Mar 222014
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Sometimes people ask me what some of  my go-to inexpensive activities to do with my kids are.   Visiting the Bass Pro shop in Foxboro is high up on the list.  My boys could spend hours in that place (actually they have).

Bass Pro Shops/Outdoor World, Foxborough, Massachusetts

While you’ll find a huge selection of outdoor gear, Bass Pro Shops stores are also part museum, art gallery, antique store, aquarium, education, conservation and entertainment center.  Using more than 3,500 area artifacts, antiques, pictures, mounts and memorabilia, the store becomes a living museum of New England’s hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor legacies.

The store is huge.



We went there a few weeks ago and the first thing we did when we were there was to grab a snack.   On the second floor of the store, there is a snack bar which has ice cream, fudge, coffee, pretzels, nachos and things like that.  The boys got some ice cream while Chris & I split a chunk of fudge.


In addition to the snack bar, there is a full service restaurant down on the first floor of this store.  I have never eaten there, but the food smelled so good as we walked by!

The boys loved getting to sit on tractors, plows and boats.  No seriously, we spent a good hour climbing on all of the equipment.  By we, I mean all four of us.  Yes, really.  I was in the plow and boat that day.




You may have noticed in all of the pictures above that the wall behind them is one big picture window.  Well, that is because there is a nature trail behind the store.  It’s a 32-acre cranberry wetland system and wooded area.  Because it was muddy due to the melting snow that day, we opted out, but will be going back to check it out in the spring.



There are several telescopes set up if you want to take a closer look from the inside.


There was so much to see there.  The boys loved walking around to see all of the displays, the aquarium and all the gear.





They even have a few games, like this shooting game, at Bass Pro.  So be sure to bring your quarters.  It was 50 cents apiece.


Last, but certainly not least, I had to show you guys this picture because I thought it was hysterical.  Mr. bear was tucked into a corner and the lighting was very poor, so I apologize for the quality of this picture.  When my nine year old saw the bear, he said to the six year old: “Lets act like we’re scared” and this is the result:



The Bass Pro Shop is located at One Bass Pro Drive in Foxborough, MA (next to Gillette Stadium).

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  80 Responses to “A Visit to the Bass Pro Shop”

  1. That last picture of your boys acting scared is priceless and too funny. Love to find inexpensive places for outings for us as a family here, too and this totally looks like a hit with yours 🙂

  2. I’ve actually never been in there. I’ve driven by it a million times on my way to pats games or dinner at Toby Keith’s. I’ll have to stop in one if these days.

  3. I don’t think I have ever heard of a retail store that set itself up like a museum, amusement center, hiking trail. etc! What a great idea and as long as you don’t need any of the expensive gear what a great way to spend the day! Of course if you do need some gear it would definitely make buying it a whole lot more interesting!!

  4. We have one in a mall just north of Toronto … it’s not as cool as yours.

  5. This store would do so well around here in the Pine Barrens.

  6. I am not a hunter or outdoorsman but I love this store there is so much to see

  7. Next time take the nature trail and have the chocolate fudge it is the best

  8. yours looks fun! I went to one in VA when we first moved here – and was immediately put off when someone who works there tried to sell us a time share to their vacation sites. Did that ever happen to you?

    Anyway I love the pic of them with the bear & I would love to go on that nature trail 🙂

  9. I didn’t know there was so much to do as Bass Pro. I just thought it was a regular clothing store. We have a huge one here in Orlando that now I need to check out.

  10. We have been to one too, they’r amazing aren’t they??? And HUGE!!

  11. I can see how you could spend hours in Bass Pro Shop. My kids don’t hunt or fish but they both enjoy visiting the Bass Pro shop near us. I don’t think the one in my area has the snack bar or restaurant, I need to check that. Looks like a great way to spend the day.

  12. The Bass Pro Shop is such an experience! My son loves visiting it in Branson.

  13. My dad and brother love the Bass Pro Shop in own town they would move in if they could.

  14. You could seriously spend an entire day in Bass Pro! Ours is always SO BUSY! We have taken our son there the past two years to meet Santa. MAD HOUSE.

