Jul 182014
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7 Tips for Beating the Summer Heat

When the weather gets warm, everyone wants to be outside. Whether you are outside for your job or for fun, you may want to learn a few tips on how you can help beat the summer heat.

1. Wear clothes that are light colored and made of light fabrics. Dark colors absorb heat. Just by wearing darker colors, you could be raising your temperature several degrees before you even begin any activity. Choose lightweight fabrics that can breathe. Cotton is a great choice, as are synthetic breathable items like fitness wear that wick moisture away from the body.

2. Stay Protected from the Sun – Wearing sunscreen should be a part of your daily routine but during summer months when the sun is even closer, it’s a must. Sunscreen will protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays. A waterproof formula with at least an SPF 30 should keep you protected whether you’re on land or in the water.

3. Plan activities accordingly. – Try to avoid going outside when the sun is at it’s highest point. Instead plan to enjoy the outdoors in the early morning, later afternoon, or in the evening once the sun has gone down.

4. Drink, drink, drink – If you’re thirsty, you’re already getting dehydrated. When the weather is warm you should always have water close at hand. The less fluid you have the higher your risk for contracting a heat-related illness. Not only is this unpleasant it can be deadly.

5. Use your air conditioning– One myth people believe is that running the air conditioning in a car uses up a lot of gas. In reality, having the windows down for ventilation creates a drag that causes your car to use more gas than if the windows were up. An added bonus – the air from the air conditioner is actually cold instead of a warm breeze from the windows.

6. Cool Down – When you come in from an outdoor activity, take a shower or a dip in the bath using cold to tepid water. It can help quickly lower your body temperature, and be a welcome relief when you have been working hard outside.

7. Eating – Who wants a heavy stomach when the temperatures are high? No one! Stick to nutrient dense, light foods like sandwiches, fruits, and vegetables. Decrease your salt intake and avoid sugars. This is good advice for any time of year but especially during summer.

What other ways do you cool down in summer?

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  101 Responses to “7 Tips for Beating the Summer Heat”

  1. These are great tips! We’re headed to the beach tomorrow, so this post is very timely.

  2. I rather have it hot and sunny of 95 then cold and snowy of 20

  3. Great tips and totally love the summer and all that comes with it though 🙂

  4. We haven’t had much of a summer here in Pennsylvania. I am still waiting for it. When it comes… I will be sure to especially stay protected from the sun.

  5. Great tips…this year I am remembering to always bring water! I sure wish it would warm up a bit in Wisconsin..this has been a cool summer.

  6. All of these are tips we used on our recent beach trip. I have bottles of sunscreen everywhere possible (every bag, in my car, purse, wherever I may need it and might not have access to one of the other many bags.) And water bottles. I keep those on hand so we can always grab water.

  7. I do drink a lot during the summer well and winter too and I definitely try and stay indoors under the air conditioning as much as I can.

  8. These are really great tips. I tend to fail at the last one. I love Sweet Tea and the sugar in the heat is so bad for you 🙁 I need to mend my ways. I do however love lime infused water so I should switch. My other way to avoid is just not go out in it. The sun and heat are awful here on the mountain.

  9. These are great tips. Staying hydrated is so important!

  10. My husband is all about the AC. He freezes me out some years! This year I’m learning to embrace it and turning it off when needed.

  11. It helped when we were on our trip to drink, drink, drink.

  12. Great tips, we just got AC in our home, it’s working great. Though I miss having the windows open all the time!

  13. I love summer, but hate the humidity. I agree with your great tips. Def. drink tons of water, enjoy some refreshing fruits and hide from your family in the room with ac!

  14. It is so important to stay hydrated. I run almost daily and on the days where it is hot, I double up on the water I take with me. AC is also good – I used to hear that myth of the windows down all the time – crazy people!

  15. I never thought about the fact that having your windows open in the car causes a drag. Great tips!

  16. I bring water with me everywhere and I still never feel like I drink enough.

  17. These are great tips,We always have plenty of water on hand and eat little and often rather than being really full which feels worse when it is hot.Over here we do not always have nice weather but the last couple of months has been really nice.

  18. I agree and except for the sunscreen (I have yet to find one I am not allergic to) I do all the above! Even while sitting at my computer in my bedroom with a large fan blowing on me I drink LOTS of water–over 60 ounces a day! I did dehydrate once it is not pleasant to say the least.

