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I am in Plymouth (think Pilgrims) all the time.  I live in a neighboring town and I absolutely love living so close to so much history.  Sometimes I take it for granted that the first English settlers actually lived about fifteen minutes from where I live now.  It’s crazy, actually.  There are so many old buildings that I walk past all the time and usually don’t even give a second thought to.

Chris and I were in Plymouth a couple of weeks ago for lunch and as we walked past some old buildings, I stopped and took a few pictures.

This is the 1749 Court House:


It is the oldest wooden Court House and the longest used municipal building in America.


I know it’s hard to read, but the sign says:


These days the courthouse is a museum that’s filled with  interesting items from Plymouth’s history.   It is only open from June to September, though, so we weren’t able to get in to take pictures.

This is the First Church of Plymouth and it’s right next door to the 1749 Court House.



Founded in 1620 by the Pilgrims in Plymouth, it is the oldest church congregation in the United States in continuous operation.  This building was built in 1899, but it stands on the site where the congregation’s meeting house has been located. It’s located at 19 Town Square in Plymouth, MA.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the Mayflower, Burial Hill or Plymouth Rock – pictures of those are coming this week.

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  100 Responses to “A Little Bit of Plymouth History”

  1. So much history there to see

  2. I agree with Chris, just so much history built upon this place and thank you so much for sharing with us.

  3. What an amazing place to live! I would love seeing all of that all the time.

  4. Okay… so I had no idea that was the first town house, or where it was until I saw the church. 🙂 Funny, because during my training walks Tony and I would walk by second church all the time and Tony would always ask me where first church was. Now I know. 🙂 Burial Hill is where they have the Trick or Trot every year… beautiful, but killer to run up. 🙂

    My favorite historical building though is the first firehouse. I am still mad that Sam DIego’s took out the fire pole. Do you remember when it was Station One?

  5. I didn’t know that the First Church in Plymouth was the oldest church congregation in the US. Interesting history. I think it’s great to be so close to Plymouth.

  6. We are very lucky indeed to be close to so much history. It may not seem that much to us because we see it all the time, but it’s still a part of who we are and why we are here 🙂

  7. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been there, so I loved seeing the pictures. These builds are so beautiful!

  8. It must be great to live so near to so much history! The architecture of those buildings reflects the Puritan ethics-simple. I look forward to seeing more of your pics of this area.

  9. Wow, there is definitely so much history there. Looks like an interesting place.

  10. Wow! What an amazing place. I also didn’t know that the First Church in Plymouth was the oldest church congregation in the US. Good to know! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Isn’t it amazing how much we take it for granted??? We have tons of relics from the days of the early settlers here and it’s hard to comprehend sometimes just how old these things are! My house is over 200 years old and though there are many things that remind me of that fact every day, it’s really staggering to think that parts of this house have literally be occupied for over 200 years and are still standing. Though some days, I worry I’ll come home to find parts not still standing….

    If anyone likes early New England history, a local author named Sally Gunning has written 3 novels about characters set on Cape Cod during the times of the Pilgrims and soon after. Very realistic and well researched. You feel like they could really be living next door. Look her up if you’re curious!

  12. I never knew you had a Plymouth as well – learn something new ever day ;). I do love Plymouth in the UK – would be fab to visit yours one day as well some beautiful places to see by the looks of thing.s

  13. my sister in law lives in Pembroke – which is close to there.

    I love looking at that historical stuff. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. I love hearing about the history of these buildings. I would love to see the inside of the First church. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Wow that is a really neat trip, I love seeing old buildings. Just something about them that makes me say WOW

  16. That is so cool! I’d love to visit Plymouth one day when I make it out to the east coast 🙂

  17. Need to visit there. Love the history. Great pics.

  18. What a beautiful building, I love older buildings. I hope you go back when it is open so you can share photos from the inside.

  19. This is one of my favorite things about having the opportunity to live in this part of the country! I love all the history!

  20. I love historic buildings! That church is so beautiful. I’ve actually never visited anywhere over towards the east coast, but I’d love to visit here someday. Must be so awesome to see so much history!

  21. I would love to take my children there. Such a great historical building to see!

  22. Oh wow it’s amazing to live so close to a place filled with so much history. I’m looking forward to your upcoming post on the other historical icons 🙂

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  23. I had no idea you lived so close. That’s so amazing! My husband and I used to visit the Betsy Ross house in Philadelphia all the time. Can’t wait to do these things with the kids. Looking forward to seeing your other photos!

