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5 Ways to Get Your Booty Bikini Ready for This Summer

The holidays are officially over and spring is on the way! The groundhog says that warmer weather is on the horizon and that means it is time to stop shoving those discount chocolates in your mouth and get pumped for bikini season! If you need a little motivation, here are 5 ways to get your booty bikini ready for this summer!

1. Water

We started out easy on ya! Start flushing out all that excess salt and sugar from the long cold winter. You will be amazed at how much better your skin, body, and booty will look if you start making water a big part of your day! Try challenging yourself to drink a gallon of water every day. It’s really not hard to do and you can find TONS of breakdowns on Pinterest about how to time it out so you aren’t chugging a half gallon of water at ten o’clock before bed! Water helps not only flush toxins but it also helps keep your muscles hydrated so you can recover more quickly from your workouts!


2. Individual Leg Lifts

These are great for toning and burning your booty and abs at the same time! Lie down on your back and pull your feet up close to your booty with you knees bent. Raise your left leg straight up in the air. Now for the motion: squeeze your booty and lift your hips up off the mat or floor, lower back down and then repeat. Again, try and do 20 of these on each side and get them in 3-4 times per day. The strain of this move should be coming from your butt and not your lower back. Switch legs after 20 and do the other side as well!

3. Lunges

Walking lunges are an awesome way to feel the burn and get your booty bikini ready for this summer! Walking lunges are great because you can add weights, do them anywhere, and even incorporate them into everyday tasks. You step straight out in a long motion, bend at the knee until you’re almost touching the floor, and then stand up ass you pull your rear foot up to meet the front one! Easy as that. Alternate sides as you walk through the house, or pick up that baby and go to town! The extra weight can increase the burn and help you get the most out of your exercise. 20 on each side, 3-4 times a day and you’ll be rocking that bikini bottom in style!

4. Kick Backs

These are about as simple as it gets when trying to tone your booty. On your hands and knees, head up, back straight, and kick one leg back while tightening your abs and butt. Make sure you are kicking that leg up high and keeping your muscles engaged, this should burn after the first few!! Doing 25 on each side for 3-4 sets per day will help get your booty bikini ready for the summer!

We all know how hard it can be to stay motivated. If you struggle with motivation, work some rewards into your system. Another great way to stay motivated and stick to your workout plan is by always seeing your goals. Hang that bikini up next to your mirror every day you’ll have to see it and be reminded of why it is important to make some extra time to work out!

5. Squats

The dreaded squat…the fitness move that everyone hates and almost no one can repeatedly complete properly. Try this: standing with your feet wide apart (wider than your shoulders), arms out in front of your chest, send your hips back, bending at the knees, go low enough to touch your elbows to your knees, then back up again. Do 20-30 of these in a set and try to do 3-4 sets per day! If you can squeeze these moves into your day just 3-4 times you’ll have that booty bikini ready in no time! Remember when doing squats to keep your weight on your heels. Don’t cheat forward and keep your back flat and straight when moving! Squeeze those cheeks for an extra burn!


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How are you getting ready for beach season?

  102 Responses to “5 Ways to Get Your Booty Bikini Ready for This Summer”

  1. What great tips and totally need to get myself ready for spring now, too 🙂

  2. I am getting beach ready this season by actually working out! Since November 1st we have been going 5-6 days per week to the gym-YAY for exercise! #client

  3. I need to get my belly ready for the beach. My legs and arms are just fine.

  4. Fortunately don’t need to use depends! but theres no such thing as too much water! When I started to drink more water I noticed my cellulite started to go away!

  5. I need to do all of these things! I’m taking classes at a place called Orange Theory. I find the combination of cardio/circuit training really helps me push myself!

  6. I definitely am trying with the water and need to get back into exercise.
    Great tips.

    And I might be leaking after this surgery 🙂

  7. I really need to get back into exercising seriously. I like to work out outside and the weather has been so gross that I got out of the habit.

  8. Great exercises! I love doing squats haha don’t ask me why, some people hate them! I also love donkey kicks for the glutes, they are really good!

  9. Defiantly fail at water intake. Something I need to work on.

  10. I’m so ready for spring. Drink a lot of water definitely nourish our skin, and good for metabolism of body.

  11. That’s nice to see that you can wear yoga pants with them and they don’t show! I hate squats, but as long as they make my butt look nice, I shall continue to do them 😉

  12. I kid you not my boyfriend just said he wanted to go to a lake to swim this year just as I clicked on this post. LOL What perfect timing! I definitely need all the tips I can get; I’m by no means obese but I have areas I would like to work on, my butt being one of them.

  13. I am going to try your workout routine to see which ones I can do. I will have to check out those silhouettes. As I am mid 40’s and have issues with leaks when I squat or cough hard.

