoon break and go back to hotel and nap or swim. Sometimes we just sit and people watch. We also always take a day off if we plan a week stay. and just chill. We sleep, swim and just recharge. another tip take time to sit and watch the street performers or a how this is a great way to relax and still have fun.

  12. Great tips. With so many people in the park, I’d be enjoying a spot of people watching too.

  13. These are such great tips! We try to do 4 hours and then take a break before going back! If we do much longer than that my kids get overstimulated and have total meltdowns!

  14. We are planning a Disney trip in July, so these tips are right on time.

  15. This is such a good idea! Especially when you have children that get tired, or yourself. Taking a rest of the afternoon or taking a day off from Disney is just what the doctor ordered an order for you to enjoy your Disney vacation. Period

  16. It gets so hot at Disney, especially with all the pavement and the crowds. Staying hydrated is so important! It’s easy to get dehydrated and exhausted.

  17. These are some great tips I haven’t been to Disney for almost 15 years now – but I keep saying one day I will make it back. x

  18. These tips will help us alot when we visit in October. You are absolutely right, there are so many other ride options give you free time off your feet! We love riding the Railroad!

  19. Drinking lots of water is so important. It’s something that people forget to do during trips. These are great tips!

  20. This is great advice. I always like to plan for some naps. You really do have to make sure to drink lots of water too.

  21. These are great tips! I haven’t been to Disney with our kids but have been tons with my family. We would always rest in the afternoon then go back later!

  22. My whole family went when I was a teenager and we did take a day off in the middle. I think we did a waterpark so it was pretty low key but still a day off from the crazy!

  23. These are all good ideas to keep in mind. I wouldn’t have thought to take a day off in the middle, but what a great thought! A vacation is supposed to be relaxing after all!

  24. It can be so easy to become tired and overwhelmed at such a massive theme park. Taking breaks throughout the day has always been key for us.

  25. These are great tips to not over do it and still enjoy yourself. I have not been to Disney in ages so I would have to pace myself.

  26. I’ve never been to Disney world so I’m not even sure in the slightest how I’d handle the exhaustion – I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Hopefully one day I will go and use your tips!

  27. Good tips for Disney. We are hoping to be able to go as a family next year!

  28. I have never been to Disney, but I know when we do Busch Gardens it’s a hike! I’d love to explore Disney someday.

  29. I can imagine staying hydrated is super important! I love these ideas!

  30. These are some great tips. I’ve never been to Disney World before, but I can bet it would be really exhausting! I hope to take my kids someday.

  31. Taking a break day is a great idea. I can imagine how tired everyone would get after a few days.

  32. Taking naps is a great way to help prevent everyone from getting to worn out. These are all good ideas.

  33. Five days in a row at Disney would leave everyone so tired. Splitting the trip up in two sections is a great way to recharge everyone’s batteries.

  34. We are thinking and planning to take our first Disney vacation. These tips kind of scare me! LOL I can imagine how exhausting it is there. I’m going to keep these in mind.

  35. I’ve always thought that I don’t know how anyone makes it through a Disney vacation without passing out. There is so much walking to do and so much ground to cover that one has to really pace themself and stay hydrated.

  36. these are really good tips. We were there a couple years ago & did all of them as it helps to keep you going

  37. These should be sent when you buy your tickets! Our biggie was taking a day off! πŸ™‚

  38. These are excellent tips on how to manage the craziness that inevitably comes with a trip to Disney. Our last visit was during the end of April 2015 and I cannot agree with you more about staying hydrated! That made a HUGE difference in 90 degree heat!

  39. What excellent tips for beating Disney exhaustion. One couple we saw at Epcot rented a Jazzi-chair and took turns riding it. I ran across a picture of the kids the other day bleary-eyed and eating ice cream waiting on the fireworks. The parks can really wear a person out.

  40. We are pretty hard-core Disney goers. From rope-drop to late in the evening we go go go and usually wear out anyone who comes along. I just got back 2 days ago and I am still tired. I should have probably read your tips!

  41. I love taking a day off! You need a refresher in between disney days!

  42. I will be pinning your post for our future Disney trip! πŸ™‚

  43. Really great tips! It was the long waits for the rides at DisneyLand Paris that tired me out. I love your suggestion of riding everything so that you can get off your feet!