  24. I love all the old historical sites! sadly, I’ve never been to Plymouth. It’s on my bucket list though. I’d really like to go when the kids are old enough to appreciate it.

  25. I think it’s amazing that they did such great building way back when. I tend to think of that time with a more primitive outlook, but those buildings are kicking it!! I like the big history too, and it is nice that you live so close to it, and appreciate it.

  26. We were in the Boston area for two weeks a few years back and we went to Plymouth. We absolutely loved it. We loved the whole area. Was a little disappointed in the Plymouth Rock. Thought it was something so much bigger.

  27. There are a lot of old buildens here in Michigan too. I have yet to go to Massatuess I probally messed up that spelling lol. Very cool place to check out. I love explooring old historic places like that too.

  28. I love old buildings! They all have such great stories.

  29. That building looks pretty big. I to love old buildings! There’s just so much history in them.

    That’s one reason I liked living in Savannah, GA for 2 years. They had a lot of the Civil War houses. There were underground cemeteries, Spanish moss hanging from the trees, cobble stone streets, and tons of old historic buildings. Nebraska isn’t the same as there.

  30. I love that church! So much history – if only those walls could talk – I bet they’ve seen so much.

  31. I love history! Great photo journal…look forward to the Mayflower.

  32. i live in ct and haven’t ever been to plymouth. we really should go, would be fun to walk around and see all of these places that have such a place in our history

  33. I love living on this side of the country! There is so much history. Its easy to get lost in it. Thank you for sharing these pictures.. I really enjoyed them.

  34. LOVE this. I would so enjoy visiting there. My hometown is the Canadian version — Kingston, Ontario was the capital of Canada way back when. There is so much history in my hometown, and I love that they have preserved much of it – even as the city has grown and modernized over the years.
    I had an apartment once, and the inside walls were of exposed limestone brick. Was beautiful — the art and detail of it just gorgeous. Just don’t find stuff like that anymore.

  35. That’s so cool! I’ve always wanted to go to Plymouth!!!

  36. I think living there sounds like a lot of fun. You have so much history right at your fingertips 🙂

  37. I love places that has so much history! I live in Montreal and there a place called “Old Port” and it has some of the oldest buildings in the whole city! It’s beautiful! Plymouth reminds me of Old Port!

  38. That is really interesting. Do they still hold services in that church? I would love to go to a service there. I have family that came over on a few ships that came right after the Mayflower.

  39. I love a city that is rich in history. This looks like a wonderful city to visit.

  40. What a great place to visit and spend time in …. It is so quaint.

  41. This is really neat to see! My kids have been learning all about Plymouth recently. We would love to visit this!

  42. I love learning about a towns history! It always amazes and excites me!! The buildings are so beautiful and rich with history! Thanks for sharing!

  43. Oh what fun… I love, love, love places that have a read history to them. When I traveled Europe I made my family stop at every single church in the little towns in awe of the history behind them. Thank you for sharing

  44. I love history and this is a great historical tour that you are doing! love it

  45. Our city isn’t a historical one at all, so I really enjoy seeing others pics of their towns. I really like the old courthouse. They sure have come a long way since then, huh?

  46. What beautiful icons of history! I actually am lucky enough to have a published book that links my Mom directly to her ancestors riding over on the Mayflower. She’s the last family member that was born when it was printed. It’s amazing to think that’s where my family officially landed. 🙂

  47. I live in a city that is very historic also and have to remind myself to go and tour my own city! Great post

  48. I would love to visit Plymouth! I have never been there and it is on my bucket list. I will make it there eventually!

  49. it always surprises me all the history you can find in one town

  50. Living in a historic place is truly remarkable. It is like breathing the same air, walking the same road, living in the same place as the first settlers did.

  51. I love historic places. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  52. wow these are very old places – very rich in history!

  53. Such a neat place to live…So much history. Each of the building has it’s own personality

  54. How lucky you are to live so close to such wonderful history. Thanks for sharing. I am jealous.

  55. There is one thing I do actually miss about living in a city sometimes… all of the stunning history and architecture!

  56. Fascinating. I love to stop in cities and small towns when I travel and look for the historical basis of the area. I take lots of pictures, too. You are surrounded by such important historical places. Can you feel anything when you walk in those places?

