Mar 182014

On March 8th, we had a major milestone in our house – my six year old lost his first tooth!


It had been wiggly for quite a while and I had given it a few gentle tugs in the week leading up to it coming out, but the tooth just wasn’t ready.  The day it came out, he was out at a birthday party & when he got back, the tooth was literally hanging out of his mouth.  Because I was afraid he’s swallow it in his sleep, I gentle pulled it out for him.It was so teeny, that we put the tooth in a Ziploc bag so that the tooth fairy could find it easily.


See how the one in back was already coming through?  It was definitely time for the baby tooth to go.


As for the tooth fairy, she brought him a crisp $5 bill, which she’s been holding on to for a few weeks because she was afraid the tooth would fall out and she’d be left unprepared.  For each tooth after this he will get $1, but the first one is a big deal, so my kids get a little more for their first.

So tell me, how much does the tooth fairy leave at your house?

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  1. Mine are still too young for the tooth fairy, but inflation definitely raised the price, because I remember only getting change or at the most a dollar as a kid from her!! 🙂

    • Congrats! I remember when I was little we usually received about $1 from the tooth fairy. Except that one year a $20 bill showed up for a tooth. I still remember my father trying to convince me that I should put it back under my pillow in case the tooth fairy had run out of $1 and would come back with change the next night. 😉

  2. My little man is growing up he is so cute

  3. The tooth fairy here leaves whatever is laying around the house. 😉 Your little man looks cute w/his tooth gone. 🙂

  4. Congrats! That’s one generous tooth fairy… 😉

  5. Congratulations to your son! He is so cute with that little space in his mouth.

  6. I put my 5 kids teeth in my jewelry box drawer and kept them….started to look gruesome over the years so I threw them out. Congrats on the milestone!

  7. woo–thinking about losing teeth as a kid makes my tummy turn. still bad memories. but this doesn’t sound painful, so congrats to him!

  8. Yay for that first tooth. I remember loosing the first one as being the scariest one to loose. I thought for sure my mom was lying to me and that it would never grow back lol. Also, I only got 50 cents for my first tooth, inflation is tough 😉

  9. It looks so similar to my little girl’s first lost tooth. Hers came out about a month ago, just before she turned 6. Congrats!

  10. The tooth fairy leaves $5 for ‘milestone’ teeth (first tooth, last front tooth, first molar, last tooth) and $2 for all the teeth in between.

  11. Woohooo! She left $5 for the first tooth and $1.00 for each after that. First molars for my son was $2. I am an unprepared tooth fairy!

  12. Yay! Congratulations to your sone. That is such a fun milestone!

  13. our tooth fairy brings a gold dollar coin 🙂 you can buy 25 at once and not run out unexpectedly !!

  14. either a dollar or two – sometimes when we didn’t have change a 5

    my daughter is 14 and still has like 3 or 4 baby teeth left. the toothfairy kinda stopped coming – lol

    Congrats on his first tooth! cute 🙂

  15. Our tooth fairy is cheap. We have a Coca Cola machine in our kitchen that the kids have to earn money to buy their own sodas. So when they lose a tooth, they get a free soda. Yeah, it’s a bigger hit than the tooth fairy. LOL

  16. Ooh.. hope the tooth fairy left him something nice. My #2 just lost his 2nd tooth . Happy WW

  17. He looks cute with a missing tooth. I saw some jewelery that had children’s baby teeth. Creepy, or not creepy?

    How cool to get $5!

  18. We haven’t had a tooth fairy visit yet. 5 seems like a good number.

  19. I don’t have kids but I want to say that I used to get $2-5 a tooth or something like that? I distinctly remember my dad (err… the tooth fairy) leaving me $20 once but I was totally daddy’s little girl and he spoiled me.

  20. I think the tooth fairy left a dollar per tooth in my house. I’m sure your son was very excited about losing his first tooth!

  21. Congrats on the first lost tooth! Our fairy only leaves $1 covered in fairy glitter. I think the girls like getting the glitter more than the money!