  44. We’ve been going to Disney for years and these are all helpful tips. We always take a day (or 2) off and do other things – like lounging around the pool all day. πŸ™‚

  45. There are some very good techniques listed here.
    I know my husband’s family really love WDW and two of his siblings families already visited or will be visiting this year alone. I will have to share this with them.

  46. You have the perfect solutions listed. Living not too far from Disney, we have learned what really works there. One thing. NEVER go in the summer time. Its just too hot and that will exhaust anyone.

  47. These are good tips for surviving a vacation. The tip about the water is the most important one.

  48. perfect tips! I especially like the nap part hahaha
    Can’t wait to visit this place. I’m going to be a kid again

  49. Such great tips! I will keep them on file for when one day I eventually make it to Disney πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing xx

  50. I love the idea to take a day off! We’ve done this when we’ve traveled to different places and it makes the trip so much more enjoyable.

  51. I agree Disney can be overwhelming. The last time I went my two youngest were 6 weeks and a year.

  52. These are great tips! I have only been there once with my kids, and wish someone would have gave me some advice before we went. Next time we’ll know more.

  53. Staying hydrated is super important for life in general! I can always tell when Im feeling icky from how much water I drank during the day! Great tips!
    Karen |

  54. Great tips! I LOVE disney but being in the park all day can definitely take it’s toll. It is important to take breaks (even though you really don’t want to!) I like going on the rides that you can just relax in to take a break too; like small world, and pirates since the lines are usually shorter and they always seem to be very cool inside the ride too!

  55. We did 5 days at Disneyland a couple years ago. It was way too much. Taking a day off would have been a good idea.

  56. Great tips, especially in the hot Florida sun. If you’re not used to it, you can definitely become dehydrated and exhausted, and with so much fun things to do at Disney you don’t want to miss out.

  57. I love Disney. My children love Disney and my grandchildren love Disney. We use Fastpasses on our favorite rides. We take advantage of restaurants near the parade routes and drink a lot of water. Nap time at Disney is the best. Great tips.

  58. Fantastic tips. A Disney World vacation may be in our near future! I’ll have to remember about fastpasses.

  59. Days off are the most important thing in my opinion. Especially with kids. Doing rope drop to park closing two days straight turns everyone into cranky, exhausted monsters on the third day. We do two park days, then a resort day where we get up late and hang around the resort. A lot of people don’t like to “waste” their time by not going to the parks every day, but I would rather have less park days that are enjoyable than have extra park days with grouchy, fussy budgies who are too tired to do anything other than complain.

  60. One day I would like to take my grandkids to disney.I never got to take my kids.

  61. These are great tips, I think staying hydrated is probably the number one way to keep on point with energy levels!

  62. It’s been years since we’ve been to Disney, but the one thing I insisted on was taking a day off. It actually made a huge difference. We were able to enjoy the next couple days there so much more.

  63. It’s so easy to over do it when there is so much to do! There is an overwhelming sense to try and experience it all as fast as possible before the visit ends. Thanks for the tips.

  64. It’s not good to keep pushing your body to the limit just so you can enjoy all the rides and the attraction that Disney World has to offer. These are great tips, taking naps sure is important as well as keeping yourself hydrated! Especially if you’re going to go there during the summer.

  65. These are great tips. We haven’t been to Disney in a couple years but we always carry water and snacks, sandwiches in a cooler for energy boosts throughout the day. Thanks for sharing!

  66. Well myfirstr vote would be for taking a nap. πŸ™‚ The thought of walking eight miles … yikes

  67. That would be so much fun and let me tell you, I’d be exhausted after that!

  68. I get exhausted after walking around Disneyland! I can’t even imagine what Disneyworld would be like. Naps for sure though!

  69. I’m honestly dreading Disney–I know I’m sure I’ll have to go at some point with my 3 girls. These tips really help! TY!

  70. By the blogs I have red before with DIsney exploration, you will surely be exhausted with all the fun and the walking. Naps can really help to energize.

  71. I went to Disney World last August and the humidity killed me. It is not humid where I live and I about melted. We had to take afternoons off and head to the pool…which wasn’t bad really. πŸ™‚

  72. We like to take a beach in the middle. It helps with the DIsney burn out. So much fun!

  73. Oh yes mid-day naps are very important to us!! Sometimes if we can’t get back to our hotel, we just rest at an air-conditioned cafe or something.. even if it’s just for half an hr it does wonders πŸ™‚

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  74. Great tips!! My parents were exhausted after just a few hours in Disneyland.. and wish I let them rest a bit more during mid-day!