  57. I have a lot of friends from that area, but I’ve never been there. I would love to take a drive up that way sometime! There is such love and loyalty from the locals, it kind of reminds me of where I’m from (NY).

  58. It is interesting to lie near history and to look at it with modern eyes.

  59. I really love historic places like this. I wish you could have gone in and taken pictures. It always makes my hair stand but at the same time, it’s so interesting.

  60. Those buildings are gorgeous! I love historical buildings and vacations. 🙂

  61. I love taking pics of old historical buildings. It’s great that you live near so much history. I’m going to have to find out what is here in Colorado. 🙂

  62. Since I can’t possibly visit those parts of the world, I’m living vicariously through your tale and pictures. Loved to see the area.

  63. In Architecture school, architectural history was my most favorite subject. I love old buildings and am envious of the history you have access to where you live.

  64. I’ve never actually been to the North East, but always wanted to visit because there is so much history there! Definitely adding this to my to-see list!

  65. What history those 2 buildings must have seen! Awesome that you get to visit a historic place awesome!!

  66. I love being able to explore a place with so much history! Are you able to go inside the buildings?

  67. It would be amazing to live up there with all that history. We have some Indian landmarks around us, but I have always wanted to visit the places that were around when our nation was founded.

  68. I love looking at historic buildings. Those are all beautiful!

  69. I always look forward to your pics! I have never been in that area and enjoy seeing it through your eyes! Keep them coming

  70. I can’t wait to see more of your trip and the Mayflower! I haven’t been there since I was a kid. The whole Boston area is filled with so much important American history!

  71. What a great town, I love old historical stuff like this. My hubby does too! We’d love to visit for sure!

  72. So much history. I really enjoyed reading this post and would love to visit Plymouth someday.

  73. That’s it I’m coming over and we’re doing a bunch of cool history places!!

  74. Back to Tweet about your beautiful town.

  75. Wow! So amazing they are still there. What a great place to visit.

  76. Thank you for sharing these pictures! I love reading about the history of the East Coast and I would love to visit there.

  77. These are great pictures! I would love to visit Plymouth and all the history! Thanks for sharing!

  78. I’d really love to take my kids to places like this to really show them what has changed in history and what the US ‘was’ and how it makes it what the US is.

  79. I love to visit historical places. We went to visit the Gettysburg battle field on our high school senior trip. We also went to NY and Washington D.C. Such a fun trip. The trip to Gettysburg was so awesome and eerie.

  80. I love seeing older buildings and hearing the history behind them. Always thinking in the back of my head they could be haunted. Weird I know!

  81. The history behind those buildings is amazing.

  82. I so love all the history! I know when things are near us every day, we have a tendency to take it for granted. I can’t wait for your other posts you have planned!

  83. Wow, you live near such beautiful historic buildings! That church!!! I’m a bit of a history freak, so I cannot wait to see your next round of pics from Plymouth.

  84. That would be so neat to live so close to a place with so much history! I can’t wait to see your picture of the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock!

  85. So very cool! I want to visit there so bad!

  86. I’m so ashamed. 4 years in MA and I haven’t been to Plymouth yet. I think the drive would be worth it just to see that church. Absolutely beautiful!

  87. I love old buildings. They make beautiful pictures.

  88. I love old buildings and the history behind them. I haven’t traveled much, but when I went to Boston, for some REASON I loved the walking tour and the super old cemeteries!

  89. My husband is a history nut. He would love to visit Plymouth. He also enjoyed your post.

  90. Would love to visit Plymouth one day – I’m such a history buff!

  91. What a great visit to such a historic place. I would love to go inside the church and walk around taking pictures too. I love stuff like this.

  92. great history. i have to keep this in mind if i ever visit

  93. I love the look of these historical buildings. I hope to possibly visit this area this upcoming summer.

  94. I love to travel and when your kids are learning on an adventure and dont even realize it…..that is the best. Looks so beautiful.

  95. That is so cool! I love historical sites. I haven’t made it to Plymouth yet, but I plan to!

  96. Awesome! You live in such a unique area. You are so lucky you get to see the things on a regular basis that people only read about!

  97. That’s so neat – I love, love history! 🙂

  98. Although I’ve visited Plymouth, I had no idea that the first congregation was there. I guess it makes sense though if I think about it!

  99. It’s cool that some of the “firsts” are still around.

  100. Those buildings just have history oozing off of them don’t they. I would love to walk through some of the buildings in Plymouth. Maybe one day 🙂