Jun 202017
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Today I would like to introduce you to songwriter and producer Almost Owen, the singing drummer who releases new music in Boston regularly.

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Songwriter/Producer Almost Owen has been quietly grinding it out, waiting for his moment. Since moving back to the US from India where he worked as music teacher from 2013-2014, the 26 year old has played nearly 500 shows. He’s toured massive music festivals in Panama, theaters in China and India, intimate sets at UNESCO in France, and beer soaked clubs in his native Boston, MA. He’s also written and produced songs for other artists, taking time to hone in on his own sound and message. Gearing up to release his own projects, Almost Owen is ready to show everyone exactly who he is.

I had a chance to listen to some of his music recently and have to say that I am quite impressed.  He’s very talented. I have a real treat for you guys today! Here is a look at his brand spankin’ new video: What You Do to Me (Studio Version): https://www.almostowenmusic.com/whatyoudotome – Soundcloud link on page.  I absolutely love it and can’t wait to hear what you guys think.

Now that I have heard some of his music, I am super excited to go to one of his shows so I can see him perform live.

Upcoming Almost Owen Shows & Events:
Wednesdays at Lucky’s Lounge
Fridays + Saturdays at Ocean Prime (with exceptions on Saturdays – will not be there 6.24, 7.1, 7.15, or 8/19)
June 29th (tentative) – Live Video shoot for “Pressure” and “I Should Know Better”
July 4th – BEERBQ at City Taphouse (this will be quite fun)
July 15th – Lawn On D
Aug 15-20 – Northeast Tour (TBA)

Keep in touch with Almost Owen:
Website & Mailing List Signup: http://www.almostowenmusic.com
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @almostowenmusic
Facebook: facebook.com/almostowenmusic
YouTube: youtube.com/almostowenmusic
Twitter: Twitter.com/almostowenmusic

Let me know what you thought about Almost Owen’s new video?  It was previously released until today, so you guys got a first look!

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  61 Responses to “Meet Almost Owen, the Singing Drummer From Boston!”

  1. I had never heard of Almost Owen before. I love the idea of a singing drummer. What an awesome musical concept!

  2. I listened to the video. The rap and funk of the song is fun!

  3. I love finding new music to add to my playlists. Almost Owen is going to have to be added to my walking soundtrack.

  4. Wow, pretty impressive for 26 years old! I’ll have to check out one of his shows.

  5. I’ve never heard of this guy before, but that is super cool! I need to check out more of him.

  6. That guy is pretty awesome. I’ve never seen or heard of him before. Very cool.

  7. I have never heard of him, but he sounds super cool! I need to check out some of his work!

  8. I have heard of Almost Owen but how cool is it that he is a singing drummer? You really don’t see that very often!

  9. Oh I have never heard of him but I like his style! I may be listening to more of his stuff!

  10. I will definitely keep a lookout for him now that he is on my radar. It is great to be on the ground floor with a new artist and a new sound.

  11. Always awesome to learn about regional performers. I have a friend in Nashville that regularly posts things about performers in his area!

    • love it!! they have a great sound and it’s the first time i listening to them

  12. I hadn’t heard of Almost Owen, but what a talent! Thank you so much for introducing me to this young man!

  13. I never heard about him before. But I love to discover new music! I will check him out 🙂

  14. Drummers are usually not vocal. This is a refreshing change of pace…I’ve never heard of him but I’m curious about his work.

  15. I feel it’s been ages since I’ve listened to anything fresh and new. I am going to check him out!

  16. I’ve always been fascinated with drummers! It takes good muscle memory to play an instrument like that. It’s nice to see drummers that sing as well. Very talented young man!

  17. Never heard of Almost Owen, but definitely worth getting to know him!

  18. I had never heard of him before. He sounds like a great artist! I love drummers! I used to be one actually! Such a great instrument! xx corinne

  19. I have never heard of Almost Owen! Going to go check out his music on Soundcloud right now.

  20. Looks like he’s got lots of shows coming up, which is fantastic for his career! I know so many guys his age who would love to have his hair!

