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5 Ways to Save Money at Chuck E Cheese

Whether you want to admit it or not, your inner child loves Chuck E. Cheese! We all know that it can really add up when you head there for an adventure, so it’s important to save some dough where possible. Check out my tips for saving money at Chuck E. Cheese.

Find Discount Deals

Once in a while you can find a local deal for a Chuck E. Cheese near you. When you see those deals, make sure you grab them. This is probably the best way to save money because you are getting a significant discount on the whole shebang.

Don’t Get Pizza

Just so you know, you don’t have to get the pizza when you head to Chuck E. Cheese. There’s no law that says you have to get pizza, wings, or salad. In fact, you can grab drinks and an appetizer and you’d be good to go. I know part of the fun is the food, but if you want to save money, you’ll have to sacrifice in some way.

Limit the Coins

The last time we went, we probably had around 100 coins. We went a little overboard, which you do not need to do. In order to save a little money, you can limit the amount of coins you use. Is it as fun? No. But those coins do add up and can cost you a lot of money. If the kids get ancy about winning a price, take them to the dollar store and let them pick out something.

Print off a Coupon

There are hundreds of coupons crawling the Internet for discounts at Chuck E. Cheese. Before we head to Chuck E. Cheese I simply search Google for “coupons for Chuck E. Cheese. You won’t believe what comes up, all sort of good stuff! Don’t be shy about looking for coupons because this can really help you save big.

Go with the Packaged Deals

When you walk into Chuck E. Cheese, you are faced with this large menu that has all sorts of stuff on it. Instead of buying everything separately, we always buy a packaged deal. We get our drinks, pizza, and coins all in one package. And if you add a coupon to that package, you can really save some money.

I understand that going to Chuck E. Cheese can feel like a blow to the bank account, but these tips have helped us save 50% or more during our trips. You just have to be smart about your spending and you’ll have just as good of a time, I promise!

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  148 Responses to “5 Ways to Save Money at Chuck E. Cheese”

  1. I have avoided Chuck E. Cheese for months now, but thanks for the tips, because sooner or later my luck will run out! 😉

  2. so true, kids went berserk here, especially the games ;). Really appreciate the tips 🙂

  3. Thank you. I know so many kids want to have parties here and in the past I have avoided it, so this will help me

  4. I’ve never been to Chuck E Cheese… We used to have one where I live years ago, it was my brothers favourite place to go. I agree 100%, anywhere that you go package deals are always the best deals.

  5. I always have as much fun there as my kids do! I love to win tickets for my kids to spend! It is a good time and I love that they always have great coupons available!

  6. My younger daughter has always had a fear of life sized characters. It has been the ultimate money saver, she hates the idea of Chuck E Cheese or even Disney!
    But these are great tips, thanks!

  7. We have a Chuck E Cheese here, but it seems that Amazing Pizza Machine has taken over its hype. I’m sure my boys would like either. These are great tips to save for any place like that.

  8. I’ve yet to bring my kids there but I have been for bday parties…and it can get a little pricey! Thanks for the tips!

  9. We don’t have one where we live, but it looks like a great place for a kid’s birthday party.

  10. Wow! That is great to know that Chuck E Cheese still exist. I remember when I lived in Los Angeles I use to see the Mascot waving at drivers as they drove by the restaurant.

  11. I’ve always hated the pizzas at Chuck E Cheese anyways. We never get them, because I agree, it’s not a MUST. Eat before and then no need to waste money.

  12. We have only been in Chuck e Cheese for two times. It’s a nice place to go with kids but my migraine can’t tolerate the noise and chaos lol.

  13. I have never taken my boys to Chuck E Cheese, but I bet they would love it. As a kid, I always loved going to places where I could play games and be a silly little kid. Great tips!


  14. These are some great tips. Some are a little bit obvious, like don’t buy too many coins. I love that you mentioned that you don’t HAVE to buy food. Buying food is really the the money waster. It’s typically overpriced and not worth it. The fun is watching the kids go crazy!