  14. Ugh, squats… the bane of my existence… HA! I love them, but hate them, well, I love doing them, but hate the pain that I feel afterwards in my booty. LOL

  15. Yes! I need to work all of these into my routine more often. Summer is right around the corner.

  16. You are so right about the importance of water. I need to do better with that. Coffee doesn’t count.

  17. Thanks cool that you can order those online. I did lunges last week and I was in so much pain two days after. Next time I won’t do so many at once.

  18. Love these tips! I definitely need to start thinking about getting beach ready! Thanks for the helpful post.

  19. Squats… love hate relationship! I try really hard to get all my water in every day!

  20. Great tips. Definitely time to get back in shape.

  21. Oh, I’ve been getting ready! Water is a big key for success!

  22. These are great exercises for your bum. I started Zumba last week and man am I burning calories.

  23. I don’t know if I can still achieve a bikini booty but it would sure be nice to try! Lol. Thanks for the exercising tips, those seem easy for someone who only walks or jogs to workout.

  24. I can do the water. LOL. I do need to get my booty ready for summer! Thanks for the great tips.

  25. You will be amazed at how little water I drink but I do have a lot of stomach and digestive issues and sometimes even water makes me sick so I have to be careful. It usually means that I don’t get enough fluids!

  26. This is absolutely a great tips. I can feel the summer, I need to try the squat exercise

  27. Love that there are products out there to prevent leaks! These are so discreet!

  28. Great tips! I started doing Pure Barre and the leg lifts.. man.. they burn. They make me shake but my body has changed.

  29. I am so excited for summer but I am not ready to get into my bikini just yet.

  30. I am actually doing a squats challenge. I am hoping that helps me get into shape!

  31. Flat pancake booty is so not cute, so I make sure to never skip leg day. It is great to see a discreet solution available for such a common problem too.

  32. Great tips for getting summer ready…or anytime ready! I really should start working out lol

  33. This is a great tips for this coming summer. I should tell to my wife about this

  34. Well I am past the age of worrying about getting my body beach ready…which is fine with me. Water is a good thing that is for sure. For me it’s just keeping active on a regular basis.

  35. Water is so important when working out and loosing weight!! These are amazing tips hard to believe that summer is coming up already!

  36. It is amazing how thin the Depend Silhouette Active Fit Briefs are. I have been drinking a lot more water and i am starting to see the changes in my skin.

  37. I’m conflicted because I want to be summer ready but don’t want to do any of these exercises to get there LOL! But you are right and these are great exercises. Love that there is a product to help and still look great too!

  38. Great exercise routines, so well laid out! Never heard of this product but you did such a great job of explaining it!! Thanks for sharing !

  39. My booty can definitely use some squats. I haven’t been doing them lately and I can tell. Time to get back to it.

  40. I try to workout 6 days a week, eat clean, and drink plenty of water. And no sugar!

  41. I wish there was a beach to hang out here to wear a bikini to. The pool it is.

  42. It may not be this summer but maybe next summer I can get my booty back.

  43. I just started eating healthier on sunday to try and lose weight. Plus, started physical therapy.

  44. Sorry about your leaks. I had no idea the issue was that common with people under 50.

  45. I recently had surgery but once I am fully recovered I have to bust my booty to get ready for this summer! Getting enough water is so important but I often find myself trying to get that last bit of water in before bed and then I end up getting up and down all night to run to the bathroom!

  46. I started getting ready back in October since I have a long way to go but getting there

  47. Drinking a considerable amount of water daily and lunges really does help shape the body. I have to start preparing now.

  48. I need to be ready for the beach. I love squat exercise

  49. It’s amazing how people tend to forget that drinking water helps with weight loss too. Are the briefs disposable? They look good for when traveling too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  50. Thanks for these tips. I think we should not only exercise for one season in a year. I think it would be better to commit to doing regular exercise, regardless of the season.

  51. Squats are a must! Good to know those pantie exist, it’s good to feel safe during workout.

  52. We all desire to have a bikini body. But how many of us can really have it? These are some very effective tips indeed.

  53. That’s my frustration, booty is something I am working on. Thanks for these tips.

  54. Yikes! It’s already that time of the year, isn’t it? Time to get my booty up!

  55. I am definitely not ready for bikini season. However with your tips and workout I just might be.

  56. No bikini body happening with this fat pregnant woman! LOL The Depends definitely is a must because every time I sneeze, laugh or cough the flood gates open!

  57. Love your list and ideas. I will save this for a friend, thanks for sharing.

  58. Wooah I don’t want to even think about it yet lol !!

  59. I love a lower body workout. Thanks for the great list.

  60. Water is extremely important! While you’re working out, your body is trying to get stuff out of your body and water is what helps flush all of that out of there! Great post!

