May 172016
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5 Ways To Take Control of Your Laundry

Do you have piles of laundry on your closet floor? Behind your bedroom door? Under your children’s beds? Are your laundry baskets overflowing? Do you find yourself questioning which pile is the clean pile?

You need to take control of your laundry… yesterday!

Taking control of your laundry can only be accomplished if you have a fully functioning washing machine and dryer. If either of your machines are misbehaving frequently, the first step you will need to take is to find a replacement. Failure to work with proper equipment will result in laundry failures despite your best efforts.

Now that you are up and running, let’s get started!

1. Purge Your Closet

The top signal that it is time to do laundry is when there are no more clothes to wear. When this happens, you are forced to pull out the spray freshener or do a load of laundry (dire situations may require you do both – wink).

Reducing the amount of clothing your family owns will help you to maintain the greatest amount of control. No, your son doesn’t need seventy-five collared shirts, and your daughter doesn’t need thirty pairs of jeans. Trust me, I’m a recovering thrift store-oholic that had a son with over seventy-five collared shirts, ten pull overs, and more than fifty t-shirts! That was just the bulk of one of my child’s closets! (Shameful, I know) We have since adopted a twenty shirt rule with an additional requirement that before new clothing comes in, old clothing must come out!

*Note: We purge even further at the start and end of each season.

2. Toss Those Baskets

An overflowing basket is another signal that it is time to wash clothes. If you have a basket in every bedroom and bathroom, this can be more than six baskets. With each basket holding an average of two loads of laundry, that’s TWELVE loads of laundry! This doesn’t include regular washing of your bed linens either. After adding those in, you are likely look at more than fifteen loads of laundry before you realize it is time to get it done!

When was the last time you had a fifteen load marathon?

Two baskets is all you need! One for you and one for your children!

If you must, keep your old baskets in your laundry room for sorting and transferring laundry only! If you find yourself sneaking them back into the bedrooms, pull them back out and add them to your garage sale storage.

3. Wash DAILY

I know, you hear this all the time. But honestly, how difficult is it to wash a load of laundry each day? Including folding, you are looking at devoting fifteen minutes of your day! Fifteen minutes each day is much easier than hours, upon hours, each weekend (or an entire weekend each month)

Commit to washing daily for the next month so you can experiment with what method is the less stressful for you and your family AND which method you prefer.

4. Don’t Start…

Don’t start more laundry than you can finish. What that means is, don’t start ANY laundry that you do not believe you will be able to complete by folding AND putting away! This is difficult for most of us. Sure, we can get that laundry washed – folding and putting away is a whole other battle. If you’re not up for it, don’t start more than your one load each day.

5. About those socks and underwear…

Once a sock or undergarment gets a hole in it, toss it. This will keep your stash down so you don’t find yourself with hundreds of socks without feet.

Match all of the socks you can with each load and store any unmatched socks in a bag, or bin, in your laundry room. After all laundry is caught-up at the end of the week, have a quick matching marathon and toss whatever is remaining! *Note: Only toss your leftovers after you are certain all of the laundry is complete.

Are you ready to commit to one load of laundry,

each day, for the next thirty days?

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  114 Responses to “5 Ways To Take Control of Your Laundry”

  1. That last one with the socks is truly an issue for us and have learned just to purge the sock that is missing its mate here, as well. Great advice though and thanks πŸ™‚

  2. I definately need some of those tips! I try to put a load of laundry in every single day, but usually it ends up piling up until the weekend.

    I wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of your blog and you are listed on my site as one of the best 100 family blogs. I would be honored if you could share the post with your readers and fans.

  3. Wash daily is a MUST for me it is the only way I can keep up with a family of 5. Great tips Robin!

  4. Great tips! We’re a large fam and have always implemented tips to make managing clothes simpler.

  5. These are some really great tips. I really need to purge my closet. That is my numero uno goal!

  6. I started doing a load a day years ago and it really does help keep it under control. The only time it gets bad is when we come back from vacation. Is there anything worse than vacation laundry?

  7. thanks for the tips girl. that one about the socks is great. its weird though sometimes i think i got over attached to things and keep them when i know they need to be tossed. lol. but i have been doing a lot better latelyl

  8. When the kids were growing up, I always washed daily. If I didn’t, I’d get so far behind on laundry. Tossing socks with holes is a great idea also.

  9. The don’t start tip is the best! I am a serial starter. I tend to fold laundry the day AFTER I washed it. =/

  10. Laundry is totally a daily chore around here. We have so much laundry that piles up otherwise. These are great ways to stay on top of the chore.

  11. I generally do at least one load of laundry per day, sometimes more in the winter. I prefer one basket per room, that way I don’t have to sort whose clothes are whose.