  22. Wow, that Tooth Fairy was super generous!

  23. Losing that first tooth is always fun! My six-year-old has his first wiggly tooth but it isn’t loose enough to fall out yet. Have a terrific day!

  24. We do $5 for each tooth.

    That other tooth is like move out of the way 🙂 lol

  25. Awe! I remember those days. We gave $3 when they were younger but then it went up to $5 somewhere down the line.

  26. Wow, the tooth fairy really paid out for the first tooth. It won’t be long before my second oldest will begin losing teeth. I may just have to go along with your method – $5 for the first and a dollar for each there after.

  27. First tooth is a pretty big milestone. Congratulations to him!

  28. Aww! cute heheh! can be traumatic losing the first one though 😉

  29. Awe, this is so cute! I am waiting for my son he is almost 6 so I know this is coming…I’m going to blog about it too!

  30. This is a huge event!! Yay! Congrats!!

  31. Sweet! $5 that’s awesome! The tooth fairy is generous indeed, And check out his adult tooth coming behind it. It was SO ready to come out.


  32. Wow, the tooth fairy is quite generous these days! I remember getting quarters.

  33. YAY! I am the worst tooth fairy ever!!! I think they are catching on…lol!

  34. Congrats on the tooth! Our tooth fairy usually leaves either 50 cents or some candy if she is short on change. If it’s a big tooth, she leaves a dollar.

  35. That is a very generous tooth-fairy I bet he can not wait to loose more teeth. He could make some money.

  36. I remember getting 25 cents for each tooth when I was little! My kids got a dollar and a penny for each one. Inflation!

  37. Ouch hope the tooth fairy is good to him for that one.

  38. Our tooth fairy leaves a dollar covered in fairy dust. Congrats on the fun milestone!

  39. I used to get a dollar. I can’t wait to play “tooth fairy” when my daughter loses her first tooth!!!

  40. Awe – cute pics!That IS a big deal! Congrats. to him! Ryan just lost a tooth last week and the tooth fairy left him $2.

  41. Reminds me of when I was a kid, it was always so much fun knowing there would be money under my pillow, generally a few dollars.

  42. Wow, I think it was loose change when I was a kid. Good to know!

  43. That is a major milestone! (and fun too)

  44. I got a quarter for a lost tooth. He gets $5??? In 30 years, the tooth fairy’s inflation sure has quadrupled!! She must fly around in a spaceship for that kind of money!

  45. Congrats to him on losing his first tooth! I think the Tooth Fairy used to bring us $1, I’m not sure how much she’ll bring when my daughter starts to lose her teeth.

  46. Since my baby is 14 I thought the tooth fairy had left my house for good. That is until my 16 year old got braces last month and the dentist pulled teeth to make room in her mouth. For some reason she thought she deserved a min of $5 per tooth.

  47. Congrats! We just learned our 9-yr old may have to have four pulled to make room in her mouth. Not looking forward to that ordeal.

  48. CONGRATS! loosing the 1st tooth is a big deal! 🙂

  49. Ah, “shark teeth” – my daughter has had her adult tooth come in before she lost her baby tooth for every tooth so far (to the point where she almost had to have 2 pulled because it was taking so long for them to come out!).

    The Tooth Fairy brings $5 and a gold $1 coin (the Sacajawea coins, or however you spell her name). Then for every tooth after, we do a $1 bill and the $1 gold coin.

  50. Congrats on that milestone – your son must be mighty proud to be a big boy now. Visiting from Aquariann’s blog

  51. My five year old is anxiously waiting for this milestone. Her top two front teeth are loose.

  52. We haven’t seen our tooth fairy, Tina Fartingle, in quite awhile. My tooth fairy used to leave me a dime. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I could buy a full sized candy bar with it.

  53. We go a bit bigger for the first tooth too. Then it is a toonie ($2) after that.
    Except….that one time, Toothy Tina forgot to come.
    Oh Lawd – I pray you never are in that situation. But she made up for her (cough – his) forgetfulness with a new Laloopsy doll… and the required toonie.

