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If you haven’t seen the hype of Instant Pots around the internet, you are missing out! This nifty kitchen gadget can help you simplify your time in the kitchen. Instead of having a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and saute pan, you can have an Instant Pot! This tool handles many tasks that other appliances do just in one simple cooking option. If you are ready to make the switch to an Instant Pot, here is what you need to know.

Instant Pot Starter Guide

Just what exactly is PSI conversion? One of the questions that pressure cookers users have about Instant Pots is how to convert recipes to your Instant Pot. Pressure cookers have specific recipe instructions, and it is possible to convert those to the Instant Pot. This is perfect for your family, especially if you have children in your home and you are worried about having a pressure cooker.

PSI conversion may sound difficult, but it is pretty simple. Just remember that the typical pressure cooker works at 15 PSI while the Instant Pot works at 11. What does that mean for you? Converting the recipes will result in a longer cook time in the Instant Pot. Cook them for just a few extra minutes longer if the recipe is meatless.

Prepare yourself for longer cook times than what a recipe advertises. You might see “thirty minute recipes” for the Instant Pot, but some of them don’t take into account the time it takes for the Instant Pot to get ready! Cooking time may vary from what the recipe actually states, but the Instant Pot is STILL a quicker way to serve meals to your family.

Can I cook multiple foods at once? Yes, you can! You can cook meats, stews, rice, soups, and of course, saute vegetables in the Instant Pot. It can transform your dinnertime into a true one pot solution. Depending on the ingredients, you won’t have to clean between uses either. For example, start off by sauteing vegetables, add meat, then add rice or pasta for the final cooking. There is a setting for EVERYTHING so you don’t have to worry about timing every step.

What if I like to make freezer meals? Freezer cooking IS possible. There are a lot of home chefs who create freezer meals to cut down on grocery bills and make cooking easier. If you want to start making freezer meals or already create them, you will need to convert them from a slow cooker or pressure cooker to the Instant Pot. This can be an easy adjustment. Simply freeze ingredients SEPARATELY instead of pre-mixed like you would for a slow cooker. Freeze, meat, sauce, and vegetables in separate bags.

The Instant Pot is a robust appliance that can replace many of your kitchen gadgets. If you’re into meal planning or want to start, this could be the beginning of a new you! Once you understand the settings and capacity of your Instant Pot, there are few meals that are off limits. Instant Pots are a true multi-purpose option for your kitchen, and it can help simplify your everyday life.


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