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6 Ways to Nix Sibling Fights This Summer

Has the bickering and fighting already started? If you don’t figure something out soon, you might not be able to keep your sanity this summer. Check out these ways you can nix the constant battling between the siblings.

#1. Getalong Shirt

You may have seen this “getalong” shirt floating around, but I’ve heard it actually works. When the kids start fighting, stick them in a huge shirt. This will make them find a way to get along or stay miserable for a long period of time. It might only take one or two times of being put in this shirt for them to get along.

#2. Summer Challenge

It can be hard to stress the importance of getting along as siblings. Natural fighting is going to occur, but you must put an end to summer bickering. You can do this by promoting a summer challenge in the family. This encourages no fighting, if you fight, you have to complete a task on the chore list. Moms have the power to make pretty long chore lists.

#3. Separate Activities

If the fighting continues, you will have no choice but to make the children get involved in different activities. Maybe separate camps are in order this summer? Actually, some time apart might do their relationship some good, you never know. You can also encourage “same” activities, in hopes that this will help them bond together (a mother can wish).

#4. Rewards

I may be suggesting that you keep M&M’s in your pocket all summer long. Wait, they might melt. Seriously, rewarding the kids this summer might be the only way to keep them from fighting. I see nothing wrong with rewards for getting along, although it would be better if they naturally wanted to get along. If you really want to see improvements with this “fighting” thing, then make the rewards worth it (catering the reward to each individual is a smart move).

#5. Model Behavior

If you want your kids to get along, then it might be time for mom and dad to step it up a little bit. Let’s face that fact that we are not always on our best behavior. This summer, you are going have to step up the modeling behavior a little bit. If we expect our kids to get along with each other, then the adults in the house need to get along as well. This goes for any relationship in the house. Everyone is going to need to make a better effort to get along.

#6. Promote Family Time

The more time you spend together, then the more you will bond. This sounds so cliché, but it’s so true. Families that spend time together get to see the best sides of each other. You might drive each other a little crazy, but that’s okay. Showing your kids that family time is important is priceless.

This summer has the potential to be awesome. I challenge you to apply these six tips to helping your kids get along a little better this summer. Maybe these tips will help the whole family get along a little better.

How do you encourage your children to stop the fighting and start the loving? I’d love to hear your tips!

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  1. I want to try the get along tshirt and see if it will work because I think it will just cause more fighting.

  2. I’ve seen the pictures if the unhappy children in that get along shirt and had been wondering if it really did work. It makes sense that it would.

  3. This is SO hard especially when we homeschool and always together and the kids share bedrooms! I totally agree with separate activities, they do need space.

  4. Kids!! Thank goodness I only had one Daughter. But when we used to take our granddaughters along with us, they would fight.

  5. Great tips and truly so timely as we of course have had our fair share of sibling fights here this summer.

  6. I love the “get along shirt”. Luckily my kids get along pretty well for 2 and 5.

  7. These tips are going to come in handy. Already my boys like to fight like crazy and they are only 7 and 2.

  8. My brother and I needed separate activities. He never wanted to leave me alone, and I hate group activities. Gotta use what works!

  9. The get a long shirt sounds a good idea.Normally whoever is fighting in the house will lose their privilege for the rest of the day like no computer games most of the time they stop themselves,but of course there will always be little disagreements.

  10. My two are quite young so they’re not too bad just yet. We’re planning on lots of family time so fingers crossed we all get along 🙂

  11. We are all about separate camps here. The extra drive is worth it!

  12. These are great! I especially love the getalong shirt. That reminds me of that old show the GetALong Gang! Anyway… I pinned this for future reference.

  13. Girls are tough… I normally separate them if it gets too bad but often times they work it out and then move it along. I seem to jump in too often and I need to let them work it out.

  14. I thought for sure the difference in age of my boys would make the fighting less – I have a 17 yo and a 4 yo. I swear the 17 yo turns 4 when his brother is around and they literally fight over the 4 yo toys. I will try a few of these things because at this rate I am going to need a lot of hair color for all my grey hair I am getting!

