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Creating and maintaining social media profiles matters when it comes to ensuring you keep your blog awesome and running smoothly. The most recent hottest place for bloggers to promote their content is Instagram. Many struggle with trying to find a way to grow their Instagram following though, and that’s why I have written this post today. I want to share 5 ways to grow your Instagram following so that you can succeed in having another social media platform that works to promote your content.

Play on Emotions

People love to have their emotions played with and no I don’t mean this in a bad way. Photos that you share on Instagram should hit an emotion of some sort so that people will click that little follow button and keep up with your Instagram account. People are usually driven to follow someone on Instagram if the following emotional responses are triggered:

  • Ability to relate to the photo and caption provided.
  • Desire to leave a comment with their opinion on the topic.
  • Compassion to follow you along on your journey.

While there are many emotions you can play on when it comes to human beings, be certain that you try your best to tug on the right emotions. If you want to grow your Instagram following then you need to play on positive emotions of empathy, compassion, happiness and memories.

Use Terms that Compel Clicks

Terms like “on the blog” or “check it out”, even “double tap if…” are all famous terms utilized on Instagram that compel the user to like, comment or re-post on Instagram. These terms have been used for blogs to build their brand too, so it’s no wonder they work well to grow your Instagram following. Be certain to think about what words work to gain your interest to double tap that Instagram photo and use those words with every upload.

Create Beautiful Photos

Instagram is a photo driven community and with that comes the responsibility to create beautiful photos. It’s best to make sure that all of the photos you upload to Instagram have great lighting, a perfect background and look almost real. The people who get the most growth out of Instagram have a pretty decent photography skill alongside the use of those terms that get clicks. Perhaps figure out the best settings for the camera you use to ensure those photos grab the attention of Instagram users.

Interact, Engage and Be Social

Last, but certainly not least you need to start engaging on Instagram by being social on a daily basis. We all focus on Facebook and Twitter, those are easy services to be active on, but you must remember the key to growth within your Instagram account is to be as interactive as possible. Make it a goal each day to like at least 25 photos on Instagram and comment on at least 10. Sure that number is low and can be increased in time but starting with a lower numbered goal will allow you to reach this goal and increase as you are able to do so. It’s vitally important to remember that growing your Instagram following means you have to use all of these tips I shared today combined with being active on the Instagram platform.

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  1. I’ll keep these tips in mind. I know my pictures aren’t always the prettiest, but I do try!

  2. Thank you for the tips. I’m trying to pay special attention to making my photos really appealing, as I’ve noticed that is what catches my eye the most on Instagram.

  3. Have been neglecting my IG account for a bit.. thanks for the tips to get me started on it again!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. I love this post. I really agree that you need to tap into people’s emotions. As a poet that’s what I’m striving to do with my writing! Great post!

  5. Those are great tips. It’s really important to engage with your community. And no matter what don’t switch to a business account cause your engagement will drop like flies. I did that mistake and I regret it ever since.

  6. These are all great tips. Instagram is a fantastic platform if you can work it right.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this info. My Instagram following has been a little stagnant lately, so I’m definitely going to try these.

  8. I needed this today! Thank you for the tips.

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  10. These are great reminders. Seeing the “play on emotions” suggestion has given me several ideas. I don’t think I have been focusing on that enough.

  11. I have been working on growing my Instagram and this has been really helpful. i am almost at 1200 followers now and just started a month or so ago really focusing on it. Being responsive and using great hashtags are super important things to do.

  12. I like the filters on Instagram! They help when my photography is lacking, lol! I am guilty of not reciprocating enough. I’m going to follow your advice and try to like 25 a day and comment on 10.

  13. Thank you for these tips. I have a pretty much average number of followers but what I really need is interaction. I will put your tips into use and see how that helps improve my following.

  14. I have a literacy blog, so i find it really hard to manage social presence on Instagram because it is so image heavy. I feel challenged to get really creative with the photography .. just not sure if its easy investment of my time at the moment.But having said that i woiuld love to give it a go!

  15. I’ve been neglecting my IG account but with these tips I should be able to get back on track in no time. Thanks BTW I’m saving it on my Pinterest board as a quick guideline

  16. These are great tips! I have been trying to expand my Instagram for MONTHS!

  17. I certainly agree interact and engage. Your followers like to know you take the time to reply back and sometimes go to their pages and like/comment on their photos too.

  18. I loved all of those tips. Though it sounds simple like make good photos, engage people and illicit people ‘s emotions it so important to remember all of these ideas.

  19. I definitely need to spend more time focusing on Instagram. These are really great tips that will be easy to put to use!. Thanks!

  20. Instagram has become one of my favorite platforms. So far, it’s void of the “garbage” that fills up my feed on other platforms. I love discovering new people to follow.

  21. Great tips. I definitely need to work on engaging more on Instagram. It’s my new goal.

  22. I love IG. I can easily get sucked into the wormhole and there are so many awesome photographers on there.
    I try to interact as much as possible, some days are better than others, but I attempt to connect by commenting on others and replying to the ones on mine.

  23. Instagram is a favorite of mine. My only complaint is the number of users who follow and then quickly unfollow.

  24. Thanks for the tips. I know creating beautiful images is important for instagram.

  25. Totally agree with the whole creating beautiful photos tip! Pretty photos are what drive me to click, for sure!

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  27. These are all good tips for people like me who are trying to increase their instagram following. Engagement really is key.

  28. Great tips! I find that good pictures with great quotes is another way. People love to share things that are inspirational!

  29. Great tips to keep in mind. It is becoming an even bigger platform every day.

  30. Thanks for these tips. I’m just now starting an Instagram to see how well it helps with my blog promotion. Not really sure how it will play out but I’m hopeful.

  31. Its so all about creating gorgeous photos! Thats why people stay after they follow you.

  32. Interaction on Instagram is so important. When people comment, commenting back is a sure fire way to recognize they are there and they will continue to follow.

  33. True. Your presence is a great impact on growing your followers. Interesting and stand out pictures will always be a sure hit.

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  37. These tips will absolutely help those who are struggling with their following. How you word the caption can really affect how a post does.

  38. These tips will absolutely help those who are struggling with their following. How you word the caption can really affect how a post does.

  39. My Daughter loves Instagram. I have been working on posting more on it. I will have to use your great tips and get my Daughter to show me a few tricks.

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  45. My efforts to engage on Instagram normally pay off. The more of a relationship I build with other users, the better my photos do. Plus, it makes it more fun!

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  54. Thanks for the tips. I am not a great texter so I don’t comment as often as I should on Instagram. It’s hard for me to “type” on my phone. heh

    • I am not the best at it either. I need to work on being more engaged with my followers but it can be difficult.

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  58. Writing the best caption is the hardest part. You’ve got to be creative in making a story. Otherwise, the readers might not see the connection.

  59. Instagram is one account I have ignored. Know I should get on the ball and use this more but just haven’t been that interested in using it. Guess I thought it wasn’t that big of deal. After reading your post I will have to change this.

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  75. These are all really great tips for growing your Instagram following. You have proof they work because you have a really great following.

  76. These are all really great tips for growing your Instagram following. You have proof they work because you have a really great following.

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    Belle | One Awesome Momma

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