  15. This looks like a blast! I should see if there is something like that here in Texas!

  16. I was in Bass Pro once, years ago, and not for very long at all. I need to go back and take the kids – it looks like a fun time!

  17. I wish we had one of those here! I could totally see my boys wanting to spend hours in there, and my hubs too!

  18. Looks like an interesting store. I’ve never been in one, but they are turning our old Pyramid Arena into a Bass Pro Shop, so we’ll have to go check it out when it opens up.

  19. Now, That looks like a great adventure you had with your boys. Boys and fishing it’s not the same as girls and fishing I don’t know many girls who would be crazy over going but boys would be there in a heartbeat. Looks like you made their day.

  20. I haven’t been to Bass Pro since I was a child. I don’t ever recall it ever being like this so it seems like they have come a long, long way. Now, I see why my brothers like to shop there so much!

  21. haha I love that last picture. I have only been there once but I am not much of a hunter or fisher. lol. Looks like a fun trip though. 😀

  22. Your 6 year old is doing a fantastic impression of looking scared out of his mind with that bear behind him! That store is just genius. Having it right on a nature trail just inspires buying so much of their gear. I’ve never been to one because I worry I’d never ever get k-ster out of there. He’s be sleeping in a tent when they close and stay right over night!

  23. I’ve never been to once. I’ve always been struck when I saw them on tv or online how much they’re more then a store, sort of like a little playground for outdoor people.

  24. My boys love that store along with Cabela’s. Your store looks better than ours because of the trail. How cool!

  25. I’ve never been to a Bass Pro Shop but I have seen videos about it and I know it is an amazing place. Even if you don’t buy anything, it really looks like a very interesting experience.

  26. We haven’t been to one in ages. But I remember stopping at one on a road trip – my kids had so much fun there. Looks like your family had a great day!

  27. You obviously had a lot of fun, those kids are truly enjoying the experience – love the last photo – just too funny!

  28. Looks like you and the family found another great place to visit. I have real. been enjoying reading about your trips.

  29. We have a Bass Pro Shop by us! Fun place to spend the day! The store is huge!

  30. I’ve been to one!! What an amazing experience!! and I’m not even an OUTDOORSY girl! lol!! There is so much fun things to do and see. The fish wall is amazing!

  31. We have a Bass Pro Shops near us but I’ve never been there. I had no idea it was that massive!

  32. It looks like a fun place to visit! I love the bear picture.

  33. Bass Pro Shops is the outdoorsman playground. My dad LOVES that store.

  34. What a store. We have a Cabela’s where I am from and it has a few of these similar things in it but not as expansive at this. I would love to visit this store for the day.

  35. Wow – that definitely looks more like an entertainment venue than a store! There’s one that’s not too far from me – I think I need to go check it out!

  36. Our whole family loves to spend the day at Bass Pro for all the reasons you mentioned!

  37. We have one of these huge Bass Pro Shops near us, and my family can spend a long time in there looking at everything. They really are an experience. I love the “scared” picture with the bear.

  38. We love Bass Pro Shops!! The closest one is about two hours away from us, but my hubby and I have gone there the last few years on our wedding anniversary as a getaway day-trip with just us. Yeah, you might be a redneck if… LOL! We keep saying we’re going to take the kids though, I know they’d love it! 🙂

  39. This store looks so cool! I didn’t realize how big it was, but I would love to visit sometime.

  40. This looks like a cool store to see. My son would LOVE it.

  41. My kids have been deprived of the Bass Pro Shops experience, mostly because they behave like baboons at the mall, but also because they rarely last (patience-wise) until we get that far around the mall. One day, I’ll have to park at that end and take them through the store first.

  42. I’ve been to a Bass Pro shop before but it didn’t have a snack bar in it! How cool is that yours does?

  43. Wow that looks like quite the outing. I think they just opened one of these stores near me I bet my boys would love to visit.

  44. HOLY CRAP! I can see why your kids spend hours in there.

  45. How cool is that. I fully admit that I have avoided going with my husband to the Bass Pro Shop close to us b/c I thought we’d spend every moment looking at fishing gear, but now I know that maybe the little ones and I should go! I think he has been holding out on me. 🙂

  46. Bass Pro is a major place for outdoors men and women and children. We visit our quite often – it’s busy busy busy all the time. Santa always pops up there at Christmastime too.

