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5 ways to workout at the beach

I have been really trying to help my family live a healthier lifestyle lately. We have been eating better and getting more exercise and honestly it feels great. I have started working out a few times a week and we also do things together as a family, like hiking and bike riding. It’s been a wonderful way for my family to spend some quality time together. I have been really making an effort to be more active and it’s become something that I enjoy and look forward to. This weekend I had some free time and I decided what better way to enjoy the nice weather than doing my workout on the beach.


So picture this – me on the beach in a bikini with perfect hair and makeup, working out while looking flawless and barely breaking a sweat. Okay, okay, you got me – I really did go to the beach to work out but I definitely wasn’t looking like a supermodel in the process, haha. I did get in a nice workout though and it felt amazing to be out in the sun with such a beautiful view of the water.


Yes, I did say workout at the beach. One of my favorite things about the beach is that there are quite a few fun activities you can do that actually can give you a decent workout.

Here are some ways I workout at the beach:

1. Play some beach volleyball! Many beaches have nets already set up, so grab a few friends and get a game going. You will get in a great workout playing a game or two of volleyball on the sand.

2. Go swimming. Swimming is a great cardio workout and just 20-30 minutes in the water will burn tons of calories. Plus, it will cool you off. Bonus!


3. Go for a run. What I love about running at the beach is that I can do it barefoot. The impact on my feet is less than on a hard surface and the sand molds to my feet, so there really is no need for sneakers.

4. Walk in the Water. This is another beach exercise that I love because the water keeps me cool while I’m burning those calories. The trick with this one is to walk in water that is at least a foot deep, although I usually go in waist deep. With the resistance of the sand and the water, the harder I have to work and end up getting in a killer workout. The higher the water, the more intense of a workout I get.

5. Use buckets filled with sand as “dumbbells”. If you want to do some resistance training while you are at the beach, buckets filled with sand can make great weights. You can customize the weight of the buckets by using as much or as little sand as you want.


Now, normally I wouldn’t dare venture so far from home to exercise. The reason why is something that I am sure lots of you know about. LBL or Light Bladder Leakage is something that lots of people deal with. Men and women of all ages experience light bladder leakage that can really affect their day to day lives. After having kids, I experienced it for myself. Laugh too hard, sneeze or cough unexpectedly or make a sudden movement while working out and oops – LBL!

But this weekend I felt comfortable and secure enough to spend a few hours at the beach and get in a good workout without worrying about LBL. That’s because I had my new secret weapon. Tena Overnight Underwear provide protection against leaks, wetness and odors without being noticeable to anyone around you. They look and feel just like regular underwear but they are designed to protect you from leakage during the day and through the night. I wasn’t worried about looking like a was wearing a diaper and I definitely wasn’t worried about leakage or odors thanks to Tena’s triple protection.


During my workout, I didn’t even give a second thought to bladder leakage. I worked up a good sweat and felt confident because I was wearing Tena Overnight Underwear. I will be going to the beach to exercise regularly from now on since LBL is no longer a worry for me. Tena is making my life a little bit easier by giving me some of my freedom back. I don’t have to worry about going far from home and having a little accident.


Tena offers a whole line of products for men and women ranging from liners and guards to pad and pants systems so there is something to fit the needs of anyone dealing with any level of incontinence.

I ran to CVS to stock up on some Tena Overnight Underwear.

Tena in store

Designed for comfort and made for performance, TENA® incontinence products let you do the things you love, without missing out on any moment or experience.  They are also available at CVS.com

There is a great deal going on at CVS if you need to stock up on TENA® products. It’s a one week promotion starting 6/19 – Buy One Get One 50% off AND Buy 2 get $2 Extra Bucks in-store offer.  And be sure to take advantage of a great Ibotta rebate on  Tena Overnight Underwear and Pads/Liners/Underwear, too!

Have you ever tried working out at the beach? If the answer is yes, what is your favorite way to get your workout in while you’re there?

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  1. Excellent ideas!! I like to think that the beach is for relaxing with a good book however those days no longer do my body or wellbeing much good. I like the idea of doing simple exercises while enjoying the sun and water. I LOVE the beach!

  2. We don’t have a beach near by, BUT we’re going to a river area that they’ve tried to make like a beach. It has beach sand. It will happen later this summer. I can’t wait. Faux beach here I come.

  3. Beach volleyball is the best. Then when it’s over and you’ve played hard, you can cool right off in the ocean!

  4. What great tips. I know that I often skip workouts while on vacation, but this is a great way to stay on track. I know I have worked up quite a sweat walking on the beach. Thanks for sharing

  5. I’m landlocked in AZ, but those sound like some great ways to sneak in some exercise. When the weather isn’t so stifling I could definitely enjoy some “beach” volleyball and a light run. #client

  6. Excellent ideas, we love the beach. A good long walk is so enjoyable on a beach as there is normally so much to see.

  7. These are great tips! I like the walk in the water one. Water resistance lets you get a great workout in a short period of time.

