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It’s that time of  year again, folks.  Two words: spring cleaning.  None of us love it, but it’s a necessary evil.  And, honestly, don’t you feel good when you’re little piece of the world is all spic & span?  I know I do, even though it usually only lasts for a couple of days (if that).

Off topic a little bit for a second, but a few weeks back I got a Droid.  I’ve always been an Apple girl, so I have been spending the last few weeks getting acquainted with my new phone.  A few weeks ago, I was sitting on my couch playing around with my new phone, a dust bunny rolled by.  Eventually I got up to pick the big old dust bunny up and throw it away, but before I did,  I thought to myself, “I need to make this phone work for me.”  And I did.

I decided to go into Google Play and search for apps that were going to make my life easier and help me get my house in tip top shape. I narrowed it down to seven of them, actually.  Here they are (in no particular order).

1. Spring Cleaning Checklist

This is a free app that has spring cleaning checklists for every room in your house.

Spring Cleaning Checklist App

This app literally covers everything in your house. I mean right down to cleaning your blinds and wiping down windowsills.

2. Flashlight

You never know when this handy dandy app is going to be helpful when you’re cleaning.  I used it to see what was under my bed (eek!) and for the closets in my house that don’t have lights in them.

There are quite a few different flashlight apps, but I downloaded the CM (Cheetah Mobile) Flashlight app for several reasons.  It’s free, the flashlight loads fast and it’s super bright.  Not only that, it uses very little power, so it won’t completely drain your battery.

CM Flashlight (Compass, SOS)

This app also has features like an SOS button if you’re out & find yourself in a dangerous situation and it also comes with a compass.

3.  Cleaning Tips & Tricks

This app has lots of cleaning hacks including how to remove stuck-on gum and various other stains.

cleaning-tips-tricks app

It’s mostly pictures & the font is a little bit small, but I found it to be pretty helpful.

4.  Clutter Rescue

Everything you need to help you get organized and get rid of clutter!  Seriously.

Clutter Rescue App

This app has expert organisation advice, podcasts and videos that will help you solve the organizing challenges you have in your home. Not only that, they will help you figure out how to balance work and home and raise a family at the same time. Score.

5.  How To Organize Your Closet

How To Organize Your Closet app

Once the rest of the house is clean, it’s time to organize your closets.  This app has tips and advice on how to make that happen.  No, I haven’t actually done it in my own house yet, but it’s on my list of things to procrastinate about…, I mean my to-do list.

6.  Pandora® Radio

You need music while you clean, right?

Pandora® Radio App Android

Pandora is free and really easy to use. You can get your own personalized music station by simply entering the name of your favorite artists, songs or genres and Pandora will do the rest. Your music station will play only music you’ll love.  And did I mention that it’s FREE?

7.  Craigslist

Ok, so your house is clean and you’ve eliminated some clutter – not what?

CityShop - App for Craigslist

If you’re like me, you have all the stuff you want to get rid of piled up on your dining room table, buuuuutttttt you could easily sell your stuff  on Craigslist.  Obviously, common sense applies when buying and selling goods on a site like this, so please do be careful.

All of these apps are available for your Android right on Google Play.

Do you have a favorite cleaning or organizing app?

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  119 Responses to “7 Apps That Help Make Spring Cleaning a Little Easier #VZBoston #VZWBuzz #ad”

  1. I love to listen to Pandora when I clean. It keeps me going. Lots of interesting apps here that I plan on checking out!

  2. Great list of apps. A few I knew and a few I will adding 😉

  3. My husband just said he works with a guy who has used his flashlight app when the lights went out. He said it was cool. 🙂 This was my first to hear of it.

  4. Total spring cleaning mode here (I just washed the walls) , and love these apps! I’m also a Apple fan and love my new droid, too!

  5. Wow, I never thought of looking for apps to help with spring cleaning! Great idea! I mean, I use my phone for everything else, why not the cleaning? 🙂

  6. What a great idea to use technology to help you with Spring cleaning. I love getting rid of stuff we don’t need so I really love this time of year.


