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My boys are only three years apart in age, but at the particular ages they’re at right now, they seem to have a lot of trouble agreeing on things they like to do. My oldest is a few weeks shy of his 11th birthday and he’s got a major case of the tweens going on.  No matter what I suggest, it’s not cool.  Even things that are very cool, he always finds something to complain about.  My little guy on the other hand, who is just shy of his 8th birthday, is still a little kid and much more agreeable to pretty much anything I suggest doing. Thankfully there is one thing that they both still agree on – the zoo.

Stone Zoo

**Disclosure: My family and I received complimentary admission to the zoo in order to facilitate this post.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

My family and I recently had a chance to visit the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, MA for the very first time recently and I have to say that I was really impressed.  I’ve been to my share of zoos over the years and unlike its larger sister zoo, the Franklin Park Zoo, the Stone Zoo is much more low-key and smaller in size, making it a great place to visit with little ones. The day we were there it was not very crowded and it’s not too far from where we live, so I’m over here scratching my head about why we’ve never gone there before.

The day we were, we got a chance to watch the American alligators get a little snack at the seasonal American alligator exhibit (YUCK!!).

Stone Zoo gator feding

The boys were also excited to have an encounter with one of the young gators, too!  They each got a chance to pet it before I got there with my camera.

Stone Zoo baby gator

Another thing we really enjoyed was watching the black bear brothers, Smoky and Bubba.  One of the zoo keepers was there and fed them some blueberries so that they would come up nice and close to the window – and that’s exactly what they did.  It was very cool to be that close to the bears.

Stone Zoo Bear

We also spent a little time watching the amazing agility of the white-cheeked gibbons, Kien, Iggy, and Paddy, as they swung and climbed around.  They are so cute.  The boys are fans of big cats, so they loved seeing the spotted snow leopards, Harry and Kira, Chessie the jaguar and Blue the cougar! It was pretty hot the day we were there, so they were all sleeping (I don’t blame them), but we still got a chance to see them all up close.

Stone Zoo animals

Our family has been to some pretty big zoos (San Diego and the National Zoo in DC) and quite frankly, they are a bit overwhelming for younger kids. I think the Stone Zoo has just the right amount of animals and exhibits.

In addition to all the animals at the zoo, they have a nice playground area, a petting zoo,  a Reindeer Encounter and you can watch Alligator Training, Gibbon Training and Cougar Training if you’re there at the right time.  Plus, the zoo has an awesome show called Masters of Flight – Birds of Prey.  It’s a great show and it’s included in your admission price.  I would get there a few minutes early, though, because the amphitheater fills up fast.

My two got a big kick out of the reindeer:

Stone Zoo reindeer

When you get hungry, The Safari Grill offers a selection of wraps, sandwiches, burgers, fries, and many other kid-friendly foods – or you can bring your own lunch and have a picnic at one of their picnic tables.

Oh, and did I mention the rides?  There are two rides at the zoo:  the Monkey Mayhem Barrel Ride and the Children’s Train  Each ride costs $3 per person.

The Stone Zoo is open year-round! Parking at the zoo is free and easy.

Summer Hours:
(April 1 – September 30)
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. weekdays
10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. weekends and major holidays

Stone Zoo Ticket Price:
Adult: $15.95
Senior (62+): $13.95
Child (ages 2-12): $11.95
Children under 2: Free

Zoo New England, home to Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo and Stoneham’s Stone Zoo, is excited to kick off the season of the #zoofie. While you’re at either zoo, be sure to snap a selfie while you’re at the Zoo and share it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the designated hashtag #zoofie!

Their handles are @zoonewengland on Twitter and Instagram, and /stonezoo and /franklinparkzoo for Facebook.

The Stone Zoo is located at 149 Pond Street in Stoneham, MA!

So tell me, what’s your favorite animal at the zoo?

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  131 Responses to “A Day at the Stone Zoo in Stoneham #Zoofie”

  1. Oh god, I am so not looking forward to the teen years here, but nice to know that the zoo might still work when we head in that direction 😉

  2. Going to the zoo is such a wonderful learning experience for kids. They are exposed to so many exciting facts about wild animals and their habitats.

  3. Looks like your boys has a great experience. I always love taking my daughter to the zoo.

  4. The zoo is great for almost all ages, but I don’t know if my six and three year old would do well with seeing an actual alligator feeding. I’m sure there would be some nightmares. But you never know what you’ll see each time you visit.

  5. That reindeer is awesome! The alligator eating? Ew, that kind of grossed me out!

  6. Cool pictures. My boys love going to the zoo. They especially like the train ride.

  7. Gross! My kids would love the alligator eating the rat! Looks like a great zoo.

  8. What was the alligator eating??? I’d be freaked out to see that too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  9. We LOVE the zoo! We always make sure to go to a new one when we are on vacation!

