Oct 162014

**Disclosure – I received a pair of New Balance sneakers for each of my boys and a family four pack of tickets to the Franklin Park Zoo at no charge to help facilitate this post.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.

As the mom of two very active little boys, having comfortable sneakers for their little feet has always been a high priority for me.  While comfort is the number one thing I look for when it comes to my boys footwear, style is a very close second.  I want their feet to feel good and I want them to look good at the same time.  And that’s why I love New Balance.  Not only are they a Boston based company (yay Boston!), but they make really, really awesome sneakers, too.  I have been wearing NB kicks myself for years and the gruesome twosome have each had numerous pairs of New Balance sneakers over the years.

Just in time for back to school this year, my boys were each sent a new pair of New Balance sneakers.  For my little guy, I chose the Hook and Loop 574 sneakers.  He can tie, but is still a newbie & it’s a little slow going, so I thought the velcro closure might be a little better for him while he’s away all day at school.  My oldest picked out his own sneakers and chose the Varsity 574.  I’d say both pairs are pretty sharp looking, wouldn’t you?


I am excited to tell you about New Balance’s newest line – the Trip to the Zoo collection! This colorful collection of kicks is perfect for kids planning to hit the playground, explore the zoo, or impress at school! Featuring a lightweight EVA midsole, synthetic/mesh upper, and hook & loop closure for easy on/off, the new collection has been available since October 1st in infant and preschool sizes at www.newbalance.com & in New Balance stores for $47.95-$54.95.

In honor of the new line, my friends at New Balance sent my family off to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston for the day.  My boys were pretty excited when I told them because we had never been there before (which seems silly now because it’s only about 35-40 minutes from my house).


Anyhow, we got there right when the zoo opened this past Monday.  The boys were sporting their new kicks, of course, and were ready to take on the zoo!


We spent hours walking around checking out all the animals.





What I loved about the Franklin Park Zoo was that they had some animals that you just don’t see at a lot of other zoos.  The Gorilla was definitley the highlight of the day for my boys, but we were all definitely impressed by all the animals we saw there.


You can see a full list of animals here if you would like. Trust me, there’s lots to see.

Another thing that my boys loved there was this 10,000 square foot playground:


I think they had as much fun on that playground as they did exploring all the animals.

We had such a good time at the Franklin Park Zoo and I am still kicking myself for not taking the boys there sooner – especially since its so close to me.  But believe me, we are definitely planning on going back.


Both of my boys are in love with their new sneakers, especially my oldest.  He has been raving about them ever since he started wearing them.  You can view the entire New Balance Trip to the Zoo collection at www.newbalance.com.

The Franklin Park Zoo is located at 1 Franklin Park Rd in Boston.  Here are their winter Hours: (October 1- March 31) 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. daily

  127 Responses to “A Trip to the Franklin Park Zoo With New Balance #NBZooKids #FPZoo”

  1. Definitely looked like so much fun and I have had that happen to me recently with a place local that I never took the girls to, but ended up being a success, too 🙂

  2. I lived in Boston for years and somehow never made it to the Franklin Zoo. Looks like your boys had a great time there in their new sneakers!

  3. Cute sneakers, I really like the blue ones! There are no zoos in our entire state (lame), but we are about 3 hours away from the ones in columbus and Cincinnati, which are both nice. Looks like you had a lot of fun 🙂

  4. The shoes look very well-padded and comfortable indeed!! I like the colour combi for the green one too 🙂

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. They are looking good in their new shoes. i adore New Balance shies. The zoo looks fun.

  6. Love that zoo and the carousel. New balance for kids are great..one of the few shoes that are made for kids with wide feet

    • We also love the zoo. My son has Homer Simpson wide feet so the have always been great for him.

  7. Looks like you hit the blogger’s opportunity jackpot with the great shoes and zoo trip.


  8. Those shoes are great. They look so comfy. Nice trip for you all.

  9. We always love a trip to the zoo! New Balance does make some comfy shoes. I bet it made the boys less cranky after a long day of walking too!