  8. beach volley ball is cool! but whenever I go to the beach (or island) I always spend most of my time diving 🙂

  9. Running on the beach is much more challenging but at least you can jump in the ocean to cool off when you’ve had enough! These are fun ideas for workouts though. 🙂

  10. What a great post to share ways to easily work out at the beach. Love this!

  11. I didn’t realize the Tena line was so extensive with so many different types of protection. That’s really great!

  12. Walking in the water is a brilliant idea! I plan on spending a lot of summer days on the beach this season, and this article just helped me think of ways to stay fit while enjoying a day out in the sun. Thanks!

  13. What a great way to get a work out in on vacation!! I know we have quite a few vacation planned this summer and we are trying to stay on track with our fitness goals.

  14. These are some absolutely amazing ideas – I so wish I lived nearer the beach, for working out or just lazing around 😉 lol x

  15. These are great ideas! I love hanging out at the beach any chance I get and it really is ideal for getting some exercise. Great suggestion about creating your own sand “dumbbells”.

  16. I had no idea that CVS had these pads! What a great way to feel that much needed extra protection at the beach!

  17. I think these are all wonderful ideas. Walking on the beach is always a great one for me. I already love to walk, but walking along side the beach is even better.

  18. If I wanted to work out at the beach I would feel kinda weird. But these are some fun ways to get exercise and get the blood pumping while out by the surf.

  19. Girl, you are a fly on my wall today. I’ve been sneezing all day long and my bladder has reached it’s limits.

  20. I think it’s easiest to ‘work out’ doing something you love that doesn’t feel like working out! It’s great there are products like this to allow everyone to do what they want to physically.

  21. This is great! I love the beach and a beach workout always seems so much better. Getting outside in the sunshine always helps motivate me 🙂

  22. Running in the sand is an excellent workout. While you run the sand is giving you natures pedicure.

  23. I love working out at the beach. Walking in the water and tossing the velcro balls are my favorite activities.

  24. These are all awesome ways to exercise at the beach. Walking in the foot of water is a great idea and something I didn’t think of for sure. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

  25. These are great ways to enjoy the beach and get in some physical activity at the same time. This is definitely a win-win.

  26. We love to go to the beach. The water is a great place to exercise. I like to try to jog in the deeper water.

  27. I love going for walks on the beach. It is so relaxing you do not realize how far you have gone.

  28. These are great ways to workout at the beach. I will have to try a few the next time we go.

  29. I just saw someone put on their FB about still getting in 10,000+ steps while at the beach and it made me think that usually people just like to lay around while they are vacationing at the beach but being active is really the best for you! Great ideas.

  30. I lvoe walking on the beach for exercise. I am not much of a beach goer but i do love walking in the sand and watching the sun rise or set on the beach

  31. My husband and I love going for walks along the beach. Where we usually vacation, you can usually see pods of Dolphins offshore.

  32. These are great tips. Lots of people go to the beach just to lay in the sand or splash a bit, but it’s actually an awesome place for great workouts.

  33. I love walking on the beach. I need to try running in the sand.

  34. If you live near the beach…um yeah, that’s where I’d be doing my work out daily!! I’d become a runner just so I can glance over at the ocean. Instead of living by an ocean, I live up in the moutains so I guess my view is gorgeous mountain trails. Its a nice trade off.

  35. Yes! this summer, my goal is to take full advantage and start an exercise routine! you can do these at the pool as well, having fun and staying healthy!

  36. I love to work out at the beach. Even just a brisk walk along the shore can be really rejuvenating! Running in the sand is also a great cardio workout!

  37. I’m not much of an exercise person – I always think really hard about it – but I never actually do it ☺ Maybe if I lived near a beach – I might be more apt to get out there on the sand

  38. The kids love the beach, but I have to admit it’s not my favorite. Being able to work out while I am there will be more motivating to go.

  39. That seems like a great idea- to do a workout at the becah. I should live there…all year long:)

  40. I’ve never really worked out on the beach. I have gone for walks, which is kind of a workout, but usually I keep the walks more relaxing. The beach is a great place to enjoy a workout using just the sand and water.

  41. My husband and I like to take brisk walks when we go to the beach. The fresh air is amazing. I feel like I could walk miles.

  42. Cant say the first thing I would be doing if I ever got hang out on the beach would be working out but these are some great ideas! I think a work out on the beach would be so lovely!

  43. Those are great tips for a workout at the beach. I’d be the one wearing flip flops too. Hahaha

  44. Our beach has sand dunes, and it’s quite a workout climbing them. I figure I get a whole workout in just on one trip up then back down.

  45. Favorite way to workout at the beach, snorkeling! Walk from the condo to the beach, snorkel for a couple of hours, walk back,,, all preferably in Hawaii 😉

  46. I love the idea of working out on the beach. The sand can be brutal, but the sunshine and fresh air makes up for it.

  47. I haven’t been to the beach in the longest time. I have been tied up with so much responsibilities at home. However, when I had the time (years ago), I always went for a swim. It does give you an great overall body workout.