  61. Eating right first and foremost because it is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Doing a lot of stair climbing and planks

  62. Sounds great to me. Although I don’t think anyone wants to see me in a bikini this summer hehe. Eating right and drinking lots of water is sooo important, I have to remember that! This is a great post Robin and very helpful!

  63. I’m a weird one I actually don’t mind squats I feel the burn more

  64. I’m trying to get more cardio in – in the winter it is hard because we can’t get outside as easily, but it is starting to warm up so I can take the kids out for walks again!

  65. Thanks for the good pointers.
    These look to work full-body, so the exercises are also very efficient.

  66. Ooh yes, I need to get my rear end and the rest of my body ready for summer. Problem is, I all of those exercises!

  67. I think those would come in handy for my grandmother. I know she has some issues sometimes and those seem so nice!

  68. Forget about the bikini! This looks like a great workout routine for just getting into shape! Thanks for sharing!

  69. Yes, I love these tips. I’m working on these things right now.

  70. Some great tips. I have reduced the amount of caffeine I drink recently, swapping in lemon and water instead which was strange to begin with but now I prefer this to a coffee.

  71. I need these exercises in my life. I need to get an excerise regime ongoing.

  72. Water is a super important part of any diet!! Great tips!!

  73. These are all really great tips! I really need to get in shape myself.

  74. These are some great tips!!! Thankfully I’m in the clear for any leakage issues, but I’m glad something like Depends is there for those who need them!

  75. Squats are where it’s at, girl! I did different types of squats and used leg machines at the gym and there was a noticeable difference in no time!

  76. I love this suggestions I’ll definitely be adding these to my excercise routine

  77. My friends and I always say, “summer bodies are made in the winter!” Good reminder on the water…It’s hard for me to remember during the cold weather months!

  78. Squats are actually my FAVORITE! Does that make me weird? Lunges are the worst, but really effective!

  79. I’m getting beach ready with my workouts but after reading your post I have to step up my game!

  80. I forgot about the dreaded lunges. Great tips!

  81. Squats are fun. I would do them all day, if I had time. I am definitely one of these crazy moms who is doing squats in the corner of kids music class and in front of the swing in the park. LOL

  82. Squats are the best way to get a firmer bottom! Since I started at a new club I’ve been doing way more squats, walking lunges, etc and the results have been substantial!

  83. Yea….I should probably start getting my body ready lol I have been so lazy and haven’t done any work out whatsoever since baby. I do drink plenty of water though…is that enough? lol

  84. These sound perfect for those that need them. Thanks so much for sharing.

  85. I have such a love hate relationship with squats. They always make such a difference, but they are such a pain to do! Why can’t my bikini body just magically appear? 😉

  86. I NEED to get back to this kind of workout. I need to get my body ready for spring and summer!

  87. Squats and lunges are key for a firmer booty. Thanks for these tips!

  88. As soon as our plans are definite for the beach trip, then I’ll start getting myself ready. LOL. Thanks for the tips.

  89. I guess it is time to start getting ready for summer after all! Thanks for the tips.

  90. I am drinking my share of water this season. Must try the other 4 tips.

  91. I just started the 21 Day Fix Challenge by BeachBody… and I despise that yellow container!! LOL That’s the carb one. But I am loving the workouts. It’s just the new challenge that my body needed. But you are so right about the water – I was definitely not drinking enough before and what a difference it makes. I am sure half the time I thought I was hungry — I was actually thirsty.

  92. Love this tips. You make it look easy and doable. Didn’t know how many advantages about drinking a gallon of water everyday.

  93. People definitely underestimate the power of water! I notice a difference when I get enough H2O versus when I don’t, it’s definitely evident!

  94. I’m good at drinking plenty of water, but haven’t had much motivation to exercise lately. That shall change! – HilLesha

  95. I am an exercise person, and as a mother of 4, those silhouettes really could come in handy

  96. I agree with the water thing! Water is one of the most important things you can do to feel healthy, and help you get toned for sure.

  97. These are some great tips to gear up for summer. Both me & my husband have a habit of drinking a lot of water all through the day which helps a lot for sure. The Silhouette Active Fit Briefs are something I would love to have as backup too.

  98. I’m definitely not beach body ready yet but I am working on it. Need to start working out soon and get healthier.

  99. I’m not “beach body” ready either. But I still plan to take this body to the beach. I will be doing some of the exercises you recommend to feel more toned and confident.

    I’m glad so many people have found the Silhouette’s helpful for leaks during workouts.

  100. I really need to drink more water so downloaded the Plant Nanny App to help me track my water intake.

  101. I’m good about exercise and drinking plenty of water. I’m also really good about never missing dessert. Apparently that doesn’t help get you bikini ready.