  54. Awww what a great rite of passage! Our tooth fairy is cheap. Maybe $2 a tooth?? Haha!

  55. Losing teeth is a big milestone in our home too. It’s always a big production and the Tooth Fairy is very busy doling out payments.

  56. yeah for the Tooth Fairy!!! The first tooth is always a fantastic milestone!
    But we are SOOOOO Old school. Tooth Fairy only leaves $0.25 per tooth.

  57. We’re not quite there yet, but I guess it won’t be long! I’m thinking maybe $5 for the first one? Not sure about thereafter…

  58. Tooth Fairy just had to re-stock here… after yesterday’s loss. Ours leaves little gifts, instead of money. Tooth Fairy left a giant bubble wand this time.

  59. $1 is what she leaves at our house, too!

  60. oh for exciting. My son just last his second tooth the other day!

  61. We used to get .50 I think for a tooth. lol. My kids get $5. lol

  62. Awww! How exciting! It’s been so long since my older 3 have lost a tooth. They are 16, 15 and 13. My 4 year old will be 5 soon so I’m sure she’ll be loosing her first tooth within the next year or so. I think $5 is great for the 1st tooth!

  63. He’s Adorable Make Sure You Save It!!!

  64. UGH!! My youngest is about to turn 5 and I am having a hard time. I will just DIE when she looses her first tooth!

  65. My kids got $1 per tooth, but I’d probably do more now if they were still in the tooth losing business.

  66. That is so exiting!! Huge congratulations to your little guy! He’s so cute.

  67. We haven’t reached that stage yet, and to be honest I am not sure if they even do it in the country I live in. I guess we will have to think of something when the times comes to make it special!

  68. Aw, how cute is HE??? I hope he was excited by the visit from the toothfairy.

  69. Yay! Well, in our house the TF leaves $1-but my kids don’t like dollars so the sum needs to be left in quarters. My kids are odd ducks.

  70. How exciting for the little guy! My sons are grown but when I try to think back I think we gave a couple of dollars. One thing I am very please about is that both of my adults sons have no cavities/fillings. Wish I could say the same.

  71. Loosing teeth is great. It’s like a second chance for kids who had dental issues. I was so grateful when my son started losing his teeth. He was born with no enamel on the baby teeth and thank God the adult teeth weren’t affected by the same bacteria that caused that problem.

  72. First time around she left $2. Now she leaves $1

  73. HAHAHAHA!!!
    This takes «Louis» back to his childhood. The tooth fairy wasn’t so generous in those days!
    It was a big deal to get 25¢!

    M. Scélérat, éditeur à «Louis»: Well, 25¢ was a lot of cash 100 years ago.
    «Louis» à M. Scélérat, éditeur: Ah, shaddup!

  74. AWw congrats on the big milestone. My youngest always lost his teeth at school. I would not have a clue they were loose he never told anyone, then come home with a necklace around his neck containing the tooth when he got in from school. I think he just really liked the necklaces. One time he had the necklace on and it popped open, in our white gravel driveway, and the tooth went plummeting out. You can picture the scenario that followed right? 2 Adults 3 kids crawling on this gravel looking for that tooth. We never found it and pacified him with the fact that the tooth fairy has special vision that can x-ray for only teeth in places like that..

  75. Growing up we only got a quarter…. unless we were at one of the grandparents house… then we usually got $5. 🙂

  76. The days of the tooth fairy have long gone in my house. Wish I could go back to those days and re-visit them.
    Congrats to your son and his great milestone.

  77. No kids yet, but I remember getting 50 cents for my teeth when I was a kid. Inflation, man!

  78. The tooth fairy at my house visits Targets $1 bin and finds some some little toy to add under my daughter’s pillows. When tooth fairy forgets to fly to Target, she pulls a $1 out of her purse. LOL!

