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Super fun games for pre-teens

Summer is here and you might have heard your kids say already a time or two they are getting bored! If that is the case in your house, consider buying some new games for them! I have gathered some board games for tweens! These games are for that in-between age, and can be harder to find ways to keep them entertained with games! I have found some, and I think you all might enjoy them! These games are for girls and boys, and perfect for a family game night as well!

I am a fan of family game nights, as it allows you to connect and unwind from a busy week. Share some laughs and these games will be a great one to toss into your game rotation! I think your tween will thank you if you bring home a new game for them. Let them play the game with their siblings, or have some friends over and they can hang out and play games!

Beat Summer Boredom With These Board Games for Tweens

Peaceable Kingdom This or That– This is a quick thinking game for your tween to choose between this or that. Chocolate or Vanilla? Text or Call? It is a fun way for them to answer questions and if you play with them, learn more things about what they would prefer! This is great for ages 10 and up, and you can have 2-8 players!

Spontuneous – The Song Game– If your tween loves music, this could be a perfect game. You get a word given, and then you race to figure out a song containing that word. You can sing it, shout it or say it. Say the word is, “Romance”. Someone could yell Bad Romance, that is by Lady Gaga. For ages 8 and up and you can have 4-10 players!

Beat the Parents– If you love to be a challenge and want to see who wins, try this game! Adults will answer questions about kid stuff and the kids answer the questions about parents stuff. It is a fun way to see who knows more about the others generation! It is a lot of fun, and lots of question cards!

Solitaire Frenzy– If your family loves the card game solitaire, take it up a notch with this card game. You can have 6 people play to race to win the game. It has 6 decks of playing cards, that come with it. It is a fast paced game, that you are racing to beat others, and is so much fun!

Sequence Game– You play a card from your hand, place a chip on board, and when you have five in a row it is a sequence. You can block opponents and more, it takes strategy and luck to win! It is a fun game the whole family will enjoy.

Quiddler– The goal of the game is to arrange all the cards in your hand into one or more words. You draw cards with letters to create words. You want to create the highest score by creating the best words. It takes strategy and a little thinking to come up with the perfect words to win the game.

NEW Schmovie– This is a game to get you thinking and being creative. Whoever creates the best movie title off the two cards they flip, will win. Say you get an Action Film about Mutant Sandwich, you then think up a create title – Despicable Meat or Beauty and the Beef. It is a silly and fun game to get the family laughing!

5 Second Rule – The player picks a card, reads the easy topic, and sets the timer. You then have only 5 seconds to name 4 things that will fit the topic of the word on the card. It is a fun way to think fast and beat the timer! It might not be as easy as you think when you see that timer ticking!

What are your favorite board games to play with the kiddos?

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  59 Responses to “8 Best Board Games for Tweens”

  1. My kids are GAME nuts right now!!! They are spending time with their Grandma who just happens to own a Board Game Coffee Cafe, so playing games NONSTOP!!!!

  2. I always buy several board games for Christmas for the family. What a great list and review. I have never heard of several of these games. So, Thank you again reviewing them.


  3. These sound like fun games. I would love to play The Song Game with the family. Beat the Parents would be a blast too.

  4. I have so many games in my basement. I love game night but haven’t had one in ages. All of these games would be so much fun.

  5. These sound like really fun games. We love game night, but most of our games have either gotten to young for our kids or too old hat.

  6. My kids love to play board games. I know my daughter would love the Spontuneous – The Song Game.

  7. We have “5 Second Rule” and it’s a staple at our family parties! It’s definitely a lot of fun and it can be a real challenge coming up with answers!

  8. We have Quiddler and love it! We have play it a lot! We do game night at least once a week. It keeps us close together and having a lot of fun!

  9. My kiddos are still little, but I will have to keep these games in mind. The tween “I’m bored” years will be here before I know it!

  10. What a great list of board games. My daughter loves to play board games and there are many on this list that she has never played. Time to go board game shopping 🙂

  11. These are great games! We have a few of them at home but I’m going to check out the other ones.

  12. I love the game “This or That.” We start so many wonderful conversations in our family just from talking about our answers to some of the questions.

  13. We love 5 second rule in our house! We love our board game collection but I haven’t heard of some of these – they may be good for tweens but I reckon we’d like them too!

  14. We have several of these board games and the boys love playing them all. We also love Scrabble and it helps them with their spelling.

  15. We use to get at least one new board game ever year when the kids were growing up. Makes for great family time spent together. Betting these games would be fun to play.

  16. We love board games in our house! These are great selects!

  17. we LOVE games at our house – and yup I have an almost 12 year old…I need to keep him occupied – toys aren’t cutting it anymore. These games are awesome ideas I’m going to have to for sure buy Beat the Parents 😉

  18. I agree that sequence is a great game. We play it often with 2 people or a huge group. It never disappoints.

  19. My kids love Monopoly and Catan Jr. They are still little, and also love all the card games – Go Fish, WAR, Old Maid. My youngest is starting to enjoy Candy Land now…she is almost 3.