  10. To visit the zoo you definitely need good comfortable shoes. I really like New Balance shoes

  11. I miss the zoo! Pretty sweet shoes too.

  12. I love taking the kids to the zoo. We have the Bronx Zoo by us and it is huge.

  13. Those sneakers were perfect for all the walking we did at the zoo and the new playground was my second favorite thing next to seeing the ostriches

  14. Zoo trips are always fun! I love the shoes. I’d probably wear the blue ones myself! lol

  15. I got tons of NB pairs! I used to not like NB but just this year I started to have this growing appreciation for NBs. I like their designs and how comfy they are – so I’m sure your kids didn’t have a difficult time walking around in the zoo with the NBs.

  16. OMG…looks fun trip with a pair of good shoes. Thank you for sharing photos of your trip.

  17. what a fun adventure that was! cute sneaks too!

  18. I love going to the zoo. I know that most zoos are the same, same animals and exhibits, and yet each zoo has their own uniqueness.

  19. Those are some sharp looking sneakers. I like New Balance. I also like the zoo. 🙂

  20. I love them. I like bright sneakers. Mica has a pair of blue ones, and red ones. I generally buy my oldest a few pairs because I know they go through two kids.

  21. Looks like they had a fun time and of course, some cool kicks! I love the bright colors.

  22. Looks like the perfect shoes to play all day in. I love the orange/camo shoes.

  23. A zoo with a playground sounds like just about the most perfect destination for the kids. It looks like they had a great time.

  24. wow a trip to the zoo and with cute shoes I like NB perfect for walking great family pics as well.

  25. That looks like a great zoo. I love new balances! They are comfy and cute.

  26. I’ve always loved NB sneakers for their style (colors) and their comfort. I don’t wear sneakers often but my husband has quite a collection from them. Awesome that your boys got new kicks from them. Love the zoo photos!

  27. For 1, I love New Balance shoes! I think I am going to go and get myself a pair. Two. It looks like your little guys had an amazing time walking in pure comfort! 🙂

  28. So crucial to have comfy shoes when going on a day trip! Looks like a great time!

  29. So fun! Love going to the zoo! We love New Balance shoes here too. They are so comfortable. My hubby used to be a manager for NB here in our city, I miss having the newest releases my poor feet!:)

  30. Those are some sweet kicks! I’m amazed at how close the animals are, super cool!

  31. I love the zoo!! that looks like so much fun. And I LOVE the shoes… I need good quality and nice looking shoes for all my kids. Does your school request that the kids only have velcro enclosure? ours does for all primary grades – they don’t want to deal with tying laces. But most cheap shoes – the velcro never lasts. ugh.

  32. Nice shoes! I actually have a pair of New Balance, and I love ’em.

  33. You definitely need good shoes for zoo trips with all that walking. They look great!

  34. I’ve found myself in a similar position with not visiting things near me. I’m glad you finally went!

  35. We have not been to the zoo in years! Local travel is always so much fun! Stylish comfy shoes make it even better

  36. I take my kids to the zoo whenever we have time. They love seeing all the animals. The only thing that would make it better is if our zoo had an awesome playground like this one.

  37. I just wore on of my pairs of New Balance, when we went to the Baton Rouge Zoo. I think between us my husband, daughter and I have more than 10 pairs.

  38. What a fun trip to the zoo and the shoes look great. My son and husband both wear New Balance sneakers they won’t buy anything else.

  39. Ohh my gosh I love those shoes!! Looks like a fun day!

  40. coool…love the shoes…and the zoo just reminds me of Queens Zoo..lovely place indeed..

  41. There’s nothing more fun than a day at the zoo. Seeing all the animals doing their thing has always fascinated me.

  42. It looks like the boys had a great time. Those are some pumped up kicks, too!

  43. Wow, free sneakers and a trip to an amazing zoo-sign me up! I have never been but hope to soon!

  44. Those shoes look really comfy! Perfect for trekking around such an awesome zoo!

  45. Bet their feet were comfy in those shoes! I love the color choices

  46. That looks like a really nice zoo! Glad you had fun.

  47. First of all, your family does some pretty fun activities! Love those blue tennis shoes!

  48. It looks like they had a fun day at the zoo! And the nice bright colors are nice on those new kicks! I like the little ones with no shoe strigns to worry about.