  15. We tried the getalong shirt, but they enjoyed it too much! Wasn’t a punishment at all!

  16. our kids bicker constantly. it’s so frustrating

  17. I love the get along shirt idea although I don’t know how my two kids would fare with it haha.

  18. When they get real bad,I do have to separate them. Otherwise, I usually scream at them to stop and that will work. I can’t imagine them in the getalong shirt – I think fists would be flying!

  19. I need to try the get along shirt! It would probably give me more pleasure to watch them have to be in it lol.

  20. These are all great ideas. The get along shirt is hilarious but that would definitely make kids stop fighting!

  21. That would be hilarious to put my boys in a “getalong” shirt!! Hahahah, love that idea!!!

  22. Or you can be like me and just tie your younger siblings up till mom and dad get home.

  23. These are all such great ideas! I think model behavior is one of the most important!

  24. My children are grown and although I have not heard of many of these new ideas. The get-along-shirt sounds like the best one. I don’t believe in rewarding children for behavior that should be the normal. Maybe I’m old school but it is what worked for me. Time out from each other, also one on one time with mom and dad is also a great one. Maybe working on a special project together. Hope you survive your summer!

  25. My son is an only child and I’m not sure if he’s going to have a sibling. We’ve really had to work on getting along with others lately. Sharing is so foreign to him!

  26. We love to promote family time year round but especially during the summer. We try to spend a lot of quality time together. I think the get along shirt is hilarious.

  27. OMG the getalong shirt idea just cracks me up.

  28. Haha I love the geatalong shirt idea! My girls always seem to play together so well after they’ve had some time apart! Great tips!

  29. AWESOME tips! I know that planning together and apart time is important in any relationship- siblings included. I am saving this post for my ladies next year and beyond!

  30. My kids are better than they ever have been. It’s almost odd that they are getting along so well this summer.

  31. Great tips. I never had a problem with this since I am an only child and when kiddo is here on the weekends it is only her. But, we do have to talk to her about her fighting with her siblings.

  32. This is so what I needed! The boys have been a little at each others throats lately.

  33. I love the get along shirt idea. That’s hilarious and I bet it does work!

  34. I put my oldest and my younger sister in a get a long shirt about a month ago. Funny thing is they couldn’t even argue anymore as they were laughing so hard. Such great tips thanks for sharing:)

  35. I saw a photo of two siblings in a get along shirt that was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I was an only child and my son is an only so we don’t have any of those sibling issues but I had friends that would get into all out beat downs with their siblings made me happy to not have a brother or sister…LOL

  36. Those are great tips! Our kids get rewarded for getting along and rewards taken away for constant fighting after the warnings. I think I need a getalong shirt too!

  37. I have never heard of a get along shirt… HA! My kids have their ups and downs, where they will get along all day, then all of a sudden, everyone is fighting. If they fight over a toy or electronic they know I will just take it away from everyone. It works, sometimes!

  38. fabulous tips! on my way to get that get along t shirt! too funny but I can see the punishment on it

  39. I can just imagine my kids in the getalong shirt.. they would go from fight and bickering to looking for ways to cause trouble together.

  40. BAHAHA! I’m laughing because we totally have a “get-along-shirt” here and I’ve only had to use it once… and I took a video and I DIE when I watch it. My two oldest were in it and they hated.it.with.a.passion. Once is all it took. Now if I threaten to use it they straighten up faster than ever. I’ll have to keep the other tips in mind though, you know, to mix it up or if the shirt doesn’t bother my other 2. lol

  41. Great ideas! I’ve seen those Get Along shirts and I can see why they would work. lol

  42. These are all great ideas. My 7 and 4 year olds have been going at it a lot lately!!!

  43. It’s amazing how kids can fight like cats and dogs when they’re young and then be best friends when they’re all grown up. It’s the miracle of maturity, I guess. I absolutely LOVE the getalong shirt. Of course, if you have two boys, the getalong shirt my just be a portable UFC ring…

  44. The kids havent had many fights this summer and watch as i hit send i will end up eating my own words lol

  45. These are great tips. I have 3 kids so there are bound to be some disagreements. About once a day, I send them off for some alone time and that does seem to help them get along better.