  20. These sound so fun! I’ve actually never heard of most of them, but we’ve been looking for some new board games now that our boys have gotten older. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I like the idea of the kids answering the adult questions and the adults answering the kid questions. I would have found that hysterical as a tween. And it’s fun to be on an equal playing ground with adults.

  22. FINALLY something for tweens! My littlest is 4 years old, but she has plenty of things to play with from her 3 older siblings. It’s my 12 YO and up-and-coming 10 YO that needs these sort of things to keep them occupied. Thanks!

  23. I teach middle school and I can imagine how the kids can be during the summer. It’s totally awesome to have boardgames lined up for them to try! This list is great!

  24. Beat the Parents is the only game we have played from this list. We love it. I will definitely have to buy a couple of these games for our house.

  25. If I could break my kiddo away from video games for 2 seconds, maybe we could play some of these. Lol! They sound like so much fun. Would love to try This or That or Solitaire Frenzy.

  26. I love these, haven’t tried any of them since my children are still young but will remember them as my son is getting to that age now. 🙂

  27. Games have changed since I was a kid. I love some of the new names especially five second rule. I will try to get one or two of these for my son who is so competitive.

  28. I have not heard of all of these board games for tweens and we love our board games! Going to have to stock up on a few for our house!

  29. these are all such great game ideas and will totally pass them on to friends with younger brothers and sisters. Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

  30. These all sound like fun games. I would like to play 5 Second Rule with my niece and nephew.

  31. My kidos aren’t tweens yet but we love board games. I’ll have to remember these!

  32. These look like great games for that age group. I hate hearing “i’m bored” from my kids

  33. My Mother In Law introduced us to Sequence a few years ago and even as adults, we have a GREAT time playing it!! Ive heard of Beat the Parents, but the rest are new to me. Thanks for the list!

  34. These sound like they would have been fun games when we used to have family game night every week. Five Second Rule sounds neat.

  35. I’ve never heard of any of these board games. Growing up I played board games all of the time. I’ve kind of failed my kids in that area. So this year I plan to buy them some, so they can get in on the fun like I did.

  36. We were a Scrabble family. I love board games and these are mostly new to me. I will have to check them out!

  37. These sound like a great list of games for kids especially tweens. My friend has a tween so I’ll share this with her.

  38. I definitely like the sound of Peaceable Kingdom This or That. Such a fun way to learn about my kiddos. I will look for it and start learning their preferences.

  39. What a fun and unique game! I’m pretty sure that my family will surely love this.

  40. We love board games! I believe I myself would enjoy some of those, especially That Song Game and This Or That.

  41. Ooh the 5 second rule looks like a lot of fun! Have you ever played the game of things? That one is a lot of fun too!

  42. I needed this. Mica also likes Chess too. I’ll have to check all these out.

  43. Spontuneous sounds like a fun game to play with the family. We love listening to music and I know this game is going to give someone a lot of bragging rights. 🙂

  44. These all look awesome! That 5 second rule looks so good, I bet my tweens would love pretty much all of these!

  45. I loved board games as a kid. I have slowly been buying them for my 3 and 5 year old. 5 second rule looks like a lot of fun.

  46. Oh boy, do I have some better suggestions for this list! 😉 We’re all about board games!

  47. I love 5 second rule! My niece got it for X-mas last year and we played it all day!

  48. 5 Second rule is a ton of fun. I would love to try Quiddler.

  49. Thanks for this list of awesome board games! I think I am interested to get Spontuneous and Beat the Parents. Although my kids are way past the tweens age, these board games would still guarantee a lot of fun during our weekend family nights.

  50. 5 second rules sounds so much fun. I got a few ideas now for my kids. Thanks!

  51. We love to have family game nights on every Friday night so I am pinning this list. It will come in handy once my boys are older.

  52. Great list of games! I know we would love Solitaire Frenzy! My kids and I love card games!

  53. All of these sound interesting. My daughter and I have played Beat the Parents, only the Disney version. But I have found lots of different games the teens like for all kinds of different reasons.

  54. Ooooo so many fun games!!!! Perfect way to keep the kiddos entertained when it’s raining and you’re stuck indoors

  55. You choose a lot of great games for this list! My husband and I like 5 Second Rule even though we are far off from being tweens, lol

  56. We have Quiddler and have had a lot of fun playing it. The Schmovie game sounds like a lot of fun: I’m going to check it out.

  57. We haven’t played any of these in our home yet! Our eight year old daughter loves family game night and we need to restock the game closet!

  58. 5 Second Rule sounds like a game I could really get into! I would love to add it to my family game night rotation!

  59. These sound like games that I would want to play! My kiddo is still a bit too young for this but man, I honestly would want to play them with my friends. I love games! I can’t wait till he’s older to play things like this!