  49. Love the camouflage print new balances, perfect for the zoo. Looks like they had a blast just as we do at our zoo.

  50. Cool shoes.. very stylish.. and the Zoo looks like a ton of fun!

  51. my boys always love getting new shoes, they claim they can run faster.

  52. Nice looking sneakers! The Franklin Park Zoo is a great place to break them in.

  53. I’ve never been to Franklin Park Zoo but it looks like a lot of fun and those New Balance shoes are perfect for all the walking you did.

  54. Looks like everyone enjoyed the zoo. That walking can sure be painful good think they had comfortable shoes.

  55. A great way to test out tennis shoes – I went to the San Diego Zoo year before last and walked like crazy! The boys definitely look like they are enjoying them!

  56. These are the only shoes I get for my boys! Love them so much!

  57. You lucky duck, you! I absolutely love this excursion and the contribution from New Balance. I would love to visit your Franklin Park Zoo. I have a Franklin Park near my home. I walk their almost every day.

  58. I love the sneakers. They look really comfy. I just took my daughter to the zoo and we had a great time.

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  59. Love going to the zoo, and comfy shoes are a must. Looks like they had a good time

  60. Oh, you’ve got to wear a good pair of shoes to the zoo. That’s a lot of walking. Looks like fun!

  61. New Balance is really great for walking around.

  62. What a FUN day at the zoo! I like the orange and digital camo sneakers!. They look like minecraft shoes 🙂

  63. Looks like it was a great day at the zoo.

  64. They definitely had some comfy shoes to walk around in for that fun event. When I worked on my feet a lot, I always bought New Balance. I would love to come see your zoo, it is bigger than the one we have here.

  65. This is the brand sneaker I only wear, they are so comfortable and the quality is great!

  66. Looks like y’all had a great time! New Balance certainly makes a good shoe, for kids and adults, too!

  67. We love New Balance for all the kids… They fit them well and really hold up with their crazy lives. Thanks for sharing

  68. My son looks so cute in his New Balance shoes. We are definitely an NB family.

  69. LOVE the photo of the boys and the ostrich behind that – great shot! Looks like a great zoo!

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  70. I would love to see a gorilla! It looks like the boys are having a great time.

  71. I love the blue sneakers! They look awesome and i’m sure they’ll last a good while!

  72. Who doesn’t love a new pair of walking shoes before ehading to a park or zoo? Those look so comfy!

  73. I love New Balance sneakers. They’re so comfy and supportive- perfect for active boys.

  74. It sounds like you had such a fun day! I have never wore New Balance shoes but my son did when he was younger and he loved them! I need to look for them for my girls now. They have such cute designs.

  75. Kids cannot have a fun day out if their feet hurt or are not comfy. It is good to find comfy shoes for our kids.

  76. Well, that’s a unique branding idea. I thought you’ll only be talking about zoo’s. LOL! Nice and unique New Balance kids shoes.

  77. It looks like you and your kids had a great time at the zoo! I love their shoes!

  78. So cute! I love going to the zoo! New balances are awesome as well. I love those and Sketchers.

  79. I have been looking at New Balance sneakers for my kids for the last little while! They are so cute!

  80. I’ve always been a fan of New Balance sneakers. Looks like a great zoo.

  81. I’m envy with the blue NEW balance kicks! I want that for my son, I hope they’re available here in our country. My son has a new balance but different in design. It’s nice to go on a trip to the zoo with the whole family.

  82. I love both pair of those shoes and really all that is important is that your boys love them. They are very stylish and it sounds like quite comfortable. Perfect for wearing to a full day at the zoo.