  10. I don’t know if I am disgusted or fascinated with the alligator eating his snack. Great shot!

  11. We haven’t been to a zoo in years. I have found that smaller zoos are often just as nice as the large ones without the crowds or tons of walking between exhibits.

    • I agree. We have a little zoo just minutes away that features monkeys. The kids don’t want to go there every time we visit a zoo, but they love watching the animated monkeys pretty regularly.

  12. Great pictures. Looks like a fun place to take the kids! Thanks for your post.

  13. I love going to the zoo too but it’s been tears since I’v been. My youngest got to go with his dad a little over a year ago. He loved it.

  14. It looks like you guys had a blast at the zoo. I don’t think I’d want to be that close to a gator, even a very young one.

  15. Look how tiny the alligators are when they’re babies. They’re almost cute (if you didn’t realize how big they were going to get). 🙂 Looks like a great day out!

  16. We haven’t been to a zoo together in a while. This looks like a nice one. Love that you caught that gator eating lunch…YUCK is right!!

  17. I love the zoo and this one looks amazing! How much fun that your boys got to get so up close and personal with the animals!

  18. Our two toddler boys both enjoy seeing all animals. I am sure they would love to see an alligator up close and even enjoy watching it feed.

  19. We love going to the zoo. My kids love it when they get to see some of the animals feed.

  20. You guys got to watch an alligator eat?! That’s so cool!

  21. So cool! I like alligators and I would love to see a baby one up close, without mama around to bite my head off!

  22. My kids would love this. Zoos are one of the best places for family fun and learning.

  23. We love the zoo! I can’t believe that picture of the alligator – my girls would probably love this, but this would totally gross me out.

  24. Summerfun times, you guys are always out doing fun stuff. It’s very inspiring.

  25. My kids would have an absolute blast! I think my daughter might freak out if she saw an alligator swallow an animal, though.

  26. We’ve been to some of the larger zoos and you are totally right! They have some amazing animals and exhibits, but it really can be overwhelming for younger kids. I’m jealous that you have a kid-friendly and really interactive zoo so close to you!

  27. I love the zoo! We’re fortunate to have several around to choose from. Glad the boys could agree on something fun!

  28. Wow, this looks like a great zool We love the zoo, matter of fact my kids are at zoo camp right now! My favorite animal is the giraffe! 🙂

  29. This looks like such a fun day! I’ve seen alligators up close and personal (they live in the wild next to my in-laws’ house) but I’ve NEVER seen them snacking! Eek!

  30. We love the zoo! We try to go at least once a month. Both of our kids love elephants, flamengos, lions, and giraffes. As they get older I’m sure the learning experience will evolve. Looks like your boys had a fun experience!

  31. We have a wonderful zoo here in Atlanta where we just visited last week. I loved the playful pandas who just turned 2 and the young gorillas. Both were very active in the afternoon when we visited.

  32. And I think it will get even tougher to find things for them to do as your son enters his teens. The zoo is definitely a great place because who doesn’t love animals, right? I always love looking at your pictures and the fun things you do with your sons. Makes me think of what a great mom you are. 🙂

  33. Excellent pictures! Going to the zoo in the summer is a great activity for the whole family.

  34. Such a fun day! I am missing a zoo – gotta find to go there soon (hopefully). It always seems like such a rewarding experience

  35. Looks like a really fun place to go. My kids would love it there. I loved following along with your live coverage too

  36. How cool that you were able to watch the alligator eat. You guys sound like you had a blast at the zoo.

  37. We love going to the zoo. My kids are always fascinated to watch the animals when it’s feeding time.

  38. We love the zoo. Son is a huge fan of animals and getting to see them.

  39. How fun that they got to pet the baby gator. I bet they loved that.

  40. We love going to the zoo. We have a membership and it gives us discounted tickets at dozens of other zoos in the country, so we can get our money’s worth pretty easily. As far as favorite animal – penguins! I could sit there all day and watch them.

  41. I love the smaller zoos. I think they tend to be so much more kid friendly! We have one just like this near us, and I think our boys prefer it over the bigger zoo.

  42. We went to a zoo this summer and my kids always love seeing animals so up close and personal

  43. My kids love the zoo. And our favorite ones have been the smaller ones where you feel you have a much more up close and personal feeling to the animals and their keepers.

  44. I love that they actually got real animals encounters. It is so very cool. SOunds like y’all had a great time. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  45. We did a zoo visit as a class field trip in June, but need to get back so we can be at our own pace

  46. I love hanging out at the zoo with my family! Looks like you had a great time!

  47. I never get tired of going to the zoo. It is a great chance for kids and adults to learn about different animals especially at the petting zoo.