  19. These are awesome tips. It’s so hot here in FL and sunny the majority of the time. It’s hard to beat the heat but easy to protect ourselves from it!

  20. Great tips—staying hydrated is key, especially in Texas!

  21. I like those little misting fans they make. I agree about the water. It’s so important to drink up before you even feel the need for it.

  22. Drinking is so very important.. i know when we all get dehydrated we really can tell.

  23. We like to splash in the backyard. We are lucky to have afternoon sun on the patio!

  24. I was one of those who believed the a/c myth for the car.

    My son has a water bottle that mists you, we take that to amusement parks and it works out great. 🙂

  25. These are great tips! It gets really hot where I live and these are all things we live by!

  26. Great tips. I have to avoid salt during the summer otherwise I swell up like a balloon. It’s awful. I also double my water intake and I drink a lot of water on a normal day. The sun in Texas has been brutal this summer and although we are using sunscreen we keep getting a little pink.

  27. My husband is big about driving down the highway with the windows down. I hate it. Makes my ears hurt LOL well, I guess getting a jeep is out haha

  28. It is SO hot here in Florida we are either inside or when we are outside it has to involve water!

  29. .good tips – I have a been dehydrated sometimes this summer – I’ve got to drink more water!

  30. Great tips. My Hubby is super-against using AC so I will have to let him know how crazy he is… LOL

  31. These are such great tips. Summer months can be brutal and it is important to know how to stay cool!

  32. you made me do a double take of sorts: use your a/c. wait what? who turns it off? oh, yes, everyone who does not live in Florida lol. Really unheard off to turn it off in these parts.

    I have to keep reminding myself on keeping hydrated, thanks for that

  33. These are great tips. It’s so hard to stay cool when the sun is really beating down in the hot months.

  34. These are really great tips. I know I always make sure to take it easy on the heavy foods and increase my water intake in hot weather. Digestion promotes heat, and extra water helps regulate body temperature.

  35. We like those little misting fans in the summer, especially if we’re taking a trip to Florida.

    • Oh, and we also put ice water in those fans so the water is extra cold!

  36. It’s really important to increase water intake in hot weather. Not only will it keep you hydrated, it will help you keep your temperature regulated.

  37. Staying hydrated is SO important! And I am NOT scared to use my air conditioning LOL

  38. These are some great tips! I need to cut out soda and start drinking more water.

  39. LOOOOOVE my air conditioning! In Maine it wasn’t a big deal, but down in VA it is a necessity!

  40. I live in Florida and it is HOT!! These are fantastic tips!!

  41. Thank the Good Lord for air conditioning! I don’t know what I’d do without it.

  42. Great tips! Summer does bring a lot of problems with it, especially if you are extremely light-skinned. Thanks for sharing!

  43. We hang out in the shade as much as possible in AZ. Air conditioning is an absolute life saver, too!

  44. Great tips! Drinking water is SO important! I think that’s a big mistake most people make in ANY season!!!

  45. Great tips! Summer can be brutal here in NY somedays!

  46. Being from Trinidad, these tips can work for me year round. I have gotten accustomed to the Caribbean heat, but some days can really be unbearable. I drink lots of water and I’m always in light, loose clothing. And, yep…air condition is my best friend. 🙂

  47. Great tips, it sure has been hot hot hot here in Florida and drinking lots of water is what I always do, too.

  48. These are great tips. I am all about light meals when the weather is hot.

  49. Great tips. The summer has not been too bad here so far, but next week starts with the 90’s.

  50. OH this was posted at a great time. The family and I are going to the Indy Race tomorrow and it is suppose to be warm. I had picked out their outfits but just went and changed them to a lighter colour. Thanks for sharing:)

  51. These are really great tips. Some of them seem simple, but get overlooked often.

  52. Great tips! It has been unusually hot here in WA this year. I always seem to over look getting in enough water.

  53. Great tips! Especially #5 – My brother and his friend had no gas money and drove the whole way home from a beach trip with the windows open to save gas. They were hot and miserable and sweaty and could have just used the AC.

  54. Great tips. Living where I live it gets HOT. We have to plan outdoor activities for either in the morning or evening during the summer months.

  55. Great tips! I certainly do not drink enough in the summer and tend to get dehydrated. I am trying to drink more.

  56. I am so not a fan of summer heat! Great tips. And I could care less if the A/C did use more gas, I am most definitely utilizing the A/C to stay comfortable. lol

  57. I’m still waiting for the summer heat to get here. We actually put on jackets twice last week. I can’t remember ever wearing a jacket in July 🙁

  58. I have been trying hard to drink lots of water. It is a conscious effort for me. I stay indoors a lot when it gets super hot

  59. Remembering to eat is an important one. I always thought drinking was what was important and forgot to eat one super hot day. Boy did I regret that!