  83. I love going to the zoo! The really big ones absolutely require comfy tennies on your tootsies!

  84. I always buy New Balance, but hadn’t thought about them for the kids. Must look for these shoes.

  85. Good shoes are so important for long days at theme parks and zoos! Love the ones they picked out.

  86. Love the kicks and your zoo looks so fun!

  87. Love the shoes! My kids always love new shoes. I’m also loving that zoo playground. How nice!

  88. I love New Balance shoes, especially for long days out like you did- to the zoo!!! Looks like you had a great day!

  89. I’ve been a fan of New Balance shoes for years – they seem to have a bigger toe box that is more comfortable for me. They would definitely be perfect for a day of walking around the zoo!

  90. My four-year-old would love the camo sneakers!

  91. I would love to take my daughter to the Zoo one day!

  92. Your kids are so cute! And I love New Balance shoes – they’re very comfortable for me!

  93. Such handsome dudes! I love New Balance shoes. I always found that they fit my feet a lot better than most others.

  94. I haven’t worn a pair of new balance in quite some time. Those are some really nice kicks. Perfect for that walk around the zoo too!

  95. We only buy New Balance for my autistic daughter. They’re extremely comfortable for her and they don’t wear down too easily.

  96. I love going to the zoo, so fun! I bet those shoes were comfy for a day out 🙂

  97. Love them blue sneakers too. They really look good. I also love going to the zoo. You got some great pics. Love the gorilla one his eyes looking to the side made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing.

  98. looks like ya’ll had some great shoes to do this trip. I love your pictures. I miss going to the zoo. Always loved watching the animals interact with one another. Wow, looks like a great park.

  99. First off…what a good pic of the gorilla…love his expression. I’ve always loved blue and white together…nice shoes.

  100. What great shoes! These look like a good shoe and you had a great time!

  101. Love their shoes! And you always need a good sneaker when walking around a zoo. Lot’s of walking there and don’t want any hurting feet. I know mine are just getting a bit too big to be carrying around when they are tired now.

  102. Looks like you had a great day! Loved seeing all the instagram pics!

  103. What a great experience at the zoo. =) Looks like your kiddos love their new sneakers and their time at the zoo.

  104. I am in the market for some new shoes for the kids. Looks like you had a great day at the zoo.

  105. What a fun day! I like those blue sneakers!

  106. What cool looking kicks! It is very clever of New Balance to send you and your family to the zoo in honor of their Trip to the Zoo sneakers. Very clever indeed, and it looks like you had a fabulous time.

  107. Comfortable shoes are a must at the zoo! Love them!

  108. My husband loves New Balance! It is so cool that they sponsored a trip to the Zoo with your little guys! I really like the blue shoes. That Gorilla looks like it has a lot to say!

  109. Those NB shoes are looking cool and comfy. What a perfect pair of shoes to wear while out exploring the beautiful zoo. It has been a while since we last visited the zoo and we are due for another visit. Maybe next year. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  110. I love the zoo! Lions & tigers & seals are my favorites! Those shoes are great looking, I bet they are comfy.

  111. Looks like you guys had an awesome time!! Plus, the kids were looking awesome in their new sneakers!

  112. That Gorilla looks pretty ominous to me! What a fun day – my 5 yo would love those camo shoes!

  113. I had no idea that NB is Boston based. I’m also a proud owner of NB sneakers. They carry wide sneakers which is just what I need.

  114. Looks like the boys had a fun day at the zoo! We love NB sneakers. That’s basically all we wear! Great sneakers!

  115. New Balance sneakers + the zoo = a fun combination!

  116. I think that it’s pretty awesome the fact there’s a playground at the zoo, that’s totally sweet. Those shoes are awesome too, my kids go through shoes like there’s no tomorrow, i love the colors on these.

  117. That is a HUGE playground!!! Awesome. There’s a playground at the zoo here. I don’t think it’s that big though.

    I think my son would really like those camo sneakers.

  118. Those are really cute! I have always been a big fan of New Balance. 🙂