  7. Clutter Rescue! It has my name all over it, especially this month. Great roundup!

  8. I live in the south, so I especially love the idea of a flashlight app for spring cleaning. No surprise spiders, please!

  9. I love the Cleaning Tips and Tricks app. I’m always scouring the internet for easy ways to get off tough, grody messes. Thanks so much!

  10. I love these apps, especially the spring cleaning checklist.

  11. Those are some great apps that I would have never known existed! I have to try that spring cleaning checklist.

  12. These sound like some wonderful apps. Love the sound of the cleaning tips and tricks and the clutter rescue. Glad to hear they are available for android. Will have to look into them. Thanks

  13. I use that Flashlight app every single day. I’m constantly dropping my ear buds, chapstick, or something else onto the floor in the night. I use that rather than turn on the big light.

  14. Genius!!! I totally need these in my life. Thanks!

  15. We love the Craigslist app! We’ve used it when we have garage sales to list some of the bigger items and it was really handy. And spring cleaning is always better with good music 🙂

  16. I didn’t even think of using apps to help with cleaning! Genius!

  17. I actually love spring cleaning. There’s something about it that always leaves me in a good mood

  18. I love Spring Cleaning! Something about it just brings me joy. I need go download the Pandora app I think. I have No much on my new phone that I’ve had since November now and I need some good tunes go rock out to while throwing junk away!

  19. I guess there is an app for everything. sounds like some good ones..Thanks for sharing – I think my daughter likes that Pandora one and the flashlight one too 🙂

  20. I love making lists like this for myself! Especially with cleaning because one can get SO overhwlemed when you have a big to-do list. So much easier to break it down.

    Also uh, woah. Had no idea a lemon could clean the shower taps so easily. I’m going to try it out. I usually use “bar keepers friend” powder.

    & I definitely crank the music when I clean (usually listen to!)

    • I have to admit that I have a bottle of that Barkeeper’s Friend under my sink, but never knew what I was supposed to clean with it. It may have been here before we moved in.

  21. I’ve already got the bedding done. I need to wash the drapes, and clean closets. First I have to work on refinishing the steps. Oh and the garden. My list keeps growing!

  22. I couldn’t make it through life without my music! Pandora makes hearing new stuff and the old stuff together so easy! I know why you recommended it!

  23. Wow, I had no idea you can use lemon to make things sparkle. I have to try it.

  24. I didn’t know about any of these. Thank you for the roundup!

  25. Oooo I need to check my iPhone to see if there are similar apps!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  26. excellent ideas! I love the flashlight and pandora apps. Will have to try out the others.

  27. I definitely need music when spring cleaning! It makes me feel more energized to clean…

  28. I don’t have an app like that but it does seem kinda fun to try out. Normally, I put some music on then go to town with cleaning. Music gives me motivation to say the least.

  29. I love the app to track what to clean… and the one for tips! So many times I have that one stain I can’t remove!

  30. These are nice apps , I might use few of these. Thanks for sharing .

  31. These all sound like great apps. I have the flashlight app and I use it to find stuff under the couch. For some reason my couch likes to eat stuff.

  32. The only ones I think I have downloaded are pandora and craigslist. Flashlight would come in handy too I suppose. The others tho I just look on pinterest. 🙂

  33. I need all of these apps to help me clean and also a mobile housekeeper to do the work for me. I never seem to have enough time to keep up with chores.

  34. Pandora is my favorite app. I use it every day when I clean the house!

  35. I will look into these apps. I need it especially for cleaning tips.

  36. I try to make sure I have a plan. My spring cleaning projects are going to start with cleaning out the linen closet. It’s chaos. I will love listening to music on Pandora as I wade through junk!

  37. I didn’t know about the other apps.. I need Pandora while cleaning or even blogging :0) I’ve to check out the other apps. They sound quite interesting.

  38. Since I don’t have an smart phone or tablet, I don’t have any apps. And the only thing that helps me with spring cleaning is great music.

  39. Totally gonna download the flashlight app. I don’t know how many times I try to use my phone screen as a flashlight and it just doesn’t cut it.