  12. Guilty as charged… I have a basket for each child (so 4) and two for my hubby and I. I am forever doing laundry averaging about 3 or 4 loads a day. That’s including sheets ect. Way too much time spent folding and sorting that’s for sure! Time to regain my freedom!

  13. Number 4 is such great advice and one that I often break. Folded clothes might hang around for some time on top of my dresser. Yes, ON TOP of my dresser. Sheesh.

  14. These are great tips. Why is laundry such an issue for so many families? We’re a family of three and I can’t seem to keep up.

  15. Since there is only 3 of us i do laundry twice a week. It takes me about 2 hours tops but that’s find because I can blog and to it at the same time. I do like the idea of throwing out holey socks when you see them.

  16. You have touched on every laundry problem I have right now. At this moment I have 12 unfolded loads of laundry in my basement and about 6 or 7 that have to be done. It ridiculous. The only time in my life that there wasn’t a laundry backlog was when my sister in law lived with us, she was a laundry ninja.

  17. Laundry is done weekly that is the only time I can manage doing it because of the 6-day work I have. I tried experimenting laundry every night after work but it makes me too tired and exhausted to rest.

  18. These are great tips. I don’t know if I could do a load a day. I usually do about 4 loads a week.

  19. Can I just hire you to do my laundry? I will gladly clean the entire house and skip folding laundry if I could. I will wash laundry and if I don’t forget I’ll put it in the dryer but I hate folding it LOL.

  20. I am the queen of tossing. LOL… anything that doesn’t have a match, gets tossed. Anything that has a tear or rip, tossed! HA!

  21. I toss out things we don’t need and I’m all about the less laundry baskets. The kids have one, I have one, and my husband has the other.

  22. I’ll be honest, I usually wash everything in one day and then fold while binging on my favorite shows, but I guess I could try one a day. I mean, my middle child shouldn’t have to wear a shirt for both a top AND bottom for me to realize I should get on the laundry… πŸ˜‰

  23. First I need someone to come in and find all of my socks. Then I need to go out and buy clothes that actually fit!

  24. I sometimes miss the mark on daily laundry but I generally am pretty faithful to every other day! With 6 people, it’s a necessity to keep things organized over here!

  25. People think I’m nuts when I tell them that I do laundry every night. I don’t have time to do mounds and mounds of laundry and when I have free time on the weekend – sitting at home washing is the last thing I want!! These are great tips πŸ™‚

  26. This should really help me get out there and enjoy more of summer and less of laundry. Putting these tips to good use

  27. These are great tips! Seeing as I only have a washing machine right now I have to stay ahead of all the laundry.

  28. I despise doing laundry, and really just because it NEVER ENDS!!! With 5 of us in the house it’s always hard to stay on top of, and usually they don’t end up getting put away, rather tossed back into the dirty pile grrr…

  29. These are all great ideas for helping to tame the laundry pile. You got me on the socks! Those seem to multiply overnight.

  30. These are all very great suggestions/tips. I also like to do daily laundry, I cant stand for it to pile up, so in out the washer, dried, folded DONE.

  31. Never, never, NEVER let your laundry pile up. You will have to fight the urge to burn it all and replace it. LOL

  32. I love the feeling I get when I donate a big bag of clothing I have not worn in years.

  33. Laundry is my least favorite task. I only have one basket and when it is full, I do my the deed.

  34. I love your tips and I do try to do some of them. I may not agree though to wash daily. We live in drought California, so we are conscious of washing by bulk and only on the hours recommended by the water and electricity company for conservation.

  35. I wish I could just do one load a laundry a day, but setting aside one day to do everyone’s laundry really works for me. Tossing old socks and underwear is a must.

  36. Too many baskets is our problem. I’ve got a laundry sorter rolling cart on my amazon list. Time to buy it!

    • A laundry sorter cart sounds awesome. I need to get back into separating my laundry so I don’t ruin any.

  37. Wash daily? Not when you live in an apartment. I can see having to do that living in a house though. Here I can get 3 or 4 machines at a time. Plus we all have a month supply of underwear!

  38. My goal this year was to wash one load of laundry every single day. I didn’t follow through with it, but I have made a good effort.

  39. I so need to purge my closet. It’s embarrassing how cluttered it is. I always do a load a day. It makes my life so much easier.

  40. I admit, I hate doing laundry and put it off until we have nothing clean and hardly ever get caught up on it. :/ I will do my best to take this challenge!

  41. Laundry is something that is never ending at my house. I definitely need to go through and purge the closets!

  42. These are such great tips! We have a crazy amount of clothing for a family of five. I have to do at least two loads a day to feel like I am caught up. I need to use some of these tips!

  43. I am notorious for starting more laundry than I can finish. It makes me hate it when I have to pull myself out of bed because I forgot I had another load going.

  44. Some days I want to throw it all away because there is just too much! Luckily, I found folding each person’s clothes and making them put them away is helping me!