  46. These are great. I’m especially going to try the getalong shirt. Love it.

  47. Great tips. I went through this with my 3 girls and those days are long but very survivable. In fact when they outgrow it you sort of miss it.

  48. Sounds like some great idea -I hadn’t actually heard of the getalong tshirt before 🙂 x

  49. My son doesn’t have a sibling yet, but these will be great for future use! I know rewards helped a ton when I was little!

  50. Great tips! We don’t deal with sibling fights often (not major ones at at least), but summer boredom definitely causes it more often.

  51. Bwahaha! That “get along” shirt sounds more fun for the parents than punishment for the kids 😛 I really like the ideas to promote family time but allow for times of separate activities. Seems like your boys really enjoyed posing for the photo for this post 🙂

  52. Every time I see that shirt, I laugh. I think my boys would see it as an excuse to wrestle each other! We try to have some separate activities- too much togetherness and mine will get on each other’s nerves.

  53. Great tips, as usual. My kids clashed a lot when they were younger. I wish I had known about the get-along shirt back then.

  54. I’ll bet the getalong shirt would totally have them laughing in no time! 🙂 Of course, modeling the behavior as adults is obviously the way to go too!

  55. I really needed this post today. I’m a teacher so their summer is mine, too….and it’s starting to wear on me!

  56. Great tips!!! I can only imagine how tired of hearing siblings fight can get to be!!!

  57. Love the get along shirt idea, wonder if it actually works! And family together time is always a great time.

  58. my kids get along most of the time – maybe because they’re boy/girl not sure

    but good tips to keep in mind 🙂

  59. Get along shirt is fantastic. Those are great ideas!

  60. Great ideas! Can you write one for adult siblings?

  61. I’ve seen the getalong t-shirts online too and find them so cute! Haven’t seen them in stores here though I think you can just get a giant t-shirt and make your own haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  62. Mine have been surprisingly good to each other this summer. I guess that it helps that the little one has been spending more time at her friends house, so she hasn’t been home to piss off the big one very much.

  63. I’ve never heard of a getalong shirt. I’ll need to keep this in mind!

  64. Preach it sister! These are excellent tips. I have never had a summer like this where the girls argue soooooooooo much. I realize thought that I can do better with Dad. I nitpick and argue a bit too. That’s the wrong tone for them. I think I have heard of the get along shirt and never ever used it but this is genius!

  65. I’m a big fan of sticking the offending parties in a room together and closing the door. If I good have a big rumble cage… perfect. If it’s really bad — everyone goes to their rooms – even if you are not a guilty party. We all play nice together, or we don’t play at all.
    except mom. because one day I am going to win that darn 2048 game.

  66. Fights?! YOUR boys?! Never! I can’t believe it! 🙂

  67. These are great tips! My kids are still tiny so we are just starting the fighting stage, I will use these!

  68. I am pretty fortunate in this regard. My two boys don’t fight.

  69. Great tips! These boys are five years a part so it can be a battle!

  70. Very useful tips. Or send one to each set of grandparents. Lol. My kids are 5 years apart in age and the older thinks she is the boss of the younger. Oy vey!

  71. I will have to remember these tips when we have a second child! I’ve heard great things about the “Getalong” shirt as well!

  72. This post comes at a perfect time for me because my boys are driving me crazy with their bickering. I know it is normal but, boy is it annoying!

  73. Nice tips. My boys are 4 years apart with the youngest being under 2. It is so hard when the oldest is always pushing or kicking the youngest and the toddler just really wants to be next to his brother. I am forever dealing with their fighting or craziness.

  74. Lol!! The get a long shirt is too funny!! I need them in various sizes around here!!

  75. Great suggestions! My mom always had trouble keep my sisters and I from fighting over summer and some of these ideas would have come in handy.

  76. Your kiddos are SO cute! This was a helpful post.

  77. These all sound good! Helpful post for parents of multiples!

  78. I love the get along shirt! Can’t wait to use this on my kids!

  79. I don’t have any children, but when and if I do, I am definitely getting the ‘get along’ T-Shirt. Love that idea!! 🙂

  80. Separate activities helps with my two. They are teenagers and still act like dorks.

  81. Great tips! I love the get along shirt! My mom used to tell my sister and I we could never speak to each other ever again when we got into arguments then she’d put us in a time out in two different chairs in the same room. The thought of not being able to speak to my sister again made me sad we lasted all of 5 minutes then told my mom we made up LOL!