  21. I actually have never heard of this band but I do love up-and-coming bands. I have a few CDs from people that didn’t make it but still have some beautiful records and then I have others that really went far. I will have to check him out.

  22. This is so cool! I’ve never heard of this singer cum drummer but I’ll be checking out his new video!

  23. I have never heard of Almost Owen. He sounds like a hidden gem.

  24. That guy is pretty awesome. I’ve never seen or heard of him before, have some beautiful records. Kinda awesome cause I’m from Boston.

  25. Love it when drummers can also sing! His very talented and I’m sure he’ll go places! He has done so much at such a young age, it’s amazing!

  26. This is really neat! I have not heard of him before though.

  27. Love learning of new people with such amazing talent! Would love to check almost owen out for sure and I hope other people get along to his shows!

  28. I need to listen to his music. I’m always open to finding new things to listen to.

  29. Very interesting! He sounds like a very talented musician. I will have to check out his music, and try to see him live the next time I am in Boston.

  30. I would love to go see him in person. My friend just got me into him a few months ago.

  31. How awesome! He sounds like a very talented artist. I can’t believe he’s only 26. Hope you get to see one of his shows soon, I’d love to hear him in person too.

  32. I just read about this guy for the first time. He’s talented.

  33. The first time I hear about him. He’s great. I kept on wondering if that’s his real name, or the stage name, “Almost”, while reading the article.

  34. He sounds talented. He has a fan in you.

  35. I can see his music really taking off! Maybe even making it over to the uk!

  36. I’m listening to the recording on sound clous right now and I love this music and its happy atmosphere! Thank you for this great tip!

  37. I have not heard of Almost Owen, but will look him up on YouTube to check him out.
    It is cool that he drums AND sings – that is an unique concept.
    Impressive multicultural background that he taught music/lived in India!

  38. This guy rocks! I love his music, really cool!

  39. He sounds like he’s got some talent! He looks SO similar to a friend of mine!

  40. I have never heard of him before. I will definitely have to look into him. I am always looking for new music.

  41. Thanks for sharing Almost Owen with us! I listened to the music and he’s great, he reminds me a bit of Ed Sheeran. I’ll be sure to listen out for him

  42. The song reminds of someone but I can’t quite put my finger on it. It definitely has that up-tempo beat the makes you want to dance.

  43. Awesome talent! I have not heard of Almost Owen until now. I am positive he will make it big, with a talent like that. Thanks for sharing.

  44. I have never heard of him but I love his name! And he reminds me so much of the kid from Modern Family. I’m sure he’ll be a hit with the girls!

  45. I have never heard of him! But I like it, thanks for this post!

  46. His music is surely on the rise! I can see why though. He surely is very talented. Thank you for sharing about him.

  47. It’s always such a rush to meet a musician. I do find his music intriguing.

  48. Wow this is cool! I will check him on Youtube for his music so I can be familiarized.

  49. Love Love his song “We Out Here.” I’m excited to hear more of his music in the future.

  50. I love discovering local musicians like this! I’ll have to check him out when I get to that area sometime!

  51. He has such a unique style. What a fun experience to see this up and comer live!

  52. Great music. Wish him the best. Really great to listen to.

  53. I wonder if Almost Owen is his real name or there is a meaning behind it. I will check out his music for sure

  54. There is nothing I love more than heading out with friends to local pubs and listen to artists perform. I especially love listening to local artists that are not “known” to others and I find their music mesmerizing. Can’t wait to give this a listen!

  55. This is my first time hearing about him, but I’ll definitely be checking out his music sometime soon. Thanks for the heads up! I love discovering new bands and singers.

  56. He sounds like a nice young man, very talented as well! Drummers are cool and they play such a huge part in making a song come to life, love that he sings as well!

  57. Live performances are great and I love discovering new artists and bands. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  58. Ooh interesting artist. First time I’ve heard of him and of a singer-drummer. Will check out his site and music!

  59. He has a cool name. I never heard of him but best of lucky I hope its his time to shine!

  60. Almost Owen is awesome check out his live shows