  60. If able to afford it, dri-fit items from Nike are so comfy as they wick away sweat quick! Definitely one of my faves for tank tops 🙂

  61. I’m going to just confess: I love the heat. If it was up to me, I’d just open the windows and never use the air conditioning. I prefer natural air. My favorite tip was to drink drink drink. I think we could all use this tip.

  62. Drinking fluids is so important any day of the year but especially when it is hot. I am not a fan of the heat. I like cool weather.

  63. OMG… it’s the humidity that is killing me! LOL I’m going back to the pool. Sunscreen of course 😉

  64. Water, water, water!! You’re no good without the water!

  65. In Texas heat is just part of the summer! Until this month – it’s amazing. However we spend lots of time in the water – it’s the only cheap entertainment to keep you cool!

  66. My kids do bubble baths when it’s too hot. I make sure they don’t play outside long or if they are outside they have to carry water to drink.

  67. These are some great tips. Some things I haven’t even thought about.

  68. Great tips! I fail at most especially #1 I always wear black or darker colors. I need go change that ASAP! thanks for the reminders!

  69. Love the tips, I keep finding myself complaining about the heat but I know the winter and snow is right around the corner which I hate so I need to stay cool and embrace the summer.

  70. I try to do outside activities in the morning when it is cooler. You have shared some great reminders for the summer heat.

  71. I definitely do my workout early in the morning or late at night now. Turn all lights off and keep them off if you can!

  72. I totally spaced and let my 5-year-old wear a black shirt the other day in 100 degree heat. She was MISERABLE! Great tips

  73. My little ones tend to get overheated very easily! I am pinning this to my Summer Lovin’ Pin Board!

  74. These are great tips. We live in Texas where it can get very warm!

  75. Great tips.. I stay cool by staying inside.. in the air condition lol

  76. These are all great tips! I take the summer weather over winter any day.

  77. Sun protection and plenty of water are so important. Good and smart tips.

  78. Great list for beating this summer heat. Definitely drink and hydrate fainting is real…and I like keeping cool by water!

  79. Great tips. Water is sooo important. I try to drink a glass each and every time I remember.

  80. Staying hydrated is so important! I feel so awful when I haven’t had water in awhile.

  81. This is a great list of tips! I especially like the tips to wearing light-colored clothes and drinking lots of water. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  82. The only other thing I do is go for drives in my air conditioned car since my house doesn’t have air conditioning. Hopefully it will cool down soon!

  83. It’s so important to stay hydrated. I know I have to stay on my kids to do that.

  84. I live in sunny, warm Florida. I stay cool by wearing short & tank tops and flip flops most of the year.

  85. Great tips! We’ve certainly been getting our fair share of heat here in California.

  86. I’ve been keeping a glass pitcher filled with ice water, lemon and lime slice and even added some cucumber slices for variety, in my counter lately. every time I walk by, I try to drink a glass of refreshing water. After only about an hour in my garden today – it was so sticky humid – I drank the whole pitcher!

  87. I definitely drink more h20 in the summer, I literally crave it.

  88. I love the summer but sometimes the heat and humidity in NY is unbearable. Good tips. Thanks!

  89. I was so relieved when I found out the windows down theory was a myth! The a/c is essential in beating the summer heat!

  90. Numbers 1, 2, and 4 are a definite must for me even though it’s harder for me to stick to #4. Thanks for sharing these tips! 🙂

  91. Hye!! These are some amazing tips for summer heat.. Thanks for sharing

  92. Great tips! I agree with planning, I always try to take the kids outside in the morning or later in the day. Between 12 and 4 we usually do indoor activities, in South Florida it is just to hot to even step outside.

  93. Yes, lots of fresh fruit and water! It is too hot out there right now!

  94. Oh, I am so quoting #5 to my hubby when he tells me using the air uses gas! lol

  95. What great tips – I do not deal with the summer heat at all, so have been hiding inside and hoping a breeze blows through lol x

  96. I love using this thing called a frogg togg to cool down – some of my moms group friends recommended it to us. It has helped us beat the heat!

  97. Thanks for the ideas! I love the summer, but not the heat!