  45. I do laundry daily. I always have. Even with my kids grown, I usually do a load of whites one day and darks the next because I always want to be prepared for the unexpected.

  46. These tips are genius! If you don’t control it, it gets of control fast! Thanks for these.

  47. Thanks for the great tips! Laundry is a necessary evil. The thing that helps us the most is doing a load every day.

  48. These are really good ideas. We do laundry everyday! I like the idea of only using two baskets.

  49. These are all great tips, I love the idea of washing daily as that would really help keep the laundry from piling up!

  50. These are such great tips. We always seem to have laundry, so I usually do it every other day. I hate when they start to pile over.

  51. Oh how I hate laundry. I always say they need to invent a machine that also folds everything. These are some great tips… I think I’m going to start by purging some baskets.

  52. It never fails. When I think I am caught up and had enough, there is more there for me do. Neverending! HA!

  53. I am a laundry day girl. One day a week I do as many loads as possible. Usually have to do one other load the next day but I like having a few days to not think about laundry. I agree with you about folding as you go. πŸ™‚

  54. These are great ideas. This weekend i will have to purge all the closets in the house. I can donate the stuff we get rid of.

  55. It’s important to do laundry everyday, at least for me. That way it all doesn’t pile up. Make sure you have a schedule too, so you won’t have a difficult time trying to finish all the laundry.

  56. I feel like I just had a laundry therapy session. I have a mountain range of laundry, and I never seem to be able to conquer it. We’ve got so many people in our home and so little time to get all the steps of the laundry done. I think we live out of laundry baskets. I’ll have to see if I can implement even just ONE of your tips…at least to start.

  57. It seems like we are constantly getting behind on laundry. I often forget that I need to do laundry every day, and not just a couple of times a week! These are great tips!

  58. I could not agree more with tip #5! Once you lose one sock it’s just better to count that pair lost because you’ll just take up space storing the remainder and lose time looking for the missing one!

  59. Such a great post πŸ™‚ I only have one laundry basket now. We used to have a pop up laundry basket but it would sit and accumulate random dirty clothes, and we it was full we’d go through it and find all the pieces of clothing we’d been “missing.”

    Also – for socks, I use a zipper bag meant for delicates for my son’s socks. They only go in the bag if I can find the match (before they even go into the laundry)- and this means that when I’m folding laundry, the only thing in that bag is pairs of socks.

  60. I seriously need to follow this! We usually only do laundry on Sunday, and it is an ALL DAY thing. It’s terrible lol.

  61. If you have children who think they are models, doing the laundry can be a daunting task. I wish I could do it everyday to avoid seeing them pile up! I will take your advice about the socks. It does eat up a lot of time finding the lost pair.

  62. It’s just my boyfriend & I but laundry even for the two of us is a chore.

  63. These are great tips for taking control of the laundry. Laundry has always been my least favorite thing to do so doing no more than you can handle is indeed a great tip. I always fold them as soon as they come out of the dryer too. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  64. Great tips. Laundry is my daughter’s job and she would freak if I suggested one load a day. Haha.

  65. I’ve noticed that since getting rid of clothing, the laundry isn’t quite as bad!

  66. All good tips. I used to do a load a day. Now I’m working again and time is so scarce, it’s usually saved for the weekend. πŸ™‚

  67. Ah yes, when it comes to baskets, we only have one, a main basket near the actual laundry room. And one more thing, if something was worn only for maybe a few minutes, it automatically gets another day.

  68. I love your tips! I think committing to one load a week is doable!

  69. We maintain a very small wardrobe, *one* laundry hamper … and I average two loads of laundry per week for six people. These suggestions are very good.

  70. Totally agree about the daily laundry. That has helped me from not having 15 load marathons. It’s so much better.

  71. We have SO many baskets in our house full of clean and dirty. Lately I’ve really been at my kids to get their clean laundry put away, but sometimes they slack… ugh. I wish we could get by with 1 load a week, I do a few loads EVERYDAY.

  72. I take control of laundry by making the older kids do it. Seriously, I gave up.

  73. Yes, much needed information. My washing machine is cannibalistic and eats my socks and the laundry never seems to end. I plan to purge my closets this summer and I hope that will help.

  74. Great tips! It’s crazy how out of hand the laundry can get

  75. I do pretty good on the laundry issue. Sock always are the tuffy. I like the tips you give,

  76. I actually did get rid of the baskets. I originally had them in each bedroom because it just made sense but then they would sit there. So I got rid of them, we now have 1 large one in the laundry room and my husband puts all his work clothes right into the washer (he is the worst lol) and I do laundry every Wednesday.
    Great tips…I hate laundry!

  77. Great tips, I need all the help I can get. We have a lot of laundry around here. I agree that washing everyday is a big help with keeping up!