  40. I need these! It is time for some major spring cleaning in my house!

  41. I never thought that there could be an app for cleaning! This is great! I will check these out!

  42. That’s sounds great, I’ve never used it before very interesting app.

  43. I surprisingly have like four of the apps on this list already installed on my phone. I think I’ll be downloading the spring check list one though, the one I found doesn’t look nearly as good as this.

  44. Now if they could only make an app that would actually do the cleaning and organizing for you. I would buy any phone or app for sure if they could figure that out.

  45. I might have to download that Spring Cleaning list app! That would be perfect for me. Especially since I plan on throwing a Spring time party and going through ALL of my wardrobe.

  46. Is that YOUR closet? YOU GO GIRL if it is!!! I love my flashlight app! Helps me see into those handbags that have a dark lining! I hate spring cleaning with a passion so I am all for finding ways to make it suck less!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  47. This may sound weird, but I love to spring clean! Some great info here!!

  48. LOVE IT! I am in nesting mode myself. I could really use that clutter one for sure. Is that YOUR closet??? AMAZING!

  49. this is really neat! I would love to check this app out!

  50. I did not know that craigslist had an app! I love the spring cleaning checklist too. These are great ones!

  51. It’s amazing how much apps have affected our lives. There are definitely a few I rely on and it’s interesting to see the variety of apps out there.

  52. That is so cool! I didn’t know they had apps for that. I’m such a clean freak that my Spring cleaning has already been done. =) Next time I’m going to use these apps.

  53. I just got a Droid a few weeks ago, too! I will definitely have to download these apps!

  54. Is there an app that will actually send someone to your home and clean for you? LOL Thanks for the list!

  55. Spring cleaning? Ha, ha, ha. You’ve got to be kidding me! However, I do find flashlight apps super helpful in figuring out if the dog has a tick, splinter or cut. Or finding my way around the house in the middle of the night.

  56. Thanks so much for these tips! I will make full use of a flashlight app. I recently moved to Florida, home of BUGS!

  57. What a great list of apps! All the parents at my daughters 2×2 class all took a spring cleaning challenge this week and I’m suppose to de clutter my kitchen…. Maybe one of these apps will help me with that task!

  58. There are apps for just about everything. Even meditation!

  59. These are awesome apps. I have always planned to make a spring cleaning check list. That app would help.

  60. OMGosh. I am seriously trying to motivate myself to spring clean right now! LOL These are all fantastic tips!

  61. Welcome to the world of Android! LOL It looks like you have already found some pretty cool apps.

  62. Hehe, never thought of using apps for spring cleaning, but now that I think about it, I had a book app that helped me clean out my extensive library of books. I now mainly use it to ensure that I do not double purchase books!

  63. I use the flashlight app all the time. It helps me not only clean, but find lost items. Thanks for the great list.

  64. What a great post. I can totally use help cleaning the house like this! I love that you added craigslist too. Thanks for this.

  65. Can I press the button and have a maid service pop out of the tablet and clean the house? That’s the app I need. LOL

  66. I think you were reading my mind on the spring cleaning app. I actually have a few of them on my android phone. I have been cleaning up like a mad women making my family nuts that’s partly why I have not been online as much we had the nasty flu around here both Bella and I the guys didn’t get sick at all but we both did and I have been spraying and wiping down everything. I did the bathroom the other day and I think I got high off toilet bowl cleaner lol I find the apps that have detailed cleaning list helpful because I have Adhd and I need to see a list so I can check off what I have done one thing after the next and see what I have accomplished.

  67. I use the flashlight and Pandora app. They’re nice to have! I love listening to music while I’m cleaning. I didn’t know they had a spring cleaning app. I’m going to have to check that one out.

  68. those are awesome apps. My favorite app for cleaning is iHeart Radio I turn it up and get to cleaning.

  69. I love that you went in a logical order for the apps. I would love to check out the hacks app. That looked cool!

  70. Cleaning Apps! Thats interesting. They need to make an App to do the actual work for you …lol

  71. These look like great resources and it does not get much easier than informational apps. I could especially use the one that shares cleaning hacks!