  48. We love going to zoos. I think my kids would freak out at the alligator earing, though!

  49. Oh my! Is that alligator eating a opossum?! Looks like quite the trip to the zoo. I’ve been meaning to take my son back to our local zoo. Thanks for sharing!

  50. I haven’t been to the Stone Zoo in years. I feel bad for the caged animals.

  51. What a grand adventure! We used to love going to the zoo when my son was a little guy! But there was nothing like this!

  52. This looks like a great zoo! So many wonderful animals to see, what a great way to spend the day!

  53. The first time I had ever been to a big full size zoo was just a couple months ago when we went to the Seattle Zoo. I would love to see more zoos cause I had an amazing time.

  54. My family loves a good zoo – this definitely looks like one with lots of good close interaction with the animals! That bear up close… how awesome!

  55. How FUN! It seems like you have a lot of really fun places to visit near you. I wish we did! That zoo looks like SO much fun!

  56. Zoos are fun for the whole family. Glad your boys had a good time.

  57. I’ve always been partial to giraffes, but am open to seeing any of the zoo animals. What fun to take the kids to a smaller zoon like the Stone Zoo. As kids, we got free admission to the San Diego Zoo. I was so glad when they opened the Children’s Zoo so my little brothers could have a place to “see it all” without traipsing for miles.

  58. Taking kids to the Zoo is like a right of passage .. I’m not too fond of Reptiles but all the other animals are intriguing

  59. The zoo is always a fun time. How neat that the boys got to touch a gator. I like seeing baby the elephants at the zoo.

  60. It sounds like there is a lot to do at this zoo. I’m a fan of seeing the big cats as well!

  61. OMG what was the alligator eating! lol My boys would have been fascinated lol

  62. You had fun the kids had a lot to do I bet. Zoo is a good place for kids and also a teaching environment for homeschoolers. Thanks for sharing.

  63. I love your photo of the flamingos. I have always loved those birds but have no idea why. My favorite zoo animal is the gorilla at the Atlanta Zoo.

  64. It looks like you had a blast. I love animals and so do my kids.

  65. When you said 3 years apart I knew holy moly lol Been there done that with girls. I have 3 all 3 years apart but the youngest will be 21 in a few days. Hang in there one day they stop and are actually nice to us lol I love Zoo’s and will try to visit this one when I come to Boston to see my oldest daughter.

  66. What a fun day you had! My mom had a pet baby alligator when she was young and seeing that little guy in your photos made me think of that. My 8 girls have always loved the zoo and we’ve always had an annual membership. That allowed us to go for just a few hours each time and not deal with overwhelm.

  67. Feeding time would be so cool to see. That looks like such a fun place to visit!

  68. Looks like your family had a good day! I totally get big zoos being overwhelming!

  69. That alligator eating the snack is yuck, lol. I wonder if it thinks we are yucky when we eat our snacks, too?

  70. It has been far too long with my family and I last visited a zoo and this post makes me want to schedule a visit soon. My favorite animals to see are the chimpanzees, elephants and pandas!

  71. It’s always educational being at the zoo. Seeing the gator eating their snack can be a bit scary.

  72. It sounds like a nice zoo. I love to go to zoos and would like to visit them everywhere I go. I think it would be interesting to see zoos abroad.

  73. We have a really good zoo here. It’s rated #1 in the world. Silly Nebraska, mostly corn fields and a great zoo. That’s a crazy photo with the alligator snacking.

  74. I remember how much fun the Tween stage was. The Zoo is always a great place to spend the day.

  75. I love the zoo! I used to go to a high school that was near the Bronx zoo in New York. I would go there often with my friends just to walk around and see the animals. I miss it. We do have the Miami Zoo which is really nice but too hot for Florida summers. We like to go in the Fall/Winter.

  76. My kids love Zoos as well! The monkey’s are always a favorite exhibit of ours.

  77. This looks like a really neat place to take the kids. Those gators may scare me!

  78. My boys are about the same ages as your kids. They would totally love this zoo.

  79. We love taking the kids to rehabilitative zoos! They’re so fascinated by animals!

  80. Going to the zoo is always a fun time for kids. It makes them experience seeing animals as they are (somewhat). Stone Zoo’s ticket prices are reasonable enough which makes it a great weekend destination during the summer.

  81. Oh we love going to zoos!! I need to do a summer visit to the zoos in our area.

  82. Oh my! What boy would not want to see a big alligator eating a rodent. Lol. I haven’t taken my kids to the zoo in a while. Well, my daughter is too old but my son still has some zoo years left 🙂 Great way to spend a summer day for sure

  83. We haven’t been to the zoo. I forgot how educational it is and at those prices that’s definitely not bad at all. But the gator… omg NO! haha

  84. Ewww, alligators are so scary and gross. 🙂 We love going to the zoo but thankfully we haven’t seen any animals eating other critters yet.

