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When I say Mystic, Connecticut, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Mystic Pizza, the 1988 film starring  Julia Roberts?  Sure, you can get a great pizza at Mystic Pizza (which is a real place) while watching the movie on replay mode inside the downtown restaurant, but Mystic actually has a lot more to offer than that.

Mystic, Connecticut is a small, quaint, historic New England village that’s just a few minutes over the Rhode Island border.  It’s only about an hour and fifteen minutes from my home in southeastern Massachusetts, making it the perfect place to escape to for a weekend away. Mystic has been a top tourist attraction in Connecticut for years with its restored sea captain’s houses, boating, museums, abundance of  local restaurants and other attractions like the aquarium and Seaport.

My husband, Christian, and I spent two nights in Mystic recently and and stayed at the Old Mystic Inn.


It is an older Inn, but it has lots of charm. Christian and I have stayed in many bed & breakfasts over the years and I have to say that my expectations were more than exceeded at the Old Mystic Inn.  It was such a delightful, charming place to stay and I left there wondering why it took me so long to stay there in the first place.

**Disclosure:  I received a two night stay at the Old Mystic Inn at no charge thanks to my friends at Mystic Country.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.

Let me tell you all about our experience at the Inn.

Michael, the Innkeeper, was so welcoming when we arrived.  In addition to a tour of the Inn, he gave us some local information.  He’s very knowledgeable about Mystic and the surrounding area, which makes him the perfect person to help you find something to do or help you make a dinner reservation.

The Old Mystic Inn used to be a book store, which boasted having over 20,000 books. When Michael took over the property and turned it into the Inn, he carried on the book store theme by naming the rooms after New England authors.  Each room has a copy of the works that helped make the author famous. 

There are two buildings at the Old Mystic Inn:  the Main House, which was built in 1784 and the Carriage House, which is located just behind the Main House, was built in 1988.

We stayed in the The Henry David Thoreau Room on the first floor of the main house. Although it was located right next to the Keeping Room, which is a common area, we both felt like we had our privacy while we were in our room. Plus, the room is right by the kitchen, which made it really convenient when we wanted to grab a drink or snack.


The room itself was both very comfortable and beautifully decorated. The Queen Anne chairs and Thoreau themed decorations really made the room complete. In addition to a private bathroom, the room had a working fireplace. We didn’t use it because it wasn’t cold enough, but it’s nice to know that it was there if we wanted to use it.  Something about a fireplace just makes staying in a place like this even more special.


I loved that there were also wine glasses in our room, along with a corkscrew of course, chocolates on the nightstand and an assortment of local magazines.  If you do need to connect to the internet, there is free WiFi at the Inn.


One thing that I noticed right off the bat was that there aren’t any televisions in the guest rooms. The Keeping Room in the Main House, has a television. To be honest, Christian and I didn’t miss watching tv at all.  Actually, it was kind of nice to “unplug” for the weekend. The two of us got a chance to to catch up on some reading and just talk.  It was nice.

The Keeping Room

The Keeping Room

At the Inn, there are snacks and drinks available at any time in the kitchen.  Michael also has a collection of menus from dozens of local restaurants; copies of all local newspapers and tons of magazines and brochures available.

Now let’s talk about breakfast, which is my favorite part of staying at a bed & breakfast. The Innkeeper, Michael, is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and he prepares a delicious, beautifully presented gourmet breakfast every morning between 8:30 am and 9:30 am.


Our first day there, he served some herb scrambled eggs that were served with fresh fruit and the most ah-mazing homemade apple bread.  On day two, we were treated to some apple pie stuffed french toast, which was served with some fresh fruit and a sausage.


Talk about a wonderful way to start the day!

On our second day at breakfast the staff at the inn came out in traditional period costume. If that guy in the Revolutionary War uniform looks familiar, you’re right.  It’s the same Robert from the Seaside Shadows Haunted Tour.  He’s part of the staff at the Inn and he came all decked out for breakfast.  I loved Jennifer’s dress/apron and cap!


One of the other things that I loved about staying at the Old Mystic Inn is that the location is absolutely perfect.  It’s only a few miles to all that the town of Mystic has to offer including the Aquarium, the Seaport and all of the restaurants & shops. Since it’s not located right in the middle of the touristy area of town, the Inn was nice and quiet.  Plus, the Old Mystic Inn is only 6.3 miles from Foxwoods Resort Casino, so it will only take you about ten minutes to get there from the Inn.

The Old Mystic Inn is located at 52 Main St in Old Mystic, CT.  If you are thinking about staying there, and if you are heading to the Mystic area – I highly recommend that you do, be sure to take a look the rooms on the website. Each room is quite unique and you can also get pricing information for each particular room.

Christian and I had a fantastic experience staying at the Old Mystic Inn and will absolutely stay there the next time we are planning an overnight stay in Mystic. Michael was the perfect host and we were both impressed with everything that the Inn had to offer.

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