  79. Our kids are grown– but they only got change from the tooth fairy. The grandbabies get a bit more for sure, especially after Poppa chases them around with pliers when they have a loose tooth 🙂

  80. Congrats! My kids would try to leave theirs hanging there as long as possible, I remember calling my son snaggle tooth on more than one occasion, lol! We did the same thing – $5 for the first and last tooth and $1 for all of the others,

  81. Awww congrats!!! That is a really big milestone here!

  82. I love playing tooth fairy! My eight year old is so toothless right now, she has the cutest little lisp happening 😉

  83. Wiggly teeth gross me out! But it is a beautiful experience for your kids!!!

  84. That is too funny. Now he has a cool space to fit a straw into. 🙂

  85. I still remember losing my first tooth. We were staying at my aunts house. That same night my mom went into labor so I pretended I lost my tooth at school.

  86. Congrats to loose the first tooth.
    He is so cute. Thanks 4 sharing.
    I wish you a happy Evening, Wieczora (◔‿◔)| My photoblog

  87. Yay, congratulations!! He’s growing up!

  88. How awesome is that, the first tooth is a really big deal. Luckily the tooth fairy knows this so they do leave extra!

  89. Wow! Congrats to your little guy! My youngest is almost 5 and can’t wait to start losing teeth.

  90. My 6 year old lost her first tooth at five years ld shes lost a tooth every few month since making the tooth fairy broke.

  91. Congrats on his first loose tooth. It must be really exciting. My 7 year olds tooth just started shaking and she cannot wait for it to fall out.

  92. Awwww, so sweet! I hope the tooth fairy is kind to him

  93. That is a big milestone! I dreaded losing my teeth as a kid and now I dread when my kids start losing theirs.

  94. What a milestone! I remember these days! He is so adorable!

  95. Oh my gosh! I remember when my baby was that age! How freaking cute!

  96. I’m glad to know there are still reasonable tooth fairies out there. I know lots of kids who are banking $20 a tooth these days…which is a little ridiculous, I think! Congrats to your little one on this milestone!

  97. I actually don’t remember if we did the tooth fairy or not. I think we did it once or twice with each child. I believe we gave them $1 . i think kids so cute when they lose their teeth especially the front ones. Your little man is so adorable!!

  98. What a big milestone!!!! Our toothfairy left 10.00 last night LOL

  99. What a generous tooth fairy!! Guess inflation has hit the tooth fairy too!! Seriously that is a big milestone–congrats.

  100. The tooth fairy did the same here, $5 for the first tooth. She does $2 for each additional tooth. Except for the one that had to be pulled. He got an abscess about two weeks ago and it was incredibly traumatic for him. The tooth fairy felt so bad she left him $10 for that one.

  101. Aww!! What a big day!! We’ve not lost any teeth here yet, but I think I love your idea about $5 for the first tooth.. I shall make this my own idea! thanks! 😉 haha

  102. Generally the tooth fairy leaves whatever change she can find, usually as close to $1 as possible. Thats a good idea to have a larger bill on hand, my daughter is impatiently waiting for her first loose tooth.

  103. Ah no, we didn’t have a tooth fairy back home. The Latin American version is Raton Perez (Perez the Mouse). I know, it’s less charming but the mouse was supposed to take the tooth and place the money. It worked out smoothly except for the one time that there was REALLY a mouse in my room and I thought it was Raton Perez, so I just let it do it’s business and it pooped all over. My mom was not happy!

  104. The tooth fairy hasn’t come here in a number of years. She used to leave like $1.

  105. I always gave my kids $1 per tooth.

  106. I got a quarter when I was a kid … and that wasn’t yesterday 🙂

    A woman I work with gave her daughter $50 for her first tooth. Huh??????

  107. Wooohooo for the first tooth lost! 🙂

  108. My tooth fairy always forgot until I nagged mom and dad about it! But that’s always exciting to lose your first tooth! Unless you’re like me and don’t like blood.

  109. Our tooth fairy always left a couple of dollars. Good idea to be prepared for it though….ours has been caught without cash several times!

  110. Our tooth fairy leaves a $1 bill. Know what’s funny, we went to our dentist a few weeks ago and on the ceiling when you’re laying back to get your teeth cleaned or whatever you’re there for, there’s a mural on the ceiling that say “eat candy and support your local dentist”. 🙂

  111. The Tooth Fairy is a little stingy with her money around here. ~lol~ 😉