  78. These are very helpful tips. I always have that issue with socks.

  79. I don’t think I can do it daily. Working full-time it’s just not something I can do. I can do the other tips! πŸ™‚

  80. These are excellent tips, especially doing it daily! When I was just staying ontop of it and doing a load a day it was so much more manageable. But then it spiraled out of control and now its so difficult to get caught back up!

  81. I’m a clean freak so our laundry is always up to par. I do about 2 a day lol. Great post and tips!

  82. Man, I love the feeling of being caught up on laundry but I hardly ever get to experience that LOL!

  83. I do laundry every single day! Lately I’ve been getting my boys in on the action.

  84. To be honest I cannot wash and fold laundry daily…that is a little to much for my busy lifestyle so wouldnt work for me unfortunately. I like the two basket concept less baskets less loads.

  85. These are helpful ways to make laundry day easy. We’ve got tons of laundry around here.

  86. Great tips ! Truly practical and helpful. Will keep all of them in mind from now on.

  87. I am counting down the days until I am on summer break because I will be PURGING all the closets! Great tips

  88. I feel like as soon as I became a twin mom it was necessary to do at least one load of laundry per day. I designate a towel day, bed linen day and the kids I double up in one load so they get a day, and one day for adults. I get it done during the week so nothing to do on weekends.

  89. Great tips. I wish I could wash daily but time wont allow it! I need follow some of these tips!

  90. Honestly, I love your tips but what saves me time is my huge washer. It hold more laundry which saves me time on loads, Love it!

  91. ugh if i have more than 2 loads of laundry then it becomes totally overwhelming and i avoid the whole thing until i run out of the clothes. it’s the worst.

  92. I tried these and it helped. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the tips.

  93. Washing daily is a must around here. I have to do at least two loads of laundry a day or things get totally out of control!

  94. With all the laundry I do, makes me want to down size everyone’s clothes stash, lol It’s like I spend all my free time doing laundry. It’s a never ending cycle.

  95. Moving really helped me purge. Our laundry is more manageable and it is working out well. Great tips.

  96. I have tried the one load a day trick, but I always seem to have more than one load that needs to be washed! I can get it washed, dried, separated and towels/rags put away, but then I give up πŸ™‚

  97. We just got back from vacation and I currently have 6 baskets of clean, unfolded laundry just sitting there, starring at me, waiting to be folded. I hate folding. And with 2 little kids running around, it is even harder to fold and put away. I hate laundry but these are some good tips that I will have to start to do, especially the hole in socks/underwear tip.

  98. Amen to daily washing. We started that and it was totally life changing.

  99. Its only two of us at home so its fairly easy to do laundry for me. Some people don’t like doing laundry but I find it ok. I do laundry every other week since we don’t pile up that many dirty clothes unless the hubby needs something for work then Ill do laundry in between. These are all great tips πŸ™‚

  100. We got a lot better with taking control of our laundry once we ditched our baskets and just started doing laundry every day! Definitely lightens the load!

  101. I do the laundry twice a week so it is not that tiring if you compare it washing the one-week clothes of the family. I bet that is really exhausting! Thanks for sharing your tips dear.

  102. At this point, I feel like my laundry is in control of me. I can never seem to catch up on it and there is always new dirty laundry to be washed.

  103. I’m so glad I saw this post! I will no longer have hard times with the laundry. You are so right- it is easier to dedicate a few minutes for daily laundry than many hours spent in weekly laundry.

  104. Very useful tips, laundry is such an essential function of any household.

  105. hahaha! facepalm can I be honest? I haven’t done laundry in a long time. hashtag privileged hashtag spoiled.
    I usually take my laundry to my moms
    but great tips all the same and I’m sure one day when I have no other option, I’ll have to learn this lol.

  106. I have one of those huge front loaders and I cannot believe how much I can fit in there. It’s crazy. So I have a simple 3 times per week strategy: all my stuff and my two girls one day (because we tend to have all the pretty colours), the boys stuff another day (darks and neutrals, like there are NO Other Colours – what?), then linens, towels, and other misc. Everyone has a basket in their room, but I have one big easy to carry one that I collect it all in and then take to laundry room. Then I fold while watching a taped show. It’s actually not that bad doing laundry then! ha.

  107. Great tips! We’re a small family and have always used tips to manage our laundry!

  108. These are some great tips!!!! I’m one of those people that does laundry daily because I fear a huge laundry pile.

  109. Number 4 is a great tip indeed! I just started a big load but I dont think im going to finish it on time haha

  110. I am going to show this article to my mom, she will love it. For her laundry is like the worst thing in the world.

  111. I wish I could do it daily :). I sometimes have time once a week and we have to do it outside..

  112. We only have two hampers in our house. One in my room and the other in the kid’s bathroom. Makes things a little more manageable. I also like to use colorfast detergent so I can throw mixed clothes together in a load. And I do laundry on Thursdays and Sundays