  47. My dad loves to fish and always takes me to Bass Pro. It’s usually a day trip as there seems to be a lot going on there. Looks like your boys found it fun!

  48. your kids crack me up in that last pic! we love bass pro and try not to go there too often because it costs me too much money. lol

  49. I wanna go! I wanna go! My kids, well, my son would LOVE that place- and if we coudl get a hike in, too- WOW!

  50. How fun! Love the pictures of your kids, especially with Mr. Bear! This looks like a great place to spend the day – plus there’s a snack bar!

  51. We don’t have one here, but when we went to the Christmas Story display in another town, they had one there. I was so impressed with that store! The girls just loved all of the animals they had in the center of the store!

  52. We love, love, love going to Bass Pro… there is so much to see and shop for, especially around Christmas

  53. I think I want you to adopt me. You take your kids to the coolest places.

  54. Haha your kids are cute. Have never been to one of their stores before. Although I have a feeling my husband’s family has.

  55. What a neat place! I love how they have displays, games and that it keeps the kids entertained while shopping. We’ve never been, must add to the list!

  56. Wow, really? You can eat there too? What rock am I living under,lol! I need to take my son there… we’re only a hop, skip & a jump away! Thanks for the heads up!

  57. That looks like an amazing time! Wish we were closer.

  58. We have never been to one of these stores but I always hear how cool they are! I know my boys would love it!

  59. We have one of these in my area. But, I have never been. After reading about your experience it sounds like a place to check out though.

  60. Living in NYC, I have never been to a Bass Pro shop. I had no idea they had so many cool exhibits, things to try out, cafes etc. My son would have a blast there (and my daughter too!)

  61. I have never been to a Bass Pro Shop but I have always wanted to go! The nearest one is 6 hours away and I just don’t ever go that direction.

  62. I don’t think we have a Bass Pro Shop in NJ. If we had I would definitely have taken my girls for a visit.

  63. Bass Pro Shop is so cool. It’s really more of an experience than a store!

  64. This looks like a ton of fun! We don’t have a shop here like that! I wish there was something more like this! I love nature and all things nature so this would fascinate me!

  65. My family frequents Bass Pro Shops too!! We love to hang out there! They all fish and hunt so they love to dream and I have to reel them all back in or we will be broke!! It’s a fun place for the kids!

  66. Awesome! I mean, what more could boys want out of a day! So fun! I will have to find the closest Bass Pro Shop to us!

  67. We like to go to a Bass Pro Shop before Christmas when they have all the holiday activities

  68. We just love going to Bass Pro

  69. I wish they had one of these stores closer to me, I have heard so many great things about this store and how they offer great activities for kids too!

  70. My husband could spend hours in there. Bass pro shop to him is what a Michael Kors store is to me LOL

  71. We love Bass Pro Shop!!! Best store ever for boys! Ours isn’t quiet as HUGE as yours, but we still have fun.

  72. My daughter LOVES that place.

  73. I’ve never been to a Bass Pro Shop, but it looks like an interesing place to visit for those who enjoy hunting and fishing. Love the last picture of your boys!

  74. I’ve only been once and was distracted by the waterfall they had LOL Not my kind of store… too “manly”

  75. We love going to Bass Pro Shop! My husband and I both fish, and I hunt, so we go pretty often. Our daughter loves the fish tank, of course!

  76. Looks like a fun trip! I’m not sure if we have any Bass Pro Shops near us, I’ll have to check it out!

  77. It’s like a museum in there. That place is huge and full of everything!

  78. We love Bass Pro Shop too! It makes me wish I was more outdoorsey LOL. My kids love looking at everything.

  79. That looks like an entertaining place to visit. I’ve heard great things about Bass Pro Shop. Nearest one is 2 hours away but I very well may have to go on a trip to see it.

  80. We love The Bass Pro shop! It’s good for hours of fun and the nature trail is AWESOME!!