  72. I just showed this to my hubby. He says that I *need* a cleaning app. lol.

  73. I have a few apps that I just can’t live without. I would love to get that one on tips and tricks though.

  74. I like your Craigslist tip…get some money for all that effort.

  75. Pandora radio is a must when I’m cleaning! I can’t clean without some upbeat music.

  76. Lol, Pandora and Craiglist are definitely my favorites for Spring cleaning!

  77. I am loving that Cleaning Tips & Tricks app! Love fun hacks that make cleaning big messes easier.

  78. I think I need the spring cleaning app check list!! They make an app for everything it seems!! Great list!

  79. I could definitely use the app with the check list! Spring cleaning can be so chaotic!

  80. I try my best to avoid any and all cleaning organizing. So I don’t have a favorite app in that category. :p

  81. What a great list! Can you find an app that will actually do the cleaning for me?

  82. That looks like a great app! Definitely one I SO need!

  83. I had no idea there was such thing for cleaning! These are great. Going to check these out.

  84. i need help with clutter bad! i’ll have to check that app out!

  85. I never even thought to look for apps to help me clean and organize. I know what I am doing tonight! These are great!

  86. Cleaning Apps? I need these in my life right now.

  87. I totally blast Pandora when I clean! I have a cleaning station that I just love!

  88. Those are awesome apps and I could think of lots of uses for the Flashlight! I gotta get the Spring Cleaning Checklist though!

  89. OMG is it really spring cleaning time again? 🙁 Great tips though …

  90. Cool apps that are sure to cut down on wasted time when cleaning.

  91. I never, ever thought of using apps for spring cleaning! Love your list and ideas. I have Verizon and a smartphone, heading off to check out the first app you mentioned. I am in the Spring cleaning mood!

  92. The Pandora Radio sounds good. Taking and listening to music on the go!

  93. Love listening to music while I clean!! I love listening to Spotify!

  94. I actually have some of those apps! They are so helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  95. I have begun our Spring Cleaning, and didn’t even think about having an app for that! Thanks for the list

  96. These apps all look PERFECT!!! Way to get the job done.

  97. We did a ton of cleaning just before Christmas because we made a major move. I am so glad I can skip over Spring cleaning this year.

  98. I no longer have an Android, but I’ll be checking the Apple store to see if some of these apps are available. I have already started my spring cleaning, but it doesn’t hurt to have something like these apps to give me an extra push.

  99. Spring cleaning is an awesome app idea. I need a way to keep a checklist!

  100. Lol…I had this vision of a dust bunny rolling by, like tumbleweed in the desert, when I was reading your post. I love that lemon tip featured for Cleaning Tips & Tricks. Very cool.

  101. These are really great list of apps! I love listening music while I do some cleaning works at home. Will have to check this apps for sure. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  102. The cleaning hacks app is something that everyone can use. Bobbi is always looking on the net to find things like that.

  103. oh my…spring cleaning indeed…love all those apps…I’m gonna need them 🙂

  104. I had no idea about the apps but if you saw my house, that wouldnt surprise you! HA!! Need to clean!!!

  105. I seriously need to download this app. I am very disorganized when it comes to cleaning and I really need some help. I can not wait to open my windows and start cleaning! It is still so cold 🙁

  106. A few of these seem very helpful to me. What I really need though is an app that will DO the spring cleaning. 🙂

  107. I need that Cleaning Tips & Tricks app. I know there’s got to be an easier way to do things!

  108. I need that spring cleaning checklist in my life! So handy!

  109. I have used the iPhone for four years and I have just changed into an Android user this year. The flashlight on my phone is built-in (Xiaomi) but that app is very useful not only for spring cleaning but also in a lot of situations like a trail run.

  110. I’m OCD so I don’t need an app to clean over-organize my house – and my closet is already color coded. But I love listening to music on Pandora while I clean!

  111. I love apps, and any apps that can help me get organized and keep my place clean are the apps to have.

  112. These are great tips! I feel like I just have so many little projects I want to do around the house. But never end of doing them until it’s time for people to come over. lol

  113. The spring cleaning checklist is awesome! I hate when I discover some weird place in my home I haven’t cleaned in ages.

  114. I have some of these apps. However, I am going to be sure to download the ones that I dont have.