  75. We are lucky enough to have annual passes for Disney so we dont have to rush through and can take our times, skip rides when needed, etc. These are definitely great tips for those that dont have time to take for granted πŸ™‚

  76. These are good reminders. Disneyland can drain the kids easily so every bit of rest and fluids should be attained and retained.

  77. We went last weekend to DW and oh my aching tootsies, lol. They should have a foot massager on the way out. πŸ™‚

  78. I haven’t been in Disney since I was a kid, I love to go there with my kids someday

  79. The past years we have been going through #DSMMC, so no waiting in line! I love your post, we just came back really exhausted!

  80. This is so true. I live here and visit Disney often enough. Even though I’ve walked the parks many times, I’m still exhausted. lol. It’s a lot if someone is not use to it.

  81. These are all great ideas for ways to beat the Disney World Exhaustion. You do want to stay hydrated and ride as many rides as you can in the time you are there. It does take a few days to go through the park. Napping is a great idea too.

  82. GREAT tips!!! I’ve only been to Disney World once as a teenager with school. We only went for 1 day and I don’t think we saw even half of it. I’d love to go again when my son is older- I’ll have to remember this post!

  83. A day at Disney is definitely exhausting. More so if you are there for a few days. These are great tips.

  84. These are great ways to beat Disney World exhaustion. I have only been to Tokyo Disneyland and it’s much smaller than Disney World, but we were spent when we went home.

  85. These are awesome tips. We are planning to go this summer. Thanks for sharing this.

  86. These are great tips to make the most of your day. I feel we always skip a lot of rides and go to the next long line which isnt very fun.

  87. These are some great Disney Tips!!! I refuse to wait is super long lines. I swear long lines will ruin the day. Just skip them…

  88. Seems like Disneyworld is a huge place/ Never been there but dreaming to! I’d take this on my notes!

  89. Great idea for those who go regularly! I’ve still never been and wish I had. I think I would definetely take a day off from it to relax and maybe see something else!

  90. The best hint is “take a nap.” I wish I would have thought of that. Too often we are so excited about ‘doing it all” that I never thought to take time to rest. I’ll remember that!

  91. What a great list! I have never been to Disney World but I can imagine it can be exhausting to try to do everything in one day.

  92. Now that’s what i call a list! I think i might just copy this list haha.

  93. When we went to Disney, we definitely made time to take naps. On most days, we would head out early. Then about mid day, we would go back to the hotel and take a nap. Then that night we would go out to eat or head to Downtown Disney!

  94. We’ve been in Disney Land on January and it’s really fun, those characters are loved by my daughters.

  95. Makes sense…taking a day off might sound crazy but it makes a lot of sense

  96. Terrific tips! I remember reading a post about this also. It was about how going to Disney World and writing all the important rides are possible. Nevertheless, these are awesome tips!

  97. These are awesome tips! I will defiantly be saving this post for future reference!

  98. I agree, making it through a day at Disney World is not an easy task at all, particularly when you have kids around. These are some great tips to stay active & staying hydrated is going to be the most important need of such trip.

  99. I agree that staying hydrated is super important when you’re traveling like that. Also riding everything is a great tip!

  100. Hard to believe, for those of us who have never been, that you could ever get tired of Disney! But when you have small ones in tow, I am sure the happiest place on Earth has seen some epic meltdowns! Ha. This is why we are waiting until we can afford to have at least 4-5 days to explore the parks and have a hotel on location. To try and do it all in a couple of days; I cannot imagine it would be worth it.

  101. We just skip all long lines. There is always something else that can be done with less waiting. We are just not terribly attached to any particular ride. It also helps that we usually go for at least a week or two, so we are not in a rush. And definitely naps! We all need it

  102. I always have a water bottle with me ! It is a life saver

  103. Great tips! It will really come in handy for people or families who will visit Disney World specially for the first timers.

  104. Fun post! Making the best of Disney is so important, I go a few times each year and it never fails to be exciting no matter what age you are.

  105. We’ve been to Disneyland once and it really was so tiring to go around it throughout the day. Great tips!

  106. This is probably one of the best advise on travelling that I have read. I will keep this in mind when my family and I go to Disneyland.