  48. Love it! Thank you for this wonderful tips! Perfect for maintaining healthy lifestyle even on a vacation.

  49. These are great workout tips to get done at the beach!

  50. I go to the beach often in the summer time, I needed to read this for some ideas to get a workout done at the same time 😉

  51. I love playing basketball at the beach! It’s the first thing I do whenever I visit one 🙂

  52. As women, we are definitely prone to leaks and it would be nice to feel safe and confident even when we’re experiencing them. It’s so nice to have an option like this, thanks for sharing your experience as well.

  53. We use the water for a workout all the time! It is my favorite way to get a workout in, who can be sad they are working out, when they are at the beach!

  54. I wish I lived closer to the beach. I love the beach so much.

  55. Walking or running through the water definitely is both fun and a great workout. I miss having beaches nearby to do this.

  56. These are all great workout ideas for the beach!!! I want to go to the beach soooo bad right now!!!

  57. It’s nice to know that we can work out at the beach. It is always fun to be at the beach and it is more fun now.

  58. I love that sand bucket dumbells tip. Now, why didn’t I think of that?

  59. hahaha the sand buckets as dumbells now that is highly inventive, i love it. So gonna try that the next time i’m at the beach thanks

  60. I have never worked out at the beach per say but I know I get a workout just walking through the sand lol. I will have to try these other ways.

  61. These are some great beach workout ideas. I wish I lived closer so I could exercise on the beach!

  62. This is so nice! I want to have some work out at the beach while my hubby and son build the sand castle.

  63. My next visit to the beach I’ll use the opportunity to get in some cardio. I really need to get moving.

  64. I love going to beach but I never thought of doing workouts there. It is nice to know that I can.

  65. What a nice idea. I would like to try this on our next beach trip this weekend.

  66. Swimming is my favorite way to exercise! It uses your whole body!

  67. What a great way to get your workout in no matter where you are. No excuses!

  68. I am glad that Tena is giving you more freedom, LBL is very common but can be a pain to deal with. Swimming is a lot of fun!

  69. I love swimming at the beach and just walking around. We don’t have a beach nearby where I live. The nearest is about 8 hours away. I’m never heard of those overnight underwear before!

  70. Working out at the beach is awesome because of the beautiful scenery. I love that you were able to do it with the discretion from Tena!

  71. I also experience LBL and it makes working out tricky. I had no idea this product was available. I am so happy to know!

  72. Working out at the beach sounds like so much fun, I love swimming. I also know about the dreaded LBL after having a kid!

  73. I love the idea of putting the sand in the buckets to use as dumb bells. I never would have thought of something like that.

  74. All of these ideas seem so simple. I used to love to play beach volleyball when I was younger. Maybe I just need to do that again.

  75. how nice! What a great place to workout. I would like to try this overnight underwear. Thanks for sharing!

  76. Ooooo what fun ideas!!! When I lived in FL I loved going to the beach and even working out at it!

  77. I like your idea of walking a little further in the water than ankle height (like I usually so). The resistance if you were to go in at waist level and walk would be great exercise!

  78. Working out at the beach can be a challenge but with these tips I’m sure it’s going to be possible. Normally, playing sports would be enough but if you don’t really have anyone to play sports with, I think those makeshift dumbbells would be an awesome alternative!

  79. I think just being at the beach and doing regular beach activities is a workout in itself. I am always so hungry after just just a few hours at the beach. Maybe it’s the sun.

  80. These are so wonderful. I can’t wait to be on the beach and try working out there.

  81. I gotta say that working out is the last thing that I would think of when I am at the beach haha. I think my fitness friends would really love this though.

  82. I need to try that brand because I have bladder leakage as well. I’d love to exercise at the beach although I’m usually sitting keeping my eyes on the kids. Next time I’ll go alone and get in some exercise for my back.

  83. A couple years ago, I started working out regularly, and lo & behold, I had lbl when I did jumping jacks or jumped rope! Nothing like this was available then! I like your suggestion of beach exercises. We’ll be at the lake most of next month, so I’ll be trying a couple of them. #client

  84. Amazing deals. I know someone close to me who experience bladder leakage. I’ll tell her about Tena.

  85. Great advice! I wish I lived closer to a beach so I could regularly workout there.

  86. Where not too far from the beach and it’s my favorite place to be. Love skateboarding!

  87. I have only been to the beach once this year and though it was very crowded it was peaceful. This is some great advice! <3

  88. We are heading to the beach soon. This will be handy for when we are there.

  89. I really want to visit a beach this summer. This tip will be handy. xx

  90. Yeah! I love jogging on the beach, it helps me cool off and clear my stressful mind off … And, Swimming in the beach easily makes my body sore but good feeling 🙂 Walking in the water is a great idea to keep me relaxing.