  15. Great tips! We used to go to Chuck-e-cheese, but the boys appear to have outgrown the place. Grant may take them when we are up in Maine…..The treat at the Dollar Store is probably worth more than the actual Chuck-e-cheese prizes! lol

  16. I only go in Chuck-e-cheese once in blue moon,or were my daughter is invited for birthday party. Coupon saves you a lot.

  17. Finding discount deals and printing coupons are great tips. Maybe do more of the two so you don’t have to skip the eating part.

  18. When my kids were little we had a Chuck-e Cheese we use to go to at least once a week. The boys could run around and play games, then we would have pizza a and share a pitcher of beer 🙂

  19. I haven’t been to Chuck-E-Cheese since it was named Showbiz Pizza.

    I’d imagine that things can get a bit hairy for parents on a budget when visiting these types of places. Cost can add up quickly.

  20. I didn’t know Chuck E Cheese was still around. The ones near me closed years ago. I like your tip about prizes and going to the dollar store.

  21. Great timing on this post! I just told my kids to gather their old toys and clothes for consignment and I would use the money to bring them to chuck e cheese!

  22. My son has been looking forward to going to Chuck E Cheese soon. Thanks for the saving tips!

  23. Great tips! I haven’t been to Chuck E. Cheese in a number of years, I think my last foray there was when my niece or nephew had a birthday party. We definitely went overboard on the tokens, …had to have enough to play ski ball! If we go again sometime, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for coupons, since it sounds like it definitely paid off for you.

  24. Chuck e Cheese is definitely not cheap. We always use the coupons when we have to go for a birthday party. I usually get the unlimited salad bar for $5.99. Fills you up and no need to spend $20+ on a crappy pizza.

  25. I either print off a coupon or find one in the paper. We usually don’t do the pizza. It’s cheaper to eat before we go! That way we can spend more money on coins.

  26. I am all about saving money. I can remember taking my Grandkids to Chuck E Cheese. It can get pretty expensive so all your tips are going to help.

  27. my niece & nephew are obsessed with chuck e cheese! My sister n mom take them all the time so i will def be showing them this! thanks!

  28. Also if you have a party at Chuck E Cheese you can use the same coupon multiple times. The salads are amazing by the way.

  29. I hate the mark up of food! I’m sure as a child, my whining may have gotten me the pizza but knowing how much it really is now, I’ll be putting my foot down! haha

  30. Chuck E. Cheese (like any kiddy attraction) is designed to get you to spend, spend, spend! These are all great tips – especially printing coupons out online before heading to your local Chuck E. Cheese. I know that printing out coupons has saved my family quite a bit 🙂

  31. The closest Chuck E Cheeses in on I-Drive in Orlando. Been there a few times with my kids and yes I had a coupon. 🙂

  32. These are great tips! I know kids Love Chuck E Cheese, but the pocket book doesn’t. It’s nice to know we can take the kids to the best place in the world for them without breaking the bank.

  33. Ahhhhhh Chuck E Cheese….. I have such a love hate relationship with that place!! It can get pretty pricey too so these are great tips!! The saddest part is the food is gross! If you’re gunna charge that much for a pizza at least let it be good & not cardboard!

  34. Chuck E Cheese an get expensive if you try to do everything. We really enjoy their pizza, however, it tastes great.

  35. These are some really great tips. I will use them on my next visit there!

  36. We save by not going. I seriously can’t not stand that place. The noise, the dirt, the kids I don’t know begging me for tokens (seriously, where the hell are your parents!?) The last time we went was 2 years ago for a birthday party. When I left, I told Jason next time we just mail a gift and say we can’t make it.

  37. Those are great saving tips. Printing coupons and purchasing package deals are one of the best ways to save money (and still have fun)

  38. This is very helpful, the package deal really helps me a lot. I am currently adjusting on savings I am really not that good lol. Thank you for sharing!