  82. My teens do not get along. It sure makes it tough when they call each other names etc non stop. Your tips are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  83. I’d give anything to see my niece and nephew in a get along t-shirt. he he he

  84. The get along shirt cracks me up. I’ve seen friends post pics of their kids wearing them on facebook.

  85. I have heard of the get-along t-shirt. I think it’s a hoot! That’s a funny picture, but they look happy/playful, not mad at each other. 😉

  86. LOL I so need the shirt for the boys. Some days I may loose it!

  87. These are great tips Robin! Elise is an only child at the moment but these will work for when she’s battling it out with her cousins too.

  88. I’ve seen the getalong shirt on Pinterest and it’s great! My sister-in-law has tried it with my niece and nephew and it actually works.

  89. I was hoping to see your son’s special face that I love! How could you punish that?

  90. The sibling battles can be epic! These are great tips. I’ll be borrowing a few, for sure. Gotta keep the peace!

  91. Great tips! When mine start to fight a lot we find fun things for them to do sperately or an activity they can work together on.

  92. I love the “getalong” shirt! It’s almost hilarious but definitely sounds like it would work.

  93. These are some awesome tips! I love the idea about the shirts– now if I could find a shirt big enough for all 4 of my kids!

  94. Those are some great suggestions. It seems like what works with one child doesn’t work with my others, so I’m always open to new ideas. 🙂

  95. I am so happy I only have one child at this time in my life! I am not sure how I could balance two on top of tantrums and quarrels. I have so much respect for parents with two or more kiddos!

  96. Fortunately my kids do not fight much, but they play wrestle a lot. We have a rule that if one gets hurt, the other has to make him feel better. Unless there’s blood they have to leave us out of it!

  97. Where you in my house today? Affirmations are a great way to prevent sibling fighting, along with the other great tactics. I have been practicing affirmations with my kids. I have them repeat positive speak about themselves after me, and then practice them. That includes statements about what it means to be a sibling. Since there are only 3 of them and the eldest is grown, it works well. Possibly if I had more children it might not work as well. Of course, I use a lot of other tactics too, like making them hold hands and stand in the middle of the room until they figure it out.

  98. This was a great post, as a new mom I found this post beneficial. I know forsure I’ll be putting some of these tips to use.

  99. My sister and I didn’t start to get along till around the age of 13. We became inseparable when my father passed away. I think if we had a “GetAlong” shirt when we were little we would have gotten closer sooner lol

  100. Thinking about issues like these make me happy that there are 11 years between my kids. Not much fighting with such an age difference between them.

  101. Mine are just starting to get to the bickering age, and I can’t stand it! I find that keeping them busy and directed is the best bet for us.

  102. Mine have been pretty good this summer. We only have 2 weeks until school starts!

  103. I should try the getalong shirt. Knowing my girls they would just stat a tickle fight. LOL

  104. LOL at the Get Along shirt. I don’t think my girls would survive that. These are great tips.

  105. I have threatened my kids with that shirt before LOL. Haven’t actually done it, but I’m close.

  106. I can’t picture my kids wearing that get along shirt but might actually not be a bad idea. I usually take away game time until they get right. 🙂

  107. This topic is a hot one in our house right now! Our 8 & 10 year old bicker so much! Love the tips and ideas. We do a lot of family time and try to have planned activities and those times seem to be the best. We don’t have a get long shirt but we have made them hold hands to the mailbox and back or when walking someplace if they start bickering! lol they are NOT fans of that!

  108. We made up a new chore chart and one item is “No yelling” – like at siblings! And one is “no touching” – like hitting siblings! At the end of each day they either get the magnet or not and how many they have at the end of the week determines how much money they earn for an allowance.

  109. The Getalong t-shirt is way too funny, but such a good idea! I guess siblings would have no choice but to get along. 🙂