  85. That looks like fun. Cool outing for the summer.

  86. We love going to the zoo! This looked like a fun trip!

  87. I love going to the zoo!! Looks like y’all had a great time and even got to interact with the animals!!

  88. I always love visiting zoos! I am a huge animal person, so it’s always nice to see all the animals.

  89. Ok the alligator eating both grossed me out and intrigued me. Looks like a great zoo!

  90. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun! My children always enjoy going to the zoo.

  91. The zoo is always a great idea for a fun family trip, even for the tweens. I love how you described “even things that are very cool are not cool.” That’s exactly where we’re at with my older stepdaughter. Look at that alligator eating! Oh my goodness!

  92. looks like your boys had a great time. i love going to the zoo.

  93. Visiting the zoo is such a great, educational activity to do with the kids. And the best part is, they don’t even realize that they’re learning! How fun that your boys got to touch an alligator!

  94. I wish the Zoo was not so far away from us. it’s one of my favourite places to visit too – I just love seeing the animals so up close. Although, I have had a black bear came to my camp fire before. I think he wanted the Doritos. 🙂

  95. I LOVE visiting the zoo worldwide and it is always such a fun place to experience and see! I love being able to learn new things and on occasion getting to feed the animals! Zoos provide me with lots of memories!

  96. My kids love the zoo. How fun that your boys we’re able to pet a baby alligator.

  97. I would love to go there someday. Great little zoo.

  98. The boys surely had a great time. Look at their reactions ! So cool!

  99. I enjoy the reptile and amphibian exhibits at the zoo. Looks like your family had fun.

  100. I’m a huge fan of smaller zoos that still have tons for a child to see and do. My kids still LOVE going to the zoo too and that makes it so much easier to pick even entrance fee wise!

  101. My daughter would really enjoy this! Definitely a great suggestion for school holidays. Thanks for suggesting.

  102. Going to the zoo is really a fun and educational trip, not only for the kids but for the adults too. That alligator snack picture was terrifying to stare at.

  103. Going to the zoo is one of my favorite things to do with the kids. I have always loved watching the monkeys and apes. The boys look like they had fun for sure. It looks like the gator got a muskrat. Thanks for sharing.

  104. I was like… stone zoo? like… all animals are made of stone? good thing it’s not like that… LOL… but I find this place quite interesting. I love animals and I will definitely love this place.

  105. I love visiting the zoo. It’s so much fun to take the kids and see the animals. I do prefer a smaller zoo though. We’ve been to the National Zoo and have yet to cover the whole thing.

  106. We love going to the Zoo and this looks like a great one. Love the reindeer!

  107. We love the zoo! This one looks awesome! The best part, the admission is very affordable. Always a plus in my books.

  108. Such an exciting adventure. I haven’t been at the zoo in a while and now think I should just get my family and go

  109. I love zoos, but my husband is super picky about them. How cool to hold a baby alligator!

  110. wow, looks like you guys had an amazing time. The boychild is obsessed with the zoo so we go all the time.

  111. Looks like you had such a fun time! I love checking out new zoos. My boyfriend would be so excited to hold an alligator!

  112. The zoo is always a great time!!! It’s one of the few kiddie places that I think my hubby and I enjoy just as much as my daughter lol. Love all the animals

  113. Neat… that alligator! Wow! I plan on taking my boys ot the KC zoo tomorrow! 🙂 Adventure (and learning) awaits! 🙂

  114. I understand your pain Robin. Nothing is cool for my older one either. The zoo however, is something she really enjoys.

  115. That looks like a ton of fun! Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  116. The alligator and his “snack”… I’m with you “yuck”. Looks like a fun place. My kids can’t get enough of the zoo.

  117. I always enjoy going to the local zoo! It would be nice if the one where I live had flamingos, though. 🙂

  118. Looks like a little quaint zoo indeed and a bit more personal and hands on than the bigger zoos.

  119. The zoo is one of my favorite places to visit. I love that you caught that alligator eating a rat! I bet your boys loved that part.

  120. I love visiting zoos. I always make a point to visit a zoo when I am on vacation because you can easily spend a full day there.

  121. Zoo’s are one of our favorite ways to spend a sunday afternoon.

  122. That looks like a lot of fun! Might have to go check out our zoo this weekend now!

  123. I love the zoo and think that a visit to my local one is in order. I really wish I lived near you; you go to the best places!

  124. I miss those times when we went to the zoo – always such a sight to see!

  125. We are running into the same problem with our 11 and 9 year old (they are 18 months apart, but also a boy and girl). For a long time it was easy to get them to do whatever,now it gets to be a bit more of a challenge. Zoos are always a pretty safe bet.