  39. I just learned they had coupons online! What a big money saver.

  40. We need these tips! We also need to visit Chuck E Cheese again soon.

  41. My girls have crossed the chuck-e-cheese stage. Your tips make a lot of sense. I have spent a lot of money buying pizza and not looking for coupons.

  42. I had no idea there were coupons floating around out there. That’s so good to know!

  43. I guess there should be a limit on coins allotted for games as it can be huge when it piles up. I think coupons can help save a lot here too.

  44. These are awesome tips! We normally go JUST for pizza and playing in the tubes. NOTHING else. No coins (well, maybe a FEW coins) but yeah. We keep it cheap!

  45. I have never visited a Chuck E. Cheese ever, I guess it’s because I don’t have kids! Sounds like it’s a good thing I never got lured in there! I think Dave & Busters is the adult version of it! LOL

  46. Thanks for the tips. I loved Chuck E Cheese as a kid. We have one not to far from us. I have not tried it with my daughter yet, but I think I should.

  47. I agree about the pizza. Plus, it’s gross.

  48. In our Sunday newspaper, there are always coupons for Chuck E Cheese there to save on food and coins. Side note: I still can’t believe they sell beer and wine there.

  49. I’ve yet to take my kids to Chuck E Cheese, although we have a very similar style arcade place but this is a great resource of ideas for saving money. With six kids when our entire family is together, we have to choose wisely!

  50. These are good tips. We never get the pizza there, unless it’s a birthday party. We just get a drink and let the kids play. We don’t shirk on the amount of coins they get, so I don’t feel bad.

  51. I haven’t been to a Chuck E Cheese in almost 25 years. It never occurred to me that you could go and not order pizza.

  52. I like printing the rewards calendars out and earning 10 tokens per calendar for my girls! I do have to say, we actually do get the pizza every time and I always get the salad bar. That’s just a must for us — but we do save in other ways there! We also save our big ticket print outs for larger prizes.

  53. We were just there last week! Printing coupons is a must, they spend these tokens so fast.

  54. I save money at Chuck E Cheese, because I don’t have kids. 😉 Seriously, though. These are great tips. It’s a great place for kids. It’s not quite as great for the old wallet.

  55. I used to go to Chuck E. Cheese when I was a kid – loved that place! We don’t have any around here which is too bad, my kid would like it there!!

  56. Thanks for the tips. We’ve never been. I like the idea of limiting the coins.

  57. These are great tips for saving money at Chuck E. Cheese. My son used to love to go when he was younger! Love stacking coupons there.

  58. You definitely have to limit the coins! I like to get the packaged deals too!

  59. these are great tips. thank you so much thee are really awesome.

  60. Great tips! It’s nice to know families can enjoy places like Chuck E. Cheese without breaking the bank.

  61. Great tips to know. My kids love going there and it’s a lot of $$ after all the games!

  62. We don’t have a Chuck E Cheese nearby, but these are great tips for any indoor playground/family entertainment restaurant. Coupons, coupons, coupons! I always search online before we hit a place like this!

  63. I love the idea of taking the kids to the dollar store. I always suggest this to mine.

  64. I live in the one po-dunk town that doesn’t have a CC. It was such a bummer to my kids when they were little.

  65. We definitely do almost all of those listed above, however, I just cant skip pizza 🙂

  66. Great ideas. We love going but it can be a bit pricey… thanks for sharing.

  67. I haven’t been to chuck e cheese in like forever. We would always meet up the other siblings and their their kids there and we would all use coupons and usually put all the pizza and foods together. We never really ever went just to play, it always was a birthday party.

  68. Nice tips. I love how everyone can still have fun and you do not need to break the bank.

  69. We don’t go to Chuck E Cheese all that often but this is a great tip so we can bring friends and save money.

  70. These tips are perfect for my mother! She has been wanting to take her granddaughter (my niece) to Chuck E Cheese but hasn’t done it because of how much it costs.

  71. My daughter has a dairy allergy and it was always such a hassle ordering food from there when she was younger. We would just do games and maybe a drink, eating before we went.

  72. Yep, I think my grand kid have moved on to something else for their birthday parties. I still like the ole mouse myself!

  73. How awesome! I haven’t been to Chuck E Cheese in years! I had no idea they had coupons online!

  74. It can get really expensive, that is for sure. Coupons are always good!

  75. I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve spent at Chuck E Cheese over the years! My kids always wanted to go there.

  76. I totally remember going to Chuck E Cheese as a kid! I’m sure my little boy would love it! Great tips to save some cash!

  77. These are all great tips. When we would go we always tried to do a package deal or use coupons. My son wanted to go every weekend when he was little. The one by us would give the kids free tokens if they brought in a good report card.

  78. Chuck-e-Cheese was such a splurge when the kids were little. I wish I’d had this post back then!

  79. We haven’t been there in ages. Thanks for the tips!

  80. I used to take my daughter there all the time! I wish I had known these tricks then!

  81. I know my kids love Chuck E. Cheese too! I am glad you shared these tips because it gets pricy!

  82. I haven’t been to a Chuck E. Cheese in so long! I would love to visit one soon!

  83. We don’t go to Chucky Cheese often, but these are great tips for saving some money when we do. Thanks so much for sharing.

  84. Great tips! I have never been to Chuck E Cheese before. I have been wanting to take my children though. I’ll be keeping these tips in mind for when we do decide to go.

  85. I avoid that place like the plague but I know friends who try to go often. These tips will be helpful for them!

  86. My boys love CEC, but it does get a little pricey. Thanks for the tips!

  87. great tips! we actually prefer Rocky Racooco’s over chuck e cheese, but we do got once in awhile

  88. These are great tips. I always feel like we over spend when we visit, so that’s why we don’t go often.

  89. My son and my niece love Chuck E Cheese! They go almost every other week! These are definitely great tips!

  90. I agree! Package deals are always the way to go, they save tons of money usually!

  91. I haven’t been there in ages. My son is a bit too old for it now, but it is sure a fun hang out.

  92. 50% or more? That’s so impressive! Thanks for the great tips!

  93. These are some great tips. The last time I took my nephew there we didn’t oder pizza and as we were leaving he wanted pizza! We just got a slice at a “real” pizzeria instead. 🙂

  94. Thanks for the tips! I always leave Chuck E Cheese broke and drained. Kiddie casino!

  95. Great tips, I’m all about saving a few dollars at Chuck E Cheese.

  96. These are all great tips!! I agree with the package deal on the coupons the times we have gone!

  97. Chuck E. Cheese is so much fun! But it is a little expensive though. I will keep these tips in mind next time we visit!

  98. Yeah, I love Chuck E. Cheese, but it just too expensive sometimes. Your tips are great if you are on a budget!

  99. Coupons! I never thought to check for coupons- brilliant.

  100. We actually love Chuck E. Cheese. My husband is a huge fan of the pizza LOL. Great tips on saving money!

  101. Childless of human variety but sending this link to my brother who has kids. TY!

  102. love Chuck E. Cheese. coupons and packaged deals are the best.

  103. This may sound awful but my friend owns a pizza place that uses similar coins as Chuck E Cheese. He can’t put the Chuck E Cheese tokens that people use in his machines back in circulation, so all of those Chuck E Cheese have to go somewhere. My kids luck out!

  104. I haven’t been to Chuck e Cheese in forever, my daughter is almost old enough!

  105. I like the fact that all the games are only 1 coin there. At PPP, it can cost 4 coins per game! Also, the Chuck E by us has an indoor play place for when the kids use all their coins in the first five minutes.

  106. Chuck E Cheese … I remember those days well. We’d limit our daughters to “X” number of coins but would always give in and buy more. Heck – Sometimes I would even get caught up in the mania playing skee-ball!

  107. My daughter was wanting to go here for her birthday this year so these ideas are going to come in handy. I really like the tip to go to the dollar store and buy a gift if they are wanting to win something. I can’t believe I have never thought about that before.

  108. These are great tips, Chuck E Cheese can get pricey the more you play! Thanks for this!

  109. Thanks for these tips. I like to save money when possible!

  110. I always look for coupons and take advantage of birthday party specials. Thanks for the extra savings!

  111. Great advice! We rarely go to CEC’s just because my kids don’t like the food. But, they LOVE the games and it’s easy to spend a lot if not prepared ahead of time.

  112. I can hardly go anywhere without a coupon! You can drop a lot of money at places like this, so I love a discount!

  113. Great Advice! I will take my son this year for the first time.

  114. You guys are so much better at this than I am! I refuse to even give in to Chuck E Cheese. My MIL will take kiddo and whoever…thats her dime. It’s just not worth it for hubs, me and her to go even with one of her little friends. We have other activities we can do around here that dont cost as much. I am thankful that Chuck’s is a bit of a drive for us, so she doesn’t really even ask.

  115. I’m that bad mom that can’t stand that place but it’s just because it’s like kids rule and parents are just blind … lol

    Great advice 🙂

  116. Awesome tips. Great ways to save on our next trip.

  117. Great tips! I always seem to end up spending a fortune there!

  118. We’ve never done CeC- I wonder if Addie is old enough. I used to love it there as a kid!

  119. We always wait for coupons and deals. Makes a huge difference!

  120. Hey Robin, Great money saving reminders for Chuck E. Cheese – we went there quite a few times as my son was growing up and had lots of fun – even a birthday – There is one near where I go shopping, been there forever!

  121. When we go, which is about once a year, we do coupons or use a gift card. I hate their pizza, so that is not a problem!

  122. I never get their pizza. It’s not really that good anyway

  123. We love going to Chuck E Cheese and always print off coupons before we go. These are some great ideas!

  124. I have been to Chuck E Cheese for kids birthday parties and yes, it proved to be quite costly! The price of pizza is ridiculous, so any ways to save money are welcome hints! Thank you!

  125. these are some great ways to save money…we could go bankrupt at CEC if we get carried away…lol!

  126. These are smart ideas! We often go right at 9am when they open, which means that my kids aren’t hungry, so they just play games. That saves us a ton!

  127. We do the packages a lot. There are definitely some great deals!

  128. We haven’t taken our kids in over a year to Chuck E Cheese. We managed though to not break the bank when we visited last.

  129. Going for packaged deals are always a saver – think before you indulge as they say.

  130. This is the first time I am hearing about Chuck E Cheese. All the tips you have given here are really useful to save more money at Chuck e cheese. I would love to celebrate my little girls’ birth day party here. I really like the tips about prizes as well.

  131. Thanks for these tips. My girls are way past Chuck E. Cheese now but I will pass this along tosome of friends.

  132. I’m not a big Chuck E Cheese fan but the kids love it there. We had my daughters birthday last year there and we saved a bit by signing up for the emails.

  133. I usually avoid Chuck E Cheese at all costs, but whenever we go, we always limit the coins & hit up McDonald’s & the nearby Dollar Tree. Definitely more for your buck that way with three kids.

  134. I’ve ended up getting too many coins when I’ve had a deal. Save the extra coins and next time you go to Chuck E Cheese it’s free unless you get food or drinks.

  135. We have a few in the Toronto area but I’ve never been.

  136. With our Spring Break happening next week I’m so glad I read your post! Great tips for saving at CEC! Thansk!

  137. Thanks for the tips. I wish there’s a Chuck E. Cheese here.

  138. Great tips! We just went there for a birthday party and my daughter loves it – she wants to go back.

  139. We aren’t a fam that goes out often bit we do always look for coupons and stuff before we go. We used to do moms club gatherings at 9?? When they opened and we would leave before lunch. Less crowds. Cheaper.

  140. I’ve never been to Chuck E Cheese before!! But I have been wanting to take my kids some time. Thanks for the great tips!

  141. We’ve been to Chuck E. Cheese once and it was really expensive. Thanks for these money saving tips